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War on Syria begins with mass vaccination program

Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Before the first official bomb lands on Syria, the New World Order plans to vaccinate 2.2 million Syrian children under the age of five, reportedly to protect against polio. The global plan now includes all of the Middle East, seeking to vaccinate 23 million children under the age of five.

That went so well in Africa, India and Pakistan that surely Big Pharma profits going in and out, in caring for all the syndromes that develop — later if not immediately — and earning a tidy sum under the snake oil promise that vaccines prevent disease or provide protection against them. Evidence show that vaccines are too loaded with toxins and nanobits of who-knows-what to risk the side effects or sub rosa purpose of today’s vaccines. But from a new book, authored by a medical doctor who dug into the history of vaccines, we learn vaccines have been militarized since year 1.

The World Health Organization reports that as of November 26, “17 children have been paralyzed by polio in Syria: 15 of these children are in the contested governorate of Deir Ez Zour, one is in Aleppo and another in Douma, near Damascus. Prior to this outbreak, no polio cases have been recorded in Syria since 1999.”

Commenting on the announcement, integrative medical doctor Sherri Tenpenny said, “They need food, clothing, love and protection. Instead, they’re getting 23M doses of polio vaccines with only 17 confirmed cases. So much for social priorities.”

When the eugenicists plied their vaccine program in India, 47,500 children became paralyzed in 2011. Pakistan suspended its globally-sponsored vaccination program after their children died or became disable from the vaccines. In a special 2011 report, a Pakistani health investigation concluded “that polio vaccines for infants funded by the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation are causing deaths and disabilities in regional countries including Pakistan.”

Whistleblower and Merck vaccine scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, admitted the presence of Simian Virus (SV40), AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines.

Physician Suzanne Humphries researched the history of vaccines and published in 2013 the landmark book, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History. Below, she gives a 70-minute talk covering some key points in her new book:

Showing a graph of polio outbreaks in the US, she notes that the first one, in 1916, can be attributed to Rockefeller experiments with weaponized polio in New York City, a few miles from the epicenter of the outbreak. The fatality rate of that 1916 outbreak was 25%, “the highest ever recorded in history” for polio. Of 23,000 patients, over 5,000 died.

The second outbreak, lasting over a period of several years and peaking in the '50s, can be attributed to several factors, Dr. Humphries says, including cause, treatment, susceptibility factors, and the very definition of polio.

Significantly, arsenic and DDT were widely used then, and women switched from natural breastfeeding to powdered formulas and bovine milk contaminated with DDT. “Exclusively breast-fed infants were exempt from polio,” she reports, highly recommending the Beyond Conformity website at

Joel Lord, editor of Vaccine Resistance Movement (whose website has been under a viral attack for at least a week now), recently reported:
The WHO and all their corporate mainstream media minions pushing vaccine propaganda on the public, have, in fact, betrayed our communities, betrayed the Third World, and literally re-invigorated polio, having spawned a new, virulent hybrid of polio, known as ‘Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (NPAFP), throughout the Third World via cross-infection & viral shedding, stemming from the original SV40 tainted Salk polio (Rhesus monkey colony derived) vaccine formula…
With that kind of in-your-face rhetoric, it’s no wonder the site is down or undergoing viral shenanigans. However, in Smoke, Mirrors, and the ‘Disappearance’ of Polio, Dr. Humphries corroborates him:
Unbeknownst to most doctors, the polio-vaccine history involves a massive public health service makeover during an era when a live, deadly strain of poliovirus infected the Salk polio vaccines, and paralyzed hundreds of children and their contacts. These were the vaccines that were supposedly responsible for the decline in polio from 1955 to 1961! But there is a more sinister reason for the “decline” in polio during those years; in 1955, a very creative re-definition of poliovirus infections was invented, to “cover” the fact that many cases of ”polio” paralysis had no poliovirus in their systems at all. While this protected the reputation of the Salk vaccine, it muddied the waters of history in a big way. 
Even during the peak epidemics, unifactorial poliovirus infection, resulting in long-term paralysis, was a low-incidence disease that was falsely represented as a rampant and violent crippler by Basil O’Connor’s “March Of Dimes” advertising campaigns. At the same time as Basil O’Connor was pulling in 45 million dollars a year to fund the Salk vaccine development, scientists started to realize that other viruses like Coxsackie, echo and enteroviruses, could also cause polio. They also discussed the fact that lead, arsenic, DDT, and other commonly-used neurotoxins, could identically mimic the lesions of polio. During the great epidemics in the United States, the pathology called polio was reversed by alternative medical doctors who attested to great success, using detoxification procedures available at the time – yet they were categorically ignored.
The US Food and Drug Administration is intimately involved in the eugenics program, as evidenced by its approval of drugs that when used as intended cause 106,000 fatalities a year, while at the same time criminalizing raw milk which has proven health benefits, especially to the immune system. The full breadth of the medicinal benefits of marijuana is not fully explored, but it’s proven benefits include anti-seizure, cancer remission, sleep aid and improved mood and appetite. Yet, the US is one of the last domains where the 34-million year old plant is criminalized, while alcohol is promoted.

