Fukushima: Crossroads At The Rising Sun

Jefferey Jaxen
Activist Post

Fukushima: oversights, over-budget, missed opportunities, under-managed, under-prepared. Well which is it? Experts weight in, news columns stretch to accommodate, websites keep busy firing synaptic brain cells of eager readers. Does it matter at this point? The rules of survival have changed as the damage continues and in many cases has already been done. Families broken dreams & mothers’ future heartbreaks hang like millstones around those at Tepco, as well as leaders who failed to provide adequate, timely information. This includes the one who calls himself president of the United States.

They say if you are not a psychopath, you can never think like one. I live by the timeless words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn when his stated, “Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them.” This all in a Japanese culture that historically puts its energy not in caring who is to blame, but rather how to remedy the issue. But is it a fair race when the most celebrated runners don’t hear the opening gun? Does equality matter when only a small minority get the jump? Select leaders, multi-national corporate interests, among them. No restarts in this sprint, better to launch wildly forward from the starting blocks. Maybe a bronze medal awaits for the ones that do.

Those of us that care to venture forth into this information must stay grounded. Fearless. Humanity’s very existence appears to lay in the balance. For those advanced souls, life takes on new meaning. Trivial events gets their volume lowered. The obvious, unwavering stare of potential destinies peer into their infinite future generations. Each current breath, each action etched into time as a permeate record that we were here, that empathy hadn’t been extinguished yet.

Solutions are at hand. Great minds have been mobilized and are trailblazing a path into uncharted territories with courage. We are all fellow travelers in this story. The enemy has made it clear there will be no quarter. The realization has set in now that some around you may be affected. The mountain remains in the distance still partially covered in the morning fog. But soon, we will be upon that illusive beast and all questions will be answered with desperate clarity. Perhaps here it is apt to add the words of Paracelsus, the founder of the discipline of toxicology and fellow revolutionary for insisting upon using observations of nature when he said, “For it is we who must pray for our daily bread, and if He grants it to us, it is only through our labour, our skill and preparation.”

Once the bounding reality of this radioactive entity has been released on the minds of the population still protected by their magical thinking, the table will already have been set. The prospect of losing will have taken hold and the problem, reaction and solution crew will be in full splendor for all to behold. We need concrete steps, back to basics scream the readers. I can hear them now cursing at their gadgets and flicker rates.

There are allies in this journey. Yet in these uncertain times, truth is at a premium. Don’t follow the rabbit trails. Your intuition reigns king, subservient to no one. Individuals are only as good as their latest work. The people below, in my opinion are trustworthy resources. For we face many battles, each with heroes and villains as vivid as those remembered from our childhood novels.

Dr. Helen Caldicott: A whirlwind of unassuming power that has almost single handedly spearheaded a sustained anti-nuclear revolution spanning decades. Regarding Fukushima, nothing but 100% distilled, unapologetic truth. She’s unmatched in bridging the gap between practicing medical doctors, biologists, and theoretical physicists that often miss the big picture with their computer model predictions.

Arnie Gunderson: Credentials for days. A former nuclear engineer and licensed reactor operator turned good guy. Arnie started Fairewinds.org with his wife and gives up-to-the-minute reporting of not only what’s happening at Fukushima but the potential dangers and alternatives. I have to imagine he is the fire under Tepco’s ass at every turn and haunting the dreams of any of their potential decisions.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller: A favorite of many including the author. Simply put, he is the Hunter S Thompson of consciousness and the study of the human mind with the credentials to beat all who doubt into submission. He was one of the first to put his reputation on the line and call Fukushima for what it is: a global disaster of possible extinction proportions. His solutions are grounded in reality, his predictions seem very plausible and his work ethic pure.

Dr. Simon Atkins: Social medial MVP and Internet staple for keeping the Fukushima-related information in the public’s face. He is relentless in hammering out breaking stories and tying them into already public information. His finger is currently resting firmly on the pulse, continually providing commonsense personal solutions revolving around sound detoxification strategies. Has put his money where his mouth is and relocated to the Southern Hemisphere.

Dr. Christopher Busby: Another longtime anti-nuclear pioneer in the arena. Solid science combined with a calm, ultra focused approach makes for a perfect combination to constantly deliver valuable information that has and will continue to save lives.

Dutchsinse: One of the few “man on the street” reporters continuously, accurately testing the background radiation of rain, snow, soil, and soon fish. Videos updated often. His results cut through government silence.

History’s sidelines rarely get mention. Those that didn’t play lost in the deep folds of time. The game we find ourselves in is no doubt a big one. Advertisers need not apply. Double check your equipment, say your prayers, take the last glimpse at your brothers and sisters on each side of you. The game begins now! For those unwilling to take the field, you can take comfort in the fact that you never had a choice.

Jefferey Jaxen is an open source researcher, writer & director of Alternative & Holistic health for the Flower of Life Center. On the front lines of many up and coming alternative health modalities working behind the scenes to bring them to the mainstream. Jefferey’s mission in life is to teach & empower others to heal themselves. Aside from serving as director of Alternative & Holistic Health at The Flower of Life Center, Jefferey is also a compelling writer, active health researcher, and creative force. Skills that have landed him on the steering committee of the Awake & Empowered Expo. You can find more of his work at his site JeffereyJaxen.com, where this article first appeared

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