Friday, June 7, 2013

Erosion Of Our Civil Liberties Highlights Those Who Will Resist When Society Breaks Down

Chris Carrington
Activist Post

The vision of my future is bleak, so is yours. There’s no need for me to list and link the abuses of power that are imposed on us by the government; unless you have been living in a cave for the last year or so you will know about the constant erosion of our civil liberties, the removal of our rights is gathering pace.

Every day another piece of legislation determines what we can and can’t do. Not outlandish things, simple things, everyday things, things that we should be able to take for granted like catching rainwater, growing veggies wherever we like on our property, making a phone call without the intrusion of government eavesdroppers and information gatherers.

It’s not just happening here either. Almost the entire Northern Hemisphere is moving in the same direction. The UK and the Eurozone, even though they have big stuff like bankruptcy and record unemployment to worry about, continue to impose idiotic and restrictive laws on their citizens.

I’ve been asking myself why a lot recently. Why do this, what’s the point of doing these things now? Why not next week or next month?

The government cites the War on Terror, they are doing this for our own good, to keep us safe. How does stopping me growing veggies in my front yard keep me safe from terrorism?

Those of us who have woken up to the fact that TPTB intend to subjugate us , commit us to servitude, know these Draconian measures have little to do with the War on Terro;, we know it's about the New World Order that is slowly but surely coalescing into a dark insidious mass that will descend over all of us, blocking out the sunshine that came with the freedoms we once knew.

I still, though, keep coming back to the question of why now? The world at the moment is a very fragmented place, too fragmented for TPTB to have a hope of imposing the New World Order that they hanker for. There are lots more countries to invade before there is a hope of success, yet the onslaught of attacks on our rights are speeding up.

It’s also becoming clear to them that more and more people are waking up, becoming aware of what is happening. In my opinion, they didn’t plan on this; they planned on carrying on, quietly introducing small changes to assure that normalcy bias did the bulk of the work for them.

Hitler did the same. He said:
The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes can be reversed. Source
This was working, and will continue to work to an extent, but the fact that people are waking up is not something they planned on. The reaction to the Bilderberg shindig in the UK is proof positive of this. Lizzie Bennett a blogger said:
Things are changing in the UK, I have never known so many people question what the government says and does. There is a definite shift in the way the British perceive what’s happening around them, and what’s being imposed on them by the government. The Bilderberg meeting has really shaken things up, so many had never even heard of them until recently, now the police have had to move the protest line back an extra half a mile as more and more turn up to protest. It’s not the huge change some of us hope for but it’s a start, it’s making people question who these people are, what they do, and what the implications of these closed door meetings might be. The EU restricting seeds and plants and the power station shutdowns have actually helped people wake up. All of a sudden it’s like they think ‘oh shit, that’s going to affect me’ and they start to listen.
That’s the key to stopping them, people need to listen, we all know that but its difficult and sometimes even impossible to make people see that all this stuff is going to affect them. They need a kick, they need to see something that will directly affect their lifestyle big time before they will say ‘enough’.

We have all spent time trying to convince others that the time has come to stand up and be counted, most have us have been called stupid, alarmist or downright crazy for telling people to prepare, and this has caused a lot of us to stop trying to warn people.

We joke among ourselves about them sitting glued trance-like to the idiot box in the corner, taking no notice and paying no heed to what’s happening around them. Some of those people will NEVER change, it’s just not in their make up; others eventually might…if something that blows their mind were to happen, like the grid going down preventing them from watching their favorite shows.

As it happens there’s a distinct possibility of that happening. Whilst we are up in arms about the constant attacks on us by our government, other things are quietly going on in the background that they hope and possibly pray we will not notice.

Over the next couple of years coal fired power stations across the country are going to shut down reducing the electricity supply by a minimum of 34 gigawatts, and that’s based on data from 2012, it has most likely increased over the last year. The same is happening in the UK and across Europe, dictated by various versions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The situation is particularly dire in the UK and rolling power outages have been predicted to start within the next eighteen months due to a massive loss of generating capacity.

The Sun however may beat the power stations to it. We are almost at the maximum of sun cycle 24. Although they can occur at any time ‘grid-killer’ flares are more likely at the maximum. Cycle 24 has been long and has had the lowest number of sunspots of any cycle for almost a hundred years.

For this reason cycle 25 is not looking good. Long cycles with a low number of sunspots affect the next cycle in many ways, one of them being that future sunspot numbers will be reduced. In addition to the possibility of a major flare wiping out the grid as we reach the maximum the next three decades could well be marked by exceptional cold winters such as those experienced during the Dalton and/or Maunder minimum. Both were periods of time when low sunspot cycles were followed by exceptionally cold winters. Decades of cold winters.

Livingston and Penn, experts in the field, have written many academic papers on the subject and they feel there is a strong possibility that sun cycle 25 will produce sunspots in numbers so low that the Northern Hemisphere of the planet will cool quickly and to temperatures not seen since the ‘Little Ice Age’.

Dependence on the grid is for most people as natural as breathing. The grid going down would cause panic, confusion, riots, looting and much more. The grid going down when winters would be several degrees colder than even the coldest winters of recent years would be a disaster for huge numbers of the population. Only those who have prepared, those who are awake would have a chance of surviving.

These are not the people the government would like to survive, they would prefer to rescue sheep who will then show them unending gratitude.

