Friday, April 12, 2013

Is Your Toothpaste Making You Stupid?

Kenny Valenzuela
Activist Post

The powers in charge of culling the world’s population have built-in a system of control that stems far enough back into the past of America’s social consciousness that poisoning ourselves on a daily basis has become part of the hygienic habits embraced by toothpaste-using consumers worldwide.

This system of influence has conditioned the human animal to engage in the daily rituals of dental hygiene which has become the mechanism for medicating the minds of the masses. Consuming massive quantities of the developmental neurotoxin known as toothpaste has turned a society of cavity-conscientious citizens into a herd of shiny teethed imbeciles oblivious to the consequences of their pearly whites.

The fluoride that is added to drinking water and toothpaste has been lowering children’s IQ levels if consumed in quantities of 2 parts per million or greater. The most popular toothpaste brands on the market have a fluoride concentration level of 1,000 to 1,500 parts per million. Maybe this is why toothpaste has a poison control label warning that if the product is swallowed you should seek medical assistance.

Although toothpaste is not designed to be eaten, we have all witnessed children and teens consuming it as though it were candy. Sublingual administration of medication is when you keep a liquid under your tongue and your body absorbs it through the sublingual veins into the bloodstream. Is this why we are told to brush our teeth twice daily for 3 minutes at a time to get a full dose of the neurotoxic agent called fluoride?

The (EPA) Environmental Pollution Agency has set safety level of fluoride in drinking water at 2-4 parts per million which include most all bottled waters. The (HHS) Health and Human Services readjusted those numbers lowering the level of fluoride in drinking water to .7 parts per million. In the past 5 years there have been over 35 studies concluding that fluoride in levels as low as 2 parts per million can result in developmental disabilities as reflected in the lowering of children’s IQ’s.

The (CDC) Center for Disease Creation and Proliferation states that fluoride varnish comes in concentration as high as 22,600 parts per million, but fails to mention the adverse effects this level of fluoride has on the brain.

Fluoride is being used to sedate the mental hygiene of the average American into a state of complacency leading us to a nation of slaves willing to accept the oppressive powers' slow push towards totalitarianism. To think something as innocuous as brushing your teeth can lead to neurological disorders only exemplifies the elitist disregard and utter contempt for human life.

The eugenics program has moved from the physical sterilization of the unfit to the mental castration of millions. Generations from now will wake to a world of mindless automatons who lack the ability to reason . . . but have an amazing smile.

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Anonymous said...

This could explain why my brother got MS .

Dr Bonnie said...

As most people know, fluoride was used by the Nazis to pacify the concentration camp prisoners. And it isn't even really good for the teeth, causing ugly mottling or "fluorosis".

WISHBONE said...

well duh,! how long does it take for the message to get through, how many times do you have to keep telling people before it sinks in? check the history of fluride. IT WAS USED BY NAZI'S IN WW2, IT WAS PUT IN THE DRINKING WATER OF JEWISH PRISONERS IN LARGE DOSES, THIS IS WHY THERE WAS NEVER ANY REAL ESCAPE ATTEMPS FROM CONCENTRATION CAMPS, (only from war camps, where it was not used) WHEN THE WAR ENDED THE U,S, AND BRITISH TROOPS WENT INTO THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND FOUND WHAT THE NAZI'S WERE DOING WITH FLURIDE AND THE RULING CLASSES DECIDED IT WAS A GOOD IDEA, IF USED IN SMALLER DOSES IN SOMETHING THAT EVERYONE USES LIKE TOOTHPASTE AND WATER (and more recently in salt) THEY COULD DUMB DOWN THE GENERAL PUBLIC SO THE GOVERNMENTS COULD GET AWAY WITH BRINGING IN NASTY LAWS AND INCREASING TAXES AND EVEN CREATING FALSE FLAG EVENTS, THE PUBLIC WOULD BE TOO STUPID TO OBJECT, IT WORKED.! the jewish toothpaste companies and so on seem to be IN ON THE DEAL. (sad) so, the upshot; the general british public seem to be terminally thick, and so proud of being thick that they make T,V, shows about how dumb they are, and in the U,S, we have the screaming, dumb, OMG generation. this was supposed to be the age of ENLIGHTENMENT but its turned into the age of complete stupidity all thanks to fluride. SO, DEAR FRIENDS, STOP SWOLLOWING FLURIDE, STOP SWOLLOWING GOVERNMENT BULLSHIT ABOUT IT, FLUSH IT OUT OF YOUR BODIES AND LIVES, EDUCATE YOURSELVES, AND DANGLE THE MONSTERS THAT HAVE DONE THIS TO US FROM LAMPOSTS. WE ARE THE 99% THEY ARE THE 1%, CAN YOU DIG IT,???????????

wishbone. said...

oh by the way, I forgot, (must be the residue fluride in my system :-) ) FLURIDE IS A WASTE PRODUCT FROM THE PRODUCTION OF ALUMINUM. YOUR EATING WASTE. THEY ARE FEEDING YOU SHIT. !!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently... avoiding fluoride doesn't help with poor spelling. There are "jewish toothpaste companies"?

Anonymous said...

Switched to brushing with baking soda some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he meant kosher.

Anonymous said...

oh my God there are some real paranoid people out here.... Flouride is a natural element that the human body uses for natural processes that include teeth health. Flouride is used by the body to strengthen teeth which leads to better health for the sensitive nerves inside.

You take flouride because most people will encounter peridontitis - which I recently got - in their lifetime. You can go from perfectly fine teeth to peridontitis-riddled mouth in less than a year easy. Mine went to hell in four months WHILE using average oral hygiene.

