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The Next Shot Heard Round the World Will Be in Northern California

Jefferson: our 51st state?
Dave Hodges
Activist Post

As I have highlighted before, there are three distinct stages of revolution. The 15 counties comprising Northern California have entered stage two on the path to revolution, namely, the civil disobedience stage. And two of the counties have entered the civil disobedience phase with a vengeance as their County Board of Supervisors have voted to secede from the state of California. As I read their local community’s media accounts, accompanied by their reasons for secession, I feel like I’m reading an old United States history textbook in which we could substitute the state of South Carolina for the seceding California counties of Siskiyou and Modoc. Emotions are running very high as the residents lifestyles and livelihoods are facing total obliteration.

Northern California Is an Agenda 21 Battleground

Over the years, many rural residents have been frustrated by federal environmental laws restricting logging and other forestry activities. The timber industry is dead. The mining industry is dead. The entire region is being deindustrialized and many residents and local leaders have stated that becoming a state would finally allow them to push the federal government to alter the onerous restrictions on government-owned land as well to forsake the private property rights restrictions being imposed upon them.

I have been aware of Agenda 21 abuses in places like Fort Collins, Colorado, where the courts steal the children from parents who protest against draconian Agenda 21 policies. I’m also aware that in places like Santa Cruz, California and Austin, Texas that individual property rights are severely limited because the local governments have adopted United Nations Agenda 21 policies. However, nothing and I mean nothing, matches the Agenda 21 abuses of individual liberties and private property rights that is going on in the northern counties of California and Southern Oregon. And true to form for the mainstream media, barely a word of coverage has been broadcast or published for a national audience.

The red areas are targeted for human depopulation.
Why do you supposed that most Americans have never heard of this?
Along these lines of selective media coverage, please allow me to ask you a question. Would you find it a tad bit interesting, and would you want to see it on your nightly news if you were to discover that a portion of the country was purposely being made to go broke by the Federal government? Would you further find it newsworthy that the people in Northern California are soon going to be forced off of their lands, by the tens if not hundreds of thousands of people, which will result in their relocation to urban areas to the south? Have you ever seen a Wildlands Agenda 21 map where all the red dots and red colored areas are targeted for becoming ” no human habitation” zones? Well, all of these things and more are taking place in Northern California, and I’m willing to bet that none of you have heard of the horrific abuses that has been perpetrated by the Federal government and their minions in California state government. This is their story.

My Interview with Congressman LaMalfa’s Field Representative

In September, an aide to Congressman Doug LaMalfa, Erin Ryan, stated that she and fellow staffers favored a proposal for a county in the California Republican’s district to secede from the state, according to local media.

Field representative, Erin Ryan attended a public meeting in September of 2013, in which the Siskiyou County board of supervisors approved a secession declaration, the Redding Record Searchlight reported. Ryan, went on to say that she and other LaMalfa staff members supported the efforts of counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon to secede from their respective states and form the state of Jefferson. Ryan was careful to state that her views and the views of the other staffers did not necessarily reflect the official view of Congressman LaMalfa. However, in my opinion, the appearance of Ryan and the other staffers at this and similar meetings in Northern California and Southern Oregon, speaks clearly to the interest of Congressman LaMalfa.

They want to make this
entire region a dead zone
The fervor to leave the state of California was also fueled by Modoc County supervisors who voted 4-0 in favor in secession. Recently, I interviewed Erin Ryan about the events in Northern California and Southern Oregon and what I discovered was that the Federal government and two state governments have declared war upon the residents of this region.
Over the years, many rural residents have been frustrated by federal environmental laws restricting logging and other forestry activities. Byrne said becoming a state would finally allow them to push the federal government to alter the onerous restrictions on government-owned land.
No Hunting On Tax Supported Forest Land

If you were to drive through the towns along Interstate 5 in Northern California, you would have a hard time finding sporting-goods stores to sell you any hunting equipment. Yet, this region was once the prime hunting grounds in the United States. This is not the case anymore, and Erin Ryan was kind enough to point out the reasons why.

One can still obtain a hunting permit while living in Northern California. However, if you were to be driving your car on a road near a forest, that your taxes go to support, you could not stray from the road by more than one car length. Therefore, in this region of the country, if you wanted to hunt, you literally have to park your car along the side of the road, hike in, shoot your game and then you would have to literally drag your game back out to the road. Hunting is dead and so are sporting-goods stores in this region of the country.

