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Farmed and Dangerous - CFIA Destroys a Shepherd's Life and Her Rare Sheep

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Canada's Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has targeted rare heritage sheep at Wholearth Farmstudio owned by Montana Jones for years now. Shropshire sheep are among the rarest - and CFIA could aid in their extinction with their recent eradication efforts over unfounded fears of a sickness called scrapie.

They killed her pregnant ewes to find out if they were healthy. ???? Worse yet, after a house raid, CFIA is convicting her and others in the same boat like Michael Schmidt for conspiracy among other criminal offenses. She faces 12 years in jail and $1.5 million in fines!

The above incidents stem from a CFIA claim three years ago that a ewe she sold years further back had scrapie. Hearsay. No signs, no symptoms, for a disease that poses no harm to humans - but they killed her ewes anyway. After death, tests came back negative as Montana knew they would.

Heritage breeds experienced a major reduction after the introduction of large-scale industrial farming.

Montana writes:
In the past 15 years, 190 breeds of farm animals have gone extinct worldwide, and there are currently 1,500 others at risk of being wiped out. Within the last ten years alone, 60 breeds of cattle, goats, pigs, horses and poultry have become extinct.
Apparently, there are only less than 100 of these sheep left in Canada! Montana is actually doing a great service to Canada by preserving their bloodline for no profit, but CFIA seems intent on wiping them off the earth and erasing biodiversity.

Calling out a disease or bacteria (like crying "Wolf!") is a common M.O. of the FDA and previous cases of CFIA where they killed hundreds of rare goats and sheep - that of course later tested healthy. Why do they kill first, ask questions later? Why are small farms expected to fork over years of hard labor and valuable animals when large-scale corporate farms get the green light even if caught abusing animals or when their food sickens a lot of people? In fact, they lobby Congress for laws to make sure no one finds out negative practices and to paint animal activists as terrorists. Unfortunately, when word gets out for testing, people don't want to do business with the farm - at least when it comes to scrapie, a rare occurrence. No income for quarantined farms.

Well-known farmer activist Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms lent his support by submitting a letter for CFIA to read:
I have been apprised of your intent to annihilate the Wholearth flock of Shropshire sheep owned by Montana Jones and it is deeply troubling. Without credible tests that empirically prove the existence of scrapie, to proceed with the planned extermination is both unscientific and tyrannical. Agenda-driven extermination tactics have been used throughout history to purge alternative genes, both human and animal. This deprives future generations of traits that may provide salvation from yet-to-be-revealed diseases. Please follow reason and real science as you approach this rare flock of sheep.
She can't take the destruction and harassment. The loss and the legal fees for her upcoming criminal trial will put her out of her farm and home - she reaches out for help (see below). In just a few days an outpouring of support helped her reach $35,000 of a $50K goal. She continues to update and thank those that have helped her, adding:
Many years ago I had a vision of creating a sustainable farm not just for animals and vegetables but for people too. They would discover the importance of rare heritage breeds, feel organic soil under their feet, learn to grow real food in an heirloom garden and work with the wonder of animals. I imagined an educational demonstration farm where one could just breathe, wander the fields, create art and music, share amazing meals and slow down enough to appreciate.
Isn't it also interesting that right around the same time America targets their heritage breeds, Canada places theirs in the cross-hairs? Mark Baker of Baker's Green Acres is a well-known American example. The DNR working with other Michigan agencies (and obviously the Pork Producers) went on a heritage pig rampage (Kill the pig...kill the pig) but Bakers wouldn't destroy them or let them. So the USDA and DNR made sure that they could do nothing with them by blocking them from taking them to slaughter. So friends had to come over to do it and it was given away to the hungry. And of course, feeding the homeless in America is a big no-no now.

As always, it's never about public safety - it's always about control - and oftentimes collusion. A woman with an indoor lemon tree gets threatened with a SWAT raid because her healthy lemon tree might be under quarantine. Bureaucracies uproot or try to force homeowners to destroy their gardens. The FDA dumps raw milk and cheese in landfills calling it unfit for dogs (yet deems Pink Slime safe for humans although it was originally fed to dogs). They pour bleach on picnic food and blue dye in bulk milk tanks. Agencies trespass on small farms and slaughter, shoot or euthanize healthy animals senselessly. If those aren't full-blown discriminatory war tactics - what is?

