Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dear World, Americans Don't Want War With Syria

Open letter to the citizens of the world about our war-mongering government.

Anthony Freda Art
Eric Blair
Activist Post

Dear World,

As the U.S. government fabricates its way into yet another aggressive war, this time in Syria, I understand why you might resent average Americans because we allow this war path to continue.

After Gaddafi's carcass was dragged through the streets of Libya, our Secretary of State told you with a demonic smirk "We came. We saw. He died." I get it, they make us look like bloodthirsty thugs.

You might think we all agree with endless wars and unlawful drone strikes. You might think we condone the indefinite detention or torture of other humans. You may think we approve of the global police state and spy grid paid for by our tax dollars. You may believe we support our government's hubris bravado to conquer the world. You may even hate us for it.

Despite what you're told on the two-way telescreen, we are not okay with what our government is doing.  Our government has gone completely rogue. They don't represent us. We do not share its enthusiasm for blood. We're disgusted by it.

Like you, we just want a peaceful and fruitful life with the hope of a better future for our children. We want joy, peace, love, and the liberty to fulfill of our dreams. Obviously, our government doesn't represent these values because we are not in charge of our government. It's in charge of us.

Our representatives stopped representing our wishes long ago. They've gone to the highest bidder, which happens to be the military-industrial complex and their international financiers. Their thirst for blood is too strong for our political system to peacefully stop it. They operate in the dark and are unaccountable to us.

We're being told that our President is meeting with his war team to weigh an attack against Syria, another sovereign state who's never harmed or even threatened to harm Americans -- like the rest of its recent victims.

Although Americans have been duped into supporting such efforts in the past, the argument that our military is defending our freedom "over there" has been exhausted. "Over there" never posed a threat to our freedom. Our freedom was destroyed by the very same people selling us this lie. We know this now.

Similarly, the "humanitarian" excuse has also been exhausted.  No one could sanely argue that "humanity" is better off within the borders of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, and others due to our military intervention.

Consequently, most Americans are vehemently opposed to this or any escalation of the perpetual war on terror. We do not want more war in the Middle East or anywhere else. The American people want peace.

This Associated Press story announcing Obama's Syrian war cabal has zero comments in support of military intervention. Not a single one. Instead, the comments weave a tale of cynicism, conspiracy, and corruption. It shows Americans are rapidly waking up.

We know the "war on terror" is being used as the excuse to create a global prison where a small cabal controls the resources, the corporations, the money, the governments, the press, the Internet, and the people. We know they openly fund and arm the very terrorists that they use to justify this entire scheme. And we know they don't give a crap about America anymore than they care about your nation.

Their propaganda doesn't work on us anymore. They can't hide behind political labels anymore. They can't hide behind geopolitical unions and corporations anymore. They can't hide behind religions or "humanitarian" organizations anymore. By their actions we shall know them.

A Reuters poll released today said only 25% of Americans would support military intervention in Syria if, and only if, it was proven that Assad used chemical weapons -- which is clearly still up for debate.

There is virtually no support for this war.  If it happens, please know that it is not the will of the American people.

We stand with you - our human brothers and sisters - for peace, liberty, and justice against this global threat.

In solidarity and with love.

See More by Eric Blair here.

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Anonymous said...

It is your military and your government that is doing this. If you want to stop it, then do something about it. No-one outside the U.S. is interested in your apologies or excuses. This is being done in your name. You have allowed your government to go rogue. Take responsibility. The rest of the world cannot help you, only you can do that.

Instead of writing an article about how we should forgive your country's power- and blood-thirsty ways because it does not represent the will of the people; tell us what you are going to do to stop it. How will you manifest the will of your people?

I hope you will take your anger and frustration, and even your regret and shame, and use it to do something useful and constructive. I know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Where is Anonymous when you need them?

Anonymous said...

The Sleeping Giant of the American People is SOB Elitist scum of the earth and the heavens.

Anonymous said...

Every cancer must feed to stay alive. The Fed is the silver spoon doing the feeding. End the Fed n cut the head off the snake. END THE FKN FED!

America NEVER needed it, not once, n look where it brought us! Once u see the Empire is working globally, then ul see this is not just America in trouble, the PEOPLE of the WORLD must come together globally to stop these cockroaches. Dont let them win with their divide n conquer strategy, the world must come together. END ALL CENTRAL BANKS WORLDWIDE!

Anonymous said...

I hope people from other countries share this article and know in their hearts that in this we have a common connection, a vested interest in living and letting live. A rejection of hate and oppression.

As anon at 1:25 states the sleeping giant but it is not just America . People all over the world have outgrown these immoral mental midgets that want nothing but power and money.

We are beyond their values and are coming together to finally rid the entire planet of this sickness.

Their end is near and they are in their death-throws.

We may have to endure them just a little longer but soon, very soon they will be no more and they know it.

That's why you are seeing the desperation.



You tell me said...

The writer speaks the truth about how we Americans feel. What about the rest of you, are you going to sit there and blame us as if your own countries are not just as involved in one way or another. What are you going to do about your own countries? I will tell you what you are going to do. Nothing, not a damn thing. What can you do? Nothing, not a damn thing. It has gone too far, it cannot be stopped. The people of the world are starting to wake up and cry for peace but it is not going to happen. Christ said, when you hear of wars and rumors of wars the time is not yet. So the time would be when you hear the opposite, a cry for peace, which we are beginning to hear all around the world. Damascus will be turned to ruin, Iran will join in and take a severe blow. It is going to look like WWIII is about to break loose. But that is not going to happen either. Any of you know what will happen?

DL. said...

I hope so, Spartacus.

