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Sheriffs Ready to Defy Colorado Governor: "Won't Bother Enforcing" Gun Control

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Colorado has become the epicenter of the gun control debate after Democrats introduced a package of legislation that would give Colorado the strictest gun control in the western half of the nation.

The set of five bills was approved by the Senate on Monday. Democrat sponsors of the legislation invoked Colorado's mass shootings, as well as Newtown, CT to justify measures such as limited capacity magazines and more extensive background checks. (Source) An outright ban and gun confiscation was issued by Senate Bill 197 for anyone convicted of domestic violence.

Republicans voiced clear opposition. Beyond party lines, however, various sheriffs have stated that they will not enforce the package even as it is destined to be agreed to by the House and ultimately signed off in full by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County - Colorado's third largest - has categorically stated that two of the bills are nearly impossible to enforce, and that he and other sheriffs intend to sue the state of Colorado if these bills are made law.

It was reported by the Greeley and Weld County Tribune that Sheriff Cooke doesn't believe the proposed restrictions are practical, nor would they be effective:
“They’re feel-good, knee-jerk reactions that are unenforceable,” he said. 
Cooke said the bill requiring a $10 background check to legally transfer a gun would not keep firearms out of the hands of those who use them for violence. 
“Criminals are still going to get their guns,” he said. 
Cooke said the other bill would also technically ban all magazines because of a provision that outlaws any magazine that can be altered. He said all magazines can be altered to a higher capacity. (Source)
The bills have earned praise from Joe Biden, though, who issued his “Congrats to Colorado House and Senate for passing universal background checks,” via his Twitter account reports The Tribune.

It is evident that not only are an increasing number of states drawing lines in the sand against federal gun control efforts, but county sheriffs are set to take action even within those states that introduce laws in favor of restricting their citizens' Second Amendment rights. Utah is another state whose sheriffs have been very vocal saying they are willing to die to protect the Second Amendment.

There are also indications that a backlash from Colorado businesses is underway, similar to gun manufacturers who have refused to sell to NY police and other government agencies in the wake of their strict gun control laws in Colorado's east coast counterpart.
Boulder-based Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearm magazines among other products, has threatened to leave the state if it restricts magazine capacities. The company posted on its Facebook page instructions for purchasing “standard capacity magazines” in Colorado. 
From the same report posted at BIZPAC Review:
Joining firearm manufacturers’ threats to leave is the popular cable TVOutdoor Channel, (which) said it would stop taping hunting and fishing segments in Colorado if the state passes restrictive gun control legislation.
The U.S. gun control debate continues to reach new levels as an imminent U.N. gun control treaty could apply even more pressure. It still remains to be seen if sheriffs like John Cooke will make good on their words, or if they will abandon citizens to federal and state gun grabs as the heat intensifies.

Relevant Colorado Bills (numbers link to full text and research)
  • SB 195 - Title: No On-line Training For Concealed Handgun Permits. Summary: In-person training necessary for concealed handgun license.
  • SB 197 - Title: No Firearms For Domestic Violence Offenders. Summary: Anyone subject to a domestic violence protection order or convicted of domestic violence must relinquish guns within 24 hours. A judge could extend to 72 hours.
  • HB 1224 - Title: Prohibiting Large-capacity Ammunition Magazines. Summary: Crime to possess magazine capacity more than 15 rounds.
  • HB 1228 - Title: Payment For Background Checks For Gun Transfers. Summary: Fee for purchasers who need background checks.
  • HB 1229 - Title: Background Checks For Gun Transfers. Summary: Add a background-check requirement for many guns sold in private transactions. (Source for all summaries)
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Anonymous said...

While I commend these sheriffs' decision to not enforce these laws, I still find the response wanting. We hire law enforcement to do just that: enforce the laws. And the most important laws of the land are contained in the original document, the Constitution. In the Second Amendment, it states "...will not be infringed." Anybody who attempts to infringe on our natural rights through legislation is simply breaking the law, and should be arrested and removed from their legislative positions.

