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NorCal County Votes to Secede, Create New State "Jefferson"

Proposed map of the new state
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Yesterday the the board of supervisors to Siskiyou County in California voted 4-1 to start the secession process from the state citing destruction of rights and unfair representation in Sacramento.

The people of Siskiyou County, the northern-most county in California encompassing the Mt. Shasta region, are tired of having regulations, restriction of rights, and a lack of representation coming from the capital.

"Many proposed laws are unconstitutional and deny us our God-given rights," resident Gabe Garrison said at the meeting. "We need our own state so we can make laws that fit our way of life."

The Record Searchlight newspaper of Redding reports that county officials will seek support of surrounding counties to align with them to form a new state:
Siskiyou County would also invite other neighboring counties in California and southern Oregon to join in the effort to create a new state. 
The secession movement in Northern California proposes that the new state be called "Jefferson" after Thomas Jefferson, the founding father most dedicated to the principles of liberty.

The full declaration of the Jefferson Statehood Project that swayed the board of Siskiyou supervisors is as follows:
WHEREAS, there are times in our history, when it is apparent that the political separation of one people from another becomes necessary, both for the survival of the one, as well as, the continued well being of the other. 
WHEREAS, the Siskiyou Board of Supervisors recognizes the lack of representation for rural and frontier counties in the California Legislature and the Board is aware of an increasing tendency by the State of California to exercise legislative and fiscal malfeasance in the form of illegal fire tax, property rights violations, assaults upon Second Amendment rights, as well as, disregard for other unalienable Rights of the Citizens of Siskiyou. 
WHEREAS, Agencies of the Executive Branch of the State of California are engaged in an attempt to remove four, fully functional, well maintained, hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River over the objections of the Board of Supervisors and those of a vast majority of the Citizens of Siskiyou County. 
WHEREAS, State and Federal Agencies through the process commonly known as, “Sue and Settle,” have denied the County of Siskiyou, its businesses, and citizens, access to our most abundant natural resources, causing untold harm to our economy, as well as to our health and public safety. 
WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors for the County of Siskiyou, have come to the realization that the State of California is ungovernable in its present form. 
IT SHALL THEREFORE BE RESOLVED, that the Board of Supervisors for Siskiyou County, would endeavor to make a “New Start.” This Board desires, with the involvement of our citizens, and hopefully, with the involvement of other Counties within rural California, to withdraw Siskiyou County from the State of California. This Board would “Start over,” by helping to form a “New State,” which represents the needs, provides opportunity, protects the rights, liberties, public health, and safety of the people of the new State of Jefferson.
Siskiyou County's move follows another serious secession movement in Northern Colorado which includes ten counties and cites very similar reasons for seceding:

These secession movements are being spawned by the undeniable encroachment of big government over local and individual rights.  New Hampshire's Free State Project, although not a secession movement, is another form of this peaceful resistance to the tyranny of central planning with a focus on the principles of individual liberty and non-aggression.

It seems the more individual rights are violated by forced centralization of power, the more entropy it creates.

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Dr Rex Dexter said...

There may be a bigger possibility in this kind of an action. A NEW State created by Referendum hasn't ratified anything yet. This might be a "fast-track" method for untying "We The People" from our crippled Republic, ultimately giving us a way to recreate the Geo-Political Structure of the American Nation.

Anonymous said...

YES. Siskiyou County should secede from not only California but the evil United States of Israel. we have become a terrorist nation, creating FALSE FLAG ATTACKS AGAINST HUMANITY AS NEVER BEFORE. We must secede from this evil terrorist nation as soon as possible before they start tyrannically imprisoning us in their FEMA camps. Seceed from the US of Israel should be true for all counties in the US. Never before has it been so obvious that this country no longer exists by and for the people but instead buy and for the elite bankers and their war lovers.

Anonymous said...

God speed Jefferson.

don said...

That's funny. Not the state of affairs that brought the residents of Siskiyou County to terminating their association with "greater" California. That's not funny but it is a growing situation many Americans are finding themselves in. What's funny is knowing that Gov. Twinky Brown will be sucking a valve over the process and the notion. California, Colorado, and whom might be next?

Hide Behind said...

