Friday, April 12, 2013

Vaccine Legislative Update: The Vaccine Police State is Knocking...

Alan Phillips, J.D.
Activist Post

The National Vaccine Information Center's Advocacy Portal lists current vaccine bills throughout the United States. Right now, it lists from one to six vaccine bills in each of 30+ states. Most of these bills, if passed into law, would further expand an already out-of-control pharmaceutical vaccine agenda that seeks to require more vaccines for more people while further restricting our right to refuse them. Join the Portal NOW to help defend vaccine freedom of choice!

Here's a quick look at the authoritarian agendas being promoted by current bills around the U.S.:

1. Flu vaccines (6 states):
A) Required for healthcare workers: CT, IL, MO
B) Required for the elderly: CT
C) Must be offered to healthcare workers: GA, NJ
D) Must adopt a flu vaccine policy: CT
E) Health department may offer to kids in schools: PA

2. HPV vaccine (6 states):
A) Required: KY (boys and girls), NY, VA (boys)
B) Parents required to get information about: FL, GA
C) Health department can provide to girls entering 7th grade: SC *(unconstitutional if done without parental knowledge and consent)

3. Meningitis vaccine: Required for middle school, high school and/or college students (7 states): IL, IN, MO, NE, NY, TN, TX

4. DTP vaccine: Hospitals must mandate to employees: NE

5. Other New Employee Vaccine Requirements:
A) Vaccines for childcare facility employees: TX
B) Pertussis vaccine required for teachers and childcare workers: VT

6. Schools have to post exemption rates: AZ

7. Pharmacists may vaccinate children (6 states): GA, MD, MT, NJ, OH, OR

8. Department of health may make changes to vaccine requirements based on federal recommendations: HI

9. Vaccine Registries (4 states):
A) Extend immunization tracking to include adults: ID, ND
B) Removes informed consent for vaccine registry: TX
C) Immunization records can be shared with the tracking system without consent: MT

10. Requires parents to receive vaccine propaganda to exercise an exemption for their child: ME

11. Restricts access to religious exemptions: NJ

12. Allows minors to consent to vaccines: NY, TX

13. Suspends non-medical exemptions when exemption rates fall below 90%: VT

It's not all bad news, though. Here's a summary of bills that would further the cause of vaccine freedom if signed into law:

1. Remove or Prohibit Requirements (3 states):
A) Prohibit employers from requiring flu vaccines: CT
B) Prohibits flu vaccine requirement for school children: MI
C) Removes immunization requirement for community-technical colleges: CT

2. Add or Protect An Exemption (6 states):
A) Adds a conscientious or philosophical exemption: KS, NY, NJ, OR
B) Exempts children under 6 from Hep. B vaccine if the mother

tests negative: NJ
C) Provides protections for parents who exercise a religious exemption: NY;
D) Expands religious exemption right: SD
E) Healthcare facilities must provide a religious exemption to flu shots: OK

3. Parents required to be informed of vaccine ingredients before a vaccine is administered: ME, MO

4. Requires labeling and consent for vaccines derived from aborted fetal tissue: MN

The pharmaceutical vaccine agenda is playing out rapidly in state legislatures. We MUST speak out now, loudly and effectively, if we are to avoid becoming an authoritarian vaccine police state where everyone is required to get vaccine after vaccine with no right to refuse.

In 2010, there were more than 330 vaccines either already on the market or in development. Now, in 2013, there are 250 vaccines either in clinical trials or already awaiting approval by the FDA.[1]

There's no light at the end of this tunnel. Join the NVIC Advocacy Portal—they've made it easy to find out what's going on in your state and around the country, and to take action when that's needed. I'm here to help as well in any way that I can. My list of past legislative projects is here:

[1] US pharma: 907 bologic drugs and vaccines now in R&D, PharmaTimes Online,

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Anonymous said...

Private corporations mandating what we put in our bodies. Wow. Pretty the Supermarket chains are going to get laws passed saying you have to spend 50% of your income on their products.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! for all the hard work, timely info.

Anonymous said...

Before you take your child in for a 9 injection "vaccination day" you might want to ponder this.

"Upon analysis, the team found that the more vaccines a child receives during a single doctor visit, the more likely he or she is to suffer a severe reaction or even die. According to Heidi Stevenson from Gaia Health, for each additional vaccine a child receives, his or her chance of death increases by an astounding 50 percent — and with each additional vaccine dose, chances of having to be hospitalized for severe complications increase two-fold. To sum it all up, the overall size of the vaccine load was found to be directly associated with hospitalization and death risk, illustrating the incredible dangers of administering multiple vaccines at once." Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990–2010

abinico said...

