Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Will the Real Zombies Please Stand Up?

Dave Hodges
Activist Post

Zombies are currently all the rage. Between movies, books, games, television shows, and other media, the concept of a zombie apocalypse is very popular. And before you accuse your truly of losing his mind, you should not; the accompanying picture is brought to you courtesy of the CDC.

Also, I read that Russia was testing a beam weapon, which was introduced by Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov that could fight back against a zombie attack. The Australia’s Herald Sun reports that this Russian weapon could transform humans into zombies.

I began to wonder if there really is some truth to the rumors coming out of the mainstream media (MSM) about the plausibility of something transforming humans into zombies, which would, in-turn, terrorize humanity.

In October of 2012, Navy special-operations forces, along with the Marines, took part in a DHS drill on an island off the coast of San Diego. This is not unusual until one considers the fact that the entire drill was based upon a zombie invasion. This drill was not a parody, as the exercise was also attended by former CIA director Michael Hayden.

Let me be clear on this point, DHS director, Janet Napolitano is not secretly concerned that the undead will soon overrun the human population. Instead, the agency said it wanted to make a serious counter-terrorism training exercise more fun. ABC news reported the event as an example of wasteful spending. In fact, Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) told ABC News that DHS also spent “$30,000 on an underwater robot for Columbus, Ohio, $240,000 for a armored personnel carrier to protect New Hampshire’s annual pumpkin festival and $69,000 for a hovercraft in Indianapolis.” Wasteful spending, more fun? What a great way to hide what DHS is truly up to.

And just when it could not get an weirder, it is now reported that FEMA will hold a Zombie Apocalypse/Alien Invasion drill in Moscow, Idaho on April 27th, from 9 am to 5 pm with 100 participating actors. DHS scrubbed the notice of the drill from its website. However, the drill is still a go as evidenced by the fact that the County Coordinator, Sandi Rollins, for the Moscow, Idaho area is listed as being the local person in charge of the drill. Here is Ms. Rollins’ contact information

County Coordinator
Latah County
PO Box 8068
Moscow, ID 83843 

The National Geographic Channel Popularizes the “Zombie Threat”

The National Geographic Channel produced a docudrama entitled The Truth Behind Zombies. The threat from zombies begins as an outbreak in which humans exhibit an extreme level of violence and entranced states as they plunge into absolute madness. Within days, the epidemic spreads and humanity is gripped with fear. The show speculates that there is something behind the zombie myth. The show then proceeds to speculate on whether a mutated virus could create a vast army of zombies, and the producers go so far as to teach viewers how to survive such a threat.

Before running for the hills, it might be useful to recall that National Geographic has always been a CIA enterprise. And it is interesting that this show surfaced in proximity to the zombie drills sponsored by DHS.

Occam’s Razor

Against all common sense, I began to wonder if there could really be something to the legends of zombies and if DHS actually knew something that we did not about this potential threat. Being a researcher, I began to systematically examine each and every instance of the reports of threatening zombies using the principle known as Occam’s Razor which states that the simplest answer is most often correct answer.

The Russian Zombie Death Ray Gun

Upon closer examination, the zombie-creating death ray is no more than a crowd control device capable of inflicting massive pain and mind-control. The hordes of newly created Russian Zombies were no more than dissidents who needed to be brought under control. And the Russian weapon is similar to the “microwave heater” used by the US government for the same purpose. Although the zombie-producing ray gun is a myth, the fact that the weapon is a crowd control device is highly significant.

DHS Zombie Defense Drills

When we strip away the zombie hype in the media, the zombie preparation drill in October of last year, according to the videotape evidence, is no more than a glorified target practice session designed to practice shooting humans.

Below is a two-minute clip of the zombie preparedness drills sponsored by DHS.

It is very difficult for anyone, who is not dumber than a box of rocks, to find the real threat posed by zombies in this video. The important thing to remember about this exercise is that the targets were human, and they were unarmed.

DHS Training Exercises and Manuals

When one considers the leaked US Army Military Police training manual, which details how military assets are to be used to stop acts of civil disobedience, to confiscate firearms and even murder Americans on American soil, along with characterizing as terrorists Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and are Christians who believe the Bible is the literal word of God.

This doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable question to ask. What the hell is DHS up to? Who are the real zombies? This is a very reasonable question to ask especially with DHS purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, placing orders for 2700 armored personnel carriers and placing solicitations for 7,000 fully automatic rifles. One should become very suspicious as to the true motives of DHS.

Who Could Ever Forget?

Do you remember when the DHS got caught using the images of these people as target practice? The pregnant woman is a zombie, as is the little boy and the elderly lady. And just like the zombies in San Diego and soon to be in Moscow, Idaho, DHS has simply replaced the term domestic terrorist with the term zombie.

