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International Bankster Enslavement Plan Revealed to Cyprus; Banks Remain Closed, President Investigates

This is the latest update in Cyprus bank raid series chronicled below

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It was anticipated that the weekend could bring finalized plans for how Cyprus would be dealt with by the Troika and parliament. The central problem that had revealed itself in the wake of the original indefinite bank holiday and subsequent ATM drain and protests, was how to stop capital flight when banks reopen, as well as a more widespread bank run across the Eurozone as trust in the banking system verges on collapse.

The two largest banks in Cyprus saw the imposition of ATM withdrawal limits, which declined from 260 Euros to 100 Euros ahead of projected bank openings tomorrow, Tuesday -- Sorry, make that Wednesday. Sorry, again, make that Thursday. An urgent statement was originally issued by the Central Bank prior to yet another delay that, "For the smooth functioning of the entire banking system, the Finance Minister has decided upon the recommendation of the Governor of the CBC, that all banks remain closed until Wednesday, 27 March 2013 included." The ongoing closure makes this the longest in history. See other closures here.

One key indicator for just how orchestrated this has been, and how dangerous the outcome, is that a final deal was supposedly reached at a dinner with Mario Draghi, Christine Lagarde, Herman Van Rompuy, and José Manuel Barroso -- essentially the Four Horsemen of economic apocalypse.

The new decision has been made to honor those who were insured up to 100,000 Euros (as if it is some sort of gift), but to steal around 30% of the money of depositors at the Bank of Cyprus, and all of the money for the uninsured of Cyprus Popular bank...

Even worse is the fact that a final deal was thought to hinge upon a vote by parliament, but as ZeroHedge notes:
There is talk that there may be no need for the government to vote for this - since it is not a 'tax' but a bank restructuring. It seems they have kept it in the bankers ... the ECB (in its independent way) tells the Cypriot NCB what it should do, the Cypriot central bank then restructures its bank how it sees fit - good/bad bank and haircuts where it sees fit - this then gets around need for vote from government AND any possibility of a European Union law (on taxation) being broken ... (Source)
The deal is being welcomed by Eurozone finance ministers, naturally. On the surface it might seem that only a group of heavy investors will take the hit and that the common man has been saved, but even German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, had to admit that, "Cyprus faces a long, difficult path to rebuild its economy, but claimed that the deal reached in Brussels offers the country the best chance of getting back on its feet." (Source)

Other finance ministers weighed in on the program:
IMF chief Christine Lagarde said the agreement was a comprehensive and credible plan which provided the basis for restoring trust in the Cypriot banking system, which was key to supporting growth. 
IMF chief Christine Lagarde said she would recommend to the board of the IMF that they should take part in the programme, but did not specify the amount. 
French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici rejected charges that the EU had brought Cypriots to their knees, saying it was the island's offshore business model that had failed. 
He repeated his favourite catch phrase that Cyprus had a cazino (sic) economy that was on the brink of bankruptcy. (Source)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was thrilled as well that "the deal was right for Cyprus because it ensured that those who contributed to the crisis were required to pay towards its resolution."

These words should be anything but comforting coming from a system of centralized control. The IMF in particular has been responsible for freeing exactly zero countries from any type of economic turmoil, but are specialists at introducing and exacerbating systems of long-term economic enslavement . . . see Argentina and Jamaica. The IMF (a.k.a financial terrorists) absolutely loves crisis and is always positioned to capitalize through austerity and Soviet-style governance.

Meanwhile, in Cyprus, bank employees and the general public alike wait for banks to reopen in order to assess the damage. Apparently no one knows how much money might already have fled Cypriot banks, since branches in London and Russia did not close or impose financial restrictions.

And, as further proof of what a great deal Cyprus is getting, word was issued by the Dutch finance minister that Cyprus "represents a new template for resolving euro zone banking problems." However, after markets responded to that possible reality and the Euro dropped precipitously, Dijsselbloem retracted his statements. Although it might say "retraction," take a look at the full transcript of what he previously said.

The market certainly knows what he said, and here is its clear answer:

image source: ZeroHedge
These are the people "in control" who are supposed to lead us into a prosperous future? And for those who might discount the words of Dijsslebloem, please view this must-see video by Charlie McGrath highlighting Dijsslebloem's role in the unaccountable private bailout fund called the European Stability Mechanism.

President Anastasiades announced today that he has launched an investigation into who brought about this economic crisis. Since he has stated that leaving the Euro is not the answer, does anyone believe that he will instruct the spotlight to shine on those mentioned above?

As an aside: we should also pay close attention to rhetoric coming from the United States, as Cyprus will be cited as a microcosm of a larger "problem" in dire need of a "solution." Well-known economist and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, is highlighting the potential effectiveness of government intervention through "Cross Money Controls." Because the world economy just continues to improve as governments increase their oversight and control of our money. Right?


Previous Update from 3-24:

The Cyprus parliament and the Troika agreed today on a deal to steal billions to bailout the insolvent banks in Cyprus to prevent a feared bankruptcy, and details of yesterday's 9 bills on capital controls also started to emerge. Both are even worse for financial freedom than previously thought.

Taking advantage of the populist outrage against the initial plan to raid everyone's bank accounts to pay for private bank failures, the autocrats decided they would raid up to 20% from wealthy depositors with over €100,000 at the Bank of Cyprus and 4% at other banks. Simultaneously, the plan would nationalize pensions of average citizens which are, for the moment, safe from the heist.

