Monday, January 20, 2014

Upcoming Military Drill Off Limits to Reporters

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In keeping with the ever increasing trend of military and law enforcement cooperation and the growing prevalence of civilian police forces conducting drills with military forces, South Carolina’s Richland County Sheriff’s Office has announced that it will be engaging in joint training exercises on Monday and Tuesday with unidentified units from Ft. Bragg.

The exercises are scheduled to take place on Monday and Tuesday and will run up to midnight on both days and will take place largely in Lower Richland, near Eastover and Hopkins.

Exercises are also planned for the areas of Screaming Eagle Rd. near Elgin and North Richland County very close to outbound Monticello Road.

Beyond this information, however, very little else is known about the upcoming shadowy training exercises. That is, except for the fact that they may be very loud and possibly alarming to the local residents unprepared for or uninformed of them.

According to the State newspaper, reporters will not be allowed to “view or participate” in the exercise.

Clearly, simulated combat will be a part of the drill due to the fact that residents are being told not to be alarmed by the sound of gunfire or “ordinance.”

According to the Sheriff’s Department press release, “Citizens may see military and departmental vehicles traveling in and around rural and metropolitan areas and may hear ordinance being set off or fired which will be simulated/ blanks and controlled by trained personnel.”

The release also stated that the exercise was being held “Due to Sheriff Leon Lott's longstanding commitment to making sure that deputies are trained and prepared for every event and potential threat and his desire to assist the military to ensure their preparations.”

It is worth noting that Ft. Bragg hosts some of the U.S. Army’s more elite units such as Special Forces as well as more elite airborne and aviation support units.

Ft. Bragg is also home to the elite Delta Force.

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Anonymous said...

Since there is a standoff between Obama & the Military, and this is a southern state, it might very well be that this is some of the "good guys" in our military training with local police in preparation for civil war (in other words, this might be the good guys getting ready). Especially since there is a media blackout. There were very "public" with the training Obama was having carried out in major cities to start trying to desensitize the public to militarized police units. Not so here. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Or is this still part of that nuclear false flag attack on SCarolina like minion Graham blurbed back when those nukes were secretly moved from Texas to SCarolina.

Hide Behind said...

Unless this is a DHS operation there is no legal , by any state or out laws that can deny a civilian reporter to record what is happening upon that city.
No city may be put under Marshal Law except upon approval of the State governor and by order of the President of US.
well at least that sounds good but truth is thatlaw or group of laws no longer apply and the conservatives and liberals killed them.
If there is time it is best of Commander to refer his opinion to his Commander in Chief but that may not always be posd bible.
Now you know why Obama had to get rid of the neo con militarys religious fanaticsvandv outright fascist leaning Generalsvandvtheir subordinates who placed unit and religious considerations higher than a Constitutional obligation.

Anonymous said...

they don't want the reported interviewing any of the freedom loving Sinaloa cartel members who get trained there. and god forbid if any of those nasty missing nukes show up.

Anonymous said...

Do you sincerely believe that?

Anonymous said...

If I lived where these "training" exercises are taking place I'd GTFO immediately! The many instances between false flags and drills should be all one needs to be persuaded to do so.

Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps it has something to do with the UN troops currently stationed at Ft Bragg that the Obama administration doesn't want the general public knowing about. Either way, we may find out shortly if the SHTF.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

False flag training is more apropos. They tried to nuke South Carolina a few months ago.

Paul Panza said...

USA's third civil war has been in progress for some time, at least since Holder's admission to the King of Drones rightful authority to take out sovereign citizens. And we know the assassinations have taken place. Many have already been disappeared or killed since Papa Bush; it is imperative that more whistle blowers come forward; as this is a more effective way than some pretend combat to support a so called "constitutional military". This could well be another false flag event to instigate more fear and/or hide other actions. Kinda of like closing down national parks so you can bring in those foreign troops that the King of Drones needs to keep hidden in those underground military bases. The alien/military/industrial/complex is not going to be put off by quasi-militia/police training exercises.

Strawman said...

They don't want reporters there so they can't document the 'woodies' the local cops will be sporting from being so excited about training with Special Forces. You know they all will be gushing like teenage girls asking for autographs, exchanging FB pages etc. The following week, of course, will see a whole rash of arrests and 'good' police work from these groupies. God help us.

Anonymous said...

From NYC this morning: Cops bloodied an 84-year old man and put him in the hospital when he JAYWALKED at an upper west side intersection and didn't appear to understand their orders to stop.

Anonymous said...

@ Strawman

Funny yet sad at the same time.

Anonymous said...

You're WRONG hidebehind. The generals and other ranking officers with a sense of duty to the Constitution and our countrymen are exactly who Obama has purged from the military. The neocon rubber stamps are what's left of the military. He's gutted the patriots and replaced them with puppets who WILL give orders to KILL you and your civilian family without hesitation. Last count on the Soviet type purge is 237 in just the last two years alone. Not including those that chose to retire rather than serve Obama. They've gotten in your head, educate yourself and join the war.

