Friday, December 20, 2013

Big Dairy wants to medicate our milk

Rady Ananda
Activist Post

The Ontario Dairy Council shared in funding a study showing that the anti-cancer properties of green tea can remain bioavailable when extracted and placed in a milk medium. The Dairy Council is looking to enhance profits with a value-added substance.

Which leads one to ask, Why not just drink green tea? Even better, stop pasteurizing and homogenizing milk; stop adding hormones and antibiotics to the cow’s diet and reap the benefits of a truly probiotic superfood: organic raw milk.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the major extractable polyphenol in green tea and the most biologically active, inhibits tumor formation, reduces cancer cell proliferation, increases normal cell death, and suppresses the formation of new blood vessels feeding tumors, the study reported.

EGCG has numerous medicinal applications on top of those mentioned in the study. GreenMedInfo lists over 100 other studies on EGCG benefits, including:

There are dozens of other benefits to green tea, so it’s not surprising science is looking for ways to extract EGCG.

But to put it in milk?

"These results support a new role for milk as an ideal platform for delivery of bioactive compounds and opens the door to a new generation of dairy products providing additional benefits to human health," say the study's authors Sanaz Haratifar and Milena Corredig, of the Department of Food Science and Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences of the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

For several decades, dairy producers have added Vitamin D to milk, an important nutrient connected to physical and mental health that also helps with uptake of other minerals and nutrients. It’s most often extracted from the lanolin in sheep’s wool. Given the growing abundance of artificial clouds, most of us are Vitamin D-deficient, so adding it to commercial milk may not be such a bad thing.

Adding fluoride to water, though, takes us into an entirely different realm for a number of reasons. First, the slurry added is agricultural waste which is toxic, as the label on this bag revealed, to “heart, kidneys, bones, central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, teeth.” Those bags were found at a city water plant, as that video reveals.

In 2010, over 2,000 professionals called for an end to fluoridated water. Coincident with the publication of The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There, the group also published this 30-minute video highlighting the main points against fluoridation.

Significant to water fluoridation, medicinal genetically modified foods (like blood rice) and adulterating our foods with medicine is the idea that mass drugging a population violates medical ethics since it lacks informed consent. Modern pharmacology recognizes that individuals react differently to the same dosage of a given drug.

Pharmacologist Phyllis Mullenix concurs. “The whole name of the game is to deliver the right dose to the right person at the right time.”

Once a food is grown, engineered, or genetically altered to treat disease, it’s no longer just food. It’s medicine – and not the kind we evolved with, because it’s concentrated and synthetic and often has as-yet unknown deleterious side effects.

Attorney Greg Glaser wrote a constitutional analysis for the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, discussing forced vaccinations. He recognized that the issue cannot be so narrowly limited, as numerous examples of “many kinds of forced contamination are already being implemented,” stating:
And yet the evidence is overwhelming – over many generations elitists have been working covertly within select government agencies, multinational corporations and faux-humanitarian organizations toward the goals of drastic population reduction. [14] In particular, independent media has found overwhelming evidence of corruption/crime in chemical spraying,[15] depleted uranium,[16] food contamination,[17] and public water contamination.[18]
He concludes that while these activities may be “legal” in that power-holders wrote laws to allow such mass contaminations, they are neither lawful nor just.

Medicating our food for nefarious motives or for mere value-added profit is symptomatic of a bent society lacking in community values. The more that Big Food seeks to enhance profits, the scarier their products get.

Best to get your dairy on the farm, get to know your farmers, and opt out of the industrial food system.

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Anonymous said...

wake up. it's not about profits, it's about population reduction/genocide. how much evidence do you need?

if they add tea, you know it will be tea from japan poisoned with fukushima radiation. that is probably why we are hearing about this now.

Anonymous said...

Raw organic milk is not a "superfood" - unless you happen to be a calf. Raw organic milk has some mild healthful benefits vs cooked, processed milk, but is still toxic to humans. Casein has been shown to be a carcinogen. Cow milk is toxic to people.

Anonymous said...

Problem with green teas is that green (and black tea), is the highest in any consummable in naturally occurring fluoride. Fluoride speeds the action of aluminium in neuronal brain damage, (dementia, Alzheimers and seizures), it mineralises the pineal gland, and, colllects radioactive compounds in the spleen, these needed to start and fuel any malignancy.