Spend some time and look Up Jefferson, California Seccession Movement as this id not s new movement,hell 25 years ago I contributed and. got a sticker, while feds and state cops were harassing all the free thinkersI look at much of what's happening today as a Liberal Malitia Movement that woke up way to fn late to do any more than hold bitch sessions.
Still they have an address to contribute to.
Now if we can just get better organized to take back the Oregon Territoys original borders and then with 4 more individual states an d Jefferson to secceed from Union.
Barring that then try to form an political and economic bloc that can protect the citizens within the new stayes from Federal Theft.
Of course then we would probably see Al Q or the private Mercs marching in while President warns about Salmon poisoning in NW.

Anonymous said...

Considering that any new state requires the ratification of congress(2/3rds from both the House and Senate), this is nothing more than a pipe dream. Even if does succeed, the total population of such a state would have ZERO impact on electoral college math that it'd be irrelevant at the national level, just like wyoming, idaho, montana, etc.

Anonymous said...

A new State/Nation need not have continuous/contiguous borders. There are likely southern counties that would join. San Bernardino county is one that comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Southern Oregon is pretty well fed up with the liberal northern Oregon. I was raised in southern Oregon and their farmers were run out of business by the Klamath Lake joke by trying to save the Carp- a trash fish the indians said was in danger. Yep this might create interest.Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Texas stands with.


I just love the sound of this word, "succession." San Bernardino county is big enough to not only be a new state, it's big enough to be a nation. Yes, I'm fed up with this imperial warmongering nation. It's time to send a message.

Mark McCandlish said...

In an editorial, the Redding Record searchlight also referred to the idea as "preposterous", but then they also think there is "no scientific basis for chemtrails" either. This from a paper, that doesn't know the difference between the words "too" and "to" or that "members" isn't spelled "memebers" or knows the difference between "capitol" and "capital". And when they covered the County Board of Supervisors here in Shasta County (where the State of Jefferson idea also has some traction) the reporter covering the Air Quality Board meeting of the Supervisors chose to call in as its cherry picked "opposition witness" one Professor Dave Thomas (no, not the founder of Wendy's Hamburgers) who teaches at the New Mexico Institute of Minerals and Mining Technology, who passes chemtrails off as "mythology". What reporter Alayna Schulman didn't tell the Searchlight readers was that this New Mexico Institute receives funding from the NSA and has a complete set of courses in "atmospheric physics"- just the kind of thing you'd want to be studying if you were interested in weather modification. Oh, and as it happens, Prof. Thomas (according to his LinkedIn page) has worked for TRW, a company up to its eyeballs in nanoparticle production and metallized jet fuels. But I digress.

My point is, yes, we are very interested in forming a new state here in northern California (as distinguished from secession- another process entirely) and we are tired of having the likes of Diane Feinstein and Jerry Brown trying to dictate to us that we cannot own certain firearms that are legal in many other states, like my Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle- bought right here legally in California right along with several thirty and forty round clips. Her beef is that it has a semi-auto firing feature (one shot per trigger pull) and can accept detachable clips of ammunition. And everyone knows, that if you own a gun like that, you probably have a propensity for "spraying bullets". Funny. I've owned it for over twenty years and never did that...

Anonymous said...

SO.., Ignorant right wingers got their feathers ruffled... Sob, sob. I'm gonna take my ball back and go home, lol. There is a reason to remove the dams - they destroy the salmon from going upstream to spawn, you idiots. Having just local, parochial views is not conducive to the well being of the citizens from the WHOLE state. Caving in to the demands of a vocal, stupid minority sets a bad precedent for all. Maybe those idiots should grow up and study the reasons that certain programs are enacted and then they should grow brains and not be so stupid and selfish.

Cal said...

First problem in Norcal is the UN's Agenda 21 - which is taking over the USA thru unconstitutonal means - treason - using zoning, etc. Everyone assisting its spread throughout the USA and implementing it are committing TREASON against the USA - plus other criminal and civil crimes.

Second is ACCOUNTABILITY from "public officials". They broke (break) the contract created when they went (go) into office or any position requiring an oath - which is strengthened by a lawfully required oath of office.

