Saturday, October 5, 2013

Property owners in Lake Mead evicted until government shutdown ends

image credit: Gordon Ednie/Flickr
Madison Ruppert
Activist Post

People are being forced out of their own homes on Lake Mead and prevented from returning until the government shutdown ends because they sit on federal land, even though the homes are privately owned.

Much has happened since the shutdown began. On Thursday, an unarmed mother was killed by Capitol Police and it was revealed that the Pentagon spent $5.5 billion hours before the shutdown began. On Friday, a man set himself on fire on the National Mall.

Two senior citizens recently told local Las Vegas station KTNV that they were told by a park ranger that they had to leave their home within 24 hours and could not stay there again until a budget is passed.

Joyce Spencer, 77, and her husband Ralph, 80, told KNTV that they’re now forced to spend most of their time in the family ice cream store and with family nearby, since they’ve been prevented from going home.

Park officials told KNTV that Lake Mead property owners are only allowed to return to their home to retrieve belongings.

“Unfortunately overnight stays are not permitted until a budget is passed and the park can reopen,” officials said in a statement.

Spencer said that they have had to buy clothes that they left behind at their home and that the unexpected move from their home they’ve owned since the '70s was a lot to handle.

While KNTV notes that the properties on Lake Mead are “considered vacation homes; one of the lease requirements to own a plot is people must have an alternative residence,” the Spencers contend that it is still their property and they should be allowed in regardless of a shutdown.

On Saturday, the House passed a bill that will retroactively pay the some 800,000 furloughed federal workers when the government reopens.

However, as the shutdown enters its fifth day, the Chicago Tribune notes that there is “no end in sight.”

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Anonymous said...

Just comes to show you never truly own a house and live in complete perpetuity with what you quote-on-quote "own" at any stage of your life.

A mortgage is 30+ years of interest-paying financial slavery to a bank (which created your loan out of thin air to begin with), and no matter what you have to pay property tax (essentially another form of rent, since actual renters don't pay property tax).

To top it off, these poor sods who obviously didn't read the fine print on their housing agreements are now out of a home since they were dumb enough to purchase a house on federal land.

"Duuuuuuuuhhhh, but I didn't think they would actually do something like this!"

Anonymous said...

So why did they leave? Why not just ignore the goons in silly government costumes?

Anonymous said...

Impeach Obama.
If dems would accept the proposed budget to fund the entire government except Obamacare, this would end. If Obamacare is so great, it should be able to stand on its own.

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as federal land, cant you see thru the usurpation there !
its the land of the people living there, you cant posses what you cant occupy.
the feds can go f... themselves into oblivion. they are not your masters.
where is you red line. stop bowing to authority and reclaim what is rightfully yours or lose them forever, your choice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about the story that just popped up about the Pentagon ORDERING their people back to work despite the shutdown????!! WTH? It's illegal!! How can the Pentagon tell people to go back to work when the government is supposedly SHUT DOWN??

Isn't there an amendment which states the government cannot spend a dollar until they have a new budget in place? Or is that one of those pesky 'proposed' amendments which still hasn't been passed yet?

Drutch said...

1. Federal land means that the land is publicly owned by ALL us citizens. The federal governemnt are stweards of our federal land. When funding ends they just cease to be the stewards and responsibility for the upkeep and protection of the land is reverted back to the owners, We the People.
2. If we choose to section off a national park into 320 million pieces and take our peice home, that is our right to do so. We collectively at this point in time are the owners of all federal property. If I choose to reclaim my tax dollars by confiscating ammunition from a federal agent, that is my right to do so.

The federal employees are not our masters, they are our employees, we can fire them if they refuse to leave the "office" we can evict them by force. If they choose to resist by force we retain the right to exterminate them. We the people are th masters of this nation. If we choose to exercise our rights we must do so while carrying a spear. If anyone attempts to deny us our rights we must use force to assert our birth-right or lose it.

Joe said...

What law, exactly, are they violating by remaining in their homes?
There are many who live on Federal Land. Do they all have to leave, and where must they go, and if they refuse, where does the force come from to make them leave?

They should refuse to go. Make the Feds react and look like tyrants.


This seems like a test for "Agenda 21."

Anonymous said...

How much more abuse will people take before they run this criminal operation out of DC? Land of the incarcerated and home of the do's YOUR land're willing to fight for it...otherwise...forget it coward.

Anonymous said...

So, by the same logic, Obama and family must also vacate the Whitehouse, as that too, I am guessing, is Federal property?

Anonymous said...

another free vacation for federal workers on your dollar.

Anonymous said...

You would think that it is costing more to enforce all of these closures than to just leave shit alone.

Anonymous said...

was not it two weeks ago this guy was asking us to give up our kids for war he could not get it and this is payback I.R.S all of us

Anonymous said...

If you think this is a bad deal, wait until socialized health care passes and you loose the right to your physical body because the government thinks they own it also. I pray some day people will awaken to see the lies and stop following the orders of the liars. Use your heads and learn how to say, "no that is not how it is because I'm stopping it here".




vljanski said...

To Anonymous...we are being ordered back to work, with no pay, until this is over. Then we will get paid, if it takes a month, then it's a month with no pay.

Anonymous said...

SNAKEBELLY said... This seems like a test for "Agenda 21."

I TOTALLY agree that this fed land shutdown is a dry run for Agenda 21. I wonder why more people don't see that. It parallels the Boston marshal law test and the illegal marching of innocent people at gunpoint, out of their homes. The citizens performed admirably for the powers that were. Speaking of false flags, anyone else seeing Nov 13-14's GridEX-2013 as an excellent op for the gov to finally use all of their hoarded ammo and borrowed troops against us in a massive grid down marshal law scenario? Like in the limited US GridEx-2011, no prior MSM announcements are being provided for people to prepare, in case our grid suffers short or long term down time.

How long can WIC and other gov $ubsidies be withheld from those depending on it...before desperation drives these folks to civil disobedience, such as looting groceries stores and private residences? Our infrastructure, economy and society is hanging on by a string... one that the gov can pull on a moment's notice and bring on massive chaos.

This gov budget shutdown is also a test for civil unrest. And this article exposes just that. Today they come for them....tomorrow they come for us. Imagine a HUGE, brave group of citizens marching those poor folks BACK in to their home.

United we stand; divided we fall. Let's kick some united arse!!

Media Mentions said...

Alas: the root of congress' issues: lack of basic education. It's odd to think that if a couple guys knew the first thing about negotiation, the country might not be comatose right now. Talk about power and corruption.

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