One interesting side note about the US Forest Service, is that they have been closing most roads into forests all across the country. Northern California and Southern Oregon have been greatly impacted by this process. Although a few of the roads remain open, they are not marked and they are nearly impossible to find on a map. Adding insult to injury, there are some people who need to travel on forest roads to get home. If they are caught traveling on the “wrong roads” they can be fined and even jailed.

Irrigating Farms

Nothing is more fundamental to successful farming then the right to irrigate one’s land. The vast majority of farmers in Northern California and Southern Oregon have previously and successfully adjudicated the right to irrigate their farmland. However, several federal agencies such as the EPA along with several state agencies, are doing everything in their power to prevent farmers from irrigating their land and the previous case law be damned.

According to Erin Ryan, and other locals who I have previously spoken with, the cost passed on to the farmers for pumping water onto their farmland has increased from .6 cents to over $.13 per gallon. For some of these farmers, this represents a $200,000 increase in the cost of irrigating their farmland over the course of a year. This increase is making the cost of farming in this region, unsustainable. This increase is leading to a dramatic drop-off in food production from this region with devastating economic side effects.

Water rights in this region have been carefully adjudicated by the courts. Most of the farmers and ranchers participate in a system which is often referred to as "in-stream flow." The system allows farmers and ranchers, by prior agreement to siphon off a certain amount of water through a trap door device. A water master routinely inspects these trapdoors to make sure that farmers and ranchers are only taking what they are entitled to take under the law. The system has worked well for several decades has farming and ranching were once very profitable enterprises in this region. But there is a fly in the ointment: state government is requiring these farmers and ranchers to obtain permits before they can open these trapdoor devices, and the farmers and ranchers are being denied permission to obtain the permits. They shouldn’t even have to obtain equipment because their rights to the water have been legally guaranteed, but since when do radical environmentalists ever respect property rights or the letter of the law? The resulting effect spells doom for many of these ranchers and farmers. And God help these farmers and ranchers if a fish, such as a salmon, is ever discovered floating dead through their properties. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars of fines have been levied upon discovery of dead fish.

These farmers and ranchers are literally having their livelihoods and their properties stolen out from underneath of their noses. This is sheer economic tyranny being perpetrated by the Agenda 21 forces of this country.

The EPA Destruction of Dams

The EPA has announced plans to commence destroying several dams in the Klamath River in order to save the salmon. However, scientific data tells us that salmon would rather be spawning on streams that are within 20 miles of the coast, not 150 miles inland. Taking out the four dams along the Klamath River is an EPA and BLM objective based upon scientific fraud along the same lines as global warming.

If these dams are allowed to be removed, these farmers and ranchers will not be able to obtain the water they need to sustain their livelihoods. It is not an overstatement to claim that the destruction of these dams is an extinction level event for this region. To do so, will result in massive migration of people from this region all in the name of protecting the salmon, which is not even an indigenous fish to this region.

Agenda 21 Objectives Being Fulfilled

There are clearly a number of forces at work here. First, we see the clear Hunger Games type of agenda in which people have been forced off of pristine land, denied the use of water which results in the destruction of their local food supply. This fact makes people dependent upon the government; and the residents of this region will be forced to relocate to urban areas following the devastating loss of their land. This is becoming a popular way in which the federal government is forcing people off of their land all across the country while not having to pay the costs associated with legitimate eminent domain. Plain and simple, this process represents a cost-effective method to steal private property on behalf of special interests.

Secondly, we are going to witness the total depopulation of this area in the name of protecting a non-indigenous fish. This is the environmentalist creed of Gaia which turns upside down the traditional and prioritized order of the hierarchy of life on this planet.

The traditional Christian view of hierarchical structure of power on this planet consists of God, man, foul, fish and land. The radical environmentalists hierarchical structure of power consists of land, foul, fish and man with no mention of God. These opposing paradigms are what make most of us scratch our heads and state “What the hell do they think they’re doing?” The plan begins to make sense when one considers the prime objectives of Agenda 21 as outlined by the United Nations. The United Nations seeks to remove all people and all human habitats from her and wilderness areas and to relocate all people into six mega-regions in what is euphemistically referred to as “stack and pack” cities. The following video outlines the major threats to the people in this region. County Supervisor, Grace Bennett of Siskiyou County, references Agenda 21 as being a motivating force for subjugating not only home region of the country, but the rest of the country as well. The following 9-minute video is important to watch.

