Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ex-DEA Chief Lobbying Holder to Nullify Marijuana Legalization Owns a Drug Testing Company

Nine former Drug Enforcement Agency administrators urged Attorney General Holder today to sue Colorado and Washington in order to nullify the recently passed marijuana legalization ballot measures in those states.

Coincidentally, the letter was sent the same day that the U.N.'s International Narcotics Control Board also sent an appeal to Holder to nullify the will of the voters in these states because allowing them to legalize pot is against global drug treaties.

The former DEA chiefs Peter Bensinger, John Bartels, Robert Bonner, Thomas Constantine, Asa Hutchinson, John Lawn, Donnie Marshall and Francis Mullen wrote a letter to Eric Holder to be released some time this week, but they gave an advanced copy to the Associated Press.

Peter B. Bensinger, the apparent spokesman for the group, told the AP, "the supremacy of federal law over state law when it comes to drug laws isn't in doubt." He added,  "It is outrageous that a lawsuit hasn't been filed in federal court yet."

It turns out Peter B. Bensinger, who in the letter is representing the lobbying organization Save Our Society from Drugs, has a huge financial stake in preventing the legalization of cannabis. He is the founder and CEO of a drug testing company.

After Bensinger left the DEA he founded Bensinger Dupont Associates which according to their website handles large scale drug testing for corporations:
Bensinger, DuPont & Associates’ (BDA) provides a full-service solution to drug testing management. Our services are designed to help employers establish and manage workplace drug and alcohol testing programs that are technically and forensically sound, protecting the rights of applicants, employees and employers.
BDA’s years of experience can help your organization to implement and maintain a viable drug testing program. The company’s principals are Peter Bensinger, who served as administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Dr. Robert DuPont, the founding Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Full-Service Solution for Drug Testing Management 
BDA’s drug testing management provides high quality, convenient drug testing. Our full service third party administration and specific drug testing management allows you to focus on your organization’s core operations. Services include:
  • Policy Development and Review
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
  • Random Testing Management
  • Collection Site and Laboratory Selection
  • Web Site Reporting of Results
  • Supervisor Training and Employee Education Programs Online and In-Person
It should be noted that Bensinger's partner, Dr. Robert DuPont, is a former White House drug czar. Both have been involved with lobbying groups like the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association who were behind the Drug Testing Integrity Act of 2008 which made products that help people "defraud a drug test" illegal. They are also behind many of the state bills for drug testing welfare recipients.

These drug war profiteers told the public they would save tax dollars by getting junkies kicked off the welfare rolls, yet in the just the first few months of the law passing in Florida last year, the drug testing firms made $118,140 testing welfare applicants, which was significantly more than giving welfare to the few who tested positive for drugs.

Also curiously timed, this new lobbying push comes only a day after a bill was introduced in the U.S. Congress to drug test all welfare recipients nationwide. The bill has obvious Constitutional ramifications to the privacy of recipients, which the bill addresses by forcing people seeking aid to sign "a waiver of constitutional rights with respect to testing,"

Bensinger and his cohorts in the drug testing industry represent just one of the many industries that are lobbying to keep the failed war on drugs alive, and they're willing to subvert democracy and the Constitution to do it.

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Ric Ohge said...

So, why the big push, now? this Article from the Weekly Yonder might provide "enlightenment: has the whole story, but here's a bit:
"The prison boom has been followed by a prison bust.

Falling crime rates and better success at rehabilitation have led to a whole bunch of empty prison beds in Texas, Mike Ward reports. With 11,000 empty bunks, state prisons are closing. And county jails have 21,000 empty beds. Ward reports that nearly two dozen county and private lockups are now vacant or nearly so.

Many rural communities looked on the "prison industry" as a stable source of jobs and local income. That form of economic development is over, at least in Texas, Ward reports."

So, holder and friends are shilling for Corporate Slave Labor, and docile marijuana "offenders" are easy prey.

Anonymous said...

All we can do is resist, passively and with an
indominable spirit. The 'people' out number the legistators. We must remember that They work for us and that we can remove them from office if they don't respond us. We do have the power...let us not forget that. We are not sheep who will be herded and corraled and slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

Well we all know that it dont stinken madder what the people want, the thugs in D.C. cant have us cutting in on there drug trafficking now can they, The U.S. IS the biggest drug dealers in the world and everybody know it...

Anonymous said...

Good comment Ric.

This nonsense about Holder getting 'pressure' from the UN is a joke.
This nonsense about Holder getting 'pressure' from 9 DEA tools is pure theater.
A fake show targeted to the deadenders in the Democratic party who actually still believe the Democrats are somehow on the side of the people on this issue.

