Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tyrel Ventura Gives EPIC Smack Down to Rachel Maddow Over Conspiracy Theories


Tyrel Ventura drops an epic beat down on Rachel Maddow and the whole of the news media in this rant defending conspiracy theorists.

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Anonymous said...

Good old Uncle Walter slowly and systematically hypnotized the people every night for twenty years by saying, And that's the way it is - to the point where the hypnotized masses now believe every word that comes out of the mouths of these 'anchors of the truth' is fact.

dowy said...

Well done Tyrel Its time someone said something about the media and its reporting of government lies and B/S . Your mistake is wasting your time taking on these morons like Rachel Maddow . As you say the media is now owned by the corporations. and the people who run those media outlets are very closely related to Rachel Maddow . The same people are in all the top jobs in Washington DC . and effectively run the US as their fiefdom .So you can criticize as much as you want and I praise you for doing so But very shortly you will be out of a job if the little sect owns the station you work for But what ever happens Thank you for trying !!

Anonymous said...

All of mainstream media is just one big propaganda scam, clearly Maddow is one of their puppets.

Anonymous said...

she is so full of shit.
part of the spew .
coincidence theorist.

0jr said...

the gov claims it was work place violence

Anonymous said...

But believe it - She knows what she's doing is pure Guilt by Association propaganda, also used by the Federal Government .
It's also repetitive programming to try to link Conspiracy Realist to any sick individual to stain those who Question Authority . I guess she's never heard of the Gulf of Tonkin , PROVEN conspiracy that ended up murdering millions of Vietnamese or USS Liberty , where ALL on board said there was conspiracy to coverup Israel's Actions .

GrinNBarrett said...

My dear Rachael,

Your general comments are wasteful when you look and see how many conspiracy theories have been found true. My you did overlook that did you not. One by one they are verified by even government documents like the Northwood one with the idea of shooting down airplanes and blaming Cuba for it. What about all the documents revealing the government and military testing germs, radiation and gasses on unsuspecting citizens and soldiers. What about the cancer virus we were told about SV40 spread in the polio vaccine. What about FEMA camps we were laughed at found to exist and the New World Order denied, denied denied then sh0owed up in a middle school text book. Amazing dont you think. Governments do lie, cheat steal and are eventually corrupted. In the end the conspiracy theorists will win.

Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure up people! We will win this fight! Keep spreading the truth if it is the last thing you do! We must wake up many many others!

signalfire said...

I lost all respect for Maddow when she ridiculed the Disclosure Hearings in advance of them. Either she was told to cover it by her bosses and did so for the money, or she believes that ridicule is appropriate public discourse when trillions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of secrets are concerned. I find it hard to believe she can be so ill-educated and obtuse.

Well done, Tyrell. Well done.

Unknown said...

as soon as you describe rachel as uneducated, that's where i stop listening and so should everyone else. why believe anything else you have to say, when you've already lied. i can guarantee her educate trumps yours.

0jr said...

did he straighten out it's mouth so it don't talk out of it's side of the mouth after the smack down

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