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Literal Smart Dust Opens Brain-Computer Pathway to "Spy on Your Brain"

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Nicholas West
Activist Post

Some might have heard about Smart Dust; nanoparticles that can be employed as sensor networks for a range of security and environmental applications. Now, however, literal Smart Dust for the brain is being proposed as the next step toward establishing a brain-computer interface.

The system is officially called "neural dust" and works to "monitor the brain from the inside." Inventors are attempting to overcome the hurdle of how to best implant sensors that can remain over the course of one's life. Researchers at Berkeley Engineering believe they have found a novel way to achieve this:
This paper explores the fundamental system design trade-offs and ultimate size, power, and bandwidth scaling limits of neural recording systems. 
A network of tiny implantable sensors could function like an MRI inside the brain, recording data on nearby neurons and transmitting it back out. The smart dust particles would all contain an extremely small CMOS sensor capable of measuring electrical activity in nearby neurons. The researchers envision a piezoelectric material backing the CMOS capable of generating electrical signals from ultrasound waves. The process would also work in reverse, allowing the dust to beam data back via high-frequency sound waves. The neural dust would also be coated with polymer. (Source)
The investment in neuroscience has received a $100 million dollar commitment via Obama's BRAIN project, while Europe has committed $1.3 billion to build a supercomputer replica of the brain in a similarly comprehensive and detailed fashion as the Human Genome Project mapped DNA.

Concurrently, there is massive long-term investment in nanotech applications via the National Nanotechnology Initiative 2011 Strategic Plan. This 60-page document lays out a projected future "to understand and control matter" for the management of every facet of human life within the surveillance matrix of environment, health and safety. Twenty-five U.S. Federal agencies are participating.

The concept of Smart Dust has been applied and/or proposed for use in the following ways, just to name a few:
  • Nano sensors for use in agriculture that measure crops and environmental conditions.
  • Bomb-sniffing plants using rewired DNA to detect explosives and biological agents.
  • "Smart Dust" motes that wirelessly transmit data on temperature, light, and movement (this can also be used in currency to track cash).
However, this is the first time that there is a working plan to apply Smart Dust to the human brain. Researchers claim it will be some time before (if ever) this is workable. One aspect that is interesting to note, is that once these particles are sent into the brain, it will be ultrasound that activates the system for full monitoring. This is an area of research that also has been looked at by DARPA as one of the future methods of mind control.
Their idea is to sprinkle electronic sensors the size of dust particles into the cortex and to interrogate them remotely using ultrasound. The ultrasound also powers this so-called neural dust. 
Each particle of neural dust consists of standard CMOS circuits and sensors that measure the electrical activity in neurons nearby... 
The neural dust is interrogated by another component placed beneath the scale but powered from outside the body. This generates the ultrasound that powers the neural dust and sensors that listen out for their response, rather like an RFID system. 
The system is also tetherless–the data is collected and stored outside the body for later analysis. (source, MIT)
Read "tetherless" as "wireless" -- or remote controlled analysis of the human brain, thus opening the door (theoretically) for remote mind control. As I've highlighted before, this is a two-way street -- some people might feel content, for example, with sending their brain's information out to a doctor for evaluation, but this sensor network could also transmit data back, as is admitted here:
That’s why Seo and co have chosen ultrasound to send and receive data. They calculate that the power required to use electromagnetic waves on the scale would generate a damaging amount of heat because of the amount of energy the body absorbs and the troubling signal-to-noise ratios at this scale. 
By contrast, ultrasound is a much more efficient and should allow the transmission of at least 10 million times more power than electromagnetic waves at the same scale. (emphasis added).
In case anyone believes that this has little chance of success, MIT highlights that one of the authors of the research has already achieved this with a remote controlled beetle.

The human brain is clearly of vast, perhaps infinite, complexity -- and this is without even introducing concepts such as "the mind" or "the soul." Nevertheless, it is clear that the reductionists are doing their very best to "Solve the Brain" -- measuring it, mapping it, and making sense of it. (source)

Are we to believe that "controlling it" has been left off the list for mere ethical reasons? Not likely.

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Anonymous said...

They should be put against a wall, enmasse.

Anonymous said...

Chemtrails, nexrad, mobile phone poles

Anonymous said...

I thought it was unfeasible to transmit electricity wirelessly? At least that's what "everyone" ((MSM)+ (Academia)) says regarding Nikola Tesla's work in that field. But like always here is a direct contradiction being accepted by the same individuals.
"The neural dust is interrogated by another component placed beneath the scale (EDIT; I believe they meant: Scalp) but powered from outside the body." Also WIFI systems & Radio among many others are in essence a form of wirelessly transmitting electricity.

Anonymous said...

And this is why you need to wear a tinfoil hat. You think I am joking???

Anonymous said...

