Saturday, September 28, 2013

Diet Soda Turns Into Formaldehyde?

Kenny Valenzuela
Activist Post

Research links posted below:

NIH Formaldehyde, Aspartame and Migraines: a possible connection

CDC Evaluation of Consumer Complaints Related to Aspartame Use

Bottled Water Contains Neurotoxins

Formaldehyde derived from dietary aspartame binds to tissue components in vivo.

Formaldehyde derived from dietary aspartame PDF

Vaccines Linked to Childhood Cancers

EPA Detection of Formaldehyde-DNA adducts

Multi-potential Carcinogenic Effects of Aspartame Administered in the Feed to Rats

Human Fetal Cells Make Pepsi Sweeter Also Used in Vaccines

FDA Statement of European Aspartame Study

Vaccine Exemption Forms

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7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned

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Anonymous said...

I quit drinking any diet drinks about 3 months ago and I can't believe the difference. I noticed my legs no longer swell and hurt after sitting.

The stuff is bad news.

Anonymous said...

Of course, all diet soda is unhealthy! Any processed food or drink is unhealthy. Many people don't realize this since they don't understand all the processes sodas or foods go through in a manufacturing plant. To simplify things, just stick to natural foods and stay away from anything processed.

I personally struggled with this a lot. I always tried to eat healthy, but I never realized the number of processed ingredients inside the foods I ate. So finally I decided to do some research. Finally, I found the answers I was looking for in the Paleo Recipe Book. This book gave me everything I need to know. And on top of that, it gave me over 370 step by step recipes to eat healthy. The results are great! You can read more bonafidefitnessreviews

Either way educate yourself on the differences between natural foods and processed foods. Then use that information to improve your diet.

Anonymous said...

Of course avoid aspartame at all costs, but also be wary of HFCS sweetener. Though natural it is NOT like sugar, and does not digest like sugar. HFCS can easily lead to weight gain and other issue. Like sweets, stick to sugar.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Hide Behind said...

Original, you cannot win in an artificial world.

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