Are they using the time they have available to highlight those who may be leaders, those who have the brainpower and logic to organize their communities ? Those people would be very dangerous to the overall NWO agenda, especially when that agenda involves reducing the population of the planet rather than keeping them alive during such a crisis.

I wrote a while ago about the leaking nuclear waste tanks at Hanford, they are probably not the only tanks that are leaking.

Fukushima is still belching out radioactivity.

The Cascadia, San Andreas and New Madrid fault lines are all building up stress and based on historic data are overdue. So is the Yellowstone supervolcano.

Could factors such as these be increasing the rate that our liberty is destroyed? Is it things like this what they are preparing for? Gathering information while they can, so they know where to look for the ‘trouble makers’?

We are not the only ones waking up. The government is waking up to the fact that our numbers are growing daily, that the message is spreading that all is not well and that worse is yet to come.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple, where this article first appeared. Wake the flock up!


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Anonymous said...

What they said yesterday goes way beyond anything anyone has realized in the media! They are saying they have back-doors to basically everything. They have back doors into Yahoo, Google, all Telecom companies, your cell phone, Internet companies, every company they want including Microsoft. That last one should send chills down to your toes!

They say they can see what you are doing as you are doing it and even before!

What they said yesterday is that they don't just have back-doors to the internet, but, via Microsoft, Apple, all the router makers, the new TVs and other electronics with embedded/hidden movement censors (i.e. cameras), they have back-doors right into your house. One of the top CIA traitors said "they have all your homes connected devices, including your oven and refrigerator, which can be used to spy on you!"

That's right, they have back-doors right into your house! Nothing you do is private. You're masturbating in your bedroom, they're laughing about how small it is!

What's more, the statement yesterday about "we know what you are doing before you do it" means they are analyzing every piece of data they get on you! What's the NSA facility going up in Utah all about? It's all about data mining everything you do.

You think not! Here's a little reality check!

I'm a computer science major. I worked on a project 10 years ago for a major data mining company that had access to all the health records in the US and Canada. Because of HIPAA, anything identifying you as a person (Name, Address, SS number, etc.) was encrypted. We couldn't see it, but there were people who could. They are limited to what they have access to.

With the information we had, we could triangulate information regarding everything you do; from what doctor's you see, and their diagnoses, to the medications you take. We could tell what hospitals and what surgeries. We had a complete medical profile without a name.

What do you think the federal government has?

Chris said...

Americans are starting to "get it", that means we are entering an extremely dangerous period, witness LAPD doing "live fire" exercises on the streets of LA, this is clearly meant to intimidate those who would stand against tyranny. I have a feeling this is going to be a rough summer, as we used to say in the navy, stand by for heavy rolls!

Anonymous said...

ya know I truthfully don't give a rats ass what they collect and how they collect it. my thinking is why? 99.9% don't have a fracking thing to hide. but why would they want it? so they can some day come after they not think that when that happens, millions I mean millions of us will know about before it happens....cause I do feel that someone and probably a lot of people that work for these traitors will realize if it can happen to us then just maybe it will happen to them so yep "come and take it" I make no bones about how I feel about my God, Country and Family....

Anonymous said...

"There is a strong possibility that sun cycle 25 will produce sunspots in numbers so low that the Northern Hemisphere of the planet will cool quickly and to temperatures not seen since the ‘Little Ice Age’."

IMO there is no "possibility" about it. This whole 'Global Warming" fraud was engineered to get us to pump some 200 million tons, and counting, of aluminum into the atmosphere to "stop global warming" instead the purpose all along was to hasten GLOBAL COOLING.

When you couple GLOBAL COOLING with the shutting down of power plants and the engineering of inedible GMO "food" it is PLAIN to see a genocide of all of humanity beyond all comprehension.

But there it is plain for all to see.

Anonymous said...

What's more, the statement yesterday about "we know what you are doing before you do it" means they are analyzing every piece of data they get on you! What's the NSA facility going up in Utah all about? It's all about data mining everything you do."

After the CIA et al start WWIII a wave of "terrorism" will sweep the USA; bombs will be going off everywhere with Hundreds of not more killed every week/month. The sheeple will scream "Do something".

What will NOT be done is to investigate 9/11 and find out just what Bankers and political slime are "terrorists"; find those who engineered 9/11.

Instead NSA will mine their "data" and figure out who is LIKELY to be setting off bombs. These poor souls will be arrested and sent to FEMA camps. The very first thing upon arriving in the camps they will be given a series of "vaccinations".

Within a year or two they will be DEAD. Still the bombs will be going off so more will be arrested and killed.

This is how Stalin did it. It seems to be working today.

If you want to stop "terrorism" all you have to do is to HONESTLY investigate 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Ah, time to catch that great movie: Brazil (1985). IMDB scores it as 8.0 and it is that good. You will see it in better light, now.

Anonymous said...

The very same folk who actitvely prevented reasonable birth control are now claimed to be involved in genocide and counting the days until they can take all the troublemakers out. It's confusing. Women worldwide werer denied the right to "choose" and have control over their own reproductibe freedom. Women worldwide were denied the right to be educated and skilled. Women worldwide were subjected to media exploitation of women as objects and women as mere decoration, and told they were too stupid to determine their own reproductive freedom. Three billion more people were added to the planet during the past 50-60 years all because women were denied the right to choose. So, now, this group who allegedly would like to participate in genocide have another 3 billion to kill. Let's back up and see how we got here. Who benefitted when women were demoted to decoration? Who benefitted when women were made into 3rd class citizens?

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