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Global Gov’t Advocate: Bohemian Grove ‘Great Home of the Human Spirit’

A Former President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Recounts Happy Times at Bohemian Grove

Aaron Dykes
Activist Post

In his memoir, Across the Busy Years, Nicholas Murray Butler, a founder of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and unabashed proponent of world government, glorifies the secret Bohemian Grove gathering and notes a unique variation of the Burial of Care (Cremation of Care) ritual during one of his visits there in 1918 while World War I (The Great War) was underway.

Citing the motto, Weaving Spiders Come Not Here, this longtime university president (at Columbia), Nobel Peace Prize recipient and foundation trustee claims that the elite visitors to the Grove are stripped of their titles, offices and claims to power, and are instead judged only by their personal characteristics. Moreover, the Bohemian Grove represents the best to Butler, which he called “the Great Home of the Human Spirit.” Typically elitist, Butler sees the Grove’s secret gathering of rulers as a happy fixture. He writes in the second volume of his memoir on pg. 420:
Then comes the Bohemian Club of San Francisco, that truly marvelous Club with more than a half-century of fine tradition and distinguished performance in letters and in the arts. San Francisco owes much to the fact that from 1849 until the opening of the first transcontinental railway, some twenty years later, it was so remote and so cut off from the rest of the country that it was not only under invitation, but almost under compulsion, to develop its own independent literary and artistic life. Therefore, there came to be about the Bay a group containing a number of brilliant men who, whatever their calling in life, found time and opportunity to have a real interest in and for letters and the fine arts. 

They were drawn together in the Bohemian Club, the summer camp of which eventually grew into the magnificent Bohemian Grove on the Russian River, which is a place beyond compare in all the world. It is no exaggeration to say that not since Ancient Greece has there ever been such whole-souled and truly human devotion, on the part of a large group drawn from every walk in life, to all that is best in that life, including human relationships, letters and the fine arts, as is to be found each midsummer at the Bohemian Grove. 
It is the one place in the world where a man counts for nothing but what he really is. Its motto is: Weaving Spiders Come Not Here. When one arrives at the trees which mark the entrance to the Grove he is, figuratively speaking, stripped naked of all his honors, offices, possessions and emoluments, and is allowed to enter simply as a personality, there to be weighed and measured in terms of personality and nothing more. I have seen men of highest official position and men of great wealth treated with the greatest unconcern by the dwellers in the Bohemian Grove, simply because these men put on airs and endeavored to assume a superiority to which they had no possible claim. The talk there by night and by day, and the music, vocal and instrumental, and the thousand and one human happenings are unique among modern men. 
Those who have not been present at the ceremony of the Burial of Care at the annual encampment in the Bohemian Grove have missed one of the most solemn and inspiring ceremonies of which I know. It is now done in accordance with a stately ritual, but during the Great War different conditions prevailed. In 1918 when the War on the Western Front was at its height, there were at the Burial of Care ceremony voices to represent France, England, Belgium, Italy and the United States. The vast grove of redwoods was in darkness and as the strong light was turned upon the spokesmen for these nations, one after another, they were seen standing at a slight elevation, clothed in white, each to recite in verse the message which he had to deliver. From him who spoke for Belgium I heard for the first time, with deepest emotion, the verses beginning “In Flanders fields the poppies blow” which had only lately been written. 
Each annual encampment of the Bohemian Club reaches its climax and end with the High Jinks, when the play of the year, written by a member of the Club, is presented, accompanied by the music written by another member of the Club. It is invariably a stirring and inspiring performance and when, on the following day, we separate and go our several ways from that great home of the human spirit, we go, each one of us, with new strength and inspiration because of our happy and fortunate experiences with the realities of life and quite away from its dross, its too frequent vulgarity and its lack of comprehension. 
In the Bohemian Grove the Camp to which I was so happy to belong was appropriately called The Land of Happiness. We had intimate friends and companions in every part of the Grove, but especially perhaps in the Camps called Lost Angels, Mandalay, and Woof. These companionships and friendships have extended over many ears and are precious indeed.
For Nicholas Butler, the Grove is clearly a Valhalla-on-earth where he finds like-minded friends influential in government and military affairs, science and academia. For Butler, it is a glowing base in an otherwise Utopian vision for Global Government underway but not yet achieved – patently arranged by the corporate interests working behind powerful philanthropic foundations – attempting to achieve “world peace” through greater international control. His Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (represented annually at gatherings like Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove) plays a major role in this effort.

