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False Flag Attacks in Syria Pin Atrocities on Assad and Justify "Red Line" Engagement

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Only days after the chemical weapons attack inside Syria, the Israeli, US, and NATO governments are doing everything in their power to not only push the idea that the “red line” of the Obama administration has been crossed, but also to maintain the fragile public relations narrative that the attack was launched by the Assad government. Fortunately for everyone involved - except for, perhaps, the death squads wreaking havoc on Syrian soil - such a dual approach is proving very difficult.

This is because the chemical attack was not the work of the Assad regime but of the death squads who have been killing and maiming innocent people for close to two years. Although the Western and Israeli imperialists are clearly always poised to take advantage of a false flag attack such as the use of a chemical weapon by the inappropriately named “rebels” to immediately be blamed on Assad, the openness with which the death squads have advertised their possession of and intent to use such weapons has proved to be a major hurdle in the attempt to create a successful campaign of public outcry against the Assad government. In short, the false narrative of Assad’s use of chemical weapons “against his own people” is so easily dispelled that the public relations push seems to have stalled, even if only for a brief time.

Since the ridiculous “red line” talk has been repeated in government halls and press conferences since late 2012 by both President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as French President Francois Hollande, the idea that the Syrian government would be the party to actually use chemical weapons was patently absurd from the beginning.

As far back as June 2012, the pieces were clearly seen being moved into place in order to create the environment and subsequent chain of events for a successful false flag attack used to justify an invasion of or, at the very least, some limited military action against Syria. However, the more hidden aspects being used to create infrastructure for such an event could be seen going back even further.

For instance, in November, 2011, it was reported in The Telegraph that the “transitional” government of terrorists, Muslim Brotherhood, and NATO puppets in Libya were offering to send money, personnel (aka terrorists and mercenaries), and weapons to the death squads operating in Syria. It was largely understood, at least after the initial announcement of the weapons deal, that the weapons in question included chemical weapons.

Later, in June of 2012, it was reported by Russia Today that these weapons had indeed found themselves into the hands of the death squads by virtue of their Libyan counterparts now acting as head of the failed Libyan State. RT stated that, “They allegedly plan to use it against civilians and pin the atrocity on the Bashar al-Assad regime.”

Thus, it should be noted that the London Guardian reported that the Libya possessed “25 metric tonnes of bulk mustard agent and 1,400 metric tonnes of precursor chemical used to make chemical weapons."

It was also reported in August of 2012 that the death squads had managed to capture a missile site belonging to the Syrian army which contained chemical weapons. The death squads erroneously claimed that the reason for attacking the site was to prevent the Assad government from using the weapons against members of the “opposition.” Regardless, one does not have to speculate very much as to the possibilities available here - in June, the death squads gain access to chemical weapons. In August, they gain access to a delivery mechanism in the form of missiles.

It is just such a coincidence that should cause one to examine another event which occurred shortly before the assault on the missile site. In July 2012, Tony Cartalucci of LandDestroyerReport, described “reports of so-called 'Free Syrian Army' militants seen trying on gas masks, along with reports of Libyan chemical weapon caches & equipment being discovered in Damascus.”

Together with the acquisition of the missile delivery capability by virtue of the conquering of the Syrian missile site and the possession of the chemical weapons themselves via Libya, the acquisition of gas masks points to the preparation for the launch of an actual chemical attack, or at least the possibility of it, on the part of the death squads.

As one of the death squad members stated to Reuters in April, 2012, “"The rebels are getting better at bomb-making; as you know, desperation is the mother of invention." Reuters also commented that the death squads were now able to develop “more sophisticated bombs” due to “rare outside donations” although Reuters did not attempt to name those mysterious sources.

Moving forward to August 2012, a false flag plot was discovered which had been hatched between NATO and Saudi Arabia that would have staged a chemical weapons deployment in Syria either by mercenary firms or by the NATO-backed death squads, an attack that would subsequently have been blamed on the Assad government, thus serving as a pretext for NATO intervention and the creation of a “buffer zone” in the country.

According to Paul Joseph Watson, the source reporting the impending attack stated to Syrian news channel Addounia that a Saudi Arabian firm “had fitted 1400 ambulance vehicles with anti-gas & anti-chemical filtering systems at a cost of $97,000 dollars each, in preparation for a chemical weapons attack carried out by FSA rebels using mortar rounds. A further 400 vehicles have been prepared as troop carriers.”

Interestingly enough, the attack was set to make use of white phosphorous, sarin and mustard gas. It then stands as yet another questionable “coincidence” that, among the weapons possessed by the Libyan regime and now in the hands of the death squads, was large quantities of bulk mustard agent.