Erin Ryan also shared with me that when these four dams are destroyed, the ranches and farms of many of the nearby residents will be flooded out, thus adding to the carnage and destruction being visited upon these people by the federal government.

The Algae Factor

In a previous radio appearance by Erin Ryan on The Common Sense Show, Ryan related how the destruction of the Klamath River dams will result in huge deposits of algae which will make this pristine land very difficult to farm. It was at this moment that I had an epiphany. The Agenda 21 goal of depopulating this region was also motivated by a secondary goal, the proliferation of algae. This is something that I have a great deal of knowledge about, because I’ve dealt with this issue when I was writing my seven-part series on the Gulf oil explosion.

Gulf Dead Zones Caused By Corexit

As I discovered in the Gulf, the use of Corexit as the primary oil dispersant was very ineffective and led many researchers, like myself, to question the wisdom of the use of the most toxic dispersant on the face of the earth. In fact, Corexit does not disperse any oil, it merely submerges the oil. But what Corexit does do is it sucks all the CO2 out of the water and creates a dead zone. And this is precisely what we see along vast stretches of the Gulf:  dead zones. When Erin revealed to me that algae proliferation was going to be a byproduct of the destruction of these dams, I realized that this was intentional. In the Gulf, algae farms, the next biofuel craze, have been springing up all along the coastline. The sponsors of this algae movement in the Gulf Coast have been none other than Al Gore, Warren Buffett and George Soros. Following the destruction of these dams, I fully expect to see the same globalists bringing their algae farms to this abandoned region.

The Mechanics of Secession

I have learned from speaking with Erin Ryan that as many as 15 counties in Northern California are moving to secede and join the state of Jefferson; the name of the intended 51st state. Secession faces two major roadblocks for this region. The California state legislature must first approve these counties leaving the state. This, according to Ryan, may not be an insurmountable task, as the counties use more state revenue than they produce. Therefore, it would be cost effective for the state to let these counties secede.

It is generally believed, that secession also hinges upon a successful bill being passed in Congress. This could prove to be the major obstacle, because this government is run by and controlled by the forces of Agenda 21. Because of this latter reason, I do not expect that secession efforts of Northern California and Southern Oregon to succeed under the present set of circumstances.


This is clearly a beta test for Agenda 21 in which the globalists are perfecting the process of depopulating region and to make a profit in the process. By my latest count, there are no less than nine federal agencies working in unison to force these people off of their land. I think it is very likely that we are witnessing the model that Agenda 21 will pursue in subjugating world and wilderness areas and across the United States in the near future. However, I think that the federal government and their Agenda 21 benefactors may have miscalculated the outcome in which people may respond.

Trapped people and trapped animals typically respond in a very similar manner. Along these lines, Gerald Celente likes the following quote:
When people lose everything, they have nothing left to lose, and they lose it. 
Very soon, the people of Northern California and Southern Oregon will have nothing left to lose. This will make them extremely dangerous to the federal government.

The people of Northern California and Southern Oregon are trapped between two very bad choices. They can choose to walk away from everything, face bankruptcy and be forced to start over in a lifestyle of which many of them are totally unfamiliar. Or, they can choose to try and somehow get by, most likely fail, face bankruptcy and be forced to start over in a lifestyle of which many of them are totally unfamiliar. Different choices resulting in the same outcome.

These are tough, resilient people. If they reach the point of having nothing to lose, they could very likely lose it and we may see this region of the country being the modern day Lexington and Concord in which the next “first shot heard around the world” is fired.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

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Anonymous said...

Good article...till I got to the God part.... Religious fanaticism is just as harmful as environmental fanaticism.... And, if there IS a God..where the hell is it ? WHEN do the "meek inherit the Earth" ?? Why does "God" allow starvation, disease, wars etc ?

Anonymous said...