In Japan where they drink green tea by the litre every day, they have cancer and stroke epidemics. Every one of my Japanese wife's relatives have died of.. cancer.

(Healthy teas are Jiao Gulan, pommegranate, hibiscus, mulberry leaf etc etc).

In any case pasteurised milk has lost the 'good' bacteria but not the e-coli, listeria and salmonela; it has lost 90%(!!) of the phosphotase enzyme needed for calcium absorption; it has had the immune boosting whey proteins damaged. When a newborn calf is fed ONLY past. milk, it dies in 6 weeks.

Past. milk is labelled as Fresh, Organic, GMO free, grass fed etc. all meaningless marketing waffle.

Laura Beth said...

anything that comes from mother cow udders is already full of hormones, casein, pus cells, and other ingredients humans need not ingest. We LOOSE the enzyme that digests milk at around age two. WHY? That is when humans are suppose to be WEANED!!!!! Why do we continue to nurse after weaning and are the only species on this earth that drinks milk past nursing age and more bizarre, from another species whose own infants are abducted from her in order that humans can profit from this vile and cruel industry? More insane behaviors from the human species. NO other species of mammal, plant, reptile, insect, NO other species nurses on milk or drinks anything but WATER! Capitalism is profoundly pathological.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I don't drink milk in the first place. Filtered water will do just fine for me. I wish more people understood how our food is really processed and where it comes from. If they did, there would be a revolt in this country...

MacLeod said...

North American cows and other livestock used to graze on wild cannabis hemp prior to hemp prohibition in 1937 and the cannabinoids from the hemp were in the milk, butter and cheese people ate. There was no need for antibiotics for cows because the cannabinoids the cows ate are natural antibiotics. After prohibition, rates of a host of human illnesses began to skyrocket. Recent laboratory research shows that these illnesses -- including cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, autism and arthritis -- are treatable with cannabinoids. It's pretty obvious that taking cannabinoids out of the human food chain (by removing hemp as a livestock feed) has caused widespread illness for 75 years. Just let the cows eat their hemp and everyone will get healthy again. The Canadians are crazy. Their federal government requires that the leaves from Canada's industrial hemp seed crop be plowed under in the field, even though these leaves are full of non-psychoactive CBD, the most medicinal cannabinoid of them all.

ozpeaksup said...

we used to use an iodine wash for cows udders, they banned it in favour of toxic chemwashes that create asthma and skin issues in the workers, never mind how the cows feel.
Id far rather drink raw milk from a shared with calf mum ie we take a couple of litres the baby gets his feed as well, than soy or other crud substitutes.
I have raised lambs, healthy pups and other animals on pasteurised or dried milks and they dont die .always good to add other appropriate minerals vitamins and extra fat,eggyolk etc.
skim milk is pig feed.
cow and sheep milk butter n cheeses contain essential fats in small amounts that help stop brain decay, cocnut oil has the most. since society swapped to low fat everything ,dementia increased..curious that.
to topic.
Adding ANY medicinals or vaccines etc to any food is sking for some to get far too much of whatever and most still not enough.
the whole idea is plain stupid and a marketing and money thieving ploy!

Anonymous said...

I grew up on a 40 cow Holstein dairy farm. This was 45 years ago. The filth was unbelievable.... and we washed with anti-bacterial soap on everything, including the cows udders. But cows don't know how to use a toilet. They will go where they go. And it was the spattering kind. So we washed and cleaned... but especially had to filter and filter the milk. So even though the milk was pasteurized was it was tank trucked to the diary plant, it still had you know what in it. And we were some of the most conscious and clean of the dairy farms. I drank the milk growing up and had a lot of sinus and congestion problems. Only when the cows were on green grass grazing mostly (and not on grain feed) did I get largely relieved of the symptoms. Also, one dairy farm continued to have Jersey cows which produced much less milk but it was high in creme. I could drink it unpasteurized and had little congestion. Of course, I was just a kid, so I only knew I liked their milk a lot..lot...lot better because it tasted a lot... lot... lot better!!! Our cows are so hybridized and messed up to enhance milk production; plus they are fed an un-natural and unwholesome diet of largely grains and hybidized hay and silage, that the milk now a days is crap even if unpasteurized... right???????????

Anonymous said...

Milk is great food for a baby cow - for humans, well not so great. About 50% of all humans have some degree of milk sensitivity. Milk - does NOT do a body good.

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