Thursday, March 28, 2013

Natural Selection

Fabian de Silva
Activist Post

Recently I read about a poll, which I believe was from Gallup, that asked if the president can target US citizens for assassination without due process on US soil. Seventy-eight percent of the respondents (all Americans) said, “Sure it’s fine with me if the president wants to murder me with a drone.”

How nice to have nearly 8 out of 10 Americans be so altruistic, apparently believing that the president must have some valuable reason to murder them, so it’s okay with them to sacrifice their lives in the name of protection against terrorists, or something, I guess. It’s so noble for so many Americans to valiantly offer up their lives as martyrs to the president if their deaths will keep them safer, or something, I guess (72 virgins?).

After all, the question was not “Can the president target US citizens for assassination without due process on US soil, except for you?” No, it was a blanket killing request by the president to kill any American, including you. These polls are supposed to be representative samples of Americans. If that’s really true, out of every ten people you see, eight are blissfully awaiting the president to bless them with a drone attack.

These are the same people who are clueless to the existence of various legislation such as the NDAA, the military commissions act of 2006, and the PATRIOT Act, among others, that legalize the indefinite detention of terror suspects, that eliminate habeas corpus and give the prosecutor the power to incarcerate someone AFTER acquittal, as some examples. They think that applies only to terrorists (are you too, or will you be, a terror suspect?). They also don’t know or care about the executive orders Bush, Obama, and other presidents have signed, designed, in one way or another, to implement martial law in Amerika if Americans resist the tyranny.

How’d Americans get that way? Can’t Americans think? No they can’t. They are unable to think critically about anything. They will go along with anything, they will do whatever they’re told, no matter how absurd. There is no cognition, no critical thinking, and they’ve never been exposed to any comprehensive philosophy to guide their lives.

What lives? That’s the question. What kind of lives do these Americans have that are so great that they’re pleased if the president notices them with a drone. These people are lemmings, secluding themselves in their own homes, working their same daily routine, and believing that everything is normal. They pay no attention to the gradual destruction of their rights, freedoms, or liberties, or any of the institutions like courts (the biggest joke of all) which collude with the government criminals.

They are completely unaware of the significance of the destruction of the rule of law or due process and how that affects their lives. They have been so brainwashed to believe in self-loving Amerikan exceptionalism -- meaning that Amerika is not bound by the same rules as others -- so torture, kidnapping, forced servitude, deportations, imprisonment without trial, assassination, renditions, and the bombing of civilians anywhere in the world is completely normal for Amerika due to its objective superiority, and wouldn’t be used against them.

These Americans not only do not want to notice what’s going on around them, they refuse to entertain any discussion about it. Within their routines, which keep them within a 25-mile radius of their homes, they are unable to see any difference between the America of previous years and Amerika today. All they can think about is what’s on television. You call that living?

What’s going to happen when the economy collapses and the dollar becomes worthless? What do you think will happen in Amerika when Amerikans lose their routines, lose their savings, lose everything including their personal and financial safety nets? That already happened in new Orleans after hurricane Katrina, didn’t it? Let’s look at that real-life example and see if we can figure out how being blissfully ignorant is going to help you when America becomes a gigantic, post-hurricane-Katrina Superdome.

Americans will be sitting in their homes with nothing to eat since the grocery store shelves were completely empty within three days and with no or little potable water; afraid to leave their homes to be murdered by the military or the police or vigilante groups foraging for food and water. And all the while these Americans will be waiting for the government to come rescue them, just like the helpless in the New Orleans Superdome. Six days after hurricane Katrina conditions in the Superdome were intolerable, people were dying from dehydration, and the helpless were still waiting for the government to act.

Ten days after Hurricane Katrina I found an entry point from Jefferson Parish on North River Road into New Orleans. (Neighboring Jefferson Parish had blocked all of the exits from New Orleans into Jefferson, not wanting New Orleans residents in their parish.) The entry point was manned by the National Guard. I was told by the guard on duty that she though couldn’t stop me from entering, I couldn’t exit from where I entered, and once in new Orleans I could be arrested and put into the Superdome. When I asked another guard why so much drama, he didn’t know. He told me the National Guard was Uncle Sam’s mushroom crop, kept in the dark and fed a lot of shit (his exact words).

Inside the city I had to bluff my way past a couple arbitrary, ad hoc, roving National Guard checkpoints (I said I’m a contractor and passed right through). They didn’t know what they were doing either. Just filling uniforms and following orders. I drove first through the upscale uptown area where occupants who stayed behind to protect their property were being arrested and cuffed while their firearms were being confiscated and then they were released back into their homes, defenseless. There were private, heavily armed security guards probably from Blackwater or something similar, providing security in front of certain buildings in town. The private security guards weren’t disarmed by the police, but the residents were.