Thing is, we really DO deserve what folks (presumably from non-US countries) the hate that some of these folks might show toward us...just like we DO deserve the karmic blast of Fukushima radiation heading our way (because we screwed Japan first with Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and we really DO deserve what the criminal psychopathic elites are shoving at us in the USA right now (call it police state or call it lawless criminal thuggery) because THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DID NOT STAND VIGILANT AGAINST THESE PSYCHOS AND ALLOWED THEM TO BULLY US AND PUSH US AROUND AND IN FACT MANY OF US SAID "THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!" So, we DO deserve to be thought of as animals who love war (because until maybe now, we have, and the author knows it!)

Yet, there is still a chance that utter enslavement will not occur because we still have our guns. If we are bullied by Obama's youth group and other Nazi/Bolshevik types into giving up our guns, then it will be over and they will have won. But until then, we can still get rid of the criminal psychopathic elites who rule us.

As for all the "anonymous" comments...why are you afraid to post under your own name and website? Afraid of the NSA maybe? COWARDS! IF YOU WANT TO PRESERVE YOUR RIGHTS YOU HAVE TO USE THEM!!!

Jim McMexico said...

Prosecute U.S. Government officials for war crimes!

Anonymous said...

The Reuters poll is encouraging, as are the comments in the AP article. If only the majority of the "progressives" were as clear headed. From looking over reader comments on the NY Times, most are clueless, lost in the doublespeak of our Orwellian nightmare.

I do sense though that, overall, there is a growing recognition in the public that the war on terror is really a war for resources, general plunder, and a war on our civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

We all suck. We allowed it to go this far. The CIA has started crap all over in Libya, Syria, Egypt. We just watch. We watch the bilderberg group. Our men and women in the military do what their told without questioning. The marines who claim to have honor and to protect the constitution allow this president and this congress to violate it daily.

Nobody cares. As long as football is on and they have beer and their iPhones nobody cares. Blood is on all our hands. You get the world and government you deserve. Evil men have taken control of America and we allowed it.

DavidgGordon said...

I blame the American military. The brass is usurped as the rest of the govermob. Anyone in a high position is compromised. Otherwise they would not be in that position. We paid for the training and outfitting of the common soldiers who were duped into killing farmers on foreign soil in wars of conquest. Everyone knows this now. Your oath is to the Constitution which allows for NONE of this! Cops and other public servants too. About-face! and face the threat which is not foreign, but domestic.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the American people will take up arms and go to war with itself over the rights enshrined in the Constitution. We are the progeny in blood and in spirit of those who shirked off the yoke of the British, died at Gettysburg and stemmed the tide of Fascism. We will not let it prevail in our own backyards. The power-drunk sociopaths who have hijacked our institutions haven't the foggiest notion of the buzzsaw they are marching into. Hard times ahead, but the tree of liberty must indeed be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Prosecute officials for war crimes? Yeah, like that will work. You think the judicial branch will take down members of the executive branch? They're different arms of the same beast, and always play nice together. Look at Scooter Libby, who was convicted and sentenced to 2.5 years in jail after leaking the identity of CIA agents who tried to expose government lies and stop the invasion in Iraq. Did he serve a single day in jail? Of course not, he got a full presidential pardon the day after he was convicted and never served a day. In reality it was Cheney who ordered the leak, but that's beside the point.

There is no reason to prosecute these officials for anything, even war crimes. The judicial branch rarely convicts someone on its own side, and when they do, it's just a presidential pardon to the rescue.

These war-mongering greed obsessed officials aren't accountable to their constituents at all anymore. They are no longer in office to represent the will of the people in their district or state. They are in office to get rich, gain power, and play ball on furthering the American Empire Agenda.

Unfortunately I don't see any way to solve this problem while working within the confines of the current system. The system as is protects and upholds these people, and makes them more or less immune to things that affect common men, like criminal prosecution.

The American people can take action though, by eliminating their support for the system. Realize it can't be fixed, and won't be fixed. It's broken and needs to be destroyed. Instead of pretending your elected official still cares about you, try taking away your support from the system all together. Stop playing republican versus democrat, it's all theater anyways. Stop pretending the legal system is fair and just, it's only there to protect the select few. Stop thinking police protect and serve you, they don't. Stop voting, and encourage others to do the same.

Realize it's impossible for change and progress within current system. Calling for things like prosecuting officials is a total waste of time. The system offers no solutions here, you have to work outside of it, and help your fellow peace-seeking men and women do the same.

Don't just piss, moan, and scream... you can actually withdraw your support for the machine. Stop voting, stop paying taxes, stop using dollars, stop buying new cars, or buying new anything, stop being a wage slave, stop black friday shopping, hell move out of the USA.

Don't pretend like you can't take action. You can. Please just stop being scared and take a first step.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but Americans tolerate it by not doing anything to stop it. So we don't mind it. We are to blame.

Anonymous said...

Otpor anyone?

DavidGordon said...

“When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the state, and calls for an exercise of the power of dissolution.” (Thomas Jefferson, 1774)

iamlightagain said...

Take full responsibility for everything that ever happens in our lives and practice NON COMPLIANCE toward all those rules the government writes for their games, and calls them laws. We the people are more than flesh and blood and we are definitely not slaves and not owned by a corrupt corporation called the United States of America.
All that I can do as one man, that lives on this blessed land is to be self sufficient and not depend on a government that refuses to follow the supreme law of the land (Our Constitution), beside the obvious amendments that the US government has usurped, the rightful legal government is responsible for coining our money, not a private corporation called the Federal Reserve that prints all the counterfeit paper that they want, to create debt for everyone.
The next time you have a Federal Reserve note, called dollar, in your hand observe that it no longer states that it represents the full faith of the United States, but rather it says " this note is legal tender for all DEBTS public and private. They want you to be fully indebted to them so that they can take your home, sense of self worth or any thing else they want and they do it with a piece of paper that has no value behind it.
WAKE UP and realize that we are a spark of the most awesome force in all the multiverses, so no matter our lot in life at this present time, get off your knees, stop acting like sheep, let no one else be responsible for you.
Do you realize that there is food, free for the taking, all around you, that is not GMO or laced with chemical junk that cause sickness and death.
Go to the library and get informed about what plants in nature are safe, and the waters are full of fish, our creator provides but WE have to seize the day.