You idiot liberals wanted Obama - well not you got him.

Anonymous said...

this is insane. what are they going to to do put me in jail if i say hell there damned shots,,,its all a scam to make u all get these shots and little do u no...what are really in them....there not going to tell u...but there all kinds of mind controll drugs...that can be mixed in,,and things that kill u later so it looks like u died of something go along with there population your home work...there has been Dr.'s on YOU TUBE warning people of just that...and that they are going to but something in the flue shot if they aren't already...that lays dorment in your body till they fly over and spray us with the other part of it and then u get sick and die,....and they will clam it was of some strage sickness act like they no nothing about it...this way they can kill who they want...not all will be taking the your home work...there"s like 4 different doctors warning people but of corse everyone is like already in controll so no one even bothers to do there home work and see why they are pushing this new agenda,,,to kill u later my dear...oxoxDO YOUR HOME WORK IT WILL SHOCK U...GOD BLESS ALL

Anonymous said...

The only way they'll get vaccines into me is by force. I would then consider it an assault and act accordingly.
People need to make a stand now on this Orwellian nightmare that's being unfolded. The further down the road this goes the harder it is to stop.

Gary orGibby said...

Do NOT accept ANY vaccines unless you want to be a guinea pig for their experiments.

Anonymous said...

Where is the link to NVIC Advocacy Portal?

And, to abinico above, assuming that you are one of the "wise" conservatives who vote for Republicans, you might want to check the history of vaccines...they were in production, being promoted and required well before Barack Obama was elected. Get over your hatred of one man/party/political philosophy and wake up! Eugenics is deeply embedded in all such laws and originate from the elitists in both parties. To make such ridiculous statments is aiding and abetting the enemy which relies on keeping us misinformed and malignend against each other rather than having the courage to call out ALL for their crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

good words Mr. Anonymous. No matter the political party, we who are against forced vaccines must band together.

Anonymous said...

The author spoils a critique of vaccine laws by lying thru omission.

Here is what the state of Connecticut says about "mandated" vaccines for public school attendance:

" Any student or child whose parents or guardian presents a statement that such immunization is contrary to the religious beliefs of such student or child is exempt from immunization requirements.

Medical exemptions are also allowed."

The same exemptions apply to daycare centers.
The SC has defined religious as meaning beliefs, so if you belief it is wrong, you are allowed to opt out. To ignore this basic right is to
perpetrate a lie which actually harms the efforts to make valid criticism of the current vaccine situation.

The CDC reports that
"Forty-eight states allow religious exemptions(all but Mississippi and West Virginia)
and 15
permit philosophic exemptions."

I could find no bills or state laws in Connecticut mandating flu vaccines for seniors. I did find many hospitals and corporations which mandated vaccines and fired workers who refused.

Many of the mandates in this article are actually coming from corporations, not government. Government vaccine mandates almost always include exemptions, whereas this is not the case with hospitals, etc.

This article misfires by misrepresenting private mandates as public and ignoring the exemption clauses. It overstates government power and ignores private mandates, which are much more restrictive (no exemptions allowed).

In Connecticut, private hospitals are mandating flue shots for workers unless they get an exemption, based on personal beliefs.

"Despite resistance from some employees, more hospitals in the state this year are making flu shots mandatory for all workers, and some have even suspended or dismissed a handful who have not complied.

This year, 19 of the 29 acute care hospitals in the state require that all employees get flu vaccinations......Religious and medical exemptions are allowed at most hospitals that have mandatory vaccine policies. Employees with a history of adverse reactions to the shot, have certain allergies or have a compromised immune system can get the medical exemption. Religious exemptions vary. Children's Medical Center requires a note from the person's spiritual leader, explaining objections to the vaccines. At Hartford Hospital, the employee can write their own note explaining their objections"

We can't have a rational discussion on vaccination and state power to protect public safety with propagandistic articles like this one.

Anonymous said...

There is much overreach and abuse in the vaccine situation, but let us not forget that vaccines have totally wiped out smallpox and polio, as well as other once rampant diseases.

We should not throw out the baby with the bath water. Articles like this conflate corporate mandates with government overreach and ignore the broad exemption rights 48 of 50 states grant. But corporations do not have to grant exemptions; they have more tyrannical power than the government, but those on the right libertarian side of the issue always ignore corporate tyranny in order to put all the blame on the government, which is often much more libertarian in its policies.

Rosey said...

To the Pharm Police---Listen up. I WILL NOT take your flu, whooping cough, or any other of your mercury+ based vaccines!

somitcw said...