America, YOU Are the Zombies

A mythical zombie invasion is a politically correct way to practice shooting American citizens in a civilian uprising. This only makes sense: can you imagine if it were discovered that our military, DHS forces and foreign assets were practicing for civilian uprisings? It would serve to awaken a lot of the sheep who mistakenly believe that DHS was actually put in play to protect you from al Qaeda. Also, when you train your troops to be shooting at zombies, it dehumanizes the target and desensitizes the act, thus, making it easier to pull the trigger.


The battle lines have been drawn; only most Americans are still unaware that they are about to the most hunted prey on the planet. Field Marshal Napolitano, on behalf of the globalists, has declared most Americans to be enemies of the illegitimate State.

When you go to bed tonight, instead of counting sheep, instead, maybe you should think about waking up a few sheep.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.


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Anonymous said...

"I began to wonder if there really is some truth to the rumors coming out of the mainstream media (MSM) about the plausibility of something transforming humans into zombies, which would, in-turn, terrorize humanity."

That 'something' is called hunger doofus. Haven't you noticed that all Zombies want to do is to chow down on brains?

Start starving people to death and you will be left with the worst dregs of humanity - the ones that will kill and eat you in the blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

A friend and I were discussing this very topic the other day. WTF is up with all of the Zombie stuff lately? The Walking Dead TV series, several movies, books, comics, hell, Hornady has even come out with a line of real Zombie ammunition! Is there a real threat of a Zombie virus, or is this a not so subtle way of telling us we are the Zombies the .gov intends to eliminate?

عبدالرحيم علي said...

Time to move to a desert in the middle east. Pretty soon that'll be safer than the good old home of the slave

Anonymous said...

"Is there a real threat of a Zombie virus, or is this a not so subtle way of telling us we are the Zombies the .gov intends to eliminate?"

The first isn't entirely impossible with the science these days but I'd put more stock in the second option.

Though it is also symbolically a "dig" at Christians, the followers of the original "zombie" that rose from the dead.

Basically they are saying Christians are brain-dead zombies - as per the "destroy religious dogmas" part of the NWO agenda for world government(which Christians are the most opposed to).

They love their zombie analogies, and symbolically portraying themselves as the "survivors" fighting the zombies.


Anonymous said...

One in 58 children autistic. Numbers rising. these kids grow up eventually, age out of the system. Google "dark side of autism" or violence and the autistic. Some autistic kids grow up into lovely, functional adults, capable of empathy, lots more need constant supervision and care, and dont turn out so nice. Dont tell me not to say it or that this line of thinking hurts autistic people. It is truth. I have autistic family, and have worked with adult autistic for many years. There's your angry, violent zombie apocolypse. It IS coming.

Anonymous said...

And people thought I was a nut-cake for putting away some 3 weeks of MRE's & a case of 22 rimfire ammo for disaster preparedness. These idiots are heart-attack SERIOUS in their training, designating the American Public as "Zombies" and are to be treated a such. Means that head "shots" will be the appropriate response; don't have to worry about wounded if they're dead. Got some sick puddleheads in this here government now-a-days!

Anonymous said...

"Got some sick puddleheads in this here government now-a-days!"

Indeed, they are very sick. That can be seen by how they call themselves "Illuminati" despite there being nothing illuminated or enlightened about them.

One of them I know, who claims(falsely) that "The Walking Dead" is the only T.V show she watches considers it a good time to go out and get completely drunk out of her mind and laugh at other "illuminated" idiots tazering each other for fun.

How very "enlightened"...

And these are the folks who plan on ruling the world(already are to a large extent).

If anything the zombie analogy seems to better suit them, they don't question anything except what they are told to question and spend their time drunk or drugged up to ease their own conscious about what they are doing to the rest of the world, while blinding following an agenda even most of them probably don't full comprehend(eat brains, eat brains, eat brains...).

Those are the people "calling the shots" - the zombies that will carry out their orders without even considering questioning them are even scarier than that.

The term "Illuminati" is BS propaganda, the proper term for them should be "spiritual terrorists".


Anonymous said...

This "zombie" description - humans who descend into extreme levels of violence while being in an entranced state as they plunge into absolute madness - is remarkably similar to human mass-shooters on antidepressant drugs.

Lark In Texas said...

'Preciated the commentary here. Having revisited the encyclopedia definitions a time or two before, I finally realized who these lowlifes... and zombies... truly are.

They work for the DHS...

... And at your local hospital. In your local schools [and indoctrination centers]. At your city halls. In your statehouses...

... And in all those law offices... corporate boardrooms, banking centers... and courthouses.

Your soldier-boys and your peace officers too.

The rest are like the vermin swarmin' all those gussied-up rats nests up thar in New York and Washington.

Yup. Nobody home. Not at all.

HereAmI said...