Georgia Guidestones State:

1.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2.Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
3.Unite humanity with a living new language.
4.Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5.Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6.Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7.Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8.Balance personal rights with social duties.
9.Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

No. 1 and 10 come to mind quickly, this is their agenda coming fruition. People have to fight these bastards or we will all end up like sardines in stack and packs or dead.

Anonymous said...

Wake up People! Wake up to this Tyranny that is the US Federal Government!

The federal government is no longer a government for the people, by the people. They are a group of bought and paid for shills that will do the bidding of the NWO to bring the US into compliance with Agenda 21. We have been sold out, we are no longer free and our constitution will be struck down in the near future if we do not stand up to these elitist pigs.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2003, when my job was exported to India, I wondered aloud to those who would listen how American business would be supported by sending all of our paychecks to foreign nations where, presumably, local business would be the beneficiaries. It seemed more than a little shortsighted, but the executives reaping bonuses for creating immediate profits were making the decisions, and they weren't asking for input from we lowly peons.

The self proclaimed "elite" plan to depopulate the world to make it a better place for them and their descendants fails to recognize that their profits hinge on having customers to buy their products, be it GMO food, poisonous "medicines", or algae. Robot workers don't need such things. And a population of 500 million won't provide sufficient profits to support ever growing fortunes for the 1,400 billionaires, and tens of thousands of millionaires who consider themselves among the elite. Reduced to absurdity: to continue the current paradigm, the richest billionaires will have to begin preying on the poorest millionaires, until eventually, one family, one person will end up with all the marbles. How does the game continue when all the players are eliminated? But psychopaths don't think about such things, which is why all their vile and wretched little schemes will fall apart just as they seem to be reaching fruition.

I hope the good citizens of the future state of Jefferson realize that simply throwing off their current oppressors will not solve anything unless they come up with a better economic/political model than survival of the most ruthless and ignore the externalities capitalism.

Anonymous said...

We're just along for the ride....UNLESS

Advanced Living Project said...

Any of you Californians (nor non-Californians) who would like to get away from the crap, were looking for others to join us in NM.

Advanced Living Project

Anonymous said...

I grew up in this area, and now live further south, but still north of Frisco. The areas of Mendocino and Humboldt are basically kept alive by the marijuana growers after the environmentalists destroyed the logging industry and the mining industry. We all know that forests have to be managed and sustainably logged but the environmentalists would not even allow that, they shut almost all of it down. I believe there is still one logging mill in Eureka, where there used to be more than 20. Clearly these people have been left to wither, whether intentionally or not. I don't know if seceding is actually going to allow them to bring back some legitimate businesses or not. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Now who is listening? This is about freedom. (watch the tape, then check out the Eugenics heading)

Truth be told. Rothschild and friends.

Hide Behind said...

First lie was the Chinook salmon do not like to spawn very far up river and eere never indigenous to tha river.
This is one of those tongue in cheek lies. As indeed the Cjinook now present in that watershed are indeed coastal spawners but they too were not indigenous to the waterway but a planted fish mainl remnants of other Cali rivers. With fish also from Wa andvOregon new spawns.
Damns killed off damn near everyspecies of salmnoids and also much of the bottom nutrient life forms ; So much so that hatcheries a nd even complete remakes to old streambeds was done as programsby displaced logger sto save what today is but
remnant . THE OLD chinookd used to be up yo three timees size the present strains are and had a differeny genetic makeup, actually many different traits but one common feature over size was they hung longer i n brine watrrways getting realy fay for long up river runs.
No mention of Native Americans fishery rights , wonder why.
Lets get forestry out in open and cut the bull shit probably bigges lie of all was the industry collapsed due to EPA , the varietu of available timbers a changing market that began in 1973 added to the hi tech logging methods they over logged and damaged mollions of acres of not just Federal but state and private timberlands.
Go bavk look at the flic now imagine the reality of 1930 through 1960's much of yjose " famlands had timber upon them . And when private pwners ripped the lands until npo wood left then they demanded feds sell.
The loggers even then were selling almost all wod just as toay to Exports and that is raw logs not lumber. Gisnt redwoods and Seupia went under the axe of private corporate until only left are very very few outside of fed lands..
Gentlemen farmers raise timothy and alfalfa while keeping 10 cows and hold generations water rights to irrigate those fields and apple orchards wine vinyards and sell all the water to in excess to farmers who need it
ZZZ Article wrong on cost and all irrigation cost taxpayers 10 tp 100 times cost to farmers andsome sell $50, 000 9
Water rights yearly.
That whole damned area recievedand still does hundreds of millions in susidized bull shit from schools to aged free meals at farm grange partys.
I am all for them if they want o get out of Nion but in reality what they want is a state where they can get even more federal grants and then rip the guts out of the alread proven mineral deposits hell there are foreign furms and domestc energy as well known hat have tested for oiland natural gas.Thesev are fn gentlemen and ladys bot country hicks as many and owners years ago go paid for testing rights by energy firms
As to trees they will rip them up fa far faster than they will replant and then ask gov as now to pay to replant and give unemployed loggers retraining for jobs like airframe mechanics when there isn, t a plantin 500 miles.
A seperate state that is made up out of hippys and back to earthers with only one means to survive gov subsidized resource extraction and the tourist facilitys paid and pais again to locals by state and feds.
Buisness thatpay minimum wage to theiremployees and then dependupon state and fed programs for thos employees to live upon.
You want true secv esion great take back your area and original Oregon Terrtitory and kick every fed out of its borders.
Otherwise you remain no more than well dressed welfare bumss talkng country trash.