Russia Today reports:
Cyprus and the Troika have agreed to a 20 per cent tax on deposits over 100,000 euros at the Bank of Cyprus and 4 per cent on deposits held at other banks.
A senior Cypriot official told Reuters that a plan to tap nationalized pension funds would not be a part of a plan to raise billions of euros in return for a bailout from the European Union. Cyprus said earlier on Saturday that it was looking at seizing a quarter of the value of big deposits at its largest bank in order to raise such funds.
"Unfortunately, the events of recent days have led to a situation where there are no longer any optimal solutions available. Today, there are only hard choices left," European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said in a statement.
All this because the Bank of Cyprus' capital was supposedly wiped out by their forced investments of Greek debt during their bailout phase.  How are everyday citizens and foreign depositors to blame for this scenario? How can they call it a tax when the money goes directly to banks instead of helping the nation?

It seems the Troika is waging a successful class warfare propaganda battle against the Cypriot people and parliament. They have made robbing people's private bank accounts acceptable as long as it only happens to the wealthy.

"If it was like this, I think it might be quite suitable because it means that the highest deposits will be taxed," said Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen.

But do average citizens and small depositors make out better in this deal? The Troika and the Cyprus parliament are no longer demanding a "fee" from average depositors, they'll now take their financial freedom instead by implementing harsh capital controls to keep depositors from moving their money freely, and they took control of pensions.

Cyprus news site CBCY.com reports:
Τhe Ηοuse of Representatives last night voted by majority to nationalise state pensions and split failing lenders into good and bad banks. 
They also gave the government powers to impose capital controls on banks, anticipating a flood of money from the island when banks are due to reopen on Tuesday after more than a week of lockdown.
The plan to nationalise semi-state pension funds has, however, met with resistance, particularly from Germany which made clear that tapping pensions could by even more painful for ordinary Cypriots than a deposit levy.
Do average people think they were going to get off easy negotiating with these power-hungry thieves?

Despite the best efforts to trick citizens, protesters seem to fear their pensions being hijacked just as much as their bank accounts be robbed.

RT reports:
Earlier on Saturday, at least 1,000 bank workers in Cyprus hit the streets of the country’s capital of Nicosia. The demonstrators marched against the latest bailout measures taken by the country’s central bank. 
“You destroy our work and steal our pensions,” demonstrators chanted as they marched to the Cypriot Parliament. One protester held a banner which read, “Hands off pension funds.” 
All ages were present at the demonstration, with many parents pushing their children down the street in strollers. 
“I’ve been working for 20 years and I’ve paid all the taxes of all my pension contributions and every Euro. Now I run the risk of losing my job and my pension, and I will have no money to support my children,”Cyprus Popular Bank employee Angela Panayotou said, as quoted by Ria Novosti.
First austerity, now the great bank and pension raid. The saga continues. Stay tuned for updates and see earlier updates below as to how this story unfolded.


Previous Update from 3-22:
The question has now been answered about how to do that even after a complete loss of trust from depositors who had been assured from president Anastasiades just weeks before that no such scheme would take place: Government force, naturally.

Parliament passed a package of 9 bills, including a restructure of the country's second largest bank, plus limitations on cash transactions. While specific details are still yet to be released, capital controls are the final stage of looting implemented by the government-banking-oligarchy. It is yet another benchmark set in the forward march toward a complete banking takeover.

This weekend is expected to reveal much more about how the Eurozone is going to manage Cyprus, and set a precedent for handling other nations. (Source)

For more about what capital controls could look like in America, click HERE.
Update 3/22: Local news in Cyprus is reporting an escalation in the protests that have begun in the wake of attempts by EU chiefs to confiscate the savings of depositors. The news of possible bank closures has enraged the public. It appears that in order to keep things under control, the Central Bank is discussing a possible bank merger rather than a full shut down.
The Central Bank of Cyprus today intervened to quash frantic reports that Cyprus Popular Bank is to be closed down. 
The reports sent hundreds of Cyprus Popular Bank employees and holders of the bank's bonds out into the streets. Police deployed a strong force outside the Bank's headquarters in the capital Nicosia to prevent them smashing into the building. (Source)
Here is a video showing police in riot gear on the scene:

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation says the following:

The European Central Bank today said it had decided to allow the Central Bank of Cyprus to keep providing banks with emergency funding until this coming Monday. 
An ECB statement said that thereafter, Emergency Liquidity Assistance can only be considered if a rescue programme is in place that would ensure the solvency of the banks involved. (Source)
Meanwhile, President Anastasiades supposedly has a Plan B ready:
Cyprus's political leadership today decided on a package of measures dubbed "plan B" to avert a financial meltdown, as the finance minister is engaged in rescue talks with Russian officials in Moscow.... 
No details of the plan were immediately announced, but Averof Neophytou, a close associate of President Nicos Anastasiades said that there had been a unanimous decision to establish a "Solidarity Fund". (Source)
Recent photos of the protests were posted at ZeroHedge, which you can see HERE. One protester can be seen holding a sign that says, "Where is the solidarity?"

Europe and Russia have rejected a bailout as we head into the weekend...

ATMs in Cyprus have been all but drained, electronic transfers were halted, and riots ensued following a decision by European Union chiefs to raid private savings accounts to help pay for the country's $13 billion bailout. It was believed that there were plans to stretch a bank holiday to at least one week, while the exact measures were decided upon. However, yesterday the Cypriot parliament rejected the scheme outright, leading many to speculate that this would be the start of something even worse.

Sure enough, much like the U.S. Federal Reserve threatened martial law and blood in the streets if Congress didn't accept sweeping bailouts in 2008, now Germany is saying that Cypriot banks might never reopen after parliament's decision:
Germany's finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble said major Cypriot banks were "insolvent if there are no emergency funds,” according to a BBC report, meaning savers might lose all their money if no deal was reached. (Source)
There is extreme worry that if the banks do reopen, capital flight is all but assured. Meanwhile, similar confiscation schemes are being proposed for Italy and New Zealand (more on that below), spurring questions about which other nations are in line for a "haircut" . . . perhaps better called "the chopping block."