1776blues said...

Dear Anon @ August 25, 2013 at 1:16 PM

We can't do anything about this because we have no free and independent Politicians (and if you find one they'll be run out of office by the next election if they dare speak out against the Lobby) or elections. All are owned and controlled by ZOG and its many tentacles aka Jewish lobby groups. Of course it may help if the Muslim countries would stop selling each other out. Then again, they too are controlled.

Some Muslim countries may appear they are revolting, but those are simply engineered by infiltrators from the CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc.

Each time you see and hear Netanyahu demand something be done about Iran, more pressure is being put on western nations and even more so in the US.

Israel's plan to expand is in play. Stopping the US/Israel war machine is the duty of the whole world.

One thing that has hurt the US population's ability to weed out corrupt politicians is mass immigration of people with different views from different cultures who still believe this country stands for freedom and justice. For example, my neighbor from Morocco thinks that all guns should be confiscated here in the CSA (Communist States of America).

Last, money trumps votes and the Lobby has lots of money.

winston99 said...

Our destiny is self-destruction. The purpose of the human race has come to an end. The "Over mind" has made His choices. We the remainder are chained to our desires. Winston99

Anonymous said...

Just alot of people talking crap.You voted Obama in office now live with his mistakes.People warned of this idiot now we will see what he is all about.

Anonymous said...

We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

All good citizens remember to say this pledge:

War is Peace

Slavery is Freedom

Ignorance is Strength

Anonymous said...

Got what you voted for.

Anonymous said...

you give your consent in acquiescence and will pay the price for that....they come for you next

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to find the words at this point. How does one articulate the overwhelming anger and chagrin at what the USSA and Is-ra-hell have done, and are still intent on further doing, to our planet.

The USSA has been at war since its inception. Is-ra-hell is a rogue, apartheid state.

They are the world's top 2 real terrorists.

All that's left is prayer. Since all previous empires have collapsed let us pray that this heinous monster is in its dying phase.

Unfortunately, many more innocent lives will be sacrificed before the Beast breathes its last.

No one in his right mind can feel sorry for the so-called Merikan people. No apology will ever suffice. Atonement, for Merikans, will take an eternity.

All the world can do is cry, "The horror! The horror!"

Anonymous said...

p.s. Your government is a mere a puppet. 9/11 was a military coup d'etat. 9/11 was a MILITARY COUP D'ETAT. Your military. Got it? Good.

Also, please read Dr. Judy Wood's "Where Did the Towers Go?" It's an eye-opener, for sure.


Obama and Cameron agreed that Assad was responsible for using chemical weapons against children. That's a bold-faced lie. It's all bullshit to obfuscate what's really being hidden; global depopulation by an emerging one-world governance.

The question that begs to be answered here is "what about the children of the world being poisoned by chemtrails, GMOs, Fukushima, vaccines, et al.?"

Anonymous said...

The Americans WANT war . They keep on voting for the criminals

Anonymous said...

The person above who said Iran is going to take a hit is wrong.

The bible says Iran will win against us. Iran is really Magog, not Russia.

Iran is the bear. Not Russia. Look in Daniel 7.

Look at ancient maps.

Iran is not middle eastern. They are Asians and sons of Japhath like China. They are brothers. In ancient wars, they were moved from Russian area to the east. The Russians are Shem.

Look on Youtube video as Iran knows the prophecy and their part in it. They have built miles and miles of graves for American soldiers.

Do we naively believe Iran does not have nuclear bomb? Come on. They were and still are a huge empire. And they have friends who have nuclear too. Many countries have this nuclear, even Turkey, for crying out loud

If they could take Iran, they would have done it already.

Russia was a bait and switch from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

The Committee of 300 headed by Queen Elizabeth Windsor the 2nd commits serious CRIMES to ALL humanity all for the LUST OF POWER ! IRAQ (still being bombed !) LIBYA ! SYRIA ! (next inline - IRAN ) AFGHANISTAN (opium drug running operation) ! AMERICA ! BRITAIN ! they've already done China ( that's their biggest opium drug running state ! huge money here) and then the rest of us .... etc the whole freakin' planet ! Americans got sucked into this they are being used as the whipping boy. It is the (Royal Institute of International Affairs - Chatham House, London) 'secret upper parallel government' that 'calls-the-shots'. Obama & Co are the Front Guys acting out government chores, whatever that is. What are their goals?: their goals are a 'One World Government' that will be called the 'New World Order'. An example of an aristocrat family's bank account statement - $112 Trillion the German Krupp family.

"One banking statement, just one account on one day, and there’s a 112 trillion dollars on that account. That’s the kind of money that the Bill Gates of this world… well, they’re not even lackeys. They are nothing, because again what they have is just pocket change for these people." - Daniel Estulin (source)

Anonymous said...

Without mentioning Israel once, the author is clearly just another Zionist distractoon

Jim Ludwig said...

The United States of America is a Zionist colony. Zionists own/control the USA's government, military industrial complex, media, banks (the fed---just extended for another 100 years), Wall Street...everything that happens in the USA is under absolute Zionist control. The mass American mind is programmed by Zionist television, movies, radio, newspapers, music, books (can Americans still read)?