Carroll said...

When did farmers and ranchers or anyone else acquire the "right" to pump millions of gallons of water from underground aquifers and spray if over private land for private profit? Many areas of the country are entirely unsuitable for farming and ranching, with New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and many of the plain states being among them.

Anonymous said...

"...Corexit does do is it sucks all the CO2 out of the water and creates a dead zone."

Corexit is evil in so many ways. But oxygen depletion is the problem as mentioned here. O2, not CO2, eh? Oxygen, not carbon dioxide. Profound difference regarding dead-zone creation. And nobody else has noticed?

Anonymous said...

Agenda 21 is about the removal of humanity from Earth. God is not responsible for this policy being implemented, man is. It is people who are turfing other people out of their homes. It is people who are poisoning other people (fluoride, GMO toxic food, tainted vaccinations, and arial spraying of toxins by geoengineering). It is people who are dropping phosphorous bombs on children. Each of us has a choice as to whether we are a conduit for the creator God energy in this universe or the destructive God energy. The problem is that currently many of us are still serving the more destructive energy that is abounding on this plain. No doubt these people were lied to and told that they have to kill off the majority of humanity so our species can be saved, but the truth is noone will be saved if these people do not stop, including those who are serving the lower energy on this material realm. We shall all either learn to swim together or sink together. This mechanism is a fail safe mechanism to stop anything overly destructive from elevating to higher dimensional realms, where one's creative potential and power increases exponentially. God is working hard to raise the frequency on this plain. It is not his/her fault if people choose greed over compassion, fear over bravery, hate over love, and revenge over forgiveness. The change you wish to see on this plain begins within. If you want to change the world and make it a better place it begins with YOU!

Anonymous said...

As long as the American people allow tyranny and impoverishment to be heaped onto them by an evil rogue government, in my opinion, they deserve what happens to them

James Bennett said...

Great piece Dave and everybody.
As soon as I saw the title I was thinking ; 'I have to send this to my friend Debbie, then she was in the video'!
This is a global plan, happening to people everywhere.
Remember those modern cities in China, all empty?
They're not empty anymore. The Chinese military is forcing one million farmers, ranchers, etc. off their cherished way of life that many families have led for thousands of years.
Those 45 years of age or less are forced to work for the state at a very modest wage. Those over 45 (many are productive to twice this age) are given a subsidy that can barely keep them from starving.
These once proud, productive people are so distraught, that suicide nets had to be erected below.
Stack 'n Pack Smart Growth; similar to what you likely see in your town, with high vacancy rate. But that's because we still have a modicum of choice...perhaps more importantly because we are still armed.
This should remind us all of another chapter in history that didn't go very well...
Let's see, rounding the people up against their will next to trains.
Fluoridating the populace.
Indoctrinating children, propagandizing adults.
A resolve to disarm.
Divide the people racially and socioeconomically.
The Problem/Reaction/Solution Dialectic.
That chapter didn't go very well.
History does repeat itself, especially where oppression is at play.