Forced penetration of a vaccine needle to inject harmful chemicals with attenuated viruses is a type of child rape.
Allopathic "medicine" and our government should be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

somitcw said...

To quote a recent news article:
"A German study released in September 2011 of about 8000 unvaccinated children, newborn to 19 years, show vaccinated children have at least 2 to 5 times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children."

Rosey said...

I WILL NOT take a flu shot. Period. Vaccines from the beginning have contained organisms in direct opposition to your health. While polio has nearly been wiped out (there are still a few reported cases), the vaccine also left behind its long term side affects. Read "The Virus and the Vaccine": Contaminated Vaccine, Deadly Cancers, and Government Neglect, "Dr. Mary's Monkey": How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey ... Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics and other books of interest on the subject. Some real eyeopeners into the behind the scenes operations and experimentation in laboratories, loose or absent safety practices and pharmaceutical companies profit agenda. By all means, do your own research but don't believe everything someone tells you just because they wear a white coat.

somitcw said...

Dale, you seem to have missed the point of the article so your responses do not perfectly match what the article said.
What was listed is bills and other actions being reviewed but not yet in effect. You responded with, "Here is what the state of Connecticut says about", instead of saying that the bill is not being considered.
You post about the polio and smallpox vaccines fails to match history. Polio is a feces spread disease and was stopped dead cold in the U.S.A. when we started treating human waste. The OPV polio vaccine did extend polio for decades but wild polio ended long before vaccine induced polio ended. Check the CDC web site if you have questions. The information is there and poorly hidden. The polio vaccines also started at least three cancer epidemics with SV40 that thousands still die of every year. The OPV polio vaccine was created by trying to mutate polio viruses in African Green Monkeys but no one is saying if it was the polio OPV vaccine or the first hepatitis vaccine that mutated African Green Monkey SIV into human HIV.
The smallpox vaccine did kill some but was not as horrific as the polio vaccine. The makers and pushers of both vaccines should be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

HereAmI said...

Dear Dale,
The government is driven by corporate interests, entirely. They are the two heads of the same beast. They provide the considerable finance necessary to elect Congresspeople. This, by the way, is Mussolini's definition of fascism. You should be aware that they do not usually push their agenda precipitately, but seek to introduce it incrementally; ie exemptions are gradually restricted and ultimately removed. This is what we are seeing in the various states right now, and this is what the article seeks to inform us about.
And you are quite wrong to state that polio, etc, have been totally wiped out by vaccines. In the last year or so there has been a major outbreak of polio in India, which was directly caused by the vaccination itself. Where possible however, the condition has been renamed "non-infectious flaccid paralysis", but it is still polio. Other recent examples show outbreaks of other diseases in groups of people who were almost entirely vaccinated, thus giving the lie to the fallacious concept of "herd immunity". Indeed, the argument that vaccines are on some undefined level beneficial was severely undermined by Dr Maurice Hilleman, Merck's original vaccine development chief, who stated that the original polio vaccines were all contaminated with carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus. So, avoid polio, but contract cancer. Is this your advice to us?
The so-called scientific rationale for vaccination is severely flawed. Most vaccinations, if not all, create antibody to a few select members of a viral population, for example, flu types A and B, the remnant, let's call them types C to Z, then infect the individual and cause the disease, as the CD8 white blood cells which remember and react to earlier similar exposures are decimated. This was publicly illustrated in the case of Piers Morgan, who was assured that he could not possibly go down with the flu after his vaccination, but who did. Similarly with Gardasil/Cervarix; the vaccination makes pre-infected individuals more likely to succumb to the disease; again, as their own natural immunity and ability to fight infection is compromised severely by the vaccination.
So all that is left to us to decide, is whether we believe your propaganda, or Alan Philips'?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, guys, for bringing up the recent polio deaths which are still happening and how it's being reclassified.

AP should do a post on "AIDS Inc." info. Alarming. Saddening. INfuriating!

And you're right about the incremental choke collar. It's happening. Slowly. State by state. Just a little bit more every single year.

THANKFULLY I'm able to homeschool our two boys but I tell you what, I don't know what we'd do if we weren't able to. We get harrassed at the doctor's office every time we go in. Even through I signed forms for a religious exemption(I BELIEVE that vaccines are bad. I religiously believe it.) they still argue with me like I'm an incompetent moron. Who's the moron? I read about things which I find curious. All they do is close their eyes/ears/hearts and take the money.

The joke is going to be on them in the end when they get sick and ask for help, dazed and confused as to how this could possibly have happened to THEM?! "I can't be sick with ______. It's impossible. I eat healthy and get all my vaccinations and and and...."

Suck it up. Be ignorant and pay the price.

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