Thursday, January 9, 2014

No-Brainer Course In Derailing The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

If you don't know what it is yet - that means it's working. The secrecy, that is. But once Pandora's Box is opened, there's no putting anything back. It will go down in history as one of the worst, oppressive plagues to saturate the planet.

Like Spider Man trying to stop a train from going over with nothing but his strength and shooting threads; we are going to need all the Web we can get to stop the fast-tracking Trans-Pacific Partnership from running over us. Perhaps more aptly, it is a tangled web we'll be left trapped in as prey if we do nothing.

Here's a crash-course and the easiest approach - all guesswork removed. But first, here's a sampling of what you can kiss goodbye if this mammoth piece of legislation goes through...

What's left of our jobs, food safety, Internet freedom, natural medicine, small farming, choice in medicine, financial regulation, privacy and more. Basically, all your rights. It permeates every area of your life, it's been ramrodded through the Senate, and the media is not saying anything. It grants the likes of Monsanto, Wall Street and other huge entities full reign with immunity.

Kiss any last American sovereignty goodbye and say hello to your new global crypto-corpocracy complete with international tribunals and the end of domestic law - from your newly refurbished prison cell, of course. After all, you clicked on the wrong Internet link! And your ISP was watching and reported you. In the near future, this article could be enough to jail me, ban my whole family from the Internet, have computers seized and delete the website. No more videos that piece other clips together, or anything that hints at "infringement," no more fair use, so no more non-corporate news.

It's been shrouded in secrecy, especially from the People and Congress, planned behind closed doors for years, and proponents are searching for sponsors to have the President push it through now that Congress is back from recess.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership n. 1. A "free trade" agreement that would set rules on non-trade matters such as food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulation, and the environment. 2. A binding international governance system that would require the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and any other country that signs on to conform their domestic policies to its rules. 3. A secret trade negotiation that has included over 600 official corporate "trade advisors" while hiding the text from Members of Congress, governors, state legislators, the press, civil society, and the public.

Here's your crash course link on the TPP. You'll be ready for take-off in no time. They've made it that simple:

Expose the TPP

After being mind-blown and catching your breath, you can do the absolute easiest thing there is to do by using Twitter with the hashtag #NOFastTrackTPP (but wait, there's more).

Don't use social media? No problem, scroll down. For social media users, here are the easiest things you can do, besides sharing memes and links on Facebook. Share things to Reddit and StumbleUpon. Everyone should call their reps (below).

See the Twitter storm event - still going. Pull any memes - share. Only use this hashtag for social media:  #NOFastTrackTPP. Using other hashtags and adding more will split the trends.

Next, Tweet your little heart out to your reps and others. Easily find them by clicking the "Discover" button and typing "congressman" in the search. All their Twitter names appear. Find celebrities, they often re-tweet. Example: @repfitzpatrick or @RepBera

Example Tweet:

@RepBera NO to Fast Track Authority and TPP, or we will not re-elect!! ‪#‎NoFastTrackTPP‬

Here's another: "Do NOT sponsor FastTrack! Vote NO on TPP! ‪#‎NoFastTrackTPP‬"

Some reps have stood against the TPP, so first you might want to see this:

Spank or Thank?

- OR -

Use a general message for everyone: "I will NEVER support the Trans-Pacific Partnership #NOFastTrackTPP"

Want to jump into the Twitter storm? Easy. Sign up at Twitter, it runs you through a few-second tour and you can figure out the rest, see Help, or ask friends. Use the hashtag #NOFastTrackTPP on Facebook statuses.

Non-Social Media Users:

Find all your representatives' info/forms in one-click. Just click on your state:
Contacting the Congress

Or use this:
Call President Obama: 202-456-6213
Call your Representative: 202-225-3121
or Toll Free (877) 762-8762

E A S Y  S C R I P T:
(Breathe and talk slowly. You will do just fine. Be polite and confident.) 
“Hi, this is (your full name). I am a constituent of Rep/Senator (name). I live in (name of city). I am calling to request that Rep/Sen (name) vote NO on Fast Track Authority. It is important to me that Congress follows the Constitutional directive to negotiate international trade and that all trade agreements are given full consideration, debate and amendments as needed. 
Do you know Rep/Sen (name) position on Fast Track Authority? Will he/she vote Yes or No? (wait for an answer) 
Do you know Rep/Sen (name) position on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement? Will he/she vote Yes or No? (wait for an answer) 
(regardless of their response, just continue) 
Once again, I am requesting that Rep/Sen (name) vote NO on Fast Track Authority and NO on the TPP! Please be sure he/she gets my message. Thank you.”
Go to the Crash-Course site and print off PDFs to share. Actually, that whole website is designed to help you take action, online and off. You can still share the hashtag in any way you choose - it gets the point across fast.