There were many small sticks of armed police and even armed firemen wandering around town, supposedly checking for survivors, but they appeared more to me as simply creating a tense environment reeking of testosterone. They were patrolling like they were expecting a firefight, instead of just knocking on doors. The house I was there to check was next to the French Quarter on high ground. There was no electricity or natural gas (for the stove), but water was still flowing, albeit very weakly. I wouldn't trust its potability without boiling it for at least 30 minutes and with a little iodine added, but the helpless in the Superdome didn't have to die from dehydration like some of them did except that they weren't allowed to leave the dome. And you’re waiting for the government to come rescue you??? The government was the reason everything was so messed up, eerie and uncomfortable, despite the fact that I was armed. You can expect something worse in your future.

This is a quote by someone who explains it better than I do:
Most Americans cannot possibly fathom an America where the economy has collapsed, the dollar is valueless, and food is so expensive that it can’t be had by the majority of the populace. They can’t imagine any situation that would require the deployment of military soldiers into their towns and cities. None of them realize that the President himself is now creating kill lists and justifications for why American citizens can be targeted by military drone strikes without charge or trial. The whole world will be turned upside down and devolve into violence and bloodshed. The government knows this. Homeland Security knows this. The military knows this. Any student of history knows this. We are now being desensitized to the response should it ever come to pass.
Or maybe you think you can just get some property out in a secluded area and live off the land and be safe. Eustice Conway of Turtle Island did that in Boone County, North Carolina for 33 years. In fact, he had a 14-month training program for people to come live with him and learn how to become self-sufficient, too. As soon as the government criminals found out about him just the other day, they appeared with a search warrant and began issuing citations. You’re not allowed to be anything but a victim of the nanny state if you remain in Amerika. The welfare state has no ethics, no doctrine, no nothing. It is only about power and implemented through force. You will submit.

So there’s no hope if you remain in Amerika. Those of you who read this letter because you are going to be here, you need to understand and embrace this. There’s no hope so get past that. And understand what it means. It means there’s no hope for you, for your family, or for your area confined by artificially constructed lines on a map. So the only possibility for change, the only possibility to improve your situation amid such hopelessness lies within you, yourself. Only YOU have the power and ability to help you. Only YOU can do anything about what’s going to happen to you when the adverse events occur. If you don’t have the courage to live your convictions, nothing will change, and all you will ever do is sit around and talk about being free, but you don’t live it. Or you can just be a horrified spectator and hope the end is quick and painless (how about a drone strike?). Leave Amerika and live well, peacefully, safely and prosper.

Fabian de Silva is the pen name of a TDV contributor who wishes to remain anonymous but who has made the leap out of the USSA and now lives abroad.


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Anonymous said...

This is exactly right. I've read comments on a lot of other similar "expat" articles and there are always the people that say what a traitor you are for bailing. The Founding Fathers were the original expats. Liberty is not for one country to hoard, liberty is a state of mind and can be found in other places.

usurykills said...

"The Founding Fathers were the original expats." That's a good one!

This article was little more than an advertisement for relocation services.

Where are we supposed to go? The IMF runs the world. Iran?

Anonymous said...

If Darwin could see America glued to the CFRtv sets across the nation, he would laugh his ass off. If he saw what the past four presidents personally did to women and children when the public is not watching them and is glued to the CFRtv sets, he would weep.

Anonymous said...

Why would Darwin weep? Natural Selection is just that, ie it favours the inhuman, the psychopath, the murderer, the sadist. That's why Darwin was wrong. His system is a licence for satanism. Darwinism is behind all the Great Cullings of so-called human society. Darwinism is behind the eugenics movements, which still flourish today, and which are ready to unleash the latest in a long line of massacres of the goyim.
"Maintain human population below 1/2 billion" is the mantra of the Darwinian.
People have been conditioned to believe that talk is the equivalent of action. It isn't. It never will be. Nature is red in tooth and claw.
Soon you will remember this primaeval truth.

Anonymous said...

It's survival of the fitest. The strong survive and the weak parish.

Right is might!
Freedom is the right to do that which the law alows. The rich rule over those of little means and the borrower is a servant to the man doing the lending. Man has been dominating man to his injury. In the begginings of the structure of society they were subjected to brutal and blind force, afterwards to law which is the same force only disguised. I draw the conclusion by the law of nature right lies in force. The word right is an abstract thought and thereby is proved by nothing. The word means no more than give me what I wan't in order that I thereby may have proof I am stronger than you. A new right emerges that of the strong.

