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Reversing The Edward Bernays Effect

How to end a century of lies and mass mind manipulation ushered in by one man

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

America has been plagued by a powerful mind control tactic which was suggested, experimented with, and fully implemented over a century ago by a man named Edward Bernays. The time has come for Americans to come to grips with the content and theories that Bernays used to influence American history. It’s time to call out the legacy of deceit and manipulation that this man brought to American history; by doing this, only then can America begin to heal from the web of psychological damage inflicted on a nation.

This tactic of psychological manipulation, control and deceit has spawned into a world-wide media propaganda practice (which he personally developed for the CIA) that has proven venomous and destructive, and that has been directly and indirectly responsible for the death of tens of millions of people in the past century alone.

It was the deceptive Bernays who studied his uncle's work (Sigmund Freud) on psychoanalysis and thought through his own theories about human behavior and how to manipulate the masses. When speaking of Bernays we are talking about a man who seemed unattached to human suffering. Bernays seems to have walked through life proud of what he had discovered. There seems to be no indication that he ever actually realized the magnitude of the damage he inflicted on humanity by putting into practice his deceptive mind control theories, to be used for promoting ideas that were not necessarily true and ideas that would be used to control humans. Bernays’ pride seemed to have come from knowing that his predictions about human behavior were correct. There are no indications that he felt any remorse for what he had done.

Despite all of this, Bernays is respected and esteemed in a positive manner by Hollywood and constituents. He seemed to have walked through life under the radar of fame. He managed to manipulate the world, including showing politicians how to sell wars to the general public while millions of innocent people and troops from both sides of the world wars died in vain.

It’s time for America to come together to reverse the Edward Bernays effect. Let’s do what we can to expose the deceptive public persuasion techniques he implemented and let the world know there is a manual on how to lie to the public and manipulate the masses into believing propaganda lies.

3 Steps to take to solve the problem

As a nation we can begin to peel apart the lies and deception of Edward Bernays one by one and tell the public today what Bernays refused to tell them then. Three steps can be taken to trigger the reversal of the Edward Bernays effect:

First step is to educate those we come in contact with about exactly who Edward Bernays was. It is important to note that he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, the most popular and influential figure in the American psychology books and literature. Understanding who Bernays was will likely shed a very different light on how many perceive Sigmund Freud and his work. It will make you wonder if Freud’s work would even be spoken about today had it not been for his nephew promoting his uncle’s work.

Second step is to realize that although humans CAN be influenced by getting them to respond to unconscious primitive urges, that doesn’t mean that we should be striving to do this. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean we should seek to do it. It is possible to skin a cat alive, it is however, a crime and an immoral, heartless and psychopathic thing to do. Bernays was apparently so manipulative and self-absorbed he managed to stop humanity at the first level of logic which I call the ‘Frankenstein experiment’ level; ‘since it is possible, then let’s do it and see how it works.’ In other words, Bernays agreed to be an instrument of deceit to destroy the lives of many just so he can observe the results and receive the glory of being the master manipulator or more officially the founding father of modern day public relations.

By all standards, humanity recognizes that if someone does something that causes the death and destruction of millions, then that action should be punishable and recognized as an evil or immoral deed. No such case when dealing with a historic master manipulator; Bernays died with more blood on his hands than possibly anyone else in American history, yet he was never tried for his crimes against humanity or was ever in jail for what he did.

Third, once you realize the damage implemented by Bernays’ lies and deceit it is up to you to work toward reversing these lies and deception. Let’s tell the world that truth is not determined by a billboard, a cleverly timed mass media article, a TV commercial, a movie trailer or any stage that feeds information to the masses. Truth is not determined by how you FEEL about it or how the messenger delivers the message. We have feelings and those feeling have NOTHING to do with what is true. Let’s admit that we are all vulnerable to manipulation by messages that are based on emotion and sensation. These emotions and sensations can be manipulated with sound and sight, music and emotional outbursts, powerful speeches and rhyming phrases.

