Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Canadian Law States Masked Protesters Could Face 10 Years in Jail

Joe Martino
Activist Post

The rise of the people is an undeniable happening across the globe as hundreds of millions have taken to the streets over the past few years to stand up for what they are not happy with throughout the world. With these protests comes bullhorns, signs, masks, costumes and more creative ways that protesters use to make their point.

But a new Canadian law (Bill C-309) now forbids people from wearing any mask or face-covering during a riot or so-called “unlawful assembly.” While it is difficult to determine how the law defines this type of protest exactly, it is clear on the fact that non abiders can receive a maximum of 10 years in prison if they are convicted of concealing their identity.

Although the new law does allow exceptions for those who are able to prove they have a “lawful excuse” for concealing their face, such as religious or medical purpose, that person may also be subject to charges for participating in an unlawful assembly. The law is greeted by some but opposed by others. While conservative lawmakers greeted the idea with pleasure, privacy advocates and civil libertarians are not so keen on the bill and haven’t been since it began making its rounds. They believe the bill uses vague language like the “lawful excuse” exception which leaves major questions unanswered.

Natalie Des Rogers, general counsel with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association states:
I think it is a more symbolic bill than it is a response. In our view, it shouldn’t come into law, there is no demonstrable need for this.
You cannot have a limit that is not prescribed by law, that is not clear to the citizens.We have the right to know what is expected of us. When there is vague language in the context where it infringes a freedom prescribed by the Charter, it becomes an unreasonable limit.

What is causing more nervousness for people is the ever extending power of the police as this newly approved bill also expands police authority into unlawful assemblies. Canadian law defines an unlawful assembly as a party of three or more people who “disturb the peace tumultuously” or “needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to disturb the peace tumultuously.”

Another vague definition that is open to argument and can be misused by police as it was during the G20; regardless of the type of protests that went on during the event. The G20 was perhaps the most abusive display of power Canadian police have used on citizens in a very long time. With the whole world watching, people witnessed the true nature of a police state when elitists are in town.

Is this another bill aimed at creating fear behind the apparent uncontrollable citizens? Are people being discouraged in various ways to participate in protest? Regardless of the answer, it appears as though the clamp continues to tighten on citizens as the global unrest continues. In my opinion, the focus should be on maintaining an ethical response from police during these events, which by far has been of the largest concern when it comes to recent events. One look at the G20 here in Toronto answers that question rather quickly.


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greencrow said...

As a Canadian I am going to demand that all those militia-type crowd control police that attend demonstrations have some form of large identification badge to offset their "masks" i.e., those helmets with the tinted glass visors.


Anonymous said...

Can always wear face-paint.


Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. At least now the cops can't wear bandanas over their faces while posing as the Black Block as they did in Quebec.

stevor said...

what about masks on muslim women?

Anonymous said...

They want to be able to use their face recognition equipment....the skunks....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that includes the gas mask wearing riot police... hmmmm guess not

Anonymous said...

They clearly stated RELIGIOUS reasons are exempt!

Anonymous said...

People wouldn't need to wear a mask if they trusted the government to act lawfully. Police provocateurs commit crimes and incite violence which is then used to snare and arrest innocent, peaceful protesters.

People are becoming afraid to protest and now, they can't protect themselves by demonstrating and remaining anonymous.

Protest and you risk going to jail.
Protest and try to protect yourself with anonymity and you go to jail.

The alternative the government is giving us is to stay home, shut up and do as we are told. This is what our government calls democracy.

Anonymous said...

Canada under PM Harper has turned into a full blown police state. It is protecting the 1% and is INTENTIONALLY destroying and working on destroying all freedoms and privacy in Canada. It's a doing a pretty good job. At the same it is heavily involved in corruption on national and international scales unprecedented in Canada, and the citizens have no voice with which to speak up. None. It is fascist totalitarianism at it's worse and the people are always under the threat of serious violence if they speak up. Canadian's do not have the right to bear arms and are being completely oppressed. As well prisons are being created in huge numbers to place all those who disagree with the government. The police, especially in Toronto and the RCMP(mounties)are completely lawless and corrupt. Canada is finished as a nation. Soon they are going to starve all the poor people and take away their housing and any benefits they may have. Harper has turned this country into a corporate regime without human rights to speak of without food, housing and job security with which to build a future. It is rapidly becoming a Third World cesspool (Harper has intentionally increased incompatible third world religious immigration to unprecedented numbers to further his intentional destroying and dividing of the nation) without any economy except resource based. There is a great deal of money to be made for the few off the the misery of a third world world populace. The Harper government is also intentionally destroying the Universal Health Care program. No third world country has universal healthcare.Canada in just a few short years has turned from one of the most pro sing countries in the world to a sad third world cesspool in decline in ALL human areas and it's NOT stopping. The decline is rapidly increasing almost everyday.

patrick varencaus said...

so we will dress like a muslim women then lol ;)

patrick varencaus said...

then we should dress ourselves like muslim women lol!!!

Hilary Kimbel said...
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Anonymous said...

You say "Canadian law defines an unlawful assembly as a party of three or more people who 'disturb the peace tumultuously' or 'needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to disturb the peace tumultuously'."

That is incorrect. You have described a riot. An unlawful assembly is a party of three people or more that a so-called Reasonable Person has cause to believe will in future "disturb the peace tumultuously" or provoke others to do likewise.

Therefore, it is far worse. The police by the way have no obligation to tell anyone that there is an unlawful assembly. They can choose to kettle and mass arrest people, charge them all with unlawful assembly, and let the courts decide. Usually, courts decide that if a person on the outside think it's scary, then the people on the inside must know it's scary and that their continued participation is to participate in scaring people and thus they are guilty.

Anonymous said...

PROTEST and you go to jail,did any of you ever read your BIBLE,IT warned you this day would come,THE LORD HIMSELF told you "if you didn't have a weapon,sell your coat and buy one"and instead you gave your weapons to a pack of whores,now your screwed,THE RUSSIANS are in canada,and their going to take your country from you by force,and you can't even fight back,YOUR ABOUT TO LOSE EVERYTHING YOU OWN.....maybe even your life and the lives of your family too......................GET CLOSE TO THE LORD,hes all you have now.....................................

Anonymous said...

It is about time that these protestors have to account for their ignorance - masks show a complete lack of courage

Anonymous said...

First of all who is a person or resident? Screw filing a tax return. Show me the CONTRACT/NONE. Canada Corporate Registered #0000230098.
I don't want nothing to do with the corporation just the Dominion of Canada. Go to
Show me through letters patent that the government is legite. That's their onus to prove it not mine.

Anonymous said...

The masks represent facelessness, that we are all one in the same, not disgustingly different. What does a mask have to do with courage at all? It takes courage to wear the mask and stand as one. Your ignorance blinds you. Think for yourself.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous said...

If wearing masks will become illegal, then we should all purchase a burqa or a niqab.... Or will they be banned as well?

Anonymous said...

If wearing a mask to a protest will become illegal, then we should all purchase a niqab or a burqa to hide our identities.
Or will those items of clothing be banned at protests as well?

Anonymous said...

What about wearing too much make up, colored contact lenses, a hairpiece, dark glasses, a clown nose?

Where's the line? What's the objective here?

Anonymous said...

lol goodluck inforcing this one

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