In the latter 1990s, the Neocon (Zionist) "Project for the New American Century" PNAC ( spelled out ahead of time in great detail exactly what has happened leading up to...9/11 (Zionist operation), the War On Terror---right down to details and exact sequence of countries to be destroyed (it is now Syria's turn). Who even noticed?

An excellent novel called TIMING (2005) reflected truth about not only the PNAC, but America's false-flag operations such as "The Gulf of Tonkin" (leading to horror in Viet Nam), "Operation Northwoods"---even going clear back to the Native American genocide ("Manifest Destiny") and all the rest.

"Oh, that's all conspiracy theory...."

The underlying problem (heading toward six feet under for 97% of the population) is ABD (American Brain Death). And now, the Syrian "Western Satanism" ushering in WWIII, plus Fukushima breathing down our lives and those of the next few million generations, along with GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines, fluoridation of public water---on and on and on and WAIT! Football season is kicking off. The bulk of the feeble American attention span is focusing on pigskin hijinks---hey, give us a time out until after the Super Bowl!

Sure, pathetic bravado will fill in (Take America Back! Kill the Banksters! Get out the guillotines! Let's Kick Ass! Over My Dead Body! LET'S DO! SOMETHING!!!)

And we will do something...end up dead, or in FEMA camps---mostly without getting our fat asses and empty heads out of range of the TV.

United States of Bravado---LET'S GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The other organization who is ripping your country apart is the Club of Rome! The distractions we are being bombarded with is unbelievable (& world-wide) all designed by these tricksters to make the people look the other way!

"...the Committee of 300 long ago decreed that there shall be a smaller-much smaller-and better world, that is, their idea of what constitutes a better world. The myriads of useless eaters consuming scarce natural resources were to be culled by up to 99%. Industrial progress supports population growth. Therefore the command to multiply and subdue the earth found in Genesis had to be subverted. This called for an attack upon Christianity; the slow but sure disintegration of industrial nation states; the destruction of billions of people, referred to by the Committee of 300 as "surplus population," and the removal of any leader who dared to stand in the way of the Committee's global planning to reach the foregoing objectives. Not that the U.S. government didn't know, but as it was part of the conspiracy, it helped to keep the lid on information rather than let the truth be known. Queen, Elizabeth II, is the head of the Committee of 300. The Committee of 300 looks to social convulsions on a global scale, followed by depressions, as a softening-up technique for bigger things to come, as its principal method of creating masses of people all over the world who will become its 'welfare' recipients of the future."

"In the case of John F. Kennedy, the assassination was carried out with great attendant publicity and with the utmost brutality to serve as a warning to world leaders not to get out of line. Pope John Paul I was quietly murdered because he was getting close to the Committee of 300 through Freemasons in the Vatican hierarchy. His successor, Pope John Paul II, was publicly humiliated as a warning to cease and desist—which he has done. As we shall see, certain Vatican leaders are today seated on the Committee of 300." Dr. John Coleman (source)

Doc No said...

I told my wife 25 years ago that if there's going to be a WWIII it would be the people against their government. Because I witnessed that when citizens of different countries visit each other they meet great friends and kept in touch with each other. So who said which country are bad people? And you asked how can a group of 10,000 to 12,000 tyrants dictate a 335,000,000 population? During WWII how did Japan, a country 22 times smaller than China able to dismantled the sleeping tiger? Simple, Chinese people lacked unity and Japan's strategy was to scatter them by attacking different provinces at the same time to the point where the Chinese military didn't have breathing room, inevitably Japan took control all of China's coastal area, Manchuria, shanghai, Hong Kong, and Chongqing.
Now look at US governments dismantling We-the-People strategy over the past 100 years. They invited all ethnics to the land of the free in order to “minoritizing” the white and black Americans. They committed false-flag murders to stirrup ethnic calamities in order to wage wars for oil. All for the OWO demand of the global bankster dynasty, who only consist of around 12,000 worldwide family-members and immensely wealthy of course. Yes, America has been hi-jacked for one hundred years!
China does not want American economy to fall and had loan trillions to America hoping to reverse the spiral; consequently, the Federal Reserve (Rothschilds US central bank) took the money then re-lend it to US treasury for interest. In return China was blamed for US economy’s meltdown while US NSA conducted illegal surveillance on Hong Kong and China for over a decade. So is it too late for unity in America? Only Americans can determine that.

Anonymous said...

ditto on the Zionist control/deathcult

Anonymous said...

Bring on the MOABs and shove´m up the ass'ad ... Kill 'em all. hahahaha. Intervention is not the same as old times invading war mongering. The corporatist welfare state brings welfare to all.
What is better? That ass'ad can have a green card to kill his people with C-weapons or that the people get som help ... or is it the oil this time too?

/Most anonymous Pig you´ll ever meet

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. There will be no war.
Russia possesses the right of veto in the United Nations, as the country-the winner of the World War II. Resolution on intervention in Syria through the United Nations not take place - this we guarantee.

Sergey Lavrov: "Russia will not tolerate the Libyan script in Syria. This we guarantee."
Comparative characteristics of anti-ship cruise missiles of different countries. Supersonic I marked with a red dot for the sake of clarity. Pay attention to "terrible" the American missile "Harpoon"
Russia has restored its permanent presence in the Mediterranean sea.
If necessary, naval grouping will be strengthened, so that in the Mediterranean sea will be very closely. The Russian fleet is the most beautiful.

Anonymous said...













Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing what many of us are feeling. The soon to be former, PTB are pushing this fear smear and the events of war because they feel their grip starting to slip. They are starting to panic and are projecting their own growing sense of fear on the public as if it is something they should be concerned with. Gladly the public is starting to realize and accept the deception. Soon the public will demand these PTB and ALL those who have knowing and willing been part of this deception be publicly held accountable for their wrongdoings. We have all been lied to, robbed and bullied for long enough. The only threat I have felt since 9/11 has come from the corrupt tyrannical coup that has been controlling the ongoing erosion of The USA since at least the 1930's. However I have not experienced any fear. One feeling that seems to grow stronger by the day is ANGER and the necessity to put that energy into some sort of positive solution rather than acting rash and lashing out

Anonymous said...

I'm from south africa and sure glad that people are uniting. What I do wish to ask people is to remove they families from the army, marines etc and who will the elite have to fight they wars? They will be on they own, don't let your children suffer, its not easy living with blood on your hands. May God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

I was out in the streets of chicago today wearing a gas mask.

Anonymous said...

You must be about the only one who claims his government does not represnt him. The rest of your compatriots shout "USA USA USA USA" at every moronic opporunity. They are addicted to TeeVee, beer and burgers - all at the same time and at once. You are a nation of uncaring selfish slobs. You voted the monsters into office. It's up to you to get them out immediately. Otherwise the rest of the world will justifiably see you as the problem.

Representative Press said...

Are we going to sit by and allow Obama to get away with open lawlessness? Are we going to allow gangsters to control out country and march into war after war? Syria OKs Chemical Weapons Inspection BUT Obama Rebuffs?!

vectorup said...

We the American people are SLAVES to the Oppressive BEAST called Government. We do not have the Power or Resources to Stop them from Destroying You. All this is Not the American Peoples Fault. And for those who say we should Vote them out, Don't be Fooled. The American Peoples VOTE has not been counted in a Very Long Time now.

Anonymous said...

With you all the way Eric! Fine piece!

Now to set about the task of ensuring that "Obviously, our government doesn't represent these values because we are not in charge of our government. It's in charge of us" is altered into
"We are in charge of our destinies and government is an expression of our beliefs". A long road? Maybe not..

Anonymous said...

Will Obama have to kill President Assad's wife and children too?

You can see Assad's wife and children in the VOGUE MAGAZINE article profile of Assad's wife, that is, if you can find it.

They say if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, except maybe this...

The Only Remaining Online Copy of Vogue's Asma al-Assad Profile

Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert
Written by Saturday, 19 March 2011

Anonymous said...

It is your military and your government that is doing this. If you want to stop it, then do something about it. Take your apologies and Shove it! IT is your SONS and Daughters lining up for jobs in YOUR military that going around killing men woman and children, When Shit hits the fan and your country is Burning DONT expect any sympatht from the rest of the world , AND this goes out to the UK As well.

This is done in YOUR name with your sons and daughters in your ARMY with YOUR Tax moneys Your apologies MEAN nothing to us when YOUR military kills our Family's and destroys our country's and our homes . You Sir can take your apology and Go to hell!

Anonymous said...

if you really cared about the humans suffering in Guantanamo and the way your governement is RAPING this world then you would stand up and do something.

Your article does little to help! go stand infront of the white house all you american citizens every single one of you need to stand together infront of the white house and silently ask for change if they dont give it to you then go home get your guns take up the arms you so care about and wait for your government to take the first shot. when that happens take back your country with force!

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit will cone as a thief in the night and rapture His church!

GrinNBarrett said...

I like this:

War is when your government tells you who the enemy is.

Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

Ernest said...

The world, including many of its "activists" are insane. They are responding to a make believe news: Hollywood productions masquerading as "news." The real Qaddafi was not dragged not “dragged dead through the streets,” he was not a hero and was he anti-Israel.

"Mr Gaddafi told Stirring Trouble that he is enjoying his new life in exile, contradicting all those stories that he wanted to die a martyr.

"When you have several billion dollars, like I do, dying is the last thing that is on your mind,"
he said with his tradition nod and a wink that he does so often.
"I may look stupid, but I’m not an idiot."

He harbored the “worlds most prolific terrorist” - Abu Nidal - who was probably hired by the Mossad to kill people indiscriminately to make the Palestinians look bad.

Besides killing 600 Palestinian enemies of Israel, Nidal made sure that all Palestinians he recruited were unshaven on the pretext that only army officers shaved every day.

Once a Palestinian joined his organization he was terrorized and under constant surveillance by higher ups in Nidal's organization - who also were under surveillance - a tactic which originated in the Jewish Ghettos of Europe, according to Douglas Reed.


The real Qaddafi was invariably clean shaven as all Arab military officers are required to be, but his double almost always had the Yasir Arafat look - a fad which was apparently started by Abu Nidal. To make the Palestinians look like bums.

desertspeaks said...

all wars are bankers wars..
Iraq did not want a central bank that was owned by and for the imf/world bankers.. they now have one,..
Afghanistan did not want a central bank, they now have one..
Libya did not want a central bank, the very first thing the "NEW GOVERNMENT" of Libya did was open a central bank, so yes, they now have one.
Syria does not want a central bank and is fighting to keep it that way.. tptb are desperate to install a new regime and enslave the Syrian people with a central bank,. will they soon have one?
Iran DOES NOT have a central bank/imf/world bankers "slave owners",.. After Syria, Iran is next! If this FRAUD isn't a two for one coup!

The last country that will be left without a central bank is "drum roll please" NORTH KOREA!
funny thing about N Korea, they have NUKES and they aren't remotely afraid to use them! Sure they don't have a delivery system YET! but they WILL NOT accept a central bank/imf/world bank owned slave system!

So while you all blame the US for the wars, we aren't remotely in charge of our BANK OWNED GOVERNMENT! Oddly enough, you people of other countries aren't really in charge of your governments either, the bankers own them!

