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Jurors Still Angry About Hershberger Trial; Food Club Gets 100 New Members

Unlikely friends? Vernon, wife, jurors
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

If you've been paying attention to the details of Vernon Hershberger's trial, the bigger picture is completely insane. The final result was a less punitive fine of $1,000 and $513 in court costs that a supporter covered on Vernon's sentencing day. He was found not guilty on three criminal charges relating to lack of licensing to distribute fresh foods, and guilty on the last count of breaking a food holding order. The jury members, however, are feeling jilted.

Listen to their own words:

Hat's off to author David Gumpert for always being there when a farmer like Vernon is on the stand - and we can always count on him to pick up all the interesting nuances that often get overlooked in news stories.

He follows up on the trial by documenting the reactions of the jurors now that the State aggression has come to an end - hopefully forever in Vernon's case. But it's not over for them, not a chance. They feel lied to and railroaded into potentially jailing and fining a peaceful farmer. The State slight of hand actually succeeded in drawing more attention to food freedom and the benefits of nutritionally dense foods.

The jury has now caught on to the crazy cover-up tactics listed below...

Gumpert writes:
What they didn’t know was that the reason for issuing the holding order was because of Hershberger’s failure to have retail and dairy permits the DATCP [Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection] said were required — the very charges they acquitted him of.

A handful of jurors left unsettled about the verdict. They did tons of research on natural law, nutritionally dense foods, and the details of the case and the 2010 raid. They took off work to be there at his sentencing and were sorry for the guilty verdict - they just didn't know the full ramifications.

A few of them wrote to the judge, Guy Reynolds, before the sentencing to ask for leniency for the man they voted guilty on the charge with the penalty. They, too, pointed out the contradiction of punishing him for a holding order that was in place because of the licensing issue - for which they acquitted him on three counts. That is the first time Reynolds had ever seen anything like that in all his years.

These are the blurring tactics that some of the jury members did not appreciate:
  • Raw milk, health topics, herdshare, and liberty were just some of the language banned from the case. No discussion of reason for raid allowed. 
  • Criminal intent was not allowed to be discussed! Doesn't that sort of nullify the reason for having the case to begin with?
  • Documents or evidence shown to jury had reasons for the hold order blotted out
  • Prosecution didn't want to allow any photos and facts of the farm, saying it was "irrelevant." They asked that evidence about memberships not be allowed.
  • Jurors were shuffled out of the room many times during the trial especially when the judge thought defense might say a blacklisted term.
  • Judge orders jury NOT to vote by conscience saying "(you) must base your verdict on the law I give you." after defense gives them a crash court on jury rights. Later they figured out that they could have voted by their conscience, especially with the lack of info and evidence. They did not have to abide by listening to the judge talk of LAW when the holding order (not based on law) was null and void to begin with, based on licensing requirements that are null and void in Wisconsin and taking into account that a private buying club is not a retail establishment - nullify!
  • The jurors were bused in from a remote location and were made to fear and believe that his supporters would harm them - they saw a truth entirely different from the illusion. The supporters and Vernon's family were peace-loving and happy to share information after the case. Juror, Michele Bollfrass-Hopp, said:  "I was kind of scared. I thought his supporters were possibly dangerous. I found out what nice people they are...Now we are radicalized."
Vernon never held resentments, always smiled, and invited them into his and his family's lives. This case and the final results proved helpful to the others privately providing raw milk in Wisconsin as well as opening residents up to more discussion about jury rights.

David Gumpert also notes that this three-year battle waged by DATCP cost untold millions, and great expense to Vernon's large family, too. When they destroyed his food, poured blue dye into his 2,000 lb bulk milk tank, taped up his food - they were daring him not to feed his family, daring him to let all that homegrown food go to waste. They never reimbursed him or returned his things - they had taken his computer and personal files. The judge declared that the armed raid and seizure of property is not of use of force.

This is not justice, and the jurors know that now. Which is why they want to visit him, join the club, and try some raw milk. Calling it a raw milk trial is kind of a misnomer as raw milk isn't the only food provided in the club - it's food freedom that was on trial. And Wisconsin tried to make an example of Vernon Hershberger.

Vernon, in the face of persecution, has a "peace that surpasses all understanding." The contrast between peaceful farmers who are willing to feed the hungry at no charge if need be and the eclectic supporters versus the lies, bias, and aggressive tactics of the State coupled with a judge who pushed the jury - had to an awesome force to behold.

In this interview Popeye from Federal Jack & UnBound Radio and I discuss this case and where the attacks on food freedom are coming from - from the bottom all the way to the top:

Check out David Gumpert's brand new book:  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: The Escalating Battle over Who Decides What We Eat

Look into donating at Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund to support Vernon and his family through this battering from legal aggression. More help could be used for covering the legal costs of this dragged-out case.

For additional information on raw milk:

Be empowered. Locate YOUR real food source! 20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You

Background stories from most recent to earliest - check these out to better understand peaceful activism, jury rights, food law, and the attacks on food and farm freedom:
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Anonymous said...

Our judicial system along with other important institutions has become infested with corrupt people pursuing self serving goals.