Keep careful watch of this "quarantine" business...

Montana is joining the ranks of those who are tirelessly fighting to keep their farm and animals so that government destruction doesn't spread to others. That's where we need quarantine.
It's up to all of us to change the unreasonable policies that prevent our food and farming freedom. - Montana Jones
How you can help her - and please spread the word:

Legal Defense & Farm Fund

Submit a letter of support and sample letter to Canadian government:


More info:

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

Killing the sheep. That's EXACTLY what this is about. The four legged AND the two legged.

Hide Behind said...

One thing all us westerners know and that is; Sheep should never be given guns, nor allowed to hold any position within government.
Sad to say but the sheep are goners but sadder yet is that if you realy want to get rid of "scrapies" you will have to kill every damn lamb in world that has ever came from British Isles,Spain, New Zealand, Austrailia, North America, S. America, Greenland, Iceland And Russia China Scandinavia and if you or any of your relatives have ate beef lamb goat or beef for last 400 years you probably should be eradicated as well.
ALL because of some small entity for in ways it does posess life like characteristics it exist and reproduces to perpetuate itself, but until around 30 years ago no scientist was alowed to say it existed . PRIONS.
Cook the meat to Over 500 degrees to kill.
It is unknown how many years it will remain in soils at least 300 years has been postulated awaitin a host to come along.
THEY say it does noy affect humans( wasting disease in deer is another form of mad coe) but listening and watching the hunting programs on tv makes one wonder.

iamlightagain said...

The EVIL people that that only know how to create death, destruction, pain and how to pick their nose need to know that millions of people are praying that they get paid back in kind in their old age (starting NOW).

alex said...

* This is about an inflicted MON$ATN-style corporate fascistic/dictatorship hunt down all vestiges of 'Anyone or Anything' that could compromise their 'War-footing' campaign of control, monopolization & privitization of literally 'Everything'!!!...ultimately rendering & prostrating us all under the heels of their shiny totalitarian sociopathic jackboots.

Anonymous said...

Canada is a hole thesedays.

Anonymous said...


mothman777 said...

Prions on surgical instruments cannot be destroyed by autoclaving, hence worries that huge numbers of people are being infected with prion disease through surgical and dental surgical tools, and their symptoms being mistaken as Alzheimer's Disease.

The only way to kill prions with heat is to take the temperature up so high that the metal glows red, or prions can be destroyed by very concentrated acid. Prions cannot be killed in food by cooking, not unless you turn the food to ash.

One other method has recently been discovered to kill prions, that is of great use in the surgical field, and that is to expose surgical instruments to ozone, without the need for high temperatures or concentrated acid.

prion said...

what the hell is a prion?

Anonymous said...

Canada has learned how to be a Fascist state quite well from its neighbor!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the torment your going through and for the loss of that relationship of your sheep due to their insistence I do not understand the reasoning for hurting your animal as couldn't they of checked for those sicknesses without killing the animals so sad...

Mark McCandlish said...

What I don't understand, is that IF the Canadian Food Inspectors needed to determine if these sheep had and disease, be it prions or anything else, why they couldn't take a blood sample and test it in the laboratory. The fact that they did NOT speaks volumes about their intent. Of course this is the same government that turns its back on the will of the people when it comes to the bludgeoning of baby Fur Seals too. May they ALL- ROT IN HELL. I'm posting this story link on my FACEBOOK page to spread the word. Please do the same if you are so motivated. God Bless you, Montana Jones. Be strong, girl.

Patrick Healey said...

It is now time for the people to take back the power from their corrupt Governments and Corporations.

Anonymous said...

It is time for everyone to stand up to these evil tyrants. Sue the bastards. Put them in jail. Take away their jobs. Enough.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but i have just read this article and just asked myself if it is not some crazy woman begging about money and this is what exactly happened on your soil then if any americans left to react to the problems we are seeing going on there.. you have got monsanto gmo crops ruining your countryside, regular false flags as far as we are concerned, and practising martial law on boston streets???? now, valiations of 2nd and 4th amendment, I mean who (do you let)is governing you? Are you really going to put this woman into jail????? Or just watching this saying it is SAD.........................