Whether or not Cyprus gets its bailout in one form or another -- perhaps from Russia -- this is a precedent-setting crisis that is already leading to such a level of distrust in Cyprus that merchants are even refusing credit card payments. This is indeed shaping up to be a potential "Lehman Brothers Moment" with ramifications that could extend even beyond the troubled nations of Europe.

Reuters reported at the beginning of this crisis that,
The euro zone agreed on Saturday to hand Cyprus a bailout worth 10 billion euros ($13 billion), but demanded depositors in its banks forfeit some money to stave off bankruptcy despite the risk of a wider run on savings.
In a radical departure from previous aid packages - and one that gave rise to incredulity and anger across the country - euro zone finance ministers forced Cyprus' savers to pay up to 10 percent of their deposits to raise almost 6 billion euros.
Cyprus president Nicos Anastasiades agreed to the deal, which completely reversed his previous assurances that it would not happen. It sets a very dangerous precedent for future bailouts. As if brutal austerity wasn't enough, the EU is now demanding a bailout tax making citizens and expat depositors alike personally liable for government and private bank debts. Reuters also noted that according to a draft of the legislation, criminal penalties of up to 3 years in jail and 50,000 euros could be imposed upon anyone who doesn't comply.

The New York Times added:
Most of the 10 billion euros will go to bail out Cypriot banks, which took a blow when their substantial holdings of Greek government bonds were written down as part of that country’s second bailout.
Britain has 60,000 depositors in Cypriot banks, including thousands of military and government personnel stationed on the island. George Osborne highlighted that Cypriot banks in England would not be subjected to the tax (originally proposed at 6.75% for accounts under 100,000 Euros; 9.9% for those over 100,000), but expat depositors apparently will -- government and military excluded:
George Osborne vowed today that those serving in Britain's military or government in Cyprus will be protected after European finance chiefs ordered an unprecedented raid on personal bank accounts. 
Up to 60,000 British savers are to lose thousands of pounds each as expats in Cyprus have their savings decimated in part of a painful bid to bail out the bankrupt island. 
The Chancellor said the financial situation in Cyprus was ‘an example of what happens if you don't show the world that you can pay your way’, adding: ‘We are not part of the bailout.’ (Source)
The tax is being justified as a last-ditch effort to raise money and keep Cyprus from supposedly causing a domino effect across the Eurozone as indebted nations begin to collapse. Cyprus had set itself up as a strong banking center for investors, but many are outraged over Anastasiades' about-face:
Those affected will include rich Russians with deposits in Cyprus and Europeans who have retired to the island, as well as Cypriots themselves. 
"I'm furious," said Chris Drake, a former Middle East correspondent for the BBC who lives in Cyprus. "There were plenty of opportunities to take our money out; we didn't because we were promised it was a red line which would not be crossed." 
"I've lost several thousand," he told Reuters.
ZeroHedge reports that it is those "rich Russians" who could wind up angriest. Eurogroup had suggested that depositors under 100,000 euros should maintain their insurance against such a scheme, but it is possible that larger depositors will absorb their percentage by moving the top percentage tax to 15.6%.
The Eurogroup will give Cyprus more flexibility on bank levy, and that Cyprus should safeguard depositors under €100,000, even as the full €5.8 billion deposit goal must still be hit. 
(The) Russian response to the discovery that haircuts on big deposits just rose from 9.9% to over 15.6% will hardly be warm and cuddly. Now may be a good time to ban gun (and plutonium) sales to angry Russian billionaire oligarchs. (Source)
Many speculated that the heavy Russian investment in the Cyprus banking system would spur Russia to be the bailout lender of choice, but as of today, 3/22, that appears not to be the case. Europe and Russia both have rejected that possibility before Parliament even voted, as ZeroHedge outlines:
...this entire farce has been nothing but a political gambit dictated by Germany from the onset. And so while GETCO's entire army of algos awaits the flashing red headline with a touch of optimism to unleash robotic buying of ES and EURUSD, we fast forward to the inevitable denouement, which is, not surprisingly, bad news for Cyprus, because as the FT reports, confirming our initial skepticism, "European officials rejected Cyprus’ plans for an alternative package to save its banking sector and remain in the euro, starting a fresh round of talks with the island nation’s government on Friday." 
Elsewhere, pouring gas on the non-bailout fire, was Russia which Bloomberg reported has crushed all hopes it would swoop in as an alternative white knight, and bailout Cyprus. After all why would it: the worse the situation on the ground, already blamed on Merkel and the Troika, the greater its leverage, and the more power it has to acquire any and all Cypriot assets for free if and when Cyprus is "spun off" from Europe.
And, as ZeroHedge goes on to note, there are wide implications for European-Russian political and economic relations:
Bottom line: Europe will not agree to any plan that does not promote "debt sustainability", i.e., impairment of Russian oligarch savings, which in turn is a non-starter in Cyprus, and would lead to an immediate trade war with European energy supplier Russia. 
That is, in a nutshell, the stalemate as we head into the weekend, and a Monday Cyprus bank holiday, during which the ECB has issued the supreme bluff, and said it would cut off all the funding to the small island.
Update from 3/19 below. 
The President just proposed the 'levy' on deposits begin at EUR 20,000 just hours ahead of today's planned vote. 
However, it is still theft of private property which appears to be the philosophical stumbling block for the parties involved and therefore today's vote appears to be delayed: 
Cyprus is now the fifth country seeking a bailout, but the extraordinarily high depositor tax is unprecedented. Eurozone citizens and outside investors might not see the tax as the confidence-inspiring measure that government asserts it to be. Rather, citizens everywhere will view it as a clear signal that other governments are ready to follow suit and are extremely unclear about who will ultimately be affected, thus destroying confidence in the entire banking system. The "Russian billionaire" angle might be used to forestall more widespread outrage, but it is still new ground to go directly after depositors ... and not all affected depositors will be Russian billionaires, especially at a starting point of 20,000 euros.