The fly in the ointment may be ICELAND! The bankers are not happy with Iceland at all, they broke away from the bankers slavery! Refused to pay a debt they didn't owe TO THE BANKERS! "how dare they refuse to pay!"

It is all a scam! nothing is what it appears to be! WE ARE ALL BEING MANIPULATED BY UNSEEN FORCES and those forces ARE THE BANK SLAVERS!
Stop blaming each other and focus on the man behind the curtain!!! He/they are the one's that cause death and misery! It is they who create booms and busts of economies and they have been doing it for centuries!

Anonymous said...

Viva la revolution!- Guy Hawkes

Andrew Liesenfeld said...

Dear Anonymous at 1:16PM,

As a U.S. citizen, do you think it has not occurred to myself or others that if we could stop this, we would?

Can you control your goddamn government? No one can. The only way to accomplish this is by overthrowing our government and that takes a certain level of push from their end that we've not yet experienced.

If it were as easy as contacting Congress and telling them we don't want anymore wars, the U.S. wouldn't be involved in any wars. Congress is controlled by money sent to them by special interests that benefit from war. The peoples' will is not heard nor is it acted upon.

The only thing we can do is try to infiltrate the system (not likely to happen) or wait until a revolution, which will take many years before occurring.

Anonymous said...

Wars are seldom fought over humantarian principles, they are fought over business interest at taxpayers expense. The U.S. is technically bankrupt and simply cannot afford to get involved any more foreign conflicts. Wars are a waste of capital, resourses and manpower. The Russian president said if the U.S. invades Seria that they would get involved. This could very well lead to world war 111. The agenda of the Elite Globalist CABAL of the NWO is population reduction.

Anonymous said...

search engine the "greater map of Israel" to find out why these wars are happening.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric Blair!

Thank you for honesty letter. It's really interesting to read it and read comments of usual americans. Take flags, slogans and occupy streets!
With great respect,
Vladimir Sizov (Russia,

Anonymous said...

I'm from Morocco and i just want to say that The world does not hate the people of the US, and the world is not dumb, we know that the people have very little control over whats going on, its not only in the US, all over the world politicians are serving a higher master than the people that elected them, and that master wants blood, war and destruction for whatever obscure reason.

Doreen Agostino said...

Every human, if not this lifetime, eventually realizes our heart is the only way out of suffering. At the core of love is Consciousness called many names including God, and Light; a metaphor for the one and only true Power. Love is the state of perfect vibrational harmonization or co-resonance of Consciousness, which entangles all creation.

When a civilization lacks love, the strength of its eternal vibrational resonance of Consciousness weakens, increasing its risk of becoming extinct. Any race that lacks love for too long will eventually become extinct. There is no exception because love is Power to transform, and preserve life.

To transform our shared human and planetary dilemmas into global coherence requires an understanding of Consciousness, and willingness to cooperate, unify, be more loving toward ourselves, one another, and all life forms.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me

Anonymous said...

I sent an email to 30 contacts join me in protest against our criminal government. One....only one responded ! You few Americans who are willing to stand, don't deny the obvious.....98% of American citizens are brainwashed idiots and our government are criminals.

Anonymous said...

It's okay brother, we know! We have the same problem in the UK.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that no one wants war, and that most people around the world and even Americans themselves feel the people of America are to blame just as much as the government. I don't believe this is true. The government has made slaves of its people through this false sense of security, no one questioned it until 9/11 which was when the banking cartel seemed to open up its regime and initiate all of the unlawful things we see happening in our military and politics today. This mass awakening has taken time, and i cannot blame the people of America who were herded along as sheep because they felt safe... as a matter of fact most of us know the truth, other countries know the truth, and instead of holding resentment for the time it took for us to understand the reality of the land we live in and the corruption it harbors, we should be joining together to stop things from getting any worse, and they will if the people remaining divided and afraid. The government has done a great job of maintaining that ambience, but if we really have come to this realization and we accept accountability for our own freedom and laws instead of giving this great power to the few who reign there will be change. All hope is not lost as long as there is a people to uphold it.

Adam43130 said...

I agree...and I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

Im an American and I want to also DEEPLY apologize for the many unsavory actions these so called leaders have brought upon your countries. I oppose these horrible deeds. And I must say that these actions were not done in my name, so many Americans feel the same. GOD Bless!

Anonymous said...

Great article Eric! I am afraid some of the commenters are having trouble fully understanding the whole truth of it though. I have felt exactly the same way as you, but admire your way of expressing it better.

In a few brief words I dont believe its our, or my FAULT Satan does what he does, and I dont think you will be stopping him very easily even if you sacrificed your life to do it. Many, many will.

Anybody is welcomed to try, but I will praying God will do something, because HE has the power to rule the world in peace. Not me, not any of us.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Give the PR machine a few weeks to work and the majority of Americans will BEG to go to war in Syria.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot hold your government accountable for their actions the world will hold you accountable for them...

You have a democracy right? (LOL)

Anonymous said...

The P R machine is broken. The old lies are failing and it is forcing others to start using their brains again. Total control doesn't work in a world full of individual thinkers. The Pavlovian. Reflex is failing, and it has created hundreds of millions of people more than they ever would have been otherwise. An unintended consequence, but certainly an apt manifestation of karma I suppose.

Anonymous said...

“Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” H.L. Mencken

goldhoarder said...

Just a minor point. Libby was not pardoned. His sentence was commuted. He is still a convicted felon.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea -

Don't give up hope. Chill out on the type of rhetoric that will repel those already conditioned to dismiss dissent as 'tinfoil' (NWO etc) and just calmly keep educating them and pointing out the facts, evidence and proof. Whilst your neighbours, sons and cousins are still happy to cough up the cash to fund these wars or give their lives towards them then that poisoned culture that has been allowed to grow at the top will always have a foundation. If you aren't actively spreading the word and not just preaching to the choir then you can't be surprised when nothing changes. I admit, with this latest development, it does seem like they're almost at the point where they don't even bother pretending anymore but they are still kind of trying to go through the motions. Let's actively change minds before they stop altogether.