Let’s equally realize that human intelligence, commonsense and reason is a special gift that though it doesn’t serve government much, it serves YOU the individual very much. Edward Bernays could have just as easily studied how the people can manipulate governments or how everyday people can promote themselves to corporations to live dynamic and successful lives. Instead he chose the dark side and gave all his work to government and the process of controlling the masses in such a way that it gave controlling governments all the power to kill and destroy.

Will you be someone perpetuating the Edward Bernays lies? Are you willing to look into this topic and see where this man pulled humanity and America in the wrong direction for over a century now? Think for a minute what this world would be like if we can pull together to reverse the evil etched into the consciousness of humanity by one man? I absolutely believe this reversal is possible and is already in progress. With every passing day more and more people are hearing and wondering a little more about just who this guy was and why do most American have no idea who he was.

Moving on

Enough of the dark theories which have plagued humanity for too long. It’s time to move on from the basic lessons learned. Marketing and public relations are based on lies; all politics and politicians live and die by public relations, lies and carefully timed talking points and sequential messages. The government NEEDS the press and all of its marketing tools to deceive the public into believing what it wants the public to believe. This persuasion IS the matrix of lies and deceit we live in, and this system of cognitive persuasion authored by Bernays IS the very lifeline of the establishment government. To believe anything different is to believe in fantasies and conspiracies.

The Edward Bernays work is a clear record of the cognitive manipulation of humanity. Don’t ignore it, instead confront the reality of it and join humanity as we work to REVERSE this effect for good.

Humanity is gifted with reason and highly intellectual cognitive skills that are far superior to the skills of other animals; yet even animals, many of which are incredibly resourceful, instinctual, intuitive and highly respectful of nature, won’t do some of the things humans do. Will you allow the work of one man erase these incredible skills you are equipped with? Often people speak about waking up, elevating consciousness or going down the rabbit hole of truth and it may just be that these terms refer to simply reversing the Edward Bernays effect. What do You think?

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Michele said...

How timely. This last month, while unraveling the global corruption and deception we're living in, I discovered Edward Bernays. Until a few weeks ago, I'd never heard of him... yet, he influenced much of how we perceive the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

I have some criticisms of this article that I'd like to reveal.

First, the article says that 'commonsense' is a gift. I strongly disagree with this. Arguments from common sense are derived from our presuppositions, and are not open to critical examination. In other words, they are just assumed to be correct.

Also, the article paints Bernays as 'deceptive' and 'evil'. I disagree with this as well. His work has caused harm; but, we shouldn't be so dishonest as to claim that this was his intention. Bernays was a victim of the same power structure that we suffer from today. He most likely chose to help those in power at the time because it meant more money/power for him.

I agree that we need to inform people about Edward Bernays and his work. We mustn't, however, deceive ourselves into thinking that he is the root cause of the problem. The real cause are the power structures that are in place as a direct result of the monetary/market system. We must change the system that encourages corruption in order to truly progress as a species.

A good article otherwise.

Brendan R

Sonny said...

I think the article is a problematic piece of manipulation itself. It accuses Bernays of being responsible for the deaths of millions, but never gets around to saying what deaths it's talking about. Instead it builds up as if it's going to explain, then ends abruptly and points to three links. One is written by Bernays, which would be his propaganda for himself and his business. Another link is an article about Bernays advertising Russian ballet when it was something new to America in 1915. The third is an old television show that's something about propaganda that might mention Bernays.

The manipulation that got the United States into World War One, in which the United States had no business whatsoever, so it could have come in on either side, was propaganda that the Germans were committing war atrocities, like bayoneting babies, like the propaganda before the wars with Iraq. Bernays didn't join the War Department until 1918, so it wasn't his doing.

Anonymous said...

"Also, the article paints Bernays as 'deceptive' and 'evil'. I disagree with this as well. His work has caused harm; but, we shouldn't be so dishonest as to claim that this was his intention. Bernays was a victim of the same power structure that we suffer from today."

That is false according to his daughter that claimed she severed all contact with him for many years because she said he "got off" on manipulating people and she couldn't deal with his screwing her around for shits and giggles like he did when she was young.