Nevertheless, the potential false flag attack reported by Addounia was set to be launched on densely populated areas, most likely Daraa, a city on the Syria/Jordan border, after which the newly fitted ambulances would pour into Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid. Although painted with the labels, “Syrian People’s Relief,” the ambulances would actually be nothing more than armored personnel carriers designed to capitalize on a manufactured disaster for the purpose of deploying such personnel in order to create the desired buffer zone.

Furthermore, the same company that manufactured and fitted the ambulances to be used in the attack is one that is based in Riyadh and was negotiating a contract with the Yemeni government for the manufacture of military vehicles for the Yemeni army.

A source also reported that a meeting had taken place between the head of Al Arabiya, the Saudi news channel, and a U.S. diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in the United Arab Emirates. As Paul Joseph Watson writes, “The purpose of the meeting was to agree upon a conditioning program to prepare the public for the likelihood that Bashar Al-Assad’s forces would use chemical weapons. Shortly after the meeting, Al Arabiya began running news segments depicting the inevitability of a chemical weapons attack carried out by Assad’s forces.”

Of course, it was around this same time period that discussions of a “red line” by the French and American Presidents as well as the U.S. State Department and Israeli representatives began their repetition in the mainstream media circles and hence the American public at large.

For instance, in August, President Barack Obama warned that not only the use but merely the transportation of chemical weapons would constitute a “red line” that would result in military intervention. French President Hollande also stated at the time that the use of chemical weapons “Would be a legitimate reason for direct intervention.”

Likewise, Watson writes, Israel’s Vice Premier Silvan Shalom told media outlets “that if Syrian rebels obtained chemical weapons from stockpiles belonging to the Assad regime, such a development would force Israel to resort to “preventive operations,” in other words – a military strike on Syria.”

The creation of a “buffer zone” inside Syria is also interesting in its own right, not just because of the necessary loss of legitimate territory close to Syria’s borders but also because of its inherent nature of destabilization and weakening of the ruling regime in Damascus. Thus, it is interesting to note that, while the false flag chemical attack and the subsequent creation of a buffer zone was designed to use the pretext of humanitarian aid as mentioned above, such a plan follows the roadmap provided by the Brookings Institution in a paper entitled “Saving Syria: Assessing Options for Regime Change,” published in March 2012. The paper essentially argued for the use of a humanitarian issue in order to engage in military intervention on the part of NATO in Syria.

Indeed, the paper states, “An alternative is for diplomatic efforts to focus first on how to end the violence and how to gain humanitarian access, as is being done under Annan’s leadership. This may lead to the creation of safe-havens and humanitarian-corridors, which would have to be backed by limited military power.”

Yet one does not have to go any further afield in order to understand that the plan to stage false flag chemical weapons attack inside Syria in order to see the mass of evidence supporting such a claim.

In December 2012, a video was obtained by the Syria Tribune and subsequently released in their report and posted on YouTube which allegedly shows the NATO-backed death squads testing chemical weapons on “lab” rabbits.

As the Syria Tribune describes the video,
The video (see here) starts with several scenes showing chemical containers with Tekkim labels (Tekkim is a Turkish chemicals company) and some lab equipment, while playing Jihadists chants in the background. A glass box then appears with two rabbits inside, with a poster on the wall behind it reading The Almighty Wind Brigade (Kateebat A Reeh Al Sarsar). A person wearing a lab mask then mixes chemicals in a beaker in the glass box, and we see some gas emitting from the beaker. About a minute later, the rabbits start to have random convulsions and then die. The person says: You saw what happened? This will be your fate, you infidel Alawites, I swear by ALLAH to make you die like these rabbits, one minute only after you inhale the gas.
The Syria Tribune also comments that “Judging from the rabbits’ reaction, the gas must be a nerve agent. The number of containers, if not a bluff, indicates ability to produce a considerable amount of this gas. Deployment could be by means of a smoke generator placed in the target area, an explosion, possibly a suicide one, of a ”chemmed” car, or simply by using a humidifier."

In March, 2013, yet another YouTube video was released which contained a clip of a second “test” of chemical weapons on captive rabbits by the death squads.

This is quite an ironic presentation, since the Assad government has repeatedly vowed never to use chemical weapons inside Syria, while the death squads have repeatedly threatened to do just that. Indeed, in direct contrast to the tone and statements of the death squads, the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi issued a statement several months ago saying, “"No chemical or biological weapons will ever be used, and I repeat, will never be used, during the crisis in Syria no matter what the developments inside Syria.”