Anonymous said...

Bingo! The US under this usurper is emulating Bolshevik USSR more and more daily. During the years 1936-1937, then Soviet dictator Josef Stalin purged the Red Army of over 200 of its best senior officers, weakening it to a degree that it was unprepared for the German invasion that began in June of 1941.

Barry Soetoro, aka Obama has done the same with about as many senior officers of all the Services; the difference between them: Stalin had the purged officers executed; B. O. simply fired them.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that this might be a good op to sight yalls weapons in,maybe get geared up and go out hunting,let's say even the score up alittle. Scarolinians have a good chance here to practice for the real deal and maybe purge the local pd's of some scumbag pigs,stalin style. Nsa prob gonna drone me 4dis but I couldn't resist,just sayin its a great op under the cover of dark to give it to em ,or not

Anonymous said...

Its all about control. Whenever there is social upheaval, the police are relagated to the front lines and their personal feelings are to be ignored. This training is to help prepare them for decisions that need to be made outsde of personal feelings and lives. These adults are already trained to deal with the dredge of society, violently as if it were a competition to illicite fear. Psyops is a part of all attack and counterattack training. Just don't understand what that has to do with protecting and serving communities, not protecting command and control centered govt departments.

Anonymous said...

While I am sympathetic to the conspiracy theorists, we have a real problem. There have been a few vets get out of the military at a young age after going through their training of how to kill people, and make military style attacks that have come home to their inner city and brought those skills to the gang. Now we have gangs that know how to use assault rifles, funded by drug money, engaging in turf skirmishes using those tactics. Local flat foot PD don't do well against those engagements. So they NEED to know the tactics and how to combat them in the inner city. It only takes 20 or 40 bad seed military gang members spread across the countries inner cities to make this a wide spread issue. ....Just offering a less ominous reason for why our PD are seeking these tools and why the military is providing them without needing a conspriacy involving 10,000 police, (flatfoots, detectives, seargents, captains, Chiefs), Mayors, and their counterparts in the military all the way up the chain with no whistleblowers coming forward. Which is the more realistic scenario?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, It takes awhile to come off a life-time of brainwashing from our corporate controlled TV, newspapers, and radio stations. The truth is disturbing beyond measure. So that is why many individuals shut down. However, once your mind has been pierced with the arrow of truth, you can not get off the train. Local police have no business training with the military. Common sense should explain the obvious reasons for this logic. Please read the following. We wake up in stages.

Adam Evenson said...

Or, it is the incipient elements of another false flag attack on this country by those that are charged with law and order? Will this "drill" go live at some point? One can only imagine it might be so after having witnessed so many other similar false flag attacks. The police mentality is deranged in this way and I have known about it for most of my 74 years. I finally reached a point where I was able to extricate myself from the awful embrace of that race and I'm not so sure it can ever hang into me again, as I know all the "pinch" points that count and I'm not shy about using them. I dressed a cop down one day and he was pleading with me to turn him loose ere it was done. I laughed about it later and felt sorry for the man. I'm not God or any such, I just know how to do it right. Cops keep a healthy distance from me just because of the danger I represent to what they perceive as their personal persona. They sense it, smell it, feel it, and know it, just by proximity. I have the power to make a decent human being of any cop, or government official, for that matter, and these avoid me naturally, as a plague, because they don't WANT to be reminded what they are. Sometimes it is very painful for an individual, especially such as a cop, to find out exactly what one is, as in, looking into a special spiritual mirror that shows it. However, I turn The Mirror to EVERYBODY. If one doesn't want to know what one is, then it's good to avoid me. And by golly, I am avoided A LOT. Isn't it sweet?

Anonymous said...

Recently I had my collection of firearms confiscated by the local police for something totally unrelated to firearms - $10K worth - guess I won't be serving as a range master any more. For you preppers out there, burry a few off premises, tomorrow! See, these tyrant cops are going to go along thinking they're protecting the system from collapse and anarchy, like they're holding the thin blue line...right up until they see their first summary execution. Well, that actually happens daily already. I mean, when they start seeing shock troops pulling out resisters and shooting them. Suddenly a light will go on for them but by then it will be too late. Pain is coming and soon they will have to choose sides. They'll wish they had our support. Of course, you've heard by now some states are pushing to legalize firing squads. They suggest it's in a controlled situation but legally, it will mean no war crimes for street-side executions. How psychotic is that? All clean and legal like.

sixxfingers said...

A drill is one thing. Will members of the military and state national guard units be willing to fire on their countrymen with real bullets and other armaments when (not if) the order is finally given?

Anonymous said...

local police will be USED as cannon fodder....useful idiots for the NWO....National Guard and other troops will be for mop up and containment/transfer......a very target rich environment for those that 'choose' to defend their family and friends.....the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is secondary behind Family and survival.....imho Semper Fi

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