They are REQUIRED by the contract to do, and NOT allowed to do, certain things. They MUST keep the oath and keep - follow - it, the US Constitution and all that is in PURSUANCE thereof, and whichever state Constitution they are under to meet the terms of the contract (both where it applies).

When they do not, they can be imediately FIRED for breaking the lawful contract, which does NOT require an election.

It will REQUIRE an election to REPLACE them.

Anonymous said...

Good for Siskiyou!!!

Hide Behind said...

Whoa now Jefferspn movement goes way the hell back and actually the conflict began when California wanted to form the "Bear Republic" amd pick a Vapital City.
Sounds like Anons, @9/4 6:48 and 9/5 4:00 Am are Nanny Staters.who think the country bumpkins are straw chewing red necks thay need fed in their lives ,prrfect Agenda 21 Candidates.
There is a hell of a water shortage in the area where farmlands are drying up as the water levels have to be maintained for Federal Mandated, Mostly Native American Fisheries, leaving no irrigation even at old Quota levels.
The area is wealthy compared to rest of state as to resources but not by individual incomes as the highest.wage levels are Cali anf Fereal wage earners that damn near outnumber working people.
The timber minrerals and farmers produce leave area and are spent ny the more populated southern socialist programed south.
You have within the last Few years a crushing invasion of the Agenda 21 types that try to transform towns into quaint european shops so the sputhern and nanny state tourist have a good experience on vacations.
Graft by Sacramento contract lets by all partys not just lib dem or repub con jobs and locals having no say over local issues.
It just could be the people do not give a fuck about how much influence they have in DC and the amounts of welfare monies they can get and that they want to keep their wages local and also the resources to be used locally and not so some nanny state brat can live on the hog out of their states.
The tax and spend mentality is great for The overcrowded non productive New England and syate caital leeches ad theu need the tac and wealth payments to keep their lifestyles going and demand conformity to a heavy centrilized suction of nations wealthoving through there hands.
A lot like the hreenies that don,t know yhe whole situation on water rights. and salmon playing god from thosand miles away.

Anonymous said...

"SO.., Ignorant right wingers got their feathers ruffled... Sob, sob."

You are an idiot. That is the whole point. Their views differ so much from the rest of California that they don't feel they can be reconciled with the rest of the state. They are a minority which the law is supposed to protect, but the reality is they are being dictated to by the "holier than thou" types such as yourself.

Good luck Jefferson. I hope you are successful and have learned from the mistakes of our past. You can watch from the sidelines while the rest of California is raped for their banker debt. Better secure your borders before those citizens try to flee the disaster they have created!

dale said...

Since the proposed name for the new state is Jefferson, I suggest, in keeping with Jefferson's values, that slavery be re-instituted and that women be banned from political participation.

Alternate suggestion: choose a name which is actually associated with liberty for all, such as King or Mandela, rather than man who owned 200 slaves and on his death, freed 9 of them (mostly family).

We don't need more examples of celebrating people who say one thing (all men are created equal) and do another (own and trade hundreds of slaves). This is the kind of hypocrisy a new state should be trying to undo.

Hide Behind said...

To the naysayers trying to make others appear ignorant and right wingers:
Ever hear of a Movement valled Cascadia?
Perfect for the NannyState So. Cal mentality liberals and of course the Seatlelites that are enamored of Canadian Weed.
It is still a functioning group that wants from Portland Oregon clear up to Vancouver Island and a chunk of BC Canada west of Cascades as new state or province and as a last resort, a seperate hippy commmune.
Southern oregon and Noerhern Calis people of productive meand will soon be toast as every small ville willbe Agenda 21 and so goes how the areas ourside of these new high density population centers demand rural be under not local but Capital and actually DC DEPT officials management.
Southern Oregon had best watch it already as almost all tows now being run by liberal educated Agenda 21 sympathizers.
Yhrow them out and then ask to Join Jefferson.

Lei said...

I was raised in So. Oregon in early years until junior high. Scored "gifted" on California exams in 1st grade and by third grade was almost three years ahead.
Please don't call rural folks names. Many people in cities are related to these people or got their start in small towns.
I also moved to Portland and got the highest scores in my grade, which was harder to get in small towns! What is that saying about big cities where diseases like HIV/AIDS, ex-cons and other problems mean lots of taxpayer dollars going out the window.
Good for you, dreamers of Jefferson.
I hope you send a message, if nothing else.
Our country is not going to be saved by liberals.

