Sunday, August 18, 2013

Obama to Fill Prisons with File Sharers Instead of Pot Smokers?

The most ridiculous provisions of the defeated SOPA are put back on the table. Obama Administration wants online streaming to be a felony.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

As a pro-marijuana activist, it's a joy to watch the Berlin Weed Wall come tumbling down. I even found some pleasure this week in Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement for reduced sentencing for non-violent drug offenders.

It's not everyday some liberty is yielded back to the people, however small.  Yet my joy is tempered by cynicism.

The private prison-industrial complex could not have been happy with Holder's recent announcement, but there's a strange silence. There's not a single bought-and-paid-for politician coming to the defense of longer prison terms for non-violent drug offenders. So what gives?

Surely there must be intense lobbying efforts underway to stop this.  I mean, any industry evil enough to bribe judges to throw innocent children in cages would clearly scratch and claw for every dollar of potential profit, right?

But what if they can replace drug offenders with other warm bodies -- like copyright offenders (file sharers)? The NSA likely has a whole list of offenders ready to go. They're an easy target as they don't typically travel in armed cartels. Who cares that they, too, are non-violent offenders? Make file sharing a felony, says the Obama Administration.

The Washington Post reports:
You probably remember the online outrage over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) copyright enforcement proposal. Last week, the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force released a report on digital copyright policy that endorsed one piece of the controversial proposal: making the streaming of copyrighted works a felony.
As it stands now, streaming a copyrighted work over the Internet is considered a violation of the public performance right. The violation is only punishable as a misdemeanor, rather than the felony charges that accompany the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material.
SOPA attempted to change that in Section 201, aptly titled “Streaming of copyrighted works in violation of criminal law.” Some have suggested that the SOPA version and an earlier stand-alone piece of legislation from Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) would have criminalized covers of songs shared on Youtube.
A slightly more colorful explanation of this development is in the video below:

Hollywood's lobby is almost certainly joined by the prison lobby in pushing this new SOPA provision. Heck, the entire Department of Homeland Security, with an infrastructure that constantly needs justification for its existence, would benefit from locating and taking down a new class of felons.

No doubt the entire terror-surveillance apparatus would be used for this endeavor, too. The Bush Administration already laid the groundwork of equating copyright pirates with terrorists.

CNET reported in 2005, "An invocation of terrorism, the trump card of modern American politics, could ease the passage of the next major expansion of copyright powers" following Congressional testimony where an investigator testified that "Some associates of terrorist groups may be involved in IPR (intellectual property) crime."

The same pressure to use anti-terror mechanisms to track down a pimply teenager with a killer movie library on a hard drive also began in Europe around the same time.

The Guardian reported in 2005 that "The music and film industries are demanding that the European parliament extends the scope of proposed anti-terror laws to help them prosecute illegal downloaders."

So this plan to take on online piracy as a form of terrorism has been in the works through two administrations. Obama has been seeking to take this battle to the next level during his time in office with his support for SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ACTA, and various executive orders.

And since the government has been caught using warrantless spying, supposedly reserved for stopping imminent terror attacks, for IRS and DEA investigations, we can only assume it will also be used to prosecute all felonies -- online crimes in particular.

We've seen the DHS seize websites for merely posting links to copyright material. And we see them prosecuting hacktivists like Barrett Brown for 100 years for posting a link.

They're setting up the laws to treat all citizens like terrorists to catch with dragnet surveillance by criminalizing more non-violent behavior.  It's a recipe for a steady stream of new business for law enforcement and private prison complex.

Although it's genuinely a good thing that the DOJ is easing up on drug sentences, as usual they give a little crumbs out of one hand while stealing the whole loaf with the other.

See more by Eric Blair here.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with this establishment strategy of labeling just about anything "terrorism" is that even a sizable percentage of sheep are beginning to recognize that the term no longer has a legitimate or defined meaning in law enforcement. Desensitization and the undermining of respect for authority is surging among the masses. In response, TPTB are left with two options: increase police state control via intimidation and look like overt Nazis, and/or, run extreme limited hangout debates in the media to buy time and continue propping up the facade of representative government.

Anonymous said...

this will all end....ugly

Seen said...

I wouldn't bank on that because come election time; the populace gets bombarded by statistics of prosecuted crime and protagonist legislators screaming 'tough on crime', 'it worked', 'great law', and etc.
The principle purpose behind illegalizing mundane behavior or through various moral laws. Both methods of crime/terror prevention centers around both increasing rhetoric for election by trading rights with privileges for security and forces compliance.
In simple terms, the laws and rhetoric is designed to promote an atmosphere that neutralizes civil disobedience either by confiscation of wealth, imprisonment, silenced as a bigot, and/or if all else fails silenced as a potential terrorist/criminal or terrorist/criminal.
What about leaving the US? Aside from the iron curtain provision in the immigration bill, the present law also states by moving to 'ex-patriot' revokes Constitutional rights such as the Second Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Instead of the expected, and wanted, "insurrection" that they expected, "they" are receiving stealthy,
non-violent, un-organized yet consistently applied, refusal to comply. The American Public no longer bothers to debate with these rag-dolls about their continuous Treason, it calmly finds "work-arounds".

Anonymous said...

None of their new Obama laws are legit anyway, why pay them any attention. The dudes not even an American.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Clearly they have run out of inquisitive voyeurs (supplied by FBI inc.) to frame as "paedophiles". I s'pose the precedent against P2P engines wasn't gonna work as they are OWNED by the same guys that make these assiduous laws. All the other comments seem fairly apt and correct in their own way. Given the state of the music market (from an intellectual perspective), perhaps this is also about the adding value to the uninspired, monotonous, formularised crap that's passed off as "great music".


Anonymous said...

The Satanic Illuminati (the secret organized globalist crime syndicate/Rothschild Dynasty/international bankster-gangsters) has gotten control of the economies of the nations through the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund). They have gotten control of education through the Department of Education and the NEA. They have gotten control of the mainstream media. They are the heads of corporations. They operate through the CIA, the FBI, the WTO, the military, congress, the president and his entire administration and all the bureaucracies. These people have evil honed to an art and a science. They have technology (stolen) that boggles the mind, that gives them great power. They have tremendous stolen wealth. This small comment is just the very tippy tip of the iceberg. Pray for the overthrow of the Satanic Illuminati, the secret servants of Satan, who pretend to be "normal people", who are wolves in sheep's clothing.
SEE: David Icke Almost 7 Hours for some of the ways that the secret organized crime servants of Satan are pushing their agenda of "Totalitarian Tiptoe". They are gradually and covertly, through legislation that is too complex and deceptive for anyone to grasp what on earth it really means, putting forth REGULATION STRANGULATION of the America people. The congressional bills are too deceptive and lengthy for anyone to read and understand. They are passed into law by the Satanic Illuminati's secret representatives in congress and in the presidency.

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