Mistaron said...

As a UK citizen I completely empathise with the author.
Like you Americans, we are, yet again, and without consensus, being led into another fabricated war.
Our governments espouse blatant lies and behave like baying animals while recent polls regarding Syria seem to oppositely reflect what appears to be a sea change in the opinion of an increasingly discerning populace.
At last the propaganda is beginning to fail and I pray these leaders will soon begin to feel the revulsion and anger that their corruption and hypocrisy are fuelling.
If we are ever to stop the gluttonous avarice of these foetid leeches and eviscerate them from the midst of the human family, we need to regain the power of a free press. Then, and only then, can we come together and put an end to the obscenity we have allowed to rise and grow through our ignorance and naiveté.

Anonymous said...

The only way you will get the American people's attention is through some "V for Vendetta" style takeover of their TV sets for a quick and clear speech. Even then 98% will be pissed that you interrupted their show.

The tiniest fraction of Americans are waking up to what's going on. Message boards of like minds such as this only make the movement seem larger than it is. Alas, most Americans are very comfortable on and board with whatever the government thinks it needs to do to keep us safe. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I agree with this article. The World Ruling Class needs to have Syria fall, not the US people. We are not in control, banking interests are. The revolt is near.

Why didn't the US intercede when in countless African violent actions the weapon of mass destruction was machetes? (See Central Africa last week). I would like to ask John Kerry to choose between death by gas or machete.

P Man said...

The American people elect their law-makers and presidents. They fund the machinery that perpetrates these criminal activities and killings and media lies. They benefit from world wide exploitation backed by dollar hegemoney and gunboats. Where do you think these so-called elected elites get their power of impunity? It's a joke to believe that the 'American People' do not support them. This charade is thick with hypocrisy. The same morally superior people who preaches human rights to the world are the same ones who benefit from mass murder of the native peoples and the robbery of their lands. Now they want to wash their hands of their war crimes. No doubt there are lots of peace-loving Americans, but theirs is a democracy and they are responsible. If war cannot be avoided, let us at least be spared the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

These people blaming average american citizens and saying we should stop our corrupt government. That is like saying we should shut down the roman empire. So naive honestly. Our whole country is spied on by the NSA and others. Your house get's raided for entering the wrong keyword into google for gods sake. If we take up arms we get killed or put in prison for rest of our life. The west is not like other countries, they have prepared a long time to be the ultimate world power. Now it is pretty much to late to do much.

GrandKestreloftheIlluminati said...

Eric Blair you are a big, useless vagina. Your flappy uvulaic arguments are based on a parainoid fear of a global super-union against freedom, which for the love of all things good DOESNT EVEN FUCKING EXIST. It is beyond reasonable doubt that Assad is enacting a genocide on the people of Syria, and as a well armed, powerful nation, the US has decided to oppose this injustice. Being an Australian, I see the US as a pretty fucked up country that allows serious social injustices to take place, but for fucks sake, if youre good at doing one thing its fighting wars that arent your own! In Iraq you helped bring down Saddam Husein, in Libya you helped get Ghadaffi, and in Syria youll help the world take down Assad!

Anonymous said...

Americans clearly do want war with Syria because they've elected those who are pushing it and worse they are not stopping their elected elites who represent Americans from not doing so. Americans do want war. Americans can say anything they want, but what they DO is the proof. So from that perspective, yes Americans do want war.

Angel Writer said...

My country's government has Blood on its Hands, there is no doubt. I did not vote for Obama either time (does it really matter what party we vote in? - same master), and I do not support this war with Syria. It is just another ploy to control/manipulate oil, resources for the US government. It is also another move by the elites to kill off more people and move their agenda further towards world domination.

No one speaks of the millions of displaced or murdered victims in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc that are being slaughtered in this nightmare of a chess match. They are just collateral damage, just like the average American citizen is going to be when turmoil and chaos come to this country. All of us citizens are Guilty, we didn't pay attention because we were too busy wiht our vapid, vacuous, vain lives of shallow consumerism. We were a land of plenty and we are a land of shallow, superficial people who care about nothing but ourselves.

We reap what we have sown, there are no excuses...

Anonymous said...

Funny paradox. Yes, the victims of US aggressive politics is bad, but stability of US economic depend from it. While US army exist near your border, you forget the US money duty, because in other case, in your country SUDDENLY will appear nuclear or chemical weapon and your regime SUDDENLY become crime, and you need some democracy credit...
The new-colonial age era is coming. US can t survive without this aggressive politics.The technical advantage allow to control big territory without great losses, like it was in Vietnam, to provide US economical advantage and to supply US economics.
It is politics. The moral laws are not usebale in this strategic level. I live in ex-USSR. We destroy own super state , when trust, that it is unmoral regime. And so what? The new regime even worse, and our state is weak now, we stop bring wars in other countries, but we take it in our territory. So, you want this too? Do not repeat our errors.

Anonymous said...

Didn't vote for Obama either time. I have watched with dwindling hope that we would all get tired of this and just fire everybody. Not rich enough to buy enough guns to roust this bunch of crooks and thieves. The Russian gentleman above is probably safer than we are now. If we stop this, it has to be everyone out on the street and a general strike. We have to tolerate thirst and hunger and death and I don't know that many people like that anymore. We have to want this bad enough to die for it. I am willing to die for the Gospel and that's going to happen to me sooner rather than later.

mijj said...