Agenda 21 employs the Precautionary Principal, a kind of guilty 'till proven innocent postulate that puts nature over man, regardless of facts/common sense.
It states that in the absence of scientific 'consensus' (as reconciled by them), proof that man's action does not harm the environment falls on the human (s) taking the action.
Anthropogenic 'global warming'.
Upsetting the 'mating habits' of a critter locals have never seen, etc..
So a hi-jacked treasonous government, or a university hungry for grant money (our money) contrives some 'science'.
They lodge a campaign, often synthesizing 'consensus' with an alphabet of complicit/created agencies, conservancies, NGOs that are there to reiterate junk science...
and they go...and go.

BTW: this is the same cabal that commissions jets to spray the environment with aluminum, barium, strontium, biological agents and much more. Do irreparable damage to the soil Ph, water table, US, defoliating the planet.

Are we going to watch them ruin all that is dear/divine under environmental guise??

-James Bennett

Anonymous said...

I was going to add that there's been a lot of chemtrail/spraying of the area, but you beat me to it James.
I've read and heard that the area is being practically inundated with the stuff.

kim said...

You missed the point completely! He was not promoting religion, or saying that the POB stance is somehow less valid or good because of their lack of having god on their list--he is illustrating that for the rich people who are designing this horrible agenda, their values are completely upside down from that of everyone else, and that living beings of any species are less considered than the value, to them, that property holds. There is an indication, even, that to this group other living beings, especially humans, are unwanted (like would-be competitors), and there is an assumption that they themselves are the few who reign far superior above all else. They may use the concept of god in order to manipulate the sheeple, but to themselves they believe they ARE god, or the closest thing.. I suspect the author believes similarly to you on this subject, although you jumped to the conclusion that he does not.

kim said...

Didn't get very far in science did you? When you breathe in oxygen, what do you breathe out? Carbon dioxide. The depletion of either of these things indicates the depletion of the other, because breathing (and conversely, photosynthesis) are based on systems which involve both oxygen and carbon dioxide, which corexit ruins. The result is a dead zone, which means it cannot sustain life. You're a little too quick to criticize, and that's why "nobody noticed".

Anonymous said...

Perfection is found in heaven. God allows these things so that people will seek HIM and ask questions as yours. Also, man has free will. We make the choice to worship self, , man, earth, animals, etc; pushing the true living God away... the time is truly no other we have make our choice.

Anonymous said...

I live in this area, where the State of Jefferson proposal is being considered. I favor the idea. And to "anonymous" @12PM, yes- Marijuana is being grown widely in this area to supplement incomes. The "medical Marijuana" prescription claim of up to 99 plants for multiple patients is a ruse in my opinion. In one area, near the town of Igo, southwest of Redding, the retired Chief of Police, Lenard Moty is the representative in that area of the county on the Board of Supervisors. The proliferation of growers out that way has been a thorn in his side.

Then, September 9th, a person was seen riding a little motor scooter on a road adjacent to this area, using a piece of equipment typically used by the U.S. Forestry Service called a "drip torch". They use this device to set backfires when a major forest fire grows into a major conflagration. But in this instance, the user was driving along a road intentionally setting a fire that the wind would blow into the area with the growers.

Within hours, Sheriff Department officials were evacuating hundreds of people, the area was isolated with roadblocks that (to many people's surprise) included Redding City Police Officers. No one was allowed back in who had been at work to save their livestock or pets for almost a week. The area began to burn.

Within twelve hours, the few that stayed to defend their homes and property saw a semi truck, driven by Fish & Wildlife agents of the Marijuana Eradication Program, being escorted by CDF firefighters passing through the area, entering onto private property, and pulling up all the Marijuana plants. They were stopped on at least two occasions, and a seizure warrant was demanded. They had no warrant of any kind. In one instance, when told to leave they refused. The property owner demanded that they leave and when they refused, he opened fire. His body was later found, burned to a crisp inside his home. As far as I know, no autopsy was performed.

The fire burned roughly ten square miles, destroying the homes of most of the low income folks in the area. The large, wealthy landowners with nice homes were untouched by the fire. All the Marijuana of the area disappeared during the week long blockade, even though the fire and smoke seemed to vanish after two days. The Fish & Wildlife Service never declared the Marijuana seizure, which I felt was a big clue to what was really going on. They are probably selling all of it to cartel workers in the area.