Humphries writes:
The polio vaccine had the fastest licensing in FDA history. It was approved for commercial production after only a two-hour deliberation amongst the Licensing Committee, in a pressured environment. These scientists witnessed a vaccine that was escorted to market, before academic and community doctors had a chance to read any published reports on the safety studies, and before the results of the big polio vaccine trial made it into any medical journal.
Lest anyone can warn Syria, and the Middle East in general, acquiescing to the WHO’s vaccination program seems to guarantee massive corporate and political profits along with a generation of toddlers who will become sickened and immuno-suppressed, and may even lose their ability to procreate. Just look at the US outstanding rates of autism, allergies, Epstein Barr, and other immuno-suppressed diseases, along with the rates of neurological disorders.

After Big Pharma come the genetically modified seeds and fast food joints, and oh yeah, economic dominance over China and access to the world’s easily accessible oil reserves. The globalists are marching in lockstep with the plans of the Grand Chessboard.

Recently from Rady Ananda:
Rady Ananda is the creator of Food Freedom News and COTO Report, Rady Ananda's work has appeared in several online and print publications, including four books. With a B.S. in Natural Resources from Ohio State University’s School of Agriculture, Rady tweets @geobear7 and @RadysRant.

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Anonymous said...


This is especially true here in the US as we know better, but to victimize the ignorant and weak reserves the worst judgement for their sins.

Children not only rely on our protection and guidance but have no ability to refuse if forced.

There is no sin greater than to harm children.

These are the times we need real men to intervene, for it takes a real man to be compassionate and a protector.

These soulless and emotionally bankrupt parasites will only cease when apposed.

It is time good men and women said "ENOUGH"

It is time good men and women TAKE A STAND.


Anonymous said...

I'm Spartacus!

Anonymous said...

yeah, while writing this piece, I came across several articles spanning several months reporting on vaccinators being killed or kidnapped in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I have already been standing up (and signing petitions, writing, etc.). What next? It's easy to say you're spartacus, but hey, what are you actually doing that is actually stopping children from being poisoned--i am ready to copy your behavior. Please don't be just another who thinks I need to be guilted or scared into action (been there a long time) without even trying to offer me any concrete tools or even examples of proven successes. Instigators are a dime a dozen. What is your actual PLAN?

Anonymous said...

In Australia, companies, staff, doctors and everyone who works must sign off on the Workplace Health and Safety legislation. It contains a clause, call, Duty of Care, I'm sure a clever lawyer could use that against doctors and or companies. Just an idea.

sheriff said...

No Wonder Taliban chased all polio vaccinating agents from Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Back in the 1900's the USA was very open about their eugenics programs. Now they hide behind these alphabet org. and tell you that this is good for humanity. Foundations = Eugenics programs. They're very crafty DEVILS!

Anonymous said...

These people (the great satan) are the scum of the known universe - greater filth is hard to imagine.

Anonymous said...

America is completely barmy - nuts! Hospitals routinely vaccinate seriously ill patients on admission WTF??

Anonymous said...

The cancer industry will be fully entrenched after the vaccines are complete. Several cancers are caused by viruses. What do you think will be in those vaccines? Cause disease and control the treatment, you control the people.




Anonymous said...

I too am Spartacus! How many are with me? We need to send this article to everyone in the world, we need to print it off and put it on every windshield of every car in the world, we need to make leaflets of it and hand them out on every street corner, we need to have town halls.... We need to have more and more millions of Spartacuses now. SO, ARE YOU SPARTACUS?

Most lawyers are with the bad guys; if that were not so, we would not have the dismantling of our democracy that is happening before our very eyes. Hungary had the right idea; we need to burn all GMOs before they ruin the earth. We keep waiting on our governments which is really a front for the One World Order parasites.

caracal said...

Yes. This programme is currently ongoing in Egypt where ALL schoolchildren are to be vaccinated against polio which ( we are told) was found in a sewer in Syria. (Nobody has explained the urgent ad imminent danger of this to Egyptian schoolchildren)
Interestingly it follows fast on the heels of the failed US/Qatar/Israeli sponsored Arab Spring conspiracy of fourth generation war
to destroy Egypt from within by sponsoring the internal enemies of the state.
Egypt, apparently, does not exist in current form on Obama's projected NWO New Middle East map.
Does an inconvenient truth of 90 million Egyptian people, warrant then a shift to plan B?