"This is theft, pure and simple," one pensioner told Reuters. Yes it is.

And here's some colorful commentary about this:

A final vote from Cyprus' parliament has been postponed several times, and now appears to be set for 9 AM Wednesday. Arm twisting by banksters continues to work toward the necessary 33% approval to solidify wealth confiscation. The latest poll shows that 71% of Cypriots want to reject the scheme.

Follow #Cyprus depositors as they vent their fury through social media:

And for those who believe that something like this could not happen throughout Europe, or even in the United States, Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge posits that the Rubicon has been crossed and "wealth taxation" is a topic that is likely to grow in popularity among banking oligarchs. Although in the U.S. wealth taxation might take a slightly different form than what is being proposed for Cyprus.
So, if the US was to go the Cyprus route, and begin impairing balance sheet liabilities to remark assets, there would be precious little space (with just $4.3 trillion in total other funding liabilities), before one would need to start eating into the deposit base, should Congress decide to implement a very "fair and just" financial asset tax in the US next. 
Will Congress do this? Obviously, nobody can answer that question now. However, it was "absolutely certain" as recently as 48 hours ago that Cyprus too would see no depositor "bail in" either. Then things changed rapidly. What is known, is that according to the same BCG chart we showed last night, the necessary debt-reduction needed in the US to reach a sustainable debt level, was over $8.2 trillion using debt numbers as of 2009... 
... Since then consolidated US debt has risen by over $5 trillion. 

Which means that if, indeed, the US proceeds with its own wealth tax, then deposits may well be one "wealth class" that gets impaired. Of course, since in the US other financial assets, namely the stock market, account for a far greater proportion of household net worth, it is quite possible that instead of impairing deposits at US banks, which already subsist solely due to the Fed's $2 trillion in excess reserves, the government may instead choose to generously tax simply 30% of all of your stock holdings, and achieve the same "wealth transfer" result. (Source)
In fact, this type of asset taxation is already being proposed for Italy, as stated by Commerzbank's chief economist, Jörg Krämer :
"A tax rate of 15% on financial assets would probably be enough to push the Italian government debt to below the critical level of 100% of gross domestic product." So there you have it, the 'new deal' in Europe, as we warned, is 'wealth taxes' and testing the "capacity of Cypriots" appears to be the strawman on what the public will take before social unrest becomes intolerable. (Source)
New Zealand is also considering a Cyprus-like solution for their bank failures.
"Bill English is proposing a Cyprus-style solution for managing bank failure here in New Zealand – a solution that will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts," said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman. 
The Reserve Bank is in the final stages of implementing a system of managing bank failure called Open Bank Resolution. The scheme will put all bank depositors on the hook for bailing out their bank. 
Depositors will overnight have their savings shaved by the amount needed to keep the bank afloat. 
While the details are still to be finalised, nearly all depositors will see their savings reduced by the same proportions. (Source)
One thing is for certain, banksters and their government partners are in no position to earn anyone's trust.

This post has been updated, 3/26.

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Anonymous said...

Bank customers with savings < 100.000 Euro will loose 6,75% of their money. If you have more than 100.000, you will loose 9,9%.
Friday night, they had frozen all accounts. The banks on Cyprus are open on Saturdays. All the people ran into their bank on Saturday but they have been told that the systems don't work. There were no possibility to withdraw money.
This was the first lecture for us Europeans: the money in the bank on *your* bank account don't belong to you.

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Anonymous said...

So, the desperation of the empire has finally turned criminal. Why don't they just print more money like we do... that seems to work right?

Anonymous said...

Cyprus is a beta site.

A perfect test area, an island contained and controllable, it is the perfect place to test us rats as to our reactions to the ultimate theft.

Do we react as a group, as individuals, with bulldozers, organized, chaotic?? For how long? What types of military force and in what concentrations to achieve what sort of effects?

There will probably be a few more test markets and experiments before they run games like this in the USA..........but make no mistake, this game WILL be played here too.

I can just see Obama flanked by good Republicans and Democrats explaining to us how our bank accounts will go down by x% to pay off our crippling debt. Cyprus is the research project, Europe and the USA are the end game.

Anonymous said...

Go in Monday and empty your account and close it...

Everyone, Everywhere. Run like HELL

KUPEK said...

King Eric was speaking few years ago

Anonymous said...

A simple redistribution of wealth, to the richest 400 people on earth. This was planned many years ago.

Anonymous said...

So, the problem was that Russian mob money had flooded into Cyprus banks, causing them to make risky investments with the hot money. Does the EU or IMF go after the mob? No, they want the little people to pay a share: deal for you, only 6.75% instead of 9.9%. Even though you had NOTHING to do with the international crime fiesta, you pay.

Same here. Healthcare is a racket, so mandate insurance. Banks committed fraud, give them more money while stealing from savers and municipalities. Fed didn't regulate any of the massive corruption? Give them more power as a regulator of the public, as if the public had created the MBS fraud.

The global-financialists refuse to face up to the corruption. Instead they plan on bankrupting people all around the world to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

I think a bank run would do quite nicely to show these "owners of our money" just where they derive every cent of their power from.

Padma said...

Guillotines! Guillotines! We need more guillotines!!!!

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't cause a bank run across the EU, I don't know what will. Is this what they want?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet banksters everywhere are salivating at this prospect. Send these criminals a message by removing all your cash in support of the little guy...CYPRUS! Do it now or they'll do it for you later!

Anonymous said...