Maybe the biggest conspiracy is that the tinfoil hat WON'T help right anon @ 4;03.

Anonymous said...

What could possibly go wrong? (The law of unintended consequences will trump man's arrogance.)

mijj said...

mind control without having to create all that tedious propaganda? A boon for our Mafia masters.

Anonymous said...

Mind control hey! Your brain is not your mind. They are two very different things, so they want to put foreign matter in the brain, what this will do is screw up our bodies computer system. Not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Jeffry Dahmer would be so jealous.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note.

There is actually A LOT that Americans can do, right now, where they are – to combat the European Central Bankers, and their takeover of the United States, by stealth, and fiat paper. First and foremost – 1) Buy SILVER bullion – as much as you can afford – there hasn’t been a better time to buy, since mid-2010. However, there are MANY MORE things we can all do, like 2) Buy MADE IN USA, when buying a NEW item, and 3) Buy USED for everything else – it keeps the $$ in the LOCAL economy, rather than them being sent off to CHINA, or somewhere else, overseas. 4) BUY ORGANIC food – whole food, preferably, and locally-sourced, ideally. Those are just 4 things everyone could be doing, to help save this country. From an economic standpoint, those are probably the 4 most important things Americans should be doing, in addition to 5) Staying OUT OF DEBT, and 6) Cutting WAY BACK, on gas and oil consumption !!!

Dakir said...

I've always wondered about cell phones. We know the radiation excited the molecules in our brains - vibrating everything at a ridiculous frequency. I think they need this speed to then insert - for lack of a better word, their programming. It's like at a slower rate the molecules block anything. There is certainly a reason for a cell tower on every block and ridiculous power cables going to them.

That was a side track, this just got me thinking.

My thought on this story is this - what happens when they start putting this in food? Without our knowledge lets say. Nano technology is going to completely screw us over. They could dumb down the entire population except for themselves, they could build nice soft kill weapons, they could... This is the problem we face. Technology is killing us.

Some atheist posted on reddit that they were telling their kid the story of Adam and Eve. Supposedly the kid asked why did the serpent want to keep them from knowledge. As if the serpent was good. Yes this is nuts, but supposedly their kid asked. Then the kid said God gave them everything, but intelligence. It's not intelligence that is the problem. It's all the sin like greed, lust, envy that cause man to use their intelligence for evil purposes.

We aren't ready and we never will be for all this technology. The elites seem to think only they are ready and see us as in the way. Problem is how they plan to get there proves they aren't ready for this new world either!

Thanks for reading, whoever made it to the end. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors BTW. On my phone I don't tend to do any proof reading.

Anonymous said...

If it's announced in the lame street media, then it's already being done!

ChemTrails are the perfect application for this. We inhale, eat and drink this s@#t and it goes through the blood brain barrier and coats the whole circulatory system with aluminum and barium (which is used in x-rays)and other toxic and useful poisons.

People, we gotta get this stopped! Before it's too late....but then again....maybe it already is too late!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell do we have a government big enough to fund these kinds of ridiculous (even if possible) technologies? They're using OUR money to do this.

Unfortunately, there is no going back now. Dakir is right: we aren't ready, nor will we ever be, for this technology. It hasn't made us happier. It hasn't made us more productive or smarter or wiser. Even if it has helped make us live longer (debatable), why would we want to??

Anonymous said...

Every nanoparticle so far has been shown to be deadly. Why would these be different.

Anonymous said...

I would be concerned that a strong EMP could fry a brain containing this nano-dust. Maybe everyone will start having to wear tinfoil hats after all! Or maybe it would just be a good way to deactivate the dust.

Also, how easy would it be to give someone a brain hemorrhage by remote? An easy way to eliminate "undesirables". The perfect crime. Even if they knew it was murder, how would anyone be able to track who did it?

Anonymous said...

Remember how the painted Tesla,,,as a Mad scientist,as he tried to advance and help humanity? Look who has been given ,,,or I should say,,, has taken the ball,,,,to be a real life true mad men scientists...Yes,,,right out of an old James Bond movie,,,or maybe Wild wild West??

Anonymous said...

Just think, you could make Obamas jaw twitch remotely ..

Anonymous said...

They could of saved the $100 million by ending the Obama brain project, just use a chimpanzees brain.

josephbc69 said...

To me, at 70 with a 50 yr career in horticulture and a good understanding of genetics, this sounds to be the start of a parallel revolution to GMO. As for stage, we are in the same as the Green Revolution, 1960.

In 20 yrs this will be as invasive a biotechnology as GMOs are today, and we'll be wondering WTH happened.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its too late, you only think you know what you are doing and you have control. It is now an illusion. Surrender because you already have.

Anonymous said...

LEAD is my idea of how to take control of this!

Anonymous said...

All of these scientists involved should be jailed.

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