If these people started ending up in the little cages they have created for us, the "common" people, it might give the remaining legislators pause before they attempt something similar.

Hide Behind said...

I feel sadness as I watch a people who once actually believed all the lies they had been told and read of since birth now staggered in place; Their body shaking, no rather quivering, for they have no bearings or any one to give their lives direction in what is now a foreign country.
They no longer have the mental crutch that owning a gun was what made us free and we owed it all to the military. For now we watch and see the things we cheered as our flag run rampant within foreign lands are now being implemented on you and me.
We cheered democracy but never set up or aided a democraticly governed state and set up dictatorships in lands that hated us for no more than being an american," THEY TOLD YOU THAT AND YOU NODDED HEAD AND SAID YES GOD IS ON OUR SIDE.
So now you see those who lied to you as you knew they did even before they were elected, and now you still cling to the only and last vistages of a free society of just laws and orders, your publicly elected Sheriffs.
IT IS not realy fair to them you now throw all the resonsabilty upon; To now save a nation that but for they and their sworn duty while the rest of the FN nation is all gone.
They, the Sheriffs, owe the voters not one damn thing and why should they protect not the nation but your gun toting ass?
To those men who now srand with their hands covering their crotch and wail like a woman in child birth,; At least the woman has something to cry in joy for a new creation.while all you gun owners did was shoot off mouths and guns and help destroy the nation.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hide behind. I don't need a Sheriff, never have, why don't you go out in the country and shoot your mouth off there and see what happens. Our guns are tools, simple as that. They get used more than a hammer, which is what you might try and put down a hurt animal with, stupid ass. Protect your livestock with one, why don't ya idiot, I could go on. You really want the military to keep the hogs in check? What tard. Nobody is taking anything from me based on obvious lies like the Sandy Hook Hoax, shh! It's a Republic, BTW, asshat, it can't be destroyed like a democracy, which you've been brainwashed into believing you live in. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Hide behind was one of those who voted for that fraud Obama and now the whole birth certificate thing is blowing up in his face. The people ARE the nation, the local people elect the sheriff. I'm not talking about all the welfare collecting mexicans or the Chinese anchor babies either, they are not Americans and probably neither are you.

Anonymous said...

What I find amazing is that 2 incidents out of 300,000,000 guns, is making this whole gun control effort possible.

It's also funny how it's only focused on the law abiding gun owner, not the criminal gun owners!

You notice no real stiffer penalties for criminals owning guns or automatics....hell their already criminals!

The law abiding gun owner has to have no ammo, no automatics, no more than 10 rounds...criminals can and do have automatics and 20-30 round mags.

I smell a whole bunch of rats behind this "gun control" using 2-media sponsored incidents, as being the reason for giving up our Right to protect. Especially in those very situations they jumped on to.

Had guns been present, each shooter would have been challenged with a hail of bullets....I wonder what he would have done then...or his handlers?

John Parker1775. said...

It is upon us now and the time of action over words is at hand. Mr. Hide behind....PISS OFF.

John Parker1775. said...

Mr.Hide Behind.. ...PISS OFF.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for saying this, but there have to be some incredibly stupid people in Colorado. Hickenlooper, who has consistenly supported illegal aliens in Colorado, even after a policeman was excuted by one, was then made Governor. Listen Coloradans, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, is what someone once said, and I think he was thinking of Coloradans who elected Hickenlooper for Governor. Don't you have a recall provision like California does? We got rid of Gray Davis. In any case, I'm glad Colorado's sheriffs have some sense.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have ten bucks in your pocket- you don't buy a gun.
THAT is "infringement"!
Who keeps voting for these monkees?

HereAmI said...

Tens of millions of Christians were exterminated like rats in the Soviet Union by the jewish Cheka. THIS is what is facing you now.
Note the name of the biggest advocate for disarming you all; where do you think she comes from originally?
( and don't say "Khazaria". )

BurloGotTheJonesforTyranny said...