The local Sheriff, Tom Bosenko said he was not interested in investigating the cause of the fire, but it seems clear that his office had complicity in perpetrating the crime(s). I made the Record Searchlight newspaper aware of what was happening, and they neither published a word of it nor responded to my messages. They did in fact publish glowing reports about our "wonderful, dedicated firefighters" over the following weeks.

When the paper refused to even investigate, I sent a message off to the the State Attorney General (Kamila Harris') office. Her response was that if I suspected a crime, to contact local law enforcement authorities. No investigation was launched, even though millions of dollars in property losses were sustained. Something like 78 homes burned, countless out buildings and animals and pets were lost, having burned to death.

So perhaps you can understand why we are fed up with the U.S. government. And the lack of true representation at the state level.

Sally Oh said...

Excellent article, thank you. I'm a member of the Defend Rural America group. If this fight continues, I might move there and join up. I'd love to live in a state that actively fought Agenda 21! Thanks. It would be nice to see the author address the naysayers in this comment thread.

Anonymous said...

To: Anon 10:09

"The self proclaimed "elite" plan to depopulate the world to make it a better place for them and their descendants fails to recognize that their profits hinge on having customers to buy their products, be it GMO food, poisonous "medicines", or algae. Robot workers don't need such things. And a population of 500 million won't provide sufficient profits to support ever growing fortunes"

The elites have everything they need for uncounted generations. Hard assets. Money. Land. Food. Everything. All these years, they have been building up stores.....they don't NEED us to buy their widgets. they only sold widgets to make money to fortify themselves for the day when they could initiate their plans...and that day has come.

It truly is coming to a head.

Anonymous said...

unknown to most of our local airport personnel and general population here in northern ca ie shasta co rumor has it blue helmet supplies are being shipped in. again, just a rumor.

Anonymous said...

bosenko is known for other things as well just ask delores lucero.

Anonymous said...

ever notice how people get more worked up or offended about god than they do about the godless who are perpetrating all this? and yes, some of them are satanists even here in shasta co.

brad said...

Regardless of one's level of spirutuality, it seems to pretty much hold true that materialists tend to more consistently be willing to kill and harm others and the earth.

When one thinks there is one shot, and the only things that bring you pleasure, are the things that bring you pleasure, then a logical conclusion is that there is no payback or balance and therefore if you just grab any enjoyment any way possible, that is as fulfilling as your life can get.

Even the worst religions tend to practice some form of compassion for others and there is an implication that the world is NOT your toy to play with as you and you alone choose. More moral in general.

Hide Behind said...

There will still be Agenda 21 Programs no matter if a new state is formed for they will still be under Federal Charter.
They are applying for tha Fed Charter and spout political bullshit about being against Agenda to kee local unrest at fever level.
Try examining the teachers who want same pay for teaching same guidelines.
If you have from 3 to 6 quality plants you can turn $20, 000 per yearly quarter with no more outlay than at most $1, 000 by using your clones.
Hell you do not even have to transport buyers do that.
You make 20k wha do the medical disbursment employees earn, and lets just forget that way over 70% of crop never was medical by intent.
What in essence is happening is not just old time generations back with bones in ground people trying to hold onto ancestry for there are far more residents of under 25 years than over throughout the areas mentioned.
Real estate, sales for second or vaxation homes even some of these so called farms are million dollar enterpriseswhose owners bought land from old timers.
THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE STATE ASSEMBLY EVEN IN FORMATION FROM COUNTY TO TOWN OR CITY , Where is the financial alternative for a state financial institution and what local political figures will realy gain.
There are the usual capet baggers who see turmoil and chaoss as money as nd boy are they poised to struke.
Unless they put the clwmps upon the local politicos who even if born there are still very much a part of States two party power blocs.
Yup ya got the fn red neck gun owners talking snake and patriotic constitutional bull crap because they will lose those guns and soon but they will justt cry when itcomes.
They may be turning away from not getting enough attention, listen to their words fr
Or crying out loud, they are not getting "ENOUGH FROM STATE AND FED".
They are not self suffecient by own incomes but are willing to turn area over to the quick bucks of unregulated economic activitys.
Go to Every place in midwest where oil and natural gas fields are and you will find farmers gladly sold and city shops glad to see big bucks from those tax but locals find work at barely above minimum wage .
Who sells Mc D and corporates the lands they need?