He treated his daughter like a guinea pig for his manipulation systems - he wasn't a victim of the system but a victimizer.

There were a couple videos of interviews with him online from just the last few years before he died where he also laughed and smiled and seemed quite happy with his role in things.

If he truly believed his systems were necessary for the 'greater good' of a democratic society I could sympathize a bit - but from what I've seen and heard he enjoyed fucking people around and was proud of his role in lobotomizing the public.

If you build your life around abusing people mentally and psychologically for "fun" then you don't deserve any sympathy.


Anonymous said...

Correction on my prior post - it should be "abuse people emotionally and psychologically" rather than "mentally", since obviously mentally is the same thing as "psychologically", haha.


Anonymous said...

You have to get back to the basis of Bernays mindset.

He believed that it was dangerous to society for individuals to be truly free. Tyranny wasn't the answer; it engenders resentment, opposition and, eventually, overthrow.

Rather, by clever manipulation, people could be coerced into orderly behavior, while believing that they were free to make their own choices.

Thus we get Democrat vs. Republican, Coke vs. Pepsi, etc. Distinctions without a difference. Choice is carefully constrained. As long as you vote, as long as you drink soda pop, you are under the control of the PTB, and you pose no threat.

For another instance, at the supermarket, you are "free" to choose either GMO yellow corn or GMO white corn. However, if you raise a fuss with the manager and tell him to stop poisoning customers with GMO corn, at the least, you'll be banned from the store, and you might end up in jail.

Anonymous said...

Those who haven't, should make it a point to watch the Adam Curtis, BBC video "The Century of the Self," about Bernays. (Link above, or at It's very informative, and very well-made.

iamlightagain said...

Many wonderful intellectual comments.

Common sense is really easy to explain: "If you are standing on the highway and a speeding truck and if you had some of that wonderful stuff called 'common sense', you would get out of the way of danger, without some one telling you".

Wake up folks, start thinking for your self and not be swayed by people like Edward Bernays, people with big ego's that would love nothing more to control you.
We all have the God Given ability to be a unique individual, unless of course you give your authority to some psychopath

iamlightagain said...

Common sense is really easy to explain: "If you are standing on the highway and a speeding truck and if you had some of that wonderful stuff called 'common sense', you would get out of the way of danger, without some one telling you".

Wake up folks, start thinking for your self and not be swayed by people like Edward Bernays, people with big ego's that would love nothing more to control you.
We all have the God Given ability to be a unique individual, unless of course you give your authority to some egoistic psychopath

Anonymous said...

How can anyone (SONNY) defend Bernays claiming that he was a victim?? Please!! Read about Bernays and see that he was the architect for mass manipulation of the masses for the purposes of advancing the new world order. He was hired by CIA specifically for this. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

so, were not the germans who started the mind control but, americans through this Freud's nephew. ahem.

William Burke said...

Ed Bernays would have done PR work for the Devil himself if the reward was right. He made no distinction between good and evil, which is evil by default.

Come to think of it, he probably DID do PR work for the Devil. Or he might as well have.

Anonymous said...

The authors three points are a start, but I'm afraid they are "too little, too late" to correct the massive damage done in the small amount of time we probably have left. There is however, something that might.

Recently there has surfaced an interesting concept/approach to the problems we now face. It is called "Sperryism":

Sperryism is a new philosophy/doctrine of "freedom" that consists of eight "freedom tools". It is claimed that if each "step/tool" is implemented serially, each will build on the previous step until a form of freedom its developer calls "Super-Freedom" begins to exist. The tools are of such common sense, that it makes me wish I had thought of it first.

Specifically, it is tool#2 called "SuperTruth", that might be of use here. It operates in a manner similar to a think-tank, its purpose being to ascertain "truth". It uses a "truth engine" the author calls "DesCartes" (apparently named after the philosopher) that examines any "hypothesis statement" and through a rather rigorous process outputs a "figure of merit" as to the probability of it being true or false.

