Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leading Candidate for Kerry's Empty Senate Seat is a Proud Gun Grabber

Activist Post

Congressman Ed Markey is running on a gun confiscation platform to fill John Kerry's Massachusetts Senate seat. Earlier this week, Rep. Markey posted his new campaign commercial which alludes to the Sandy Hook tragedy and vows that he "wants these guns off the streets".

In the 30-second ad Markey proudly displays that he is for a tougher assault weapons ban (which means expanding what types of guns fall into the "assault weapon" category), more background checks, and wants to outlaw high capacity magazines. Apparently "shall not be infringed" means very little to Markey.

Markey claims that the NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington while he simultaneously he's been a lapdog for AIPAC his entire career, who is openly lobbying for preemptive war with Iran. Sandy Hook was bad, but starving and carpet bombing millions of Iranians is good according to Markey and his ilk.

Markey is expected to be the Democratic nominee for the empty seat with a double-digit lead in polls as the April 30th primary vote approaches. Washington Post reported that he also has the backing of the Democratic establishment, signaling his likely victory in the primary and beyond.

Will the people of Massachusetts then ultimately elect a gun grabber?  Markey is betting on it.

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Anonymous said...


Hide Behind said...

The man is not a gun grabber, he isa small mean minded political whore who would nevrr dare to actually grab anyones guns but will pass laws sending other men out to do so, while he hides behind all the guns of the government protecting his cowardly ass.

Anonymous said...

hide behind, you must know this idiot!! you have described him to a tee!! thanks for the warning BUT the good patriotic Americans will go right ahead and elect him and when it all comes down you will not be able to find anyone who voted for him!! thanks for the warning but i guess you have at least tried. God help America!!!!

Anonymous said...

These clowns are picked, go ahead and fool yourself that voting makes a fuck of a difference. The system is broken, we have been infiltrated by the enemy.

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