The worship of death is the hallmark of the jewish Talmud. Indeed, the Zohar-Kabbalah gives precise instructions on how to raise the golem, which is a zombie-like entity which follows instructions, no matter how evil, precisely. The paradigm is one which has always been instilled into the once-human tools of the NWO. Military training has always stressed the primacy of obeying instructions to the letter, no matter how wicked; thus a denial of right to the Nuremberg Defence was merely hypocrisy of the highest order from the prosecutors, which we should expect; the vast majority of them being jews.

Anonymous said...

I had a slightly different take on this article... As I read, something began to nag at me, from the back of my mind, about how, even with NO real change among us citizens (whether in action, mindset, or even health), we could still have a major war take place between us (as zombies) and armies of trained soldiers. The military (CIA) could have been training agents for years to BELIEVE we are zombies, and supporting this false education with mainstream media reinforcement, such as movies, tv shows, books etc. It would be SO easy! Maybe that is already going on, even to the degree where politicians (even in the white house) may BELIEVE they have been given top-secret information about large groups of zombies (who we know as iraqis, afghanis, liberal journalists, and whistleblowers, for instance) and this is why they approve and carry out the killing of thousands without a second thought. We don't know what type of psyops or other brain-bending may be happening at Bilderberg (hosting the power and money elite of the world), or at the many DHS seminars (mandatory, attended by cops and security firms across our nation). All watching have noticed extreme changes in behavior and personality of the individuals who have attended such closed seminars, and nobody is allowed to discuss what happens at them. It is possible that flash hypnotism has erased it from their accessible memory. But these techniques, just like in the movies, involve post hypnotic suggestion, meaning there could be triggers that could cause these individuals to act against the populace because of planted beliefs about zombieism which could seem to be supported simply by the existence of such shows on tv, etc. Especially if those agents have been isolated from the public for any amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Nice bit of fear mongering - seems to be very much in vogue.
Between zombies, aliens and other fashionable hoaxes, I doubt if they could muster the energy to boil a kettle of water.
Shame on you for spreading such tripe.

Anonymous said...

off topic, but could someone please tell WRH that Investment Watch articles and anything related to Charles Krauthammer the establishment mouthpiece i just can't seem to take seriously

as soon as i click on a story and realize its I W i'm thoroughly pissed

predictive programming would be that new movie "Olympus Has Fallen" and lets not forget "The Road"

so in this case the Christian Braindead Zombie analogy fits to a tee

and all these years i thought i was the ignorant one

nothing against Christians, but come on!!!!!!!

1 IN 58 KIDS:

you are not alone in that assessment. ask anyone who works in crisis homes what goes on

another glaring problem is the explosion in homelessness taking place right before our eyes. law enforcement helped make all that possible. some people are dealing with family members who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, mental health issues and for some families, their lives are just awful

"its the law" anyone else dealing with family members who talk like that and if the tv said it, it must be true

there's your other zombies

Anonymous said...

They do put the truth in our faces in the movies.

Most of what is happening now in Hollywood- land are these Apocalypse films.

You and I think the producers have clever story lines but in reality these stories come from the bible. So they know what is in the bible but they don't want us to know.

Let's separate the bible from the world's churches for a minute and see if what we are being told about what is in the bible is true or a manipulation by men.

In the end times, "Sceptres of the Shadim" is spoken about in Second Baruch which is in the Apocrapha.

By the way, the Catholic and Protestant churches took the Apocrapha out of the bible in mid 1900's. The Catholics left some of it in as a ruse, but took out the books which would clear up these mysteries.

Books like 2nd Esdras and parts of Baruch and others, for instance, are removed because the world's powers know best. Columbus read 2nd Esdras which led him to America. We are Aszareth (the hidden land). That's taken out of the bible.

It is predicted that in the end times along with the the other end time catastrophes, Spirits from hell(zombies) would be released on man. That is also in the main book of the KJV.

Just look at movies like "the fallen" with Denzel Washington.

These are the zombies, "Septres of the Shadim" they are called, attacking Denzel in the film.

Satans' minions unleased. Septres of the Shadim.

So you can see, they read the bible but attack it at the same time.

Blessed are those who readeth.
Pick up the book and read. Words of the Most High.

Don't let them tell you what is in it. Read it for yourself says the Lord. The answers are there.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a government any longer.
It has devolved into an occult.

What will it take before people realize those in control are not in their right minds.

Anonymous said...

prescription drugs and mass media create zombies...and they walk among us.

Anonymous said...

Wow,, I can only say the real "zombies" are sitting in the White House ,, doing whatever evil deed their illuminati masters bid them,

probably shooting those they deem "zombies" who DON'T go along with their plans,,, that's why the gun confiscation,, etc,,

If you want to read an excellent book about real zombies : "Serpent and the Rainbow" by Wade Davis.... (do NOT see the movie- it's trash)
Read the book,,,,

Anonymous said...

Yes to the person above me, but we have to understand that there are two races in this earth.

