Hemp Can Remediate Fukushima Radiation

Jack Herer, known as the “Emperor of Hemp”, said: “I don’t know if hemp’s gonna save the world, but I’ll tell you this…it’s the only thing that can”.

Neenah Payne
Activist Post

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Miracle of Water, proposes the use of hemp to clean up the radiation. The US Must Legalize Hemp! page of the site links to the video Dr. Masaru Emoto talks about Industrial Hemp as a solution to Fukushima.

Emoto says:

It is the suggestion to plant a lot of hemp in the land of Fukushima. Hemp is prohibited in almost all places in the world, but I am supporting the movement for hemp to revive….I think it has the…potentiality to purify the environment…I believe hemp fields will bring the eradication effect….So, I would like to cooperate with people around the world…so we can advocate.…hemp revival globally.

Watch full video with English subtitles below:

In 2012, Activist Post published my article Hemp Can Save America and the World! which linked to my video Hemp Revolution 2012!

The updated video Hemp Revolution 2014! is linked to on the Fukushima site.

In 2013, President Jose Mujica of Uruguay ended the failed War on Drugs with the legalization of industrial and medical hemp and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Mujica calls on the US to follow suit!

Given what we know about the potentially widespread deadly transmission of Fukushima radiation, it is now a matter of life and death for the peoples of the Northern Hemisphere to fully embrace hemp as a long-term solution!

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  1. My understanding is that hemp is not a heavy feeder like tobacco. One of the theories I have seen as to why Tobacco causes cancer and marijuana does not when smoking is that tobacco draws heavily from the soil and is grown in areas with high levels of Radon, whereas marijuana draws lightly from the soil and does not pick up the radon or other radiation…. So I would have to see more on this study since it contradicts research that I have seen in the past.

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