I'd like to see the look on one of these gun control proponent's face's when they're confronted by a criminal with a weapon, and realize that not only are they about to be robbed, but they're wife and ten year old daughter are about to be raped and murdered, while they're tied up on the floor! Whoops, I guess those "gun nuts were right after all"!
Idiots!! Maybe they'll be able to gently "soft talk" the perpetrator out of doing his evil? Hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

More scarcity based fearmongering from the gun industry.

This will help gun sales, just as the half dozen articles here at AP about Feinstein and her assault weapons ban......BE AFRAID, BUY A GUN, BUY MORE GUNS!!!!

Of course today, we read (some places) about the Feinstein assault ban being dropped from the bill. But that won't sell guns, so it is not news at the gun hawking sites who carry water for the NRA.

ShootyMcBang said...

Put your energies behind your local sheriff. They are elected by the people. They will respond to the people. Other LEO are placed by bureaucrats and corporate special interests.

Hide Behind said...

Sorry to pop the macho pimples but I was taking care of cattle. Running fence lines. Mending them and repairing stock tanks and windmills just a ways outside of Arapaho Colo in early 50's. HAD some rattlers with buttons but they went way of old memories.OF course tht was when I was not horse logging or digging spuds and bean picking in Woods of Me.
-n 50's old timers said Our land and today it is "my land " and the governments land.
OF COURSE back then they were still western enough to know that everybit was stolen but admitted it.
TOday pseudo cowboys rockabillys and bubblegummers and even new throwoffs of old generations beg for every fed subsidy COlo can get and there are millions of them throughtout even remotest areas.
NOPE did not vote for any repub or democrat as flag wavers and ass kissers are dime a dozen and each just want what's best for themselves and not nation.
A sheriff is a politico that has learned to talk like an educated Okie and knows how to please those that count but history records untold millions of misdeeds done by those packing stars and sheriffs gun.
I'VE been around good ol country boys from Me. And New England rural towns, I once sat watch for local town cops to warn if fed or state booze boys were to come; Carolinas N&S. TEXAS OkArk. COLO Oregon and Wawhington damn near every one ad a streak in em as crooked as a dogs hind leg.
OH they were good men. Some. If ya didn't mind a sort of what's good for we uns is to not let them uns know what we are a doin out here in the country.
Yell about immigrants and then lease lands on the cheap for Cattle from Blm.
Sorry Colo the sherrif is not going to get between you and feds unless he can get fundings to make laws enforceable then he will lead turpentine. Carge but smile in your face while doing so.
AND they nor you with your black yuns going to find it as easy as did Chivington and the Colorado "Bloody Thirdsters. (THIRD CAVALRY COLORADO MILITIA) DID AT Sand Creek massacre where in 1864 theykilled and scalped unarmed men women and children.
History is history and ha a tendency to get bent by local lore and fat heads. The Constitution is dead and your gun will not bring it back to lifeSoon as they say you can keep your guns You would go right back acting just the same as before aiding and abetting the destruction of nation.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed, or brought attention to the issue that all of the mass murderers were "liberals," and most of them were under the influence of psychotropic drugs prescribed by psychiatrists??

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hide Behind, the Constitution is not dead! It will continue to live and survive by the people, WE THE PEOPLE, of this once great nation. And after the blood shed, and the smoke clears we will bring back our beloved republic in tact once again to live our lives in freedom and harmony as one great nation UNDER GOD! So, you go on and sit in your rockin chair and watch the news, sweety. The United States of America is not dead, and the Constitution is not dead, and the Bill of Rights is not dead, and God is not asleep! George Washington's premonition is fixin to happen, but America prevails in the end. This nation was founded by hard-core, f**k with me and "make my day", freedom lovin rebel-roussers, and their offspring are setting their minds to stand their ground. MOLON LAVE!!!!!!! COME AND TAKE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go back to sleep. Sure the sheriffs aren't go to do it. But there's plenty of State Police and the Feds and Northcom, United Nations etc. Gimme a break. Relax everybody yove got no worries. And that guy in N.Y. just aressed and charged with 5 felonies for having empty clips. Someone call him up and console him.

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