This, or something like it, might be the better approach here. People who are confronted with an objective "number" that approximates the likelihood that something is untrue, deceptive or an outright "lie", seems far more likely to succeed at changing their mindset. This especially since Bernays tactics operate at subliminal level. A level not easily reached by conscious introspection.

For an example of how it works see the two "Topics" at the bottom of this page:

Blair T. Longley said...

Bernays lived a long life, dying at the end in a comfortable state of wealth, made from effectively promoting political and commercial lies. HOW and WHY did Bernays, and his kind, become so successful? To quote from contemporary popular television culture, Bernays was a kind of scientific Mad Man, who prepared the way for a host of subsequent "Mad Men," as in the TV series with that title, who were like cave men in suits.

I recommend a much deeper kind of scientific revolution is theoretically necessary. Specifically, I would point out that everything we understand today tends to be understood as energy systems, however, our basic concept of entropy is BACKWARDS, and therefore, pretty well everything we understand backwards, and indeed, we tend to be living inside of a Bizarro Mirror World Fun House, where EVERYTHING tends to systematically be proportionately backwards and distorted.

When thermodynamics was first developed, the entropy equations that emerged gave the measurements of power negative values. Those doing that did not like it, and therefore, they inserted an ARBITRARY minus sign into the entropy equations, so that their measurements of power would end up being expressed in positive values. When thermodynamics was extended to become information theory, the same entropy equations extended the same profound philosophical error, which reversed the meaning on entropy, and therefore, pretty well reversed the ways that we understood all energy systems.

The vast majority of psychology has actually been employed to make people become more insane, rather than become more sane. Most of the money spent on taking advantage of the science of psychology was spent to drive people to become crazier, or to take more advantage of their weaknesses, rather than enable them to overcome their weaknesses.

The only genuine solutions should be based upon better dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies. The PROBLEM is that false fundamental dichotomies, and their related impossible ideals, have been too successfully brainwashed into becoming the beliefs of too many people. Therefore, the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites have been able to gain too much social power. The DEEP PROBLEMS of civilizations go back to the inherent paradoxes of militarism, where warfare was the oldest and best developed social science, BUT, success in warfare was based on deceits, in contexts where the most important soldiers were spies.

We are STUCK muddling through the madness that society ended up being controlled by its most labile components, which were the people that were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence. Human civilizations are energy systems which go down their own paths of least resistance, which, in human terms, are their paths of least morality. Organizing resistance to change what those paths of least resistance become is a good idea. However, that should be based on more radical truths, which appreciate HOW and WHY our society became based upon the triumphs of huge lies, backed up with lots of violence.

The PROBLEMS are that the contradictions between advances in other sciences, like physics and biology, are NOT matched by any commensurate advances in political science, because we deliberately refuse to become any more thoroughly scientific about ourselves, since, IF we tend to do that, we discover that our whole society is being controlled by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, and there are deeper reasons for how and why that happened!

Attempts to understand our civilization tends to plunge us through an infinite tunnel of deceits ... How far down the rabbit hole does Alice go? How far up the tornado does Dorothy go? To what degree can we understand our current Bizarro Mirror World by going through the looking glass?

Anthony Alfidi said...

Undoing Mr. Bernays' hard work is an unwise course of action. Controlling those who are otherwise uncontrollable stabilizes society.

Anonymous said...

If my heart does not know the truth, how do I know what is true?

Anglo Saxon said...

Amerikans have been puppy trained to believe everything evil in this world has "Made In Germany" stamped all over it.

Then along comes the true story about Bernays who shows it was all "Made In Good O'll Amerika" after all.

God ... doesn't the truth hurt?!

Anonymous said...

"because we deliberately refuse to become any more thoroughly scientific about ourselves"
On the other hand, one of the most insidious ways in which we're controlled is by being convinced we are all required to submit like cattle, poised to absorb without question the newest dazzling, received dogma, at the rickety altar of our modern religion, science, it being the ultimate mechanistic construct used to deconstruct and categorize us non-machine humans into manageable cogs and disposable parts.
And, by the way, in order to read this article one must put up with the appearance of an ad for facebook; doesn't get much more mind-numbing than that...

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