Wikipedia notes Nicholas Butler, like many others in his company, to be a proud internationalist:
Butler was the chair of the Lake Mohonk Conference on International Arbitration that met periodically from 1907 to 1912. In this time he was appointed president of the American branch of International Conciliation. Butler was also instrumental in persuading Andrew Carnegie to provide the initial $10 million funding for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Butler became head of international education and communication, founded the European branch of the Endowment headquartered in Paris, and was President of the Endowment from 1925 to 1945. For his work in this field, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for 1931 (shared with Jane Addams) “[For his promotion] of the Briand-Kellogg pact” and for his work as the “leader of the more establishment-oriented part of the American peace movement”.” 
Butler was President of the elite Pilgrims Society, which promotes Anglo-American friendship. He served as President of the Pilgrims from 1928 to 1946. Butler was president of The American Academy of Arts and Letters from 1928 to 1941.
AARON DYKES is a co-founder of where this article first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.


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Anonymous said...

They call themselves globalists and internationalists. They claim their private meetings, summits and various governing bodies are good beyond need for transparency and balanced power. Butler speaks fondly of this brotherhood but does not notice how it supplants lesser but more inclusive fraternities, such as peoples and nations.

Today this movement stands exposed for what it truly is, a planetary tyranny, an unaccountable supra-nation, a brutal rule of money and corruption. Waaay back in 500 bc, the Greeks already observed that this was the thing to bring revolution - when money and power so corrupted government that people turned to revolution in desperation. I suppose the New World Order intends that even this will not be an option. The planetary supremacists think that theirs stinketh not, and that their benevolent rule over the rest of us will be total and eternal.

I hope that on the other side of whatever hell they put the world through, that whatever civilization arises from the ashes will extinguish the last remains of the dark power of money that keeps seizing opportunity for a better world for ALL of us to reserve a princely life for a few.

Anonymous said...

More like home of the anti-human spirit.

This entire NWO global government world transformation bullshit can be summed up with one simple statement -

Those who rule our world today are completely $#%@ed up, so they seek to $#%@ up the world to better suit themselves at everyone else's expense.

They can spin it any way they like but that is the bloody, blackened heart of the whole matter.

And they love to be hated for it.

But please don't empower them by suggesting they have some Satanic supernatural presence or powers, they are the ones who thrive on that BS as it gives them a status and power they don't deserve.

Their culture is Satanic but the people themselves are just normal frail, feeble human beings just as susceptible to all the same dangers other human's are.

If they have any connections to "dark forces" it is the product of delusions in their minds, not anything based in reality(but they are good at using science combined with ancient rituals to do magic tricks and appear mystical).


Anonymous said...

worship Babylon great for the human spirit! How transparent can you possibly get!

Moloch in the background for crying out loud!

ever see the Eyes Wide Shut?

Hide Behind said...

Am all for Men and Boys having their own clubs, why does everyone think they are evil?
That I cannot become a member does not bother me : Yet if asked I would gladly attend. He'll' I'd take a job if offered cleaning up after one of their revelrys.
I hope these learned men can figure out how to put in place a " NEW WORLD ORDER ",Because the old one was not that great and sure went to hell fast under those who ran it.
I care not what or who they worship. for No matter the personages put forward and the arguments none of rhe worlds religions are proving by their conduct that they know what and the hell they are talking about.
Why with gods so powerfull do they need maufactured tanks. planes. bombs, and humans to use them agaist the Evil Doers; Other humans.
If what they do is illegal arrest them and then judgement will be passed

Damned sad all this hearsay with no evidence of any tjing more sinister tjan boys wanting their own odea for a club

Anonymous said...

@ Hide Behind - do yourself a favor and review the lengthy history of these societies - they were never intended to be "clubs" but to be tools for global transformation to a system they prefer but the majority of human beings oppose.

If you aren't aware of the occult aspects to history then you aren't aware of real history.

For example even with all my ranting on the subject for years now the majority of people I know don't have a clue(or forget frequently) that there was a major occult agenda behind World War II.

The National Socialists/Nazis banned Freemasonry and all other connected groups for being "artificial Jews", while replacing them with the occult brotherhood of the SS centered around the "Schwarze Sonne" or Black Sun.

The goal of Hitler - having been inspired by Madame Blavatsky - was to use the SS as a nationalized occult society to develop a new religious system that combined Christian theology with ancient Norse mysticism and other occult philosophies.

What the Freemasons and other groups represent are privatized groups or clubs devoted to themselves and their members.

The Nazis essentially nationalized that system so the group would be dedicated to the good of the nation and society as a whole rather than private interests.

There is massive evidence of these groups being involved in political and social and religious interference for centuries, and following hidden agendas that by the fact they are hidden from the public automatically count as being sinister in nature.

The Billionaires Club in Toronto, Ontario Canada of which I used to know a member(RIP) is a club - rich old men sit around smoking cigars and trading advice and being typical old rich men.

The Freemasons and similar groups are dangerous cults built out of ancient rituals and mysticism with serious spiritual connotations, they are not clubs.


Leonard M. Urban said...

Perhaps those who've responded to this article have their own "odeas" of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

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