A proud Jeffersonian in Shasta County said...

Always amazes me the nay-sayers are either hyper-libs that require the teat of the state to suckle on because they cannot stand on their own 2 feet, People from outside the area that cannot fathom that a people opressed and repressed deserve, nay, DEMAND their rights be upheld and not trampled upon, or people that are so ensconsed in telling others what to do, think, and believe that the mere thought of freedoms and rights are abhorrent to them...

Where WE who actually LIVE in the currently occupied territory, and by the grace of God soon to be unshackled 19 counties who CHERISH our God-given rights and liberties, who KNOW we can stand, not as the nanny-state sucklers north and south of us do, but as a powerful and self-sustaining state that neither needs the welfare of those former states nor their draining of our precious resources while rejecting our rights, WE Jeffersonians flatly reject their criminal theft of our resources, our rights, and our pride in declaration of our own self-determination, sustinence, and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

""SO.., Ignorant right wingers got their feathers ruffled... Sob, sob."

What are you speaking there? Babylonian jibberish?
You had too much public education!

Anonymous said...

California exists as a 'dependent' state. Jefferson would be an 'independent' state. Both concepts are totally vulnerable to the raised heel of the 'globalist' state. Conclusion: No where to run too, no where to hide...

Anonymous said...

Siskiyou County is awesome country and should be a new nation, the Free State of Sasquatch! To which i will immediately emigrate so I can teach them all to speak good French. Vive la Revolution!

Anonymous said...

Yes, lead the way, become a new nation or state. Legalize pot, create your own economy, retain your hydroelectric dams, which we the people paid for. Defy the insanity of this obamanation and restore our God given rights. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The Queen wants her colonies and the feds want everything else. It is as conspiratorial as it can possibly get. I left California in 2008 and have not looked back. Too many taxes, too much smog, too many people, too many cars, too many regulations and the worst CHP possible. Do it and then show the rest of us how to do it.

Anonymous said...

First talk of a Jefferson State was near over 40 years ago when was growing up in CA. This Jefferson State nearly resembles that UN designated Biosphere and Wildlands Area that encompasses the Umpqua Drainage system in OR. down to the Mendocino, Sonoma County line in CA.

Schiz-Flux said...

the people behind this are of the greedy/anthropocentric type Water for cattle and agriculture is being taken from salmon and bird habitat in the Klamath river area of northern Califormia. Dams must come down! Without phosphorus from salmon being distirubted in the soil, forest will revert to grasslands. Humans are over-rated. I would much rather see a reduction of humans than the loss/decimiation of other speices who aren't the ones fucking everything up. And sorry, if you think you get to fuck everything up because you have a soul, and the animals don't, then you are an arrogant greedy person who knoweth not the Lord. If fact, Lord existeth not. What we have in Siskiyous County is some un-educated people who have hijacked the idea of freedom and make it into the freedom to fuck up the web of life.

Anonymous said...

f that, take LA north with you

Anonymous said...

I live within the state of Jefferson and i do support it , to the other commenter directly i would rather be dirt poor and free then driven into poverty and rob of my rights by a government i no longer believe in . over regulation and oppressive government only benefit the government and special interest . to know our history is to know the truth
for the Jefferson state Supporters
btw Schiz-Flux its over whelming clear you are anti human anti freedom and delusional the issue of the Jefferson state has absolutely nothing to do with Greed Except of the criminals in Sacramento . i bet you would have no problem being the next Hitlers middle management

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.
Benito Mussolini
try starting a business or doing anything in California Sacramento and the bureaucracy have been hijacked by communist,fascist and morally bankrupt authoritarian trash and represent nothing but oppression to 90% of the people i know ....

Spencer Dryden said...

Of course within weeks, this new "state" would be begging for state highway, welfare funds, and undoubtedly would end up creating a state with the economic clout of a boiled onion.
Typical contrarian complainers. Get a haircut and a job!

Anonymous said...

Stay the fuck away from Butte Co.

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