We, the masses are a creation of the Most High God. His name is Ahayah.

The so called aliens have been here all along. Satan created them. They are his children. They are race number two and they rule us. Hybrids. Part man and part demon.

The Most High threw them out of heaven to this earth. When thrown out of the heavens by God, they slept with human women creating a hybrid being.
Those beings rule the earth today through Gov't and churches which they control. They were thrown out of the heavens and are stuck here. Satans agenda is to get back up and fight the Most High for rulership.

Satan is stuck with a body like us. He is enraged and determined to take vengeance.

They cannot enter the portals anymore with their leader Satan because the Most High closed those portals to them so they need NASA to help them get back into the heavens to fight the almighty. Futile but they believe it.

The only alien coming back is Christ and they intend to fight him in their psychosis and convince us to back them. Unfortunately, most of us will.

The UFO's, people, are created by man with help from Satan. This is how.

1.The chemtrails are aluminum. They create this kind of movie screen in the sky so the gov'ts project these images in the sky with aluminum screen.

What a joke. They are laughing at us. 1. some are real demons though who change their shape.
2. Others are created by gov't who are well ahead in technology given to them by Satans minions and really do have flying saucers.

They are not smarter than us. Satan and fallen angels help them and show them how with technology.

They built the pyramids. Not Egyptians, not man. God made the flood to destroy them but they made it over and started all over again except in human shape and size. Not giants as before.

They intend to scare us into a New World Order. Good grief. Satan deceiveth the whole world. Satan was here first and
God put us in afterward and Satan hates us. He thinks this place is his now. He did gain dominion by taking Adam down but that is temporary. He knows Ahayah gives him a short time and his is almost up.

He knows it so he has to fast forward his program.

Justg Remember the chemical aluminum movie screen in the sky people when you see so called aliens coming soon. It's a big scam and a farce.

Don't fall for it.

Anonymous said...

I get it.

The real deal is not published which I knew all along

Anonymous said...

It is important to note that these people do have a point about knowing a "truth"(at least part of it) about the foundations of human civilization that the average person does not know.

It's true that to a large extent the "old world" of human civilization is built on lies and deception.

When I first started researching the occult works of Crowley, Blavatsky, John Dee, etc. I completely sympathized with their view that a world built on lies needs to be "fixed", and I seriously considered joining their ranks.

But then I remembered that most of the "foundations" they plan on building the "New World" on are complete and total blatant lies, many of which actually inspire hatred and discrimination against certain peoples worse than the "old world" lies do.

For all their talk about "truth" and "understanding" their actions completely contradict every single word they utter.

I just for the life of me can not comprehend it - how can you despise this world so much because it's based on lies and then seek to create a supposedly "better world" on new lies?

Wouldn't it make more sense to build a new world on the foundations of truth?

The only way it makes sense is if you assume that every word they utter is BS propaganda and all they really care about is power and control.

The new lies they will try to build the NWO out of will be THEIR lies and as such they will be able to have total power and control over the shell of humanity that is left when they finish demolishing the "old world".

It's all about power and nothing to do with truth, that's just the BS propaganda they use to get dumbasses to do their dirty work for them.

It's disgusting, and nowhere close to "enlightened".

Lies, lies, lies... that is the only thing they are good at. The ones I know personally even deceive themselves, and not very well even.

People should never accept the propaganda that these people are powerful, the half dozen or so I know personally are some of the feeblest and most weak minded cowards I've ever known - they gladly sold their souls to save their own asses.

They may be good at manipulating and controlling information to make themselves seem "all-powerful" but in reality they are some of the weakest beings that have ever existed on this planet.

It really is mind-blowing to me that they managed to get into a position to become a threat to humanity as they are today.

But they can and will be stopped.


Earlgrey said...

Well..this is as far i can sense a real and dangerous psy op. As i have been reading, debunking (just few so far) and understanding them "conspiracy theories", but rather call them very possible and logic discoveries. So after all this time there is a psychological profile on them conspiracies there is a movement inside the political system that has been manipulating us for like 15,000 thousand years.
This zombie matter is very serious. Some day, not far from today, the masses will be facing a food shortage , yes and it will be a staged one. There will be little money and as a matter of fact not even money to buy soap for example. The chemtrails will be more devastating, like them morgallons (Google images this!! ) wounds and such. people will get mad and very ill looking, as they will gather some day and take action, and of course not even on cars and buses, but walking miles and miles to show their anger, But meanwhile in the protected areas, where the more or less 1% and their slaves live, news have start to warn about crowds that look sick, and seemingly on bath salts or a new disease spread by the gracious government planes or subcontractors. There will be many cases of cannibalism as well.And all of this perfectly covered by your MSM, and of course very detailed on horrific issues. So, there is your zombie apocalypse upraise. Just desperate people that want to survive..So, have you seen the movie? It will be like that.

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