If you can target these two reps, you could stop the fast-track today:

D.C. 202-225-4061
District: (773) 267-5926
Twitter: @RepMikeQuigley

D.C. (202) 225-3461
District: 347-230-4032 & 718-725-6000
Twitter: Gregory Meeks

Lastly, if you have done something, no matter how small to derail the TPP fast track - THANK YOU!!

Special thanks also to Andrew Pontbriand, Emily Laincz and Nick Bernabe for their tireless organizing, efforts and information  - and to all those who joined them. Without them, this article wouldn't be - nor will it with the TPP!

The smallest action is bigger than the greatest intention.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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MrsDaisyP said...

We need a global initiative to stop the TPP. We need to unite!

William Burke said...

A weak script. I can but wonder where the author's true sympathies lie. And I DO mean "lie".

Mfskinner said...

This is just more waste of energy, tweeting and sharing info is not going to change a thing and contacting your rep? What makes you think you have a rep? Please it would be more useful to enjoy the time you have left if this is all the fight you have in you.

Anonymous said...

I would love to tell our politicians not to do this, but the fuehrers have blocked all communication channels to them. What does that tell you?

Sally Oh said...

In KY, our reps are terrified of stacks of green slips which are generated by telephone calls. We speak en masse, they listen.

Anonymous said...

If you read the article above this one called "The Least Popular Congress of All Time is Also the Wealthiest," you will soon come to realize that almost all those in Congress are in favor of the TPP as they benefit from it. You will also realize that they don't care if they are elected again, because their so wealthy it doesn't matter. Welcome to Rome, oops I mean the new Amerika. Bow down and lick their boots you subservient slaves.

Anonymous said...

Since the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is registered as a US corporation on the US Securities and Exchange Commission one must ask the question of where this corporation gets the lawful right to sign any agreement for the Australian people, when serving a foreign corporation is considered treason under the Australian Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congress has put huge investments into GE for good reasons. This Multi-International-Corporation is the ones running the so called clean operations at Fukushima & Tepco just does as told. Tepco is also a MIC with offices in the USA & have made nice profits after the failures to stop the release of any radiation period. They have only made it worse.
MIC's work under a huge tent as was reported by Karen Hudes who works for the world bank. The fraud & corruption is running wild just as the IMF & CB's world wide.
TTP will make NAFTA look small time crooks robbing a 7-11. The ACT OF 1871 by congress has made corporations having total control over any rights will use to have. This 1% making the laws coming from London's banking group has to be stopped, we have fought them many times, like 1776, Civil war,WWI,WWII & now for our freedoms & Constitution as most of Europe are & have seen what a group of GS bankers do as trying run Nations. Iceland had the guts the USA congress does not. Think about that, Iceland is Freeou cant say that in the USA or Canada!

Anonymous said...

First off it is BP controlling the so-called clean-up at Fukushima, GE is under that hierarchy. BP and Monsanto's are OWNED by the QUEEN OF ENGLAND dynasty.
As well as uranium mines in Canada and Australia, so she also controls the Nuclear industry. The dynasty has NO-INTENTIONS of stopping or curtailing the RADIATION! This is also the force behind the TPP. Now do you understand better what and who we are dealing with? The dynasty plans on LIQUIDATING America,
starting with California. MUST WATCH: ON YOU-TUBE: Leuren Moret: USA, UK Monarchy behind Fukushima radiation genocide . Because this is about money, IF heaven forbid , the TPP passes we will HAVE TO STOP SHOPPING! Don't buy anything you don;t need--it will only fund your demise WAY BEYOND what were doing NOW!!

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