Monday, November 18, 2013

Economic Warfare: Philippines Offered $500 Million in Aid

Andrew V Pontbriand
Activist Post

The World Bank is offering the Philippines $500 Million in the form of a loan. Benevolence, or a chance to own more land, people, and resources?

The recent Typhoon in the Philippines was one of the largest storms in recorded history, causing devastation unimaginable to the human mind. Some reports estimate as many as 10,000 dead or missing. The storm itself had sustained winds at 195+ MPH, and displaced and affected 9.8 million people, and 500,000 homes.

The World Bank has offered to loan the devastated country $500 Million dollars in the form of a loan; but should the Philippines accept this offer?

In recent history, it had been realized through first hand accounts, common sense, and their own statistics and documents; that both the IMF and World Bank are not the benevolent entity seeking to provide monetary stability to countries who are impoverished, or have experienced devastation such as the Philippines.

Here is a brief description of how the IMF and World Bank take over entire countries with the stroke of a pen:

A country is underdeveloped, and is experiencing social anarchy, malnutrition, and economic ruin. The World Bank will come in and offer the country a huge loan, to build infrastructure, schools, power supplies, roads, and other means to a 1st world lifestyle or one similar. Of course, the Government, or Dictator depending on who it is will usually take the loan, in the understanding they can easily profit fabulously from it.

Here is the problem: As John Perkins Explains in his Book 'Confessions of An Economic Hit Man', both parties to the loan are well aware paying back the loans are impossible. The World Bank, and IMF can then seize the land, resources, and install an American form of Corporate Control to profit the shareholders of the economic military elite.

It is no secret that this happens all over the world, and has for some times. The question then becomes, should the Philippines take a short term bailout to jump start their countries heart? I say absolutely NOT.

Bailouts from International Banks are not designed to help out, fix, or lend a hand in a humanitarian effort. International Banks seek to control all resources, land, economies, governments, and of course the people. Taking a loan from the World Bank is much like a heroin addict borrowing drugs from a drug dealer. The addict could never repay the loan, and his death, or servitude will come as the result of the default.

In the wake of a storm with the magnitude of Typhoon Haiyan, it is important for people to come together and work towards rebuilding from the ashes. It is easier said than done of course, because when anybody is offered such a large sum of cold hard cash - human greed comes into play. However, repeating history will only continue the takeover of ever square inch of this planet so please, Filipinos - Don't sleep in the devils playhouse!

Andrew Pontbriand is an activist, researcher, radio show host, and writer for Intellihub, and The Resistance Journals. Like his Facebook Page here

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Anonymous said...

Not only that, instead of building houses and schools, they build condos and casinos on beach front properties to further increase profits. I am sure that this is the perfect storm for IMF, they will probably black mail them into taking it if they balk.

peterpan said...

this sounds like good advise. wouldn't it be great if they (the filipinos) could take the loan and just say "shove it" in an energetically powerful way just as the cabal and the illuminati go "down the tubes" ?

Anonymous said...

Yup. Load them up with more unrepayable debt. Part of the global plan to buy up national assets for pennies on the dollar. Welcome to Earth Inc>

John C Carleton said...

The world bank is a usury organization, if it were not about exploiting the victims of disasters and misfortunes there would be no interest attached. Why not just give them the funds anyway, it is just decimal points on a computer and paper and ink anyway. All of these funds are made up out of thin air and voodoo economics.

Anonymous said...

Who realy gives a damn other than white men from europe and gi's of all colors looking for young female bodies, phillipines has them in cheap abundancr and an abundance of timber and minerals to export mainly back to europe, as US just needs a military base and pussy for its troops.
In thr past US military married on post could afford a house girl for dad and a houseboy for mom even on lowest enlisted pay.
Be lots more cheap nannys and bargirls in states as our newly almost unlimited immigration for them comes into effect.
Ask west coast nurses about that little ploy of sic. Certified nurses working way under their scales.
Storm will be good as it will allow some 60, 000 phillipine males to once more join our military and as we train and equip their military to Fight the Yellow Menace we can dell th lots of gins planes shipd tankd and prophylastics to keep our troops safe.Nation 5 years ago invited US in becaude they were on steep slope of both financial ruin and open rebellion of revolutionary size.; Now leaders will grab and run with money to their safe havens in Us.

Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] It looks as though the World Bank has a hidden agenda!

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Philippines REFUSED TO SIGN THE Trans-Pacific-Partnership and they got hit with a NATURAL DISASTER.....ain't it..?

By the way, I would like for ANYONE to tell me how many BILLIONAIRE'S homes got devastated during Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, or this little "wind" in the Philippines..?

Answer.......ZERO. How is that possible..? ONLY the "poor" areas get hit..?
Funny how that is.........hmmm...?

Anonymous said...

help is needed all places,,,and always will,,,these are hard times,,in all ways,,

Anonymous said...

thumbs up anonymous the first...........mmmmmm indeed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok so the politicians will take the loan. loot it for themselves and pass the responsibility of paying it back on the poor starving people. Just Like the U.S.!!!!

2062movement said...

The World Bank profiting from the misery of people in need... It won't be the first time, it won't be the last also.

WW1 and WW2 were great business opportunities, but now with the corporate assholes destroying the planet they don't even have to go out of their way and create wars.

Anonymous said...

OK, now this makes sense. Weather modification to develop these storms into massively destructive monsters so 'they' can not only Own The Weather' but also own the Philippines.
and the follow up video.....

Anonymous said...

So they use weather warfare to hit the PI, then they offer a loan. How sweet.

Anonymous said...

[The World Bank has offered to loan the devastated country $500 Million dollars in the form of a loan; but should the Philippines accept this offer?]
Your people will never get free of 'them', if sold down the river.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever forget people that this was mass murder in the Philippines. Mass murder by weather wars.

More stories and more distractions to people won't focus on the evil right in front of them.

The mass murderers are a cleaver bunch. They know how to distract, misinform, confuse and lie through there teeth.

Hitler would have been proud of his monster children.

Don't forget that if they are not stopped they will continue and continue and continue and some day it will be YOU.

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