It seems that idiotic decisions by bankers, aid to Israel and all the others, stimulus packages, corporate bailouts and entitlements will be paid by part of your work efforts unless a stand is taken. All the tanks and guns the government has could not stem the tide of the American people if they had a common goal.

Anonymous said...

Only takes a click or two to create 'bailout money'ie. fractional lending. Bank accounts are tangible cash assets that someone had to earn at sometime. Half of the 7 billion (in the financial sector) don't know how to "earn" anything so they legislate, bribe to legislate, make questionable fiscal decisions and tax. When I went to school that was fraud, in the middle east they chop off your hands... only one at a time for each offence. $60000 for a toilet seat?
What are the 'civilised nations' doing? The 1% have most of their capital tied up in this pyramid financial (not in bank accounts) game, or gold, so it's in their best interests to keep it going until they can unload the worthless paper. Even if it means emptying your account!!

FunCoTech said...

The age old question "Is it stupidity or Evil?" seems to be answered - Evil. It just can't be an accident. Someone(s) intended this disaster. Does the name "Rothschild" ring any bells?

DianeDi said...

How much money do you think they could pull out of the tiny island of Cyprus? Spit in the ocean compared to some much larger country. I think they did this to create a bank run across Europe to somehow hasten the coming crash.

Don't think in can't happen in the U.S.
Perhaps the U.S. government will need to keep the peace by buying 2 Billion rounds of AMMO and 2,700 armored vehicles........................
oh wait, they already have !!

Anonymous said...

I proposed a similiar plan several years ago with a different variation to it and nobody responded to my comment. Instead of a direct tax on savings, I proposed in my Solution to the Financial and Economic Crisis to pass a just revaluation bill limiting paper currency debt to 1% of their gold dollar value of $2,000 an ounce gold, reevaluating the currency and issuing new currency at a 100-1 exchange rate, pro-rating all prices, incomes, debts and CHARGING A 10% EXCHANGE RATE FEE To Pay Down the LEGITIMATE DEBT, cancelling all debts owed to the Federal Reserve and calling all debts owed to the U.S. by foreign governments. All other debts could be assumed by the U.S. Treasury.

By calling in the currency, you get all the underground money and money that is in off-shore banks.

And by reevaluating the currency, the debt is more viable because the debt is growing exponentially due to compound interest.

Anonymous said...

Add a provision to the reevaluation bill for debt foregiveness.

If you do not foregive men of their debts, neither will your heaavenly father foregive you of youre's.

Anonymous said...

there will be no LEGITIMATE DEPT PAYED IF I HAVE A SAY !!!US. needs to nationalize the banks, only congress runs the money, jail the fed, get the money out of politics, he who has the most money wins the election !!!and move forward...

Anonymous said...

Eventually Ciprots will be able to access their accounts. And then 90% of them will withdraw all of their money. Something tells me this theft is going to completely destroy European banking. Who will have confidence banking in Europe? Even the Fortune 500 companies should consider closing accounts.

Anonymous said...

This is bloody disgusting! The elites are instigating this whole thing, it's on purpose to destroy the EU economically and look at all the laws, regulation and policy changes they are shoving down people's throats under austerity! This is about power, about control, s well as destroying the wealth of the countries in the EU and threatening the stability of other economies around the world. They know if the EU economy totally crashes they can use that to viscously attack other countries economies, for instance the US, and maybe even bring in their damned one-world currency under the guise of a stable currency. Once they attack other economies, they will push those rights/ freedom-stripping austerity policy/ law/ regulation changes in other countries, and even trick them into merging into Unions such as the North American Union, and streamline their currencies into a Union currency such s the Amero (Like the Euro... or maybe they'll do something unexpected but still just as tyrannical and freedom-destroying. Sigh.

I wish all the politicians in the EU would tell the IMF and other banks involved in this scam to go screw it! Refuse to pay the scam-debt, break up the EU, scrap the Euro and become as they were. Stop letting the NWO global control freaks take advantage of your people and stop letting them bleed them and your country dry!!! They tricked you guys into merging into the European Union KNOWING all this would happen! They tricked you into accepting the Euro INTENDING to crash it! Stop playing into their game/ plan! It's madness to continue to go along with this!

Anonymous said...

Look at the amount of pages the congress of the USA have put on Americansto collect TAXES for the FED & then look at the Real Constitution & all those pages by the congress are Null & Void by LAW Of The Republic of The People of the United States Of America & all these debts are also Null, Crapoal!
The Constitution must be reborn in the way of the Founders!

Anonymous said...

There are some lessons for Cyprus and those that want to take up the reins of rebuilding to be learned in the documentary "the take" It shows the aftermath of the very thing that is occurring, there happening in South America. It shows how the people had to take over after the run on the banks, and the corporations that the public had bailed out and funded were closed and then the process of selling away equipment that had been paid for with public money for sale to the highest bidder.
The policies of the World Bank, the United States, Corporate Greed, Political entitlement, seem to have very little to do with the benefit of the people they claim to represent and care for.

Anonymous said...

Now one can understand why the people of Venezuela like/loved
Chavez - he didn't screw the people; he screwed the corporations.

Anonymous said...

Revolution is calling you.

Anonymous said...

Eventually, looting the treasuries of all nations, for the banksters, will cost those banksters their heads.

Anonymous said...

fire all the politicians and Bankers, that's what Icelander did. Now there economy is recovering.
Greece should get out of Euro zone. not worth licking Euros Ass.

Anonymous said...

icelands treatment of the bankers needs to repeat worldwide......

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the difference between a guaranteed bond and a non-guaranteed bond after this fiasco? Aren't they both the same now? Aren't the ideas of collateral and guarantee moot now?

