Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Conceal Carry Pastor Spares Assailant While Thwarting Robbery

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Not only does this preacher pack heat but he packs a lot of love for his fellow man - even a would-be robber. He walked into an Evansville, Indiana Dollar General store for a Gatorade and stopped Jermaine Marshall from continuing to beat up the clerk and use a fake weapon to rob him. It was spoon with a covering and he had told the pastor to get on the ground. Pastor Carl Sanders took the risk and pulled his pistol out, saying, "No, you get on the ground" and "I'm doing this out of love."

14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

Isn't it interesting how a citizen can defuse the situation without using lethal force? What no one else is really saying is that the criminal who didn't carry an actual weapon is only alive thanks to this pastor who is planning to visit the man he halted, now in custody.

Maybe that isn't great news to some, but chances are, he would not have gotten that second chance with a police encounter.

“He didn’t deserve to be hurt. I wanted him to know you can’t do this,” Sanders WIFIE-TV. Many policemen are in the habit of acting as judge, jury, and executioner in a moment's time - shooting first, object in hand or not, threat or not - and then not asking questions later. An "internal investigation" ensues but blows over when public fervor does.

Why do you suppose corporate media has openly reported stories like this one when they go against the grain of proposed gun-control legislation? The ratings? It hearkens back to last year when reports kept pouring in about women who saved themselves and their children with shotguns. Up until the Boston Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook incident, that is.

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Anonymous said...

God Bless this brave Pastor, he did the right thing. Hopefully, the man who committed the crime will turn his life around. One can pray and hope for that outcome.

As for the mainstream media not putting forth stories like this one, well, that is simple. It doesn't fit into their agenda. They wish to disarm us, we the people, and broadcasting stories where people defend themselves with guns goes against their itinerary. Armed people with guns are mentally defective and ill, that is their mantra and they are sticking to it. And will continue with it until everyone with a gun has been disarmed. Personally, I think that will take martial law and another civil war.

So be it...

Anonymous said...

This is how the police should act, not like insane attack dogs whacked out on steroids & Mossad kill training.

brad said...

Wonderful to have a human in that situation. Not a zombie authority figure.

This kind of blows out the assumption of my "dear senator" Feinstein here in N Cal - who assumes that any time a gun leaves the house, everyone within 3 miles is in danger of losing their life. The supposition of the gun control nuts that to pull a weapon is the loss on intelligence, judgement, and control is so freaking stupid it bears repitition only to point out the absurdity of their implications in this regard.

Hide Behind said...

Oh I don' t know , a good hard laying on of hands sounds appropriate; , just to get his mind into thinkng more about life after jail beats being dead.

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