Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hemp Threatens the Corporatist Parasites


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Anonymous said...

Activist Post, you've done it again; first you feature a story hailing Jon Stewart as the coup-inspiring-hero of Egypt, now this. I hope you guys realize that RT is simply the FSB's (the former KGB) equivalent of the CIA's sponsored and run Radio Free America from Cold War times. Abby, for all her charm and insight, is a propaganda mouthpiece, and a pretty hot one at that. So, do you really think RT&Co have our, as Americans, best interests at heart? I'm sure that hemp is probably one of your pet issues, but do you really think that what Abby and RT have to say on the subject adds anything new or constructive to the debate? Or, are you aware that they are only exploiting it and saying what they know you'd like to hear (pandering) and really only want to get you worked up, feeling fed up, helpless, and frustrated? I, for one, think America, in spite of its faults, is still our best hope. And instead of featuring America-bashing agitprop trash, like Abby, you should be featuring reporters with stories that give Americans hope and inspire and empower them to get involved, as active and responsible citizens, so that they and our country can become the change we'd all like to see.

Anonymous said...

"I, for one, think America, in spite of its faults, is still our best hope."

Best hope for what? Incessant undeclared wars on countries who have done us no harm? More "Arab springs" so that the U.S. and Britain can control all the oil fields in the Middle East? Continual bombardment of dangerous and carcinogenic particles from above in the form of persistent chemtrails? Unrelenting invasions of our privacies by the TSA, DHS, NSA, CIA and even the post office? Or maybe you mean the revolving door policy between Big Pharma and Big Ag and U.S. government agencies.

"America" consists of many countries, not just the United States. Of course, it is the United States you are referring to. "The land of the free" where you can be accosted by the local police for trying to assert your Constitutional rights. "The land of the free" where little girls' lemonade stands are closed down by local bureaucrats for want of a $1000 vendor's license. "The land of the free" where your personal stash of cash can be confiscated under civil forfeiture laws because of the cocaine residue on the Federal Reserve notes that is present on 95% of ALL Federal Reserve notes.

Still our best hope? Yes, indeed, Polyanna, in a make-believe world, the United States is still a "shining beacon of hope".

Anonymous said...

Okay, you win. Maybe I should have said Iceland. Ready to emigrate? Let's go! Or maybe you'd prefer Bolivia? No? Then how about Venezuela? Or maybe even Ar-gen-ti-na? Excuse me for being facetious, but it sure beats being captious and cynical. And you know I'm right about RT and Abby. And don't forget to renounce your citizenship on the way out. We'll miss you. XOXO, Polly.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Iceland would be a good choice if you're a person of means and own a fishing boat or can start a business in Iceland. Or if you can demonstrate another means of financial support. However, to become a full citizen, you need to speak Icelandic to pass the citizenship test. Personally, I'd choose Uruguay for its weather, peoples and the hope that Fukushima radiation won't migrate to the southern hemisphere.

I'm not a Jon Stewart fan, but I revisited the ActivistPost article you are referring to. I had not watched either YouTube video, so I watched them both. You do realize that his comedy is political satire, don't you? And that the ActivistPost article was probably presented as tongue-in-cheek satire? I found a grain of truth in Jon's pleas to find common ground between disparate religions and cultures. I can't vouch for his sincerity, but if he, as a Jew, can work with an Iranian national to produce a film, I'd say that's a good role model. It sure beats Bill Maher praising Ron Paul, then donating $1 million to Obama's reelection campaign.

But, I really want to speak more about your contentions about Russia Today and the news presenter, Abby Martin. You have said,

"Abby, for all her charm and insight, is a propaganda mouthpiece, ..."

A propagandist for the hemp cartel? The one that has a monopoly on the combustible fuels and paper and building materials industries? What does her propaganda consist of? She presented a news piece that the governor of Kentucky is attempting to make it legal for farmers to grow hemp in that State. She presented nothing in the video about hemp that cannot be verified as historical fact. And she noted the fibers, plastics, composites and fuels that can be manufactured from the raw plant.

If that story does not "give Americans hope and inspire and empower them to get involved, as active and responsible citizens, so that they and our country can become the change we'd all like to see", then what stories do? What do you suggest?

As an historical perspective, the subversive U.S. Department of Agriculture encouraged farmers to violate federal law by planting hemp for the war effort during World War II. You can see the documentary they produced at:

Roger Young said...

