Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Insider Gives Meltdown Warning for Restart of CA San Onofre Nuclear Plant


A nuclear industry expert, as well as an anonymous insider, give warnings about the dire consequences of restarting the San Onofre nuclear power plant in San Diego, CA.

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Anonymous said...

The NRC is good at protecting these power companies from being held accountable for their lack of actions! The slow death we are all getting from food, air & water can be seen world wide. Most nuke plants in the USA have gone way past their life & now the NRC & congress let these nuts continue to spread dead far & wide. Try www.fukushimafacks.com & www.enenews.com, it seems youtube is the only place to get real news. If they start this plant up & it does what Fukushima does, the death rates will excel world wide, La Salle, in ILL is the same way! Just how many more RAD's can this planet take befor all have 3 eyes & no damn brains, oh, the brains seem to be gone already!

brad said...

There was a bit of a problem when they landed the domes for San Onofre by barge. . . .

Took awhile to figure out that the two domes were put in each other's place and had to be totally replumbed outside . . .

DERP. And like the video says, they boil water. These toxic monsters are fukn teapots, but you have to endanger the entire planet to make steam? And the people responsible for doing this think they are the brilliant minds, the leaders, the best and brightest, the self annointed "elite".

But to REALLY be elite would require intelligence and wisdom. These people OBVIOUSLY lack these qualities.

David Howard said...

9/11 - Proof of nuclear fission bombs ... "radiation-induced cancers" ... Google "China Syndrome Aftermath"

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