If I'm assured I can't lose on a purchase of a risky bond, which of course would have a higher rate of interest to reflect that risk, why wouldn't I take the risky bond and take a shot at getting the high interest rate?

Why would I buy a 10 year German bond and take 1.4% when I could get almost 5% for the same thing from Spain when in both cases, my money isn't at risk?

Anonymous said...

This is just the Germans forcing the southern Euro countries back to their original currencies, although having them still under Berlin's political control, and having the Scandinavian countries join a northern Euro that will become GOLD-BACKED. OH, the Federal Reserve is just sh*tting its pants right now (good).

Anonymous said...

Hmmn? I wonder what they've got up their sleeve? They will steal the money it's just a matter of how, certainly not overtly, now the "solution" will be covertly.
Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Anonymous said...

I think the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates to encourage foreign deposits. Though that will cause bonds to lose value, I believe this will not matter in the least to the banks. Destroying wealth is their goal. What the formula is...is anybodys guess. But when the IMF steps in with a new curreny after US dollar collapses against renmimbi, I think this will be the centralization of currency/banks in their goal to monopolize the globe in every industry. bunnyswanson

Anonymous said...

DO NOT trust these dirtbags even if they change their minds about stealing your money...for now. They've shown their true colors so don't be fooled again. They WILL come again and for much, much more next time.

Anonymous said...

CYPRUS BANKS are pleinty of RUSSIA, SERBIA, ISRAEL... MAFIA MONEY - NO NEED TO BE SAVED BY EU - strange, how the gvt can rob...
They laugh at as... like idiots!

Anonymous said...

...Now if a robber came to a bank and did the same thing, he would be arrested. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Don't fire the Bankster's/Politicians/Elite....Just hang them all and lets start over.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when an industry is completely unregulated. This is the proof that the industry is completely unregualted. Italy will be next, their bank appointed ruler will allow his scumbag, crony, friends to steal for Rothschild as well.
Rothschild himself could easily write a check for a trillion dollars and stave off the EU bank runs in every country. But it is so much more fun to steal, devalue stocks, bonds, and real estate, and buy up everything for pennies on the dollar.
Soon it will be the 99.9% against the 0.1%

wishbone said...

its simply THEFT, the worse part is other governments in europe are thinking this is a good idea, here in ireland our idiot government likes the idea of stealing peoples money in this way. i think its time we started punishing the banks EVERYONE ALL AROUND THE WORLD EMPTY THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS, STARVE THE BANKS OUT OF BIZ, WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT THEM BUT THEY CANT LIVE WITHOUT US.!

Anonymous said...

It's simple! A 1% Transaction Tax on ALL transactions. If it's a $100 then $1, about what you pay now. If it's $100billion?? ALL Banks become state owned and the collection regime is already in place!!
Sack all politicians and replace them with a National Service scheme starting at 70 year old with less than $1M assets - 2 years as a politician. At 70 most people have a little bit of sense and a lot of life experience (I have another 2 decades to go and still advocate capital punishment).
Every crime against women and/or children is automatic death penalty.
Misreporting by the media is punishable!!
Military becomes reponsible for natural disaster intervention AND cleaning up, the infrastructure is already there... with mandatory rotation to circumvent empire building
All senior beaurecrats (who usually aren't qualified specifically in the area being administered) are rotated every 2-3years to circumvent empire builders.
Middle tier government (state level) is totally removed leaving Local and Federal levels only.
Corporate funding for lobbying is outlawed and punishable. Whistleblowers are renumerated.
Realistic National Wage Caps for every profession, regardless of location.
Sounds a little socialist doesn't it? I like to call it FAIR!! The 1% can still make bazillions... FAIRLY!!
Please feel free to add to the list.

Anonymous said...

There must be a shortage of lamp posts, rope and guns in Cyprus!

Anonymous said...

While the Federal Reserve is seriously criminal they were not the ones who threatened martial law if TARP was not passed. It was the Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson who made that threat and then had his friends in low places drop the Dow Jones Industrial Average several hundred points to get CONgress to obey their masters.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it just a couple of years ago that a prominent Democrat politician (Pelosi perhaps?) was proposing to institute a new tax on ALL banking transactions (including deposits, withdrawals, small checks, etc.)? Likely the total annual loss to bank customers from this tax would have been equivalent to what was proposed for the Cyprus bailout.

TPTB are fleecing their sheep in may ways. Last week my newspaper ran an article with the headline "Ticker Shock" reporting that starting in January health insurance premiums would be rising another 20 to 100 percent as a result of the "Affordable Care Act".

Anonymous said...

Oh brother...cummon Germany!! You can fear monger better than that! Why not just tell them their heads will explode if they don't take your blackmail deal?!?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't have but fifty bucks in my savings account so screw you bastard banksters. I also plan to cash in my 401K and take the money and run....buy silver, bullets and storable food...hide it all and then sit back and watch the fun begin, because it is coming.
You will loose your retirement accounts....Pelosi and Reid have already floated the idea before and they will use this as a means of ramming it through.
So yes I agree with previous posters here...this is just a test run.....get ready for the big implosion or maybe explosion in Europe and we will feel the shockwave over here.
BTW if the deposit tax does go through, I hope the Russians react with more than just an upraised middle finger. I would like to see the Russian navy park off the coast of Cyprus and aim their guns at the Cypriot government and banks. Go Putin!

JCII said...

"Entitlements" (social security etc) are ALREADY paid for, that's why they are called entitlements. Despite what the bankster puppeted polticians tell you, social security is NOT part of tbe national debt unless you're talking about the gov paying back the money they have stolen (aka "borrowed" with no intention to repay).

Anonymous said...

The stage is set for the fulfillment of Gods word.

Anonymous said...