Ottawa Fitness Insider said...

This is all about the BIG CORPORATIONS just like MONSANTO (GMO) and AGRICULTURE COMPANIES who don't want the little farmers to be INDEPENDENT and SELF SUFFECIENT. Thats all it comes down too! NO TESTS were DONE on these SHEPPS NO PROOF just walk in and took their life away... EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!
It's time for people to wake up and start fighting for their rights!!! I am so sorry for your losts! Do not give up!

Anonymous said...

We must all come out and fight, take back what is ours and get rid of the thugs.Let`s go get it on, now is the time.

Anonymous said...

I am just so sick and tired of governments out of control! I have had it with these pricks

Anonymous said...

As with everything else that's going down around the place now i have to wonder at the automatons that do the enforcing for these agencies. Without them the agenda would disintegrate.
They have to live in the same world. Do they think they will get a better slice of the pie by blindly carrying out these orders.
Surely they must think, and have compassion like the rest of us. Surely? Surely...??

Anonymous said...

Automatons. Heartless, mindless automatons.
That is scary.
They have to live in the same communities.
Bastards. Yes, i can think of a few better expletives.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for Heather Callaghan. Strength and courage to you, Heather!

We live in such a corrupt world. I used to think Canada was a fair country with some degree of conscience. But I changed my mind after Harper got in as the Harper government does not protect the citizens. It protects big money.

How can we regain autonomy as to what goes into our bodies? Meanwhile, GMO crops and hormone/antibiotic laden meats keep nourishing the cancer industry.

Rebecca Fletcher said...

God bless her. I will give what I can

Activist said...

Anon@10:36 ... Just to be clear, Heather is the author of the article; Montana Jones is the owner of Wholearth Farmstudio where this took place. Your heartfelt comments are much appreciated.

brad said...

Here are the fools (self appointed, self annointed false "elites") that are doing this for some incredibly stupid reason. (as there is really no need to dominate and hurt people as they patently and continuously do)
Here is why JFK was killed for talking about them. Less than 2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

The behaviour of the CFIA brings strong bile up into the throats of ordinary folk. This is sad because, while totally understandable, we need a better reaction in order to change the way things are done. We can choose not to follow the fascist model south of our border, and this is likely best accomplished by not electing another Harper government, and perhaps no majority government. This is a time when the politicians and the "elite" need to know that the 99% have little (if any) power individually, but once we are weldeed together by whatever flames, we have more than enough members to simply overrun them; that is snuff them out just like they snuff life out in some meaningless and abhorrent way. And then, let them remain very nervous for several generations, or until a higher quality of consciousness has evolved.

Anonymous said...

So here is a story about the slaughter of animals, and the criminalization of farmers, to send a message to others.

To control the food supply, and thus people, the Globalist agenda has to advance. It's criminal. It seems to me you should be able to protect your land from any...trespassers. When people have had enough and revolt-whether in Canada or the US, you will see their true colors.

We pay taxes for military and police with tanks that are being told the battlefield is now in-country. Examples of their abuses of power are being shown to scare and intimidate people until they can get us to revolt. Then, their game is on with military and para-military, like the ones pictured in the Boston Bomb incident.

Obama has 100 men refusing to be held without charges for indefinite periods of time in Guantanamo, starving themselves to death. This creature who signed NDAA allowing the same for any citizen, says he "doesn't want them to die", and the prison is "unsustainable". Though it's a violation of human rights, hunger strike participants are being force fed w/ tubes down their noses and throats. Obama just puts on a show, taking up the airwaves with lame lies.

Does the US and Canada really think they can hide their agenda? What a bad laugh when the US acts as a police power of the world, supposedly invading to "protect human rights", when they are one of the worst violators, killing any leader in their way, and innocent people. Can we count all the innocent murders of false flag ops and witnesses?

Who are the "terrorists"? This story shows who they are. Men who collect paychecks to violate innocent citizens. They could refuse. It would stop the machine.

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