Thursday, March 28, 2013

After Currency Wars and Dollar Collapse


The Criminal Elite have been very successful in remaining in power by using the age-old playbook of the Hegelian Dialectic. The conflict between two seemingly opposite false choices for a predetermined synthesis solution. These rigged battles tend to be only emotional conflicts that never look at the logic of what they are really fighting over.

They know that the dollar is coming to its mathematically inevitable end where the amount of new debt needed to enter the system to keep it functioning will lead to a hyper inflationary depression. Since their entire paradigm is based off of loyalty to the dollar they desperately need to create another perceived reality for them to continue their power and profits.

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Anonymous said...

All money should be gotten rid of as soon as is possible to avoid panic. Our technical reality can provide everyone with a greater standard of living than the wealthiest among us.
The elites know this. They know that their power over the rest of us is shortly coming to an end, and they are in panic mode.
It is only a matter of time. Not even a gold-backed digital currency will be able to survive for long. Scientific and technological progress will continue at an exponential rate until the majority of humans see the fallacy in clinging to this outdated value structure that we currently use.
I just hope the transition is not as violent as people are predicting. The best medicine is knowledge. Educate yourselves and others before it is too late. Google 'The Zeitgeist Movement' for an excellent resource in this matter.

Brendan R

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