Anonymous said...

Spartacus says...

What is my plan?
It doesn't involve guilt or fear. Both are counterproductive motivators in a healthy, sane and courageous society.

Exposure and informing our fellow man to the corruption that is steadily growing in all facets of our society. Educating them first before charging headlong into action so we have sufficient numbers to be effective.

Yes you and I (and maybe several others) are very aware of what is happening but if we were to go after the criminals they would use their bought and paid for media to paint us as crazy extremists and use our deaths as examples to others not to fight back.

Petitions, phone calls to our so called representatives is completely useless.
They are bought off just like the media.
We have to think outside the box.
One thing for sure is we are not using our greatest strengths.
Unity of our great numbers. If we start communicating in effective and productive ways face to face, not online. Too many ways of people using it as masks.
Our own town hall meetings for the people only. No officials or police or politicians.
They have proven their loyalty to money and money only by their own actions.

I know everyone is anxious for something big to happen that will correct this overnight but that is not realistic as much as I would like it as well.

We got here over a long time of negligence and it will take time and work to correct.

A wise person once said that, "The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men"

This is exactly what has happened. Evil is much like rust. It always starts small and grows from there. If it is not fought it in the small battles, with diligence it will always grow, for that is its only nature. To consume.

We turned our back on the small battles and we are now up to our necks.
But anything that can be done, can also be undone.

Many people are suffering from helplessness syndrome and they aren't even aware of it. Years of conditioning has made them feel powerless to change things but that is just what people who have stolen power want us to believe. We defeat ourselves with this mindset and become the wrong example to the rest of our fellow man.
Apathy and fear are great tools to use for manipulating a society.
Our enemy are the parasites who use these tools of abuse because they are not strong enough to contribute equally in a healthy society with work and fair involvement. They feel above that and want to cheat by lying, tricking, manipulating and even killing others.

Help others to know that it is NOT hopeless and improve their morale.
That is the best way to combat the abuse syndrome. Criticizing others only worsens the syndrome. Uplift people. Help them to empower themselves.
Help them to first SEE what is really taking place, and stop listening to the liars on TV and most of radio.
Encourage talking to their neighbors about affairs that are affecting us.
Resist the lies that these subjects are political and we shouldn't speak of them.

When we first formed a resistance to the tyranny of King George it was in the taverns and social gathering places. We must get past the bad habit of isolation and reach out to one another. That is where our true power resides.

Why do you thing divide and conquer are used so much by the enemy of the people.

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu didn't get his invasion so it's on to step 2. This is how they cull the herd.

Anonymous said...

I am spartacus!

Anonymous said...

Its time us humans unite....we as a species can evolve consciously in a direction we choose, let us develops an immunity against those who divide us and endeavour to conquer us. Let us ...after a long time scattered...unite! And show compassion , give those that seek to control and destroy an example and their own place in a harmonic balance, may their fear deminish and be replaced by love...

Anonymous said...

Unite people.... Search your soul , who are we ?what are we ? We may get there in our own way yet arrive at the same place, the greatest fear of those that seek to control and destroy us , is our discovery of our true power, underneath our individual stories, we are all one, ... That is including all beings wether percieved good or bad, let us ALL unite ....... Compassion to the cruel kings

Anonymous said...

Who is sensoring these posts?

Anonymous said...

what do u mean "before any bomb lands in syria"? do u think there will be war with bombs directly from america? now the bombs are indirectly sent from america and israel , but is it gonna officially happen, that war

Anonymous said...

Spartacus at 8:39am - "Many people are suffering from helplessness syndrome" - This is TRUE and it is why the US needs help from other countries. A vast majority of American men - Jewish men and Muslim men - were circumcised as infants or children and as a result, they learned helplessness. Circumcision teaches children they are powerless, that no one listens to them, that they are victims of something bigger than themselves. It teaches them not to complain, for their voices will not be heard. It teaches that the world is a cruel place. It teaches that violence and sex are one and the same. It teaches them that it is ok to victimize children, women and weak persons. Circumcision is far more than the removal of flesh... it tears the soul out of the person and destroys their will. It is a political ploy to teach powerlessness.

msfattytrollbitch said...

I blame the soldiers who keep showin up

Anonymous said...

I'm Brian!

Anonymous said...

Dr Humphries speech is potent! Talk about overturning medical history!

Anonymous said...

It's the Serpico Syndrome-- we cannot expect the "proper channels" to bring justice.
The gulag (including the internet) is being built around us via the Cassandra Curse: i.e. folks just don't(can't) believe that Full Spectrum Dominance (Talmudic Micromanagement) is taking place and the AMA is a eugenics foundation.

Aqiyl Aniys said...

I don't understand. Is the Syrian government allowing for this will all that is happening now?

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