Hide Behind said...

O please please let me smoke some dope, that's all I need in the land of the free.
It, being able to get stoned and happy, is the most important issue we have to face today.
We are willing to let you tax it for wharever amount you need; But please please,just let me have the freedom to smoke my weed.
Unlike the men with guns we mean you no harm, and with the weed we are to mellow to cause you any alarm.
Just give us our weed so we pretend we still have a Constitution.

Hide Behind said...

Have searched high and low in the public record but only found 1 case of a grower or dealer or even a user that ever shot at a cop to protect their stash or grow and that one case was when he was high on meth.
It is odd this stat because many an officer has said " I thought it was a gun and he was gonna shoot at me.
While guns by the scores have been confiscated none were actually used to commit a crime and just laid collecting dust all the time.
That kid walking down the street is a threat to society; Whose we do not know, but it is a possibility, so take em down.

Anonymous said...

Typical cronyism. What's most shocking is none of the MSM pointed out that this guy is a Lobbyist and has a financial stake in opposing democracy!

Anonymous said...

Feds CANNOT overturn nor nullify State laws that do not interfere with inter-state commerce. The Feds have no authority to interfere with State law, period. As long as the pot is grown, distributed and sold within the state of WA or CO the feds can F off.

Anonymous said...

How do we nullify eight lying drug war engineers, and profiteers? Prison for you, profit for them. And they insist that everyone must trust their wisdom when it comes to the bad plant list. People who use the bad plants must be hunted for sport and profit by a nationwide network of well armed men in ski masks on no-knock raids at dawn.

Anonymous said...

just a thought from a ignorant old seniour citizen,has any of our illustrious leaders ever read the constitution? you know the deal about any powers not given to fed. by same document shall remain with the states!!! God help America!! still looking4che!!

Anonymous said...

Just eat an edible and enjoy your day!

Hugh said...

No Federal bureaucracy has ever voluntarily down-sized...and neither will the DEA.
Their efforts need to be re-directed...maybe, hunt down some real criminals.

You robbers, kidnappers, murderers...those kind of folks.
But, of course, the pot bust is one of the easiest and safest to make...per the DOJ's own statistics, the vast majority of drug offenders are non-violent.

I spent 5 years in Federal Prison for a marijuana offense.
And I am as harmless as a Beagle puppy.

I wrote about the escapades that led to my 'extended vacation' book:
Shoulda Robbed a Bank

I would be honored by your review.
(Warning: the book contains some pretty strong language.)

Anthony Taurus said...

This goes beyond the issue of marijuana. US politicians have used international treaties as a way to affect the way of life in the US and not just with marijuana. Keep in mind, the UN is basically run by the US government. The precursor to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 was the Single Narcotics Convention, ratified by Congress in 1961. The reason the CSA is a copy of the SNC is because US politicians created the SNC in the first place. Then, they got various nations to ratify and added more in the years coming.

The reason they did it that way, instead of the Amendment process is because they knew, at the time, ratifying an amendment was hard work - 3/4 or 75% of state legislatures to ratify an Amendment to the US Constitution. However, you only need 2/3 of the US Congress. An amendment requires discussion which would involve millions of people. A treaty only has to be discussed among a few hundred in Congress. So, the US has been drafting US laws through the treaty process.

The problem exists IN the US Constitution. Article VI. Section II. The Supremacy Clause. Reading it carefully, you realize that when a treaty is signed, that treaty becomes law of the land. There are different interpretation of the Supremacy Clause. Arguing about it would be pointless because it's being USED in a way to affect the way of life of American people, essentially being treated by the US government with the SAME power as an Amendment.

There are more laws on the books that do not come from the US Constitution. They come from these UN treaties. Our government is treating these treaties as if they were the law of the land.

Brandt Hardin said...

Marijuana is the safest drug with actual benefits for the user as opposed to alcohol which is dangerous, causes addiction, birth defects, and affects literally every organ in the body. Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws. I drew up a very cool poster featuring Uncle Willie Nelson and The Teapot Party for the cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!

crash test corpse said...

Nice how UN treaties suddenly mean something to some former DEA officials with their hands in the private prison pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Why is the elephant in the room never discussed when these discussions arise? The fact is that in 1861, and this has been backed up recently by the house of the State of New Hampshire, Lincoln the dictator created a corporation the "United States of America" (Capital "U") domiciled in Washington DC and is not the legitimate government, the united States of America (small "u"). The constitution to this corporation is merely a mission statement, NOT the Law of The Land. Deal with the fact that the country hasn't lived under that document for over 140 years and you begin to deal with these usurpers in earnest.

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