Still, the drums of war and military intervention from the United States, NATO, and Israel nevertheless continue to relentlessly beat.

Regardless, the video mentioned above also contains an alleged audio recording of a phone conversation between two Free Syrian Army fighters discussing the “details of a plan to carry out a chemical weapons attack capable of impacting an area the size of one kilometer.”

As Paul Joseph Watson writes,
The recording of the phone conversation purports to be between two FSA militants, one inside Syria and one outside of the country. Abu Hassan, the militant inside Syria, asks the person on the other end of the line to transmit a message to Sheikh Suleiman, a rebel-seized army base in Aleppo, asking for “two chemical bombs ….phosphoric” in order to “finish this whole thing.” 
“I want them to be effective,” states Hassan, adding, “The radius of the strike, or reach of the gases, has to be 1km.”
The video also contains a clip of the death squads openly announcing their plans to engage in chemical weapons attacks, all the while surrounded by bottles of nitric acid and other substances.

Again, back in December of 2012, after the death squads managed to capture a chlorine factory inside Syria, the Syrian government actually issued a warning that the death squads might attempt to use chemical weapons of this nature in their battle to overthrow and oppress the government and people of Syria respectively. The Syrian Foreign Ministry stated, “Terrorist groups may resort to using chemical weapons against the Syrian people ... after having gained control of a toxic chlorine factory.”

Thus, with the most recent chemical weapon attack which has caused both a frothing and bumbling public relations response from the Anglo-Americans, it is interesting to note that chlorine has been fingered as being one of the major ingredients.

As Alex Thomson of The Telegraph reported,
The Syrian military is said to believe that a home-made locally-manufactured rocket was fired, containing a form of chlorine known as CL17, easily available as a swimming pool cleaner. They claim that the warhead contained a quantity of the gas, dissolved in saline solution. 
. . . . . 
CL17 is normal chlorine for swimming pools or industrial purposes. It is rated as Level 2 under the chemical weapons convention, which means it is dual purpose - it can be used as a weapon as well as for industrial or domestic purposes. Level 1 agents are chemicals whose sole use is as weapons, such as the nerve agents sarin or tabun. 
There has been extensive experimentation by insurgents in Iraq in the use of chlorine, which is harmful when mixed with water to form hydrochloric acid. It vapourises quickly, meaning that in a big explosion it will evaporate; in a small blast - for instance, one delivered by a home-made rocket - it will turn into airborne droplets before dispersing quickly. 
So it is likely only to produce limited casualties. In this case there were only 26 fatalities, far fewer than would be expected from a full chemical weapon attack. In short, it is easily improvised into a chemical device but not one that would be used by an army seeking mass-casualty effects. [emphasis added]
Reports by the Syrian government coincide with the accounts given by the victims of the chemical weapons attack which one can view in the video clip contained in the YouTube video mentioned above. (See here) It is also important to note that many of the victims allegedly name the Free Syrian Army and the “rebels” as the perpetrators as they are being interviewed while waiting for medical treatment.

“The Free Syrian Army hit us with a rocket,” one woman said. "We smelled an odor and everyone fell to the ground. People died where they fell . . . the kids . . . "

A young girl was also interviewed, who said, “My lungs closed and I couldn’t breathe or speak. God curse them. Everyone died on the ground. My mom and dad died. I don’t know where is my brother. God curse them. May they [FSA] all die. This is the freedom they bring us. They [FSA] want to kill everyone. I hope there remains not a single one of them [FSA] alive.”

Let us not forget that the death squads have been responsible for unspeakable atrocities against innocent people ever since the destabilization effort began. Last October, the death squads, in typical terrorist fashion, conducted at least four suicide bombings in Aleppo that killed around 40 innocent civilians.

Receiving more attention in the media, however, at least until the death squads were found to be responsible, was the infamous Houla Massacre of 2011 where approximately 90 people were killed.

Numerous other atrocities have also been documented with videos showing the death squads machine gunning captives, beheading prisoners (see here and here), and forcing young children to behead them. I, myself, have written an article dealing with reports regarding the death squad’s hanging of a young child after murdering his family in front of him. One can also view the videos of the death squad members beating and humiliating the famous elderly “Yellow Man” in Aleppo.

Indeed, the videos of the torture of prisoners in the hands of the death squads are legion. One need only type the relevant keywords into a YouTube search engine to be greeted with generous results.

Such open acts of terrorism, lack of regard for human life, and outright savagery on the part of the death squads have thus made even coordinated Western media propaganda campaigns rest on shakier ground. Unfortunately, we must never overestimate the intellectual prowess of the population of the television and entertainment-saturated Western populations. After all, it has failed on countless occasions in the past.