There is an evil in this world. It is the central banks of western civilization. There is only one way to deal with this evil and that is to extinguish it. Take them out and shoot them. Along with them will go the debt which they have created. Along with them will go the traitors in government, who have been the criminal partners of this evil.

Sweep it all away. Do not replace it with more socialism. It is the philosophy of collectivism which allowed this to happen.

If you rid the world of this evil, you will see an end to war. You will see natural prosperity return to the world. You will see a world where people can be free.

Anonymous said...

Seven Reasons to abolish the privately held banking cartel called the Federal Reserve.

1-It' incapable of accomplishing it's stated objectives.
2-It's a cartel operating against the public interest.
3-It is a supreme instrument of usury.
4-It generates our most unfair hidden tax, inflation.
5-It destabilizes the economy.
6-It promotes war.
7-It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

Anonymous said...

Hope the whole system collapses allowing us to start a new. Then we can go looking for those who caused it and hang them all. No excuses. Theft and imprisonment of the people due to this heinous pyramid scheme is now coming to a n end now we the people must prepare for very hard times. All money out of the banks and into silver, food etc Good luck to all of us. May God guide and protect those who hold moral values.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis are back with this time, they're conquering nations with money instead of weapons.

Anonymous said...

It is astounding that this 'Austerity' has only come about for one reason, yet you never hear anyone in government or media question it. That is INEREST (or Usery), charged by private (Rothschild) banks to lend to government. No one ever seems to question why the government couldnt print its own currency at 0% interest, with links or backing to a staple, such as gold.

Anonymous said...

In the book 'Know Stealing', the paradigm of Keynesian economics will always play out this way, because we all have allowed stealing by government (who produce NOTHING), from workers, producers, servicers. We have all allowed ourselves to be stolen from via direct taxation, and indirect taxation (fees, dutys, licences, registrations, fines, wars). It is now time for people to turn their backs on the politcians, and illumitate the banks.

Anonymous said...

This is a lesson to us in the USA-If you get wind of something like this, the time to act is now. Do not wait, because if you take the time to close your eyes, your hard-earned money will be gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Death penalty for usurists; problem solved, humanely. Why suffer and work for them your entire life when you can just stop paying any attention to the desires of psychopath leaders who are incapable of feeling human pain and suffering?

Anonymous said...

PROFIT based system is slavery to all - now, only A GIFT ECONOMY can save us from their SATANIC system:
-plant FREE TREES, FREE VEGES.. = free food to all = ABUNDANCE TO ALL = first step toward sovereignty, better world
-use & create FREE STUFF as much as you can = best weapon against profit based system
- GIFT & SHARE = peace = solidarity = wikipedia = HORIZONTAL SOCIAL STRUCTURE without leaders, without hierarchy that create scarcity by design for to keep us in slavery, poverty, misery, wars...

Anonymous said...

Get out of all paper assets, including 401k's.
Buy "Physical" Silver & Gold.
Start paying cash as often as you can.
Store up 3 to 6 months worth of food.
Buy a weapon to protect your loved ones.
Don't wait, do it now!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what these police think they are fighting for. They can't be that out of it, can they?

Anonymous said...

The author descirbes these haircuts as a "bailout tax." In essence it is pure theft. These people already paid income tax I presume, so they were already taxed on their labors once. Now they lose 10% of their post tax dollars. Looking at it this way, it is much worse than a tax, it is theft.

FunCoTech said...

The important thing to realise is that this was intended. It's not the stupidity of the Elites.
This is the end of the monopoly game - they have all the money, we have none.
The one big difference is that the board game doesn't have usury (compound interest) if it did it would be boring - always ending up like reality does - the central bank has all the money and we have none.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this has something to do with why they are using Cyprus as a "test case"?

DIO CASSIUS. Second century Roman historian. Describing the savage Jewish uprising against the Roman empire that has been acknowledged as the turning point downward in the course of that great state-form: "The Jews were destroying both Greeks and Romans. They ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood... In all, 220,000 men perished in Cyrene and 240,000 in Cyprus, and for this reason no Jew may set foot in Cyprus today." (Roman History)


Marly-Marls said...

To Anonymous@4.33pm - you have the right idea buddy! I can only add - the Rothchild's cabal,the phoney corrupt banking system, the theft of the Fed and the printers of fiat currency okayed by puppet politicians, must be ousted by countrywide mass demonstrations for as long as it takes. Globally we all need to join campaigning outfits like www.avaaz.org (check it out) and using their global petitioning platform, bust the asses of the TPTB and have them court martialled for the traitors servants of "we the people" they are. If we stand up as ONE all over the World, we can do it even this late in the day! Before we not only all loose our assets but our precious human freedom too. Establish genuine people's banks and people's organizations, to protect all interests, run by the people for the people and as you say, officials rotated to guard honesty and integrity on everyone's behalf. Oh, nearly forgot - get rid of the impostor in the WH and his minions. This is not a time to fight about Party Politics - Save America for your children and you save the World too!!

Marly-Marls said...

To Anonymous@4.33pm - you have the right idea buddy! I can only add - the Rothchild's cabal, the phoney corrupt banking system, the theft of the Fed from the People and the printers of fiat currency okayed by corrupt puppet politicians must be destroyed immediately. Globally we all need to join campaigning outfits like www.avaaz.org (check it out if you don't know it) and petitioning through this global platform, bust the asses of the TPTB and have them court martialled for the traitors servants of "we the people" they were. This gives us a Global Voice!! When we stand up as ONE all over the World, we CAN DO IT even this late in the day! Before we not only loose all our assets but most precious of all - our human freedom too. Establish genuine people's banks and people's organizations, to protect everyone's interests, run by the people for the people and as you say, officials rotated to guard honesty and integrity on everyone's behalf. Oh, nearly forgot - get rid of the impostor in the WH and his minions. This is not time to fight about Party Politics! - We must Save America because then we save the World too!!