It's a habit to say "the United States" instead of "the United States Corporate-Government". A hard habit to break.

But, to say Americans are to blame for the US government assumes that the US has an actual (as opposed to a theatrical) democracy. Americans are as much to blame for their government as the Palestinians are to blame for the behavior of the Israeli government.

Anonymous said...

Let me Start by saying I am An American citizen And I am Against this war with Syria ...I don't like what our government is doing and pray our President changes his mind for the good of us all... That being said...I love My country!I don't Love what is going on in it but I believe In what our Founding Fathers fought for and I am not yet ready to give up the fight in getting America back on track..Yes it seems impossible sometimes but where there is a will there is a way..God can work wonders..Again I deeply Oppose what is going on with Syria and pray our government will not bring us into another unwanted costly war...But Make no mistake if it comes to it I will Stand and fight with my countrymen as will many other Americans regardless of how we feel about the situation... God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

During my military service there was the Vietnam war going on. I was a Sergeant Medic and we had fun watching MASH (Korea) not having the slightest clue what was the real cabal of this satanic war. We only hoped not to get involved with Vietnam and its terrible reality... Today just a few Dutch people are aware what's going on. The rest is numbed by chemtrails, Orange Beer and waving flags to the unlawful Fascist Royal Dutch Family. The Dutch do not realize that Obama the Brits (Royal Family) are in fact Illuminati Reptilians who must have there regularly cabal of blood and tears in order to survive in this dimension of earth. Have a good day: Caesar Lion Cachet

olden1936 said...

From experience sadly we British are reluctant to trust the authoratitive utterances of western politicians including our own. At last with the freedom of the web individually we are able to voice our reluctance; as Mr Cameron has recently discovered.

Anonymous said...

DEAR WORLD,america and brition have decided to KILL everyone on the PLANET including you,as BLOOD THRISTY DEVIL WORSHIPPERS,satan wants you all dead and AMERICA WILL BE THE FORCE TO DO IT,so prepear to die...................

Charles said...

Answer: focus efforts on the world you want, bypass all existing institutions since they are nothing but diversions from that world. Only as entertainment do prosecutions have value, otherwise they are just silly and useless except to help people become aware of why institutions such as established "education", established media, religions, so-called governments, the financial system, etc. must be bypassed. Fighting with these institutions is part of how you get trapped by them. Look beyond them and support the better world.

Anonymous said...

Citizen of USA: You HAVE to do something about it! don´t sit there, go out and stay in front, start a rebelion against this! WAR WILL NEVER BE A PEACE EXIT!

Anonymous said...

The problem with 'Murika is every time people TRY to make a difference politicians change the laws-WI for one, people are protesting our Governor and he changes the laws so people have to protest, outside, and with a permit. NO WHERE in the US or WI constitution does it state that, but a judge upheld Walkers law and that's how it is-the other problem is not enough people either know or care about our government to DO anything, they sit back and say "it doesn't affect me, what do I care?" By the time it DOES affect them, it's too late. Look at how our government changed being able to vote! They take more and more of our rights away, people are trying to make a difference but run into obstacles by our government and our government has gone into "divide and conquer" mode. Sadly, it's working. People are divided more now then ever before. I wish I could move to a different country. So before people from all over the world BUT America have something to say, learn about this bs going on over here, first

Anonymous said...

I am an American, i live in a country where no one in our government listens to the people! I agree that those who are in a position to which they could foil these unbelievible atrosities set forth by evil alite that do nothing, that it is their fault! How ever there is much more to this then just people not doing anything! We have many people in government and not that are working franticly every day to try and remedy this problem. I am a just a wife, a mother to a 4 year old little girl, and another on the way. Me and my husband are very active as much as we can be with the situation at hand! We are not political but we do share information with people every chance we get and support full out stopping this crazy terranical bullying of other countries and our own! We may not have much and we may just be poor family living in the US but we never ask for any of these things nor do we support these stupid hate agendas! Its very easy for people in other countries to say its the peoples fault for not standing up and we are to blame just like they are! This is not true to me or my family! We would not blame citizens for the actions of a government they are in fear of! I dont vote because even if we do vote our elections are rigged! They use our media to desensitize people and feed them false information! They give us gmos, floridate our water to dumb us down and vaccinate our children to dumb them down even more! All of these things have caused many of Americans to slowly be grinded down so that they have no choice but to go to the doctor get on meds and all kinds of government assistance and look to there government to baby and take care of them! They have been doing this many many years! It is difficult to set people free when they have been conditioned to think otherwise! I like to use the movie ( Idiocracy) as an example to describe some of americans! They believe everything they see on tv even though its all false! Our new doesnt even tell us the real news only bullshit that is a safice to actual events! Not all Americans are this way though there are more then not in our country that understand the smarter stance on the subject that is other countries are not the only ones to experiance the tyranny of our government we do as well and have been for a long time! A country should be able to trust that their government with doing its job but instead we are lied to, decieved, ran over as if we dont matter! Be mad at all of us if u want! Add to the hate but it doesnt help we suffer too! I dont even school my children in public schools i dont want them being fed bullcrap about these policies and the historical lies because we dont know what is true anymore! I teach my children humanity and love and respect and how the world is full of bad people and good people! But most of all to stand up for people who cant stand for themselves and for freedom for every kind of people! U dont have to be an American to be a patriot just stand up no matter how scary it is and show others u can stand up! If trendy is what people seem to like these days make freedom for all a trend so people fallow it! I wish all the peace to our country and all other countries! I love my country and all countries of the world! We dont just need a unite for the US, we need a world unite for people who are not finger pointers but people for the people all over the world to say we are sick of being pushed around and we will fight for one another against terranical governments that are causeing horror all over the world!

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