Your body uses flouride and calcium with the teeth. Lacking any of these two will cause teeth to become succeptible to peridontitis. As soon as you add poor hygiene into the mix, then you rapdily get crud building up on the tooth under the gumline which hardens and causes terrible bacterial growths which give you gingivitus - like I got - and decay of the gums and teeth, which end up torturing you as your teeth just rot out from under the gums, pus in your mouth, and yes teeth just falling out. It is basically meth mouth without the meth - because they are both peridontitis.

So why is flouride NATURAL and not evil? Because of these logical reasons! Do you know how much it costs to replace teeth? $50,000 is the national average. SO what if millions of Americans got bad teeth and had to pay that much each? It doesn't pan out.

That is why you need flouride!

and dont any of you accuse me of being an "insider" or some wacky nonsense!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous - apparently fluoride didn't prevent your rapid onset periodontitis. . .

Consumers have a right to know what's in their water. They have a right to know where chemical fluoride really comes from, because if they knew the truth about this industrial chemical, they would never allow their children to consume it.

The video is available for viewing at:

Additional resources for learning more about fluoride:

Learn more:

midnightwriter said...

My mother never had a cavity until she was 83. She brushed with baking soda and salt. Previous post about how great fluoride is and natural hasn't done their homework and research. I for one don't use it in tooth paste and filter my water. Just read the caution on the toothpaste about calling a poison center if you swallow more than a pea size amount, if your too lazy to research, that alone should sent up a red flag.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:34... so the article asks, "Is Your Toothpaste Making You Stupid?" and judging by your comments I have to say, "Yes." You claim to have all this knowledge about the benefits of fluoride so obviously you never stopped using it, but still you got all those dental problems?

No one would accuse you of being an insider because insiders have actual knowledge. Someone could justify accusing you of abusing fluoride and bragging about it.

Anonymous said...

There is no minimum requirement for fluoride.

97% of Europe does not fluoridate the water supply, and their teeth are as healthy as fluoridated communities.

In the United States, more people receive a fluoridated water supply than in ALL other nations of the world combined.

Water fluoridation is like Enron and Goldman Sachs, a huge scandal that no one would have believed until it became impossible to deny.

Anonymous said...

@Anon [5:34]

People need water to survive! However if one takes too much water at one time they will die!

Most things we need to be healthy are bad if in large quantities I think you missed the point with your failed logic. The gov doesn't give two shits about your teeth lemming.

More logic:

They say fluoride is good for your teeth.. okay. Well on the toothpaste bottle it says not to swallow if you do to call poison control right away.

Now if they put it in water for our teeth (as they say) are we supposed to spit out that water thats meant for drinking..?

I will let you work out that thought on your own time ;)


Clement said...

Good one stevan

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether fluoride is natural or not, adding fluoride to drinking water is a scam. Fluoride is a POISON.

HereAmI said...

Natural, or organic, fluoride, ( not fl-OU-ride!) is sodium fluoride. It is found in the soil in some nations, but not all, China springs to mind. By that token, the Chinese should have the best teeth in the world; they don't. In fact it is known to have very negative health effects. I am fairly certain that the healthy human body has absolutely no requirement for it, ( see Dr Rima Lebow ) despite what someone has told us above. Teeth only require calcium, magnesium, phosphate, boron, and vitamins C and K2 for perfect integrity. Furthermore, the fluoride added to drinking water is hexafluorosilicic acid; ie it is different from naturally-occurring fluoride. It is a synthetic chemical; as someone said, it is a by-product of the aluminium, fertilizer, and radiation industries. Because it is so toxic, it may not be disposed of without expensive pre-treatment. This was not thought to be economically viable, so Edward Bernays, Sigmund Fraud's nephew, was tasked with finding a way out. He decided to do the naturally jewish thing, ie to lie about its dangers, ( see "The Talmud" for the evidence of this ), and to get municipalities to actually pay money for it, and then to put it into the public water supply. The American Dental Association, already lying to the public about the safety of mercury (or "silver") fillings, was easy to get on side.
BTW, the obligatory reference to jews and concentration camps and fluoride is found above; please remember that there is no evidence whatsoever that the jews were singled out for especially harsh treatment; they certainly were not murdered as a matter of policy. Dachau for example, had an orchestra, a swimming pool, a theatre, and a sports pitch where guards would contest soccer games with inmates, and no, their heads were not used as the balls. The ICRC states in its objective and disinterested analysis of the WW2 camps that 273,000 persons of all nationalities and cultures died in these places, mostly from typhus following the starvation occasioned them by the unnecessary Allied bombing of German infrastructure and civilian locations at the end of the war. The Zyklon-B so beloved of jewish movie and myth-makers was used to combat the louse-infested clothing which is associated with this disease, not to poison anyone.
You should also be aware that a picture of a pile of emaciated and/or dead bodies is not necessarily a picture of a pile of emaciated and/or dead jewish bodies. Most bodies are indistinguishable, whether alive, or whether dead.

wishbone said...

dear hereami, what planet are you living on.???? either you are living in an alternate dimension where the Nazi's were all nice guy's fighting the good fight. OR the FLURIDE has really made a mess of your brain. while I agree that the jews do play up their suffering in history and use it as an excuse to inflict pain on the world, the history of the concentration camps is pretty much correct, I know because my father was one of the allies who found those camps. i'm not a jew by the way.!

Anonymous said...

Hey, boob,

1 milligram is 1/1000 gram, not 1 ppm.

Sounds like it though, check it out.

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