No emigration necessary.

Dissolve that fascist monstrosity known as the "United States."


Anonymous said...

Iceland's emigration policy is downright lin-guis-ti-sist. I can't speak Icelandic but I can attempt to make up words that describe my outrage at a subtle but vile form of discrimination. I mean, what are they trying to do? What is their aim in imposing such unattainable standards? Just the thought of owning a fishing boat makes me seasick. Imagine what would happen if the US imposed such restrictions. I mean, think of the implications. I have no doubt there'd be rioting in the streets! But the Icelanders don't seem to mind. How were they able to achieve such a consensus? Hm.
Uruguay,,, I'll have to look into that, I know some people who used to live there. No, not Hitler. I'm pretty sure he's dead by now. And don't the Bushes own most of the water rights? Seems they may have plans for emigrating there, as well. Doesn't hurt to have a backup.
"Not a big Stewart fan", I'm with you on that. Though, he does make me laugh, from time to time. But what a role model. Did you catch his stint on Egyptian television? Who'd a thought? Listening to the Muslim Brotherhood's stooges, you'd think the Egyptian media was so biased and controlled that they wouldn't allow that. Oh, but the but the Brotherhood is claiming the bias and control runs the other way, one that would favor a Stewart appearance and a "reconciliation" and accommodation of Western interests and influence in Egyptian culture and affairs. But what the hell do they know, and do we even care? But I digress. Yes, Stewart and his activities, his efforts to bridge the gap between Zionists and Muslim extremists, Wall Street and Main Street, homophobe and queer,,, Jon stands like a beacon of hope to all of us for what the wonderful world we could build if we only had the will and means (how much is worth now?). But then, Jon is just a comedian, a sort of court jester, and shouldn't be taken seriously or held accountable for anything he does or says; I mean, really, But there are those who would go so far as to suggest that he may have been responsible for inspiring the largest demonstrations and protests in history (which you would already know if you frequent sites that have high standards in reporting and practice responsible journalism like THE ACTIVIST POST, not to be confused with THE ONION) demonstrations and protests that have led to a coup and widespread unrest that could culminate in a BLOODY CIVIL WAR. I wonder what Jon would say about that? "The pathway to hell is paved by the best of intentions"? And whose interests would it serve if there were such a war in Egypt? Way to go, Jon, tongue-in-cheek my.. But I digress.
My work is waiting and wife is giving me that dirty look, so, for the remainder, I must be brief. Are you familiar with the phrase "controlled opposition"? Lenin was once reputed to have said, "The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it!" I would like to recommend the concept for your further research and study, and then apply what you learn to people in the media like JS and Abby,

And speaking of Abby and RT, isn't it obvious? I mean, who do you think put the "Russian" in Russian Times? You know who put the "America" in Radio Free America, don't you? Well, have you heard of the FSB? That's the former KGB of the Soviet Union. And they were NOT exactly the champions of inalienable and civil rights in their former incarnation. Do you really think they've changed? Ask the former FSB officer Litvenenko or the newspaper editor Praskaya (oh, BTW, they're dead, too). So do you really think they want what's best for you or America, or do you think they might have another agenda? Anyway, I think its worth investigating, and I hope someone with more journalistic skill and savvy takes this up--hint, hint--and writes an article-expose on it.
Oh, no, it's the stare-of-the-daggers. Gotta go, yikes!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Dubya the Junior has land in Paraguay. You're speaking of the Guarani Aquifer which covers portions of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and a large portion of southern Brazil. ( But, yeah, it's pretty much untapped, unlike T. Boone Picken's Ogallala Aquifer.

As far as Iceland's immigration policy and Jon Stewart "shouldn't be taken seriously or held accountable for anything he does or says", I have to assume from your tone you are being sarcastic. Certainly, everyone should be held accountable for their actions.

It's obvious we don't completely see eye to eye (as Cyclops do?), but I do appreciate your candor and intellectual honesty. You've engaged in no ad hominem attacks, although you could make the argument that I did with the "Pollyanna" remark. I appreciate the time you spent commenting and wish we could meet face to face. Respond in the affirmative if you have an ActivistPost forum account, and I'll (attempt to) reinstate my account there. If not, as Paul Harvey would say, I bid you "Good day".

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