Thus, while Obama has himself been forced to approach the Syrian issue with more caution, both he and the War Hawks in Congress as well as their counterparts in the Anglo-American networks of imperialism are still marching forward on the war path. Obama himself is refusing to admit the fact that the death squads are responsible for the chemical attack.

Last week, he stated, “I am deeply skeptical of any claim that, in fact, it was the opposition that used chemical weapons. Everybody who knows the facts of the chemical weapon stockpiles inside Syria as well as the Syrian government’s capabilities I think would question these claims.”

This statement is clearly designed to act as some level of protection for the operations of destabilization and invasion that his undeserved and illogical reputation as a man of peace in the eyes of the American people has been instrumental in assisting.

Others, however, are even less subtle about the desire to invade yet another sovereign nation. House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers, for instance, recently stated as much to CBS when he said, “I think that it is abundantly clear that that red line has been crossed. There is mounting evidence that it is probable that the Assad regime has used at least a small quantity of chemical weapons during the course of this conflict." Such “there might be evidence that [insert foreign nation here] might have [insert weapons here] sometime in the undefined future has been used before to a great degree of success.

However, regardless of the insanity of bought-and-paid-for parasites such as Rogers and Obama, the fact is that anyone who has investigated the events transpiring in Syria, particularly the recent chemical weapons attack, is able to recognize the operation for what it is – a destabilization effort aimed at replacing the Assad government with a more manageable regime to the benefit of the Anglo-American establishment and the detriment of the Syrian people. Such an outcome is direct product of the work of Western Governments and Intelligence agencies, the NATO world army network, and the Mad Dog of the Middle East known as Israel.

In the end, Syria is simply another stop on the Path to Persia. If Americans and other Westerners have any sense of self-preservation left among them, they must do everything they can to steer themselves off of this road before the destination is reached.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over 200 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) 

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article. It is amazing to me the number of people that will believe the BS that these targets like Qaddafi in Libya or Assad in Syria or Ahmadinejad in Iran will make moves that are the worst possible no-win actions they could take that just happen to help their opposing forces perfectly in justifying their barbaric assaults.

I guess all that Arab dehumanization/demonization in Hollywood over the past several decades has worked well at convincing many people that Arab peoples are completely brain-dead, even their most powerful and intelligent leaders gleefully make the dumbest moves possible to assist their enemies greatly.

It is important to note that there is in fact a legitimate peaceful opposition to the current Assad government, but it has nothing to do with the terrorist FSA militants.

The legitimate opposition entered into diplomatic talks with the Assad government many months ago(over a year ago), has already received many concessions from the government mainly in regards to the repealing of a number of disputable laws, and have now entered a dialogue forum with the Assad government to help develop new Constitutional reforms.

And most importantly they totally reject a violent solution and accept only a diplomatic one.

The FSA terrorist militants consisting of groups like Al Nusra Front that are 100% militant organizations on the other hand has largely rejected any diplomatic solution and will accept only the violent overthrow of the Assad government and imposing of an Islamic caliphate under an oppressive extremist Sunni interpretation of Sharia Law.

The only exception was an offer to enter talks with Assad representatives outside Syria but only if the SAA released several thousand militant prisoners first as a precondition.

You don't have to be a psychic or a genius to realize that the talks would go nowhere and the terrorists would be resupplied with many desperately needed experienced veteran fighters.

While not all of the fighters are foreigners large numbers of militants and mercenaries are involved, increasingly so as the SAA ravages the FSA ranks.

The FSA are not "opposition forces", they are terrorists and mercenaries and nothing more. Their "legitimacy" comes only from western/foreign political and media powers that support the FSA's claims to "leading" the opposition.

Also of note - Assad offered a "western style" democratic election with openings for any willing opponents over a year ago but the FSA refused to acknowledge it and the west refused to acknowledge it's legitimacy if it occurred.

The foreign forces and extremist militants know full well that Assad would take a landslide victory in a free and fair election right now.

The Syrian people have taken it as a national duty to protect the secular identity of Syria by rallying behind Assad, his support has only grown in the face of the FSA terrorist campaign.

Having an Alawite leader representing one of the smallest minorities in Syria guarantees that rights and protections of religions and cultures and especially minorities will always exist under Assad's governance.


Anonymous said...

Although it naturally contains some pro-SAA propaganda an excellent documentary film on the events in Syria from an alternative perspective to the western media from 'TV Russia 24' called "The Syrian Diary" with English subtitles can be found below -

Warning: there is some extremely graphic content contained in it, though most of the real gore is blurred out.