The Elite Globalist Bankers, Industrialist and Politians of the NWO, their countersign is force and make believe. Only force conquers in political affairs, not accademic discussions. He that owns the gold makes the rules, He that has the biggest stick makes the rules. The politcal has nothing to do do with the moral. A ruler that is governed by the moral is not a skillful politicans, therefore unstable upon his thrown, he must have recourse to cunning and make believe. The principle factor involved in the political is the secrecy of it's undertakings. The word shall not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.

The Insiders at the top of the financial pyramid that rule from behind the scenes are the International Bankers. They have been running the largest Ponzi Pyramid scam in the history of the world. When they appointed the necessary person into international sphere of finance, the debt surf slaves began to pay them tribute of subjects and all the monies of the world began to flow into their cash boxes. They have prospered through the paper gimick, it is their method by which they take money and give paper in return. They have abscounded with the national treasuries and usurped the people wealth. From the very onset the International Bankers their primary purpose was to confiscate all the gold and silver replacing them with worthless non redeembable paper notes.

Any system that is based on fraud eventually collapses. In this case the International Bankers have been running a fraudulent scam to their benefit. When the financial pyramid collapses they will bailout with their golden parachutes with a silver lining while the debt surf slaves crash to the bottom and bare the full blunt of the blow. The debt surf slaves will have no other reason to exist except from the crumbs that they fling from their table.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if we had truly practiced eugenics for the last century the Earth would not be burdened with 7billion humans - most of whom are ignorant and of extremely limited IQ.

Anonymous said...

"Natural Selection" can kiss my ass! You people supporting eugenics and such make me sick! You are advocating exactly what the elites, which have YOU on their cull lists, WANT! If you want a better world, DON'T advocate the ways of think of the people destroying it! What is wrong with you people?

I saw a man, with no use of his arms, working a power sander and building wooden stools with his feet! When you look upon a human being as broken, you would advocating killing people like him! Instead of looking for things people who are disabled CAN do, you would claim them worthless and kill them!

I saw another man, a paratrooper, who needed leg braces to walk and ended up using a wheelchair. He found a yoga instructor and over time after determination and hard work, he could run. The doctors, these "experts' that would have us dead for being weak, told him he would never walk without the braces. They were wrong. The fact that he keep trying, meant he finally found a way to overcome that weakness. So did the carpenter. God, there are people that can paint with their mouth, and write too! But what do most people do? Instead of encouraging disabled people to find ways around their disability, or heal it, they assume those people will never be able to do anything worthwhile...well, all of you who think like that are wrong! Stop thinking in such restrictive ways! Start looking for solutions that include the disabled, and enhance their OTHER abilities! Learn to think outside the box, open your mind to possibilities instead of only seeing difficulty!

The elites push fear and hopelessness every damned day! They close minds, streamline our ways of thinking (the box) and crush anyone who tries anything outside of their indoctrination, control and paradigms. They see us as nothing more than resources, they don't care whether you see yourself as worthy to live, even vs another (though they would love us all to kill each other)... we are ALL on their cull list, so to talk about letting others die and killing others, KNOWING this, is madness! They see only death, because they see us as less than them! Why do you accept the paradigm of lying pyscho/sociopaths?!?! THINK!!!! They will sacrifice anyone, they don't CARE who any of you are! Eugenics would include the deaths of most of YOU too! They want to kill of 85% of the world's population, which includes most if not all of you too, not just grandma and the guy in the wheelchair! I, by the way, would fight to defend grandma and the wheelchair guy... because I am still in touch with my humanity!!! No one is worthless except in the eyes of the elites! Once you realize how they see all of us, maybe you want to reconsider - ALL of us are beneath them, even you! Chattel, pawns, useful resources and nothing more! Same with your families, same with your friends. Worthless to them. Slaves. Eugenics is NOT based on compassion or humanity. Disabled people will fight to save their lives too, they don't want to die, or to be killed by others who judge them to be worthless. And no-one has the right to destroy the life of another. Eugenics is murder and the top murderers are indoctrinating you all to accept it! Stop listening to the elites, their path is death!

Anonymous said...

This financial crisis will still be further magnified by an economic crisis which will stop dealing on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. The international bankers shall create by all secret subteranian methods open to them, and with the aid of gold which is all their hands an international economic crisis that will throw whole mobs of workers on to the streets throughout all the countries of the world.

These events are already happening in Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and now the island of Cypress. Soon it will spread to the rest of European Union that use the Euro. Than the U.S. will be the next. In some of these countries there is 25% unemployment or more. Part of the world is already in a depression. It's impact will be world wide when it hits.

The debt surf slaves or chattel pawns will have no other reason to exist except from the crumbs that the elite fling from their table.

home said...

I am the US citizen. I agree with that.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe people are that stupid. Where's the link to the poll?

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