Saturday, June 29, 2013

We Are (Still) Winning

James Corbett

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Ryan said...

I worry about how "winning" we'll be when the last things we see are staring down the barrels of guns.

Still, I firmly applaud what Corbett is doing.

The video was excellent and shed some light on how the info war is being won for liberty.

Truth Seeker said...

I like James Corbett!!! My husband had a profound near death experience, preceded by his mother's three prophetic dreams as written in her journal! On the fourth day after these dreams, he was accidentally shot by his top Mason father. While his body was in a coma, his soul/spirit went to Heaven for three days for a face-to-face communication with God about this time period. Our book (The Great and Most Abominable: The Prophetic Cleansing of the Mormon Church in America, the Promised Land) contains the prophet Daniel's timeline, the Harbingers (warnings) God has already given to America, the Promised Land. Anyway, truth is coming to the earth (identity of God, Lucifer, anti-Christ, etc.) and we do win based upon our actions. We are in the last half of the foretold Seven Years of Tribulation!

Truth Seeker said...

You're correct James, the world elite are losing power as their agenda for control becomes known. They are afraid of our continuing awakening to truth, since its truth that sets us free!
God's energy is coming to the earth to help with the awakening to motivate all whistle blowing activities.
We know about the false flags terrorism, 9/11, spying on all US Citizens, controlled media, chem trails, Big Pharma, vaccinations, HAARP, ELF, fluoride/chlorine in the water, microwaves, radiation from many common sources (airport "control", cell phones, mamograms, etc.) Cancer poison/cut/burn medical hoax (research nets billions, why allow the natural cures like Gerson to come forth?), etc.!
Maintaining faith and knowing the true identity of God fuels God's army for truth and full disclosure without religious control.
Thanks, James!

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