Respect to all the journalists reporting from Syria who don't support the FSA who face assassination and kidnapping for telling the truth.

Also respect to the SAA forces protecting the journalists, especially in the case of the Russian photographer Sergey Berezhnoy that took a sniper round through his jaw and one in his arm and SAA soldiers made a human wall to shield him as they evacuated him from the battlefield gladly risking their lives to protect him.

Danger For Journalists in a War Zone! Syria 2013. Part 1 (English subtitles) -

Danger For Journalists in a War Zone! Syria 2013. Part 2 (English subtitles) -

Real journalists like that who put themselves on the line to show the truth rather than cower in safety and spew lies for $$$ like our "media personalities"(not journalists) deserve far greater attention and respect than they get.


Anonymous said...

Important article; impressive commentary.

In the end, it makes me want to scream and cry.

Anonymous said...

Daily Newscast of Syrian TV, 30/03/2013

Syrian Arab News Agency SANA
Every day fresh news from Syria

brad said...

This is one of the attempted wars the US govt wants us to jump in on because if the soldiers/military come home, the DHS cannot corral and run the UNAZI STATES OF AMERICA the way the current corporations and govt lackeys want it run, and secondly: there are the incredible profits in killing people.

Manufacture of weapons AND resources you steal from the conquered people.

To think we can send anyone somewhere, kill their friends, families, and loved ones, with this is any way producing "peace" is beyond insanity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the horror! Pinning such nasty things of poor, poor, lil Assad. A nicer guy hasn't been born. After all, his people call him "The Butcher of the Middle East" out of love and because he gives them free steaks once a week so they can have big BBQs on the streets.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, the horror! Pinning such nasty things of poor, poor, lil Assad. A nicer guy hasn't been born. After all, his people call him "The Butcher of the Middle East" out of love and because he gives them free steaks once a week so they can have big BBQs on the streets."

More straw-men crap, nobody here has claimed Assad is an angel.

But you say "his people" call him a "butcher"?

Can you cite an example from "his people" - most of "his people" that support him refer to him more commonly as a "hero" who since 1982 has successfully defended Syria against a joint Zionist and extremist Islamist assault seeking to destabilize Syria and create the chaos we see now.

That his government has used some very heavy-handed and downright brutal methods at times to maintain that stability and secularism is not denied even by most of his "die-hard" supporters in Syria.

If anyone calls him a "butcher" it would be the radical Sunni Islamists in Syria in places like Daraya(Dara'a) where since 1982(and before) they have caused as much civil and political turmoil as possible in opposition to the minority Alawite, secular government of Assad simply because they seek to create a Syrian Islamic Caliphate under a perverted extremist Sunni Islam view of Sharia Law.

Even the majority of Sunni's in Syria, which are the majority of the entire population generally oppose this radical ideology and support Assad because they know for his Alawite people to be safe all minorities must be protected under him, and therefore all Syrian people have general secular equality.

I'm no fan of the way Assad has governed at times but I've never managed a successful argument against the Syrian viewpoint that such authoritarian measures have been necessary to maintain peace and stability in the face of Zionist and radical Islamic forces seeking to sow chaos for decades.

Most of Assad's political opponents that have met brutal ends were not just well-meaning hippie activists, most were radicals calling for 'Jihad' and assassinations of Assad and other government and secularism supporting religious figures and acts of outright terrorism and such.

In order to clamp down on such things no doubt more well-meaning individuals have also been silenced unfairly, but Assad has already agreed to reforms to protect people from such actions in the future and more reforms will come, possibly even elections.

Like it or not even NATO officials are now admitting unless they make drastic changes to strategy the FSA militants will be destroyed fairly soon.

If anywhere near a "majority" of Syrians were opposed to Assad then their forces - admittedly supported by some of the so called "elite" terrorist forces like Al-Nusra Front and supported with aid in many forms including weapons from Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, U.S.A(also providing special forces training in Jordan for militants), Britain, etc. - would not be on the verge of complete defeat right now.

If I had to make a list of my personal views of "pro's and con's" in regards to Assad the "con's" would be the larger group, but my personal views of his leadership are irrelevant.

If Assad and his style of governance is what the majority of the Syrian people want and support then it is not my place to disagree with them and try to force my will on them.

That is one lesson the moral imperialists of the world just refuse to learn and why they will always fail, constantly producing more chaos and death.


Anonymous said...

the youtube links you provided are blocked by youtube by asking you sign in to see.

What a crock.

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