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Our Food Supply: What You and Your Family Need to Know

Isabelle Beenan
Activist Post

What does smoking have to do with our food supply? Allow me to draw a little analogy between the conventional tobacco industry and the conventional food supply industry.

There is no need to rehash the whole tobacco industry debacle, other than to point out that morality and health do not have a place in the tobacco industry’s continued business. Admitting to the addictive and destructive poisons added into commercial cigarette tobacco and the effects of such poison on human health took over 50 years! The tobacco industry vehemently denied and lied about the disastrous effects of their product and fought tooth and nail to perpetuate this destructive business to this day. They continue to market to children and have made little if any modifications to the product (besides the warning labels) that wipes out vast amounts of human lives every year.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 5 million people die from the effects of smoking per year worldwide - with the projected stats sitting at an estimated 8 million deaths per year by 2030. Everyday, over 3800 people younger than 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette.

I have to point out that from a purely selfish and immoral business/profit standpoint, they’ve got it nailed down! Addiction to the product ensures repeat consumption from the consumer for life. And the targeting of ‘youngens’ works perfectly in replacement of those that die. It’s the perfect way to keep the consuming cycle going. The cycle extends even further when the consumers find themselves faced with disease or illness and have nowhere but pharmaceuticals to run to. (Oh and I’m sure the projected increase in population reduction over the next 17 years has nothing to do with big tobacco still being in business!) *cough Agenda 21 compliance cough*

Pardon my blunt nature but this, in my opinion, is ridiculous and transitions perfectly into the meat of this Master The Basics Food Lesson: Our conventional food supply has been altered, genetically modified and ‘fortified’ with poisonous toxins!

The only way to achieve vibrant health and clarity of mind is to only consume organic food. Plain and simple.

If I prepared a beautiful meal for your children and family and you saw me spray some glyphosate (look it up) on it, would you eat it?

Would you serve it to your children knowing I just poisoned it? How about if you saw me add a few drops of sodium fluoride to their sippy cups? Would you let them drink it?

Your answers are probably no. So why do so many of us continue to consume these things? Is it because we don’t see ’what is going on in the kitchen’ so to say, that we turn a blind eye to what is going into the food and just take it and swallow?

It took over 50 years for the tobacco industry conglomerates to admit after lengthy litigation to the disastrous effects of cigarette smoking on human health and to add warning labels to the packaging. How long are we going to keep feeding poison to our families? For the next 50 years until big agriculture has been pressured and litigated enough that they have no choice but to fess up to their criminal negligence and issue a statement that the food *may* be toxic? It’s time for us all to wake up and smell the genetically modified coffee.

We are facing the same issue with the food supply here in North America. The good news is that the rest of the world seems to be ahead of us on this one and it’s time to catch up. This is made evident in the image shown below outlining the GMO labeling requirements globally. Thankfully, the organic food market has grown exponentially in North America as a result of the conscious awakening that is taking place towards the healing power of organic food and the dangers associated with GMO crops. Funny note: Monsanto (one of the largest producers of GMO agriculture) has banned GMO foods within their own cafeteria!

It’s no coincidence that Spain, Germany and so many other countries require labeling or have outright banned GMO foods in their food supply. It is time for us all to wake up. Ignorance is not bliss. Public misinformation has definitely played a role in getting us into this mess but it is not the only factor at fault.

Do you now see the correlation between the GMO food industry assault on the mass public and the tobacco industry assault on the mass public?

I’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words which is why when it comes to something as important as the GMO food issue, I’ve included a pretty powerful image in this lesson. This is what happens when rats are fed GMO Monsanto corn (which FYI all conventional food is basically engineered from a GMO corn base):

After seeing what happens to rats when fed GMO, are you now still willing to feed it to your kids? To yourself? Look at the results, sure as humans we have a longer lifespan, so the visible effects may take longer to manifest than they did for the rats, but seriously are you willing to knowingly do that to your body? Or inflict that kind of damage on your family? Is that ‘happy’ meal box and commercial on TV distracting and cute enough to trick us into ingesting that rubbish on a daily basis?

There has been progress made in the food supply issue. Many are awakening to the importance of preparing our own food and eating 100% organic food. Whole Foods has even announced mandatory labeling of GMO foods in its stores as of 2018. Tomorrow would be better. But still it’s progress. In the meantime, vote with your dollars. You are voting for GMO if you buy GMO, plain and simple. And WE will shift the supply to organic, when WE start buying organic, which essentially is a vote for organic. We are all connected, and a simple ‘switch’ in critical thinking and shift in consumerism is all it takes instigate change.

I could elaborate on this fundamental issue for days, but the bottom line is in my opinion you need to consume organic food exclusively in order to thrive and prevent disease. It will contribute to thriving in all areas of your life. Do your own research, the information is out there for you to access. Make the truth mainstream by sharing knowledge with your loved ones, and later the mainstream will catch up. Turn off the TV for a couple minutes and seek knowledge instead of ignorantly swallowing whatever ‘they’ put on your plate.

And if you didn’t know, now you do! And when you know better, you can choose to do better. How simple is that? So get to it!

This article is the second part to a series by Isabelle Beenen that is being shared here on CE
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Anonymous said...

Consumers for life for tobacco is on the same plane as consumers for life for the "legal" drug industry. Doctors put patients on a drug, and then two months or six months or two years later they say "oh, that drug will work better for you if you take it with THIS drug" and then we're off to the races and they've got one patient on two drugs. Pretty soon that same patient, upon reaching the *elderly* mark, is on about 17 different meds. Yeah, they've got a real live racket going, don't they?

Read Death By Medicine and you'll find out that modern doctors and hospitals and specialists kill more people than smoking ever will. Not that smoking is a good thing but the numbers are far worse for those who supposedly think they know better than anyone else.

For a real eye-opening experience go to youtube and watch marketing of madness. It's 3 hours (but you can always divide it up) but you'll never feel the same about any kind of medicine again, not just psych meds. It's appalling. Psychiatry is a bogus, bogus - did I say bogus - profession at the very least. Watch and learn.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of eating organic and I'm afraid Monsanto will work diligently to destroy any competition. We would also have to filter our water and air. How do these organic farms water their crops? Do they use fluoridated water?

Anonymous said...

What about the effects of geoengineering aka chemtrails. The metals have ruined the soil and the crops hence Monsanto and GMO. How can we shield our gardens from chemtrails ??? Thanks for the article

vision5d2012 said...

Thanks for this informative article. I have understood this for many years now, avoiding almost all corporately produced foods, using locally grown organic as much as possible and preparing our meals the old fashioned way - from scratch. But I do wonder about the effects of chemtrails with their blanketing of all crops with toxic chemicals. Thankfully, more countries are waking up and banning GMO seeds and products.

Anonymous said...

Good article but it fails to mention the problem of SUPPLY of organic foods. The fact is, it may not be possible to grow enough foods organically to meet the demand if we all start buying organic.

Most people will not grow their own food. In fact, most don't have any place to garden even if they were willing and knowledgeable enough to do it. Among those who are willing to try, gardening, especially organic gardening, is extremely labor intensive and time consuming. So is food preservation. People who work outside the home will not have enough time to maintain a job and grow food organically and then preserve it.

The reality is, like it or not, most of us ARE dependent on Big Agriculture for our food, and nothing is on the horizon that will change this. "Going organic" is not a sufficient stratagy for dealing with the problem of toxic or GMO foods. Monsanto won't even notice.

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