Anonymous said...

When the government began seizing property without warrant or right, including the massive "forfeitures" of suspected drug distributors, no one said anything. In fact, many of the seizures were manipulated by local police and fire officials to grab property that didn't belong to them. When the US GAO accounting office admitted that hundreds of millions of forfeited assets were unaccounted for, no one said anything. I really wonder why people would start their own state if the local officials are as corrupt as those in Redding, CA? Agenda 21 is run by people. And, by the way, it is old Hippies who got the money together to pay off the leveraged buy out crooks at Maxam so that old growth forests were finally saved. If the logging companies had logged with intelligence and hadn't tried to greedy grab millions, those millions of acres would never have been sold to Maxam, who clear cut, selling most of the wood to Home Depot where folk in urban areas greedily bought up cheap redwood. In sum, when people stopped using intelligent population planning and allowed our beautiful world to be so overpopulated, they gave up their rights to determine how to use Nature.

Schiz-Flux said...

the timber industry should be dead, and so should the mining industry.

Anonymous said...

so should the nuclear industry but from your post you're probably all for it. not to worry though, soon enough not only will the nuke industry be dead but so will you and your offspring. and with that so will the rest of us. enjoy.

Unknown said...

This is a fantastic article and should be required reading by all Americans ! When you bring up Agenda 21 or chemtrails the people look at you as if you are insane , it is very frustrating that this is happening right in front of our eyes and so many are ignorant and blind. The only thing keeping this from going full speed ahead is the fact that we are armed.At some point in time , this is going to come to a head and it's not going to be pretty. I have long ago suspected that all the massive fires we've seen recently are being deliberately set to force people out. I also believe the coal miners are being attacked to devastate their communities to force them into the cities. I believe fishing villages are under attack to force them out. Obamacare is I believe deliberately targeting the rural communities by shuttering the rural hospitals. The question we must answer and answer soon , is our we going to allow this evil agenda to progress or are we going to rise up as our fore-fathers did in 1776 ? NSA , do you hear me now ?

Anonymous said...

"overpopulation" ya right, oldest trick in the book. picture me laughing at what an ignorant or well thought out comment that was. i'll say this s l o w l y it's not about overpopulation. in their eyes there are just too many people to try and control. they're losing control as they knew would happen and got us to stick needles in our babies arms at an alarming rate that still baffles me today how ignorant, brainwashed, braindead, we really are. what i would have given to know then what i know now but its too late. and worse still is to not notice were being sprayed like cockroaches. so excuse when i say f#c% you!

Anonymous said...

cut the "perfection is found in heaven" crap! just admit it, christians dropped the ball on this one parroting what the government wanted them to say and convince others there's nothing we can do because the revised bible tells us so. or how about the hidden scribes? the older bibles are wrought with anti woman, violence etc...another way to spot a gov troll is when the preaching starts with the overused mantra" just roll over and take it up the"...

Big Bear said...

The Globalists who run the Banana Republic of Amurkistan will be in a conundrum shortly. They have been able to float their elitist agenda on the backs of the rest of the world. Shutting down business and industry in Amurka and exporting it to foreign nations. Essentially, the Amurkin Empire is writing bad checks the rest of the world is, so far, cashing.

Soon, Amurka will have to fight the Resource Wars to protect its dying empire. The first shots have already been fired in Iraq, and a muddled attempt in Afghanistan. Amurka is good a show of force against small nations, but could never fight a sustained war against a worthy opponent. The military has been hollowed out, and Amurka is rotted to the core with diversity, whereas most nations are cohesive. Amurka will end up Balkanized.

What the people in Northern California should really be thinking of is starting their own country. Breaking away completely with the psychopathic control freaks in Washington and Wall Street. Those parasites global ambitions will destroy them. It will be a two-front war, both on the global scene, and on the home front.

Empires die, and the death of the Amurkin Empire cannot come soon enough. Sustained regional economies will thrive once the jackboot of the Amurkin Nanny Minders has been lifted.

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