They no longer serve Truth and Justice but have become detrimental to the very standards and ideals that should be benefiting ALL people.

Thank goodness the jury saw the need to hold fast as much as possible and did the right thing.

From the sound of it they did more honest research and investigation than any of the prosecution.

Another terrible point that all should see is these corrupt people, lawyers, judges and LEO have no shame whatsoever in their blatant display of criminal behavior.

Not only should they be run off they should be jailed.

While the MSM is following orders from the corrupt people in power to paint individuals like Assange, Manning and Snowden as terrorist, all the while being caught red handed themselves in acts that would have any one of us thrown in jail immediately.

This is terribly WRONG America.
This is not who WE are.
These are nothing but CRIMINALS who have stolen power, and are constantly making new laws to protect their criminal behavior.

They don't even come close to representing THE PEOPLE anymore.

WE THE PEOPLE need to put these criminals where they belong and they see it coming.

Why do you think they are now fighting so hard to remove any way of the people to remove them.

Hide Behind said...

Evil, is when men that understand injustice when they see or hear it, And then do nothing to end the injustice.
Evil is no more than the lack of contrast , feeling love but not owning it allows the posessor to share that love and blunt the evil.
One must not ever let fear overcome that giving of love or else Evil will prevail.

desertspeaks said...

when the prosecution conspire with judges to disallow exculpatory EVIDENCE.. that's treason!

Leslie said...

People like Mr. Hershberger will be the ones who fix this country. People who quietly, peacefully, and graciously try to invite the unknowing to become the informed. Not the ones who want to shoot stuff up to get people's attention. Those are the people who will give a fearful, desperate establishment the excused they're looking for to crack down violently, and they are the ones who discredit those of us who will just go forward with our lives, stop playing the rigged game, and see if there's enough jails to hold ALL of us.

Anonymous said...

I really wish they had nullified... hopefully the next juries set up for cases such as this will always nullify. That would send a very clear message.

Anonymous said...

"Judge orders jury NOT to vote by conscience saying, '(you) must base your verdict on the law I give you.'" Here's where jury nullification becomes essential. If the jury members feel the law in and of itself is unjust they can move to refuse to condemn the defendant based on an inherently unjust law. It seems this trial was totally skewed if important facts were indeed hidden from the jurors. If anything, this whole charade was truly a travesty of justice.

Anonymous said...

Consider the true reason for persecuting raw milk producers. By convincing the public that raw milk is bad, it makes pasturized milk appear healthy and that our misleaders healthy when cow's milk causes a disease for every letter of the alphabet. It is just one of many toxins in our food and drinks.
Let's switch to stevia sweetener. When our misleaders believed stevia was healthful, they hassled stevia producers but when they learned that stevia is toxic,its use was approved. Take any substance and search it with hazards. With stevia, you get almost 4 million results. Perhaps sugar is the safest sweetner but with its own problems? What has the feral (sic) Reserve said? They said their system "works (us) only with credit" that would keep its value "if there were fewer people idding against each other,"--Keeping Our Money (their credit) Healthy, pub Federal Reserve Bank NY

Anonymous said...

In tax cases, judges and prosecutors have to deny justice so as to regulate our use of money that J. M. Keynes called "worthless." In 1920, he wrote: "If governments should refrain from regulation (imaginary taxes, lotteries, casinos,abortion, fluoride etc. etc) the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer." The Economic Consequences of The Peace (1920)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, yes the jury was taken advantage of. A jury can judge the law and facts of a case, and disregard a judges instruction. Readers may search up on Fully Informed Jury. There are leal precedents, and judgements in cases establishing that. The Jury is an important buffer to tyrannical crap like this case. They should have declared the law unjust, the man harmed no one and declared him not guilty.

Anonymous said...

Judges have too much power to corrupt due process.

Rabbit said...

In reality the Judge and Prosecution should have been found guilty of treason, assault and perjury, and imprisoned.

Lynn said...

Another case of the runaway Totalitarian State.

We The People must stand up, stand strong, and remember this: NOT ONE MORE INCH.

Anonymous said...

Why was the judge's and the prosecutors names
totally absent from this so-called informative
article ???

Heather Callaghan said...

Last Anon: Judge's name is in there, so is one of the juror's. Prosecutor is the State, namely DATCP. Please also see the background stories.

Heather Callaghan said...

Hey everyone - great comments about attracting with Peace, law & jury info, food sovereignty and justice!

Thank you for your contributions!

Anonymous said...

The lesson we retain from this venture is that giving nutricious foods to "useless eaters" IS a CRIME!

Anonymous said...

NULLIFY these rat-bastard costumed pigs and court jesters!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@Jun22 8:21PM,

"When our misleaders believed stevia was healthful, they hassled stevia producers but when they learned that stevia is toxic,its use was approved."

Stevia is toxic? Don't know where you get your info from. Research proves otherwise, It is, instead, beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Heather, could you give info concerning Scott Walker's involvement in this case. I live in WI and voted for him. I would like to know if he pushed this or if it was out of his hands. Thanks!

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