Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pepsi’s Naked Juice ‘Exposed’, $9 Mil Deceptive Marketing Lawsuit Lost

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

And yes, that title IS a terrible pun…

PepsiCo., the biggest food company contributor (at a cool $2.5 million) to the defeat of California’s prop 37 right to know genetically modified food labeling law just got done losing a $9 million dollar lawsuit over the fact that the packaging on its Naked Juice product is completely misleading in nearly every way.

While it’s true that the juice does contain some fruits and vegetables, it is apparently anything but 100% fruit and/or vegetable juice or even remotely “all natural” considering it contains 11 chemical additives including a typically genetically modified soy-based indigestible fiber, an artificial sweetener, and even calcium pantothenate synthetically produced from formaldehyde.


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Anonymous said...

Only when the consumer wakes up to the truth and reality of today food resources and takes action, will anything change. We the people do have the power, we have just been too dumbed down to know it. Happy eating and drinking.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!!! ALL those bastards who get dragged into court and lose are slowly but surely building the case FOR The People to win, and win big. We've got to learn not to buy prepackaged crap. Grab some stuff off the shelf, send it to an independent lab and have it analyzed. If we do this with enough things then the shit will stop or at least they'll give up for a while.

Anonymous said...

Last night I ate roasted deer I shot, Pickles I grew and canned, and butternut squash I grew and roasted. (all left overs from the weekend)

Lunch was a different story........ At least I am trying.

I drank a few of the naked juices before until I read the label (the small print). Holy Crap. I will admit looking at the Big label I thought i was getting something good for me as a quick snack. I was wrong.

Not everyone can hunt and fish but anyone can grow something even if it is in a container. Get your hands dirty...Its a start

Juanita Lias said...

Pepsi should have been sued for 190 million for lying and using 11 deadly GMO chemicals in their product, putting the human life at risk for deadly disease. 9 million is not nearly enough for what they have purposely done. The label was and is misleading because the label do not list these 11 GMO chemicals in its ingredients. Pepsi Co has been around for 100 years and this giant knows the labeling rules. No excuse, very disappointed, and angry because I am trying to teach my kids how to read labels that are chemical free. I hope everyone will stop buying "NAKED" products & hopefully it will be taken off the market. NO MORE "NAKED" PRODUCTS FOR MY HOUSE & (WE) the people will be watching to see if you (PEPSI) will try to change the name of this product to something else.

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