Anonymous said...

Debt Money Tyranny


Share the link.

The cause of the economics bust is the preceding criminally blown bubble...

Weapons of Mass Debt


Spread the link...

Hide Behind said...

Lots of talk but other than protecting ones own butt there is no way the game is going to get better in years ahead and you best have 5 or more years of self sufficient means because once you opt out you may not be allowed back in.
Think of bibical 7 years of tough going ahead, damn tough.
There will be no violent upheavals of note as people know of no alternatives to system they live within.
They can bitch but don, t even know whose heads should be lopped off.
HITLER is a good case in point in that he had a very bureaucratic minded society and they are the means by which he gained and then held power. A bureaucracy that could hide behind office titles and official policys and brag about how effecient they were in implemating those policys.
WOULD of been a better lesson after WWII to of hung every german that worked for any public agency or corporate partner to Nazi German Government including all financial interest.
BE too dn many gpod litle Eichmans inUS that needed a rope we would have to build or use the extermination camps built by those bureaucrats and educators as well as past military little Eichmans in order to fullyy root out the corrupt and corruption of people and system
60 to 70% OF americans are those little Eichmans

Anonymous said...

I see no mention in the news about compensation for the banker elite who started this mess. Will they still enjoy their inflated salaries, bonuses and perks? Will they still have their money intact, while looting the accounts of others?

And how about the politicos?

Are they reducing their salary? Are they losing anything to this haircut? Have they transferred wealth out of Cyprus before the SHTF?

The police: Are they still being guaranteed their pensions and salaries - buying them off so to speak - so they will be a new age Praetorian Guard for the ruling class?

A lot of financial slicing and dicing going on in Cyprus - but who is actually being bled dry?

LadyRavenhaire said...

Let us get our terms correct. what we have is not socialism. Socialism is a system of govern ment concerned with society. Capitalism is a system of government concerned with capital. Hence capital is more important than society or the individual. Fascism is the child of capitalism. So we don't want to replace what we have with more fascism is what you really mean. Our politicians & the media purposely conspire to change and distort the meaning of words, so we can't have a viable politican discussion. For example, how many people know the word communism derives from the early Christian communes. When Christ says " Give unti Caesar what is Caesar". What he was saying was to give all the money to o Caesar, because money is not allowed in a Christian communist world, where all equally work & share in the fruits of the earth. Don't believe banksters or their henchmen, the media that says we need money, because man by nature is selfish. The elite are selfish & want money so we can be enslaved to them for $ in order to live by their rules. They are sick , evil, & demented, thus selfish. That they are evil & selfish has nothing to do with the 99%. If we as a species were selfish, the family, even the factory couldn't exist. civilization requires we live & work together.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson wisely shut down the Central Bank. He was poisoned. Abraham wanted to shut it down and he also introduced the 'greenback'. Look what happened to him. McKinley wante to shut it down and was killed. Kennedy wanted to shut down the FED and monitor Israel's nuclear facilities after they stole nuclear secrets. Look what happened to him.

The Rothschild's central banking system worldwide is the real culprit of all this financial shenanigans currently bringing the world to monetary collapse - so they can introduce their One World Currency and One World Government!

Moral: You don't mess with the Rothschilds Central Banks around the world or you'll be 'sleepin' with the fishies'.

Anonymous said...

I have written thousands of letters and emails and protested and things are worse. In a Culture of Corruption, protesting does nothing.

Iceland put the bankers in jail but I don't think the rest of us have enough honorable men/women to get that done.

At some point, we (including me) are going to have to step up and find the stomach to do what needs to be done. It will not be easy.

Anonymous said...

Best to start buying food, drink, meds and supplies when they go on sale. Put your bank cash into something you will need, like canned food.

And, please have the backbone to vote third, fourth or fifth party candidate because all the politicians, even the ones we think are good, are owned, lock stock and barrel, by every corporation, special interest, foreign govt and crazy billionaire that has their price.

Anonymous said...

the only option left ( REVOLUTION)

Anonymous said...

why are all the videos have a blank screen on this site ?

Anonymous said...

Horrendous. This is a beta test folks. Seeing how far they can push us.

Their plan is to bankrupt themselves but of course, they got their money out earlier.

Why would they bankrupt themselves you say. It was their plan from the beginning of America and the rest of the world.

Nimrod tried it at the tower of Babel. His New World Order. Everything old is new. Nothing new under the sun.

They build a place up, and they withdraw their money first and here we are.

Believe it. This is their plan.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

If the yanx are looking to start another fight... pick on the financial sector!!

brad said...

Blank videos? Must be in your country? N Cal has vids. Maybe you are closer to the axe?

Anonymous said...


This says it all, and they, ( The criminals who have stolen power) know this will happen.
Their end is very near but they think they can bluff their way through this with aggression and hubris.

It is already failing because people all over the world have outgrown them, and we are all coming to this realization. We don't need them anymore, in fact they have become the threat to all life an will be swept away.

Feel the current of world affairs and respond to your brothers and sisters call.

This will unite you and allow you to rid yourselves of this evil once and for all.


Anonymous said...

I am sitting here crying. I can't deny this anymore.

My dear friends, what are we to do? This is a beta test for them. Thet want to see what we do. Is it nothing. I fear it is nothing.

The bible sways we have one hour with the beast (an empire). Only the Most High can defeat them at this time.

I do believe it.

The Most High says open the book and read. He says, blessed are those who readeth. It is comforting and it is the truth.

They can only take away your life, not your soul and we will be back to live in the just kingdom.

Dont think these gov'ts don't know this and read the bible. They read it and adjust their agenda accordingly.

Never fear death. That's what they want.

Love you.

asset protection said...

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