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5 Best Countries to Move to Before Collapse of the West

It's been two-and-a-half years since we posted a similar article to this. In just that short time, the national average gas price has gone up from $2.86/gallon to $3.72/gallon, a 30% increase. This is our updated list of where to bug out to.

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That which mathematically cannot continue will not continue. Western countries, led by the United States and Europe, are in deep economic trouble. Massive debt levels are strangling their economies, and once great nations like Greece and Spain have been reduced to third-world status with staggering unemployment levels and almost daily violent riots.

Those that say it can't happen in the US are dead wrong. The value of the dollar has been slowly eroded over a century, but now that decline has accelerated and is destroying the savings of hard-working honest Americans. This erosion in dollar value is also threatening the reign of the dollar as the world reserve currency.

The ramifications if it is dropped as the reserve currency should not be underestimated, especially by Americans. At this stage of the game, the dollar only has value because of its supply and demand. A tsunami of supply has been flooding the banks since the 2008 financial crisis, while the global demand is dwindling as nations like the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India & China) have begun internal trading without dollars.

Meanwhile, Western nations (NATO) are entangled in endless wars that have nothing to do with protecting their nations. The so-called war on terrorism has led to spending huge sums of tax dollars building Big Brother control grids within these countries. In turn, any sense of civil liberties or individual freedom citizens had at one time is being snuffed out for perceived security.

It's been two-and-a-half years since we posted a similar article to this, 5 Best Countries to Escape America's Decline. In just that short time, the national average gas price has gone up from $2.86/gallon to $3.72/gallon, a 30% increase. Whose savings or wages went up by that amount?

Besides the threat from inflation, for the past two years Western governments have been operating on a "crisis management" approach, applying band-aids to a festering disease and they're running out of band-aids.

In other words, it's obvious that the United States and the West more generally are headed in the wrong direction for anyone who cares about peace, liberty, and economic stability.

Slave Queen 1oz. Silver Medallion
Some say it's cowardly or unpatriotic to abandon a sinking ship and escape to a better setting. Some say it's important to stay and fight the corrupt system. Yet it can't be denied that collapse is coming whether it happens in slow motion or abrupt upheaval. The ship is sinking and the corrupt system will collapse with or without you as a passenger. No amount of fighting can stop its inertia.

Luckily, there are some nations that still value these principles and moving to them is not nearly as difficult as you may think. It starts with making a simple decision to live by your principles and find a pleasant and accepting environment to spend your limited time on this planet. Do you want to be stuck in negativity while the system collapses around you?  Or do you want to be surrounded by joy, peace, and freedom?

Some changes have been made to our previous list of desirable locations. The criteria for determining the best safe haven countries has remained: social stability, economic freedom and opportunity, freedom of self-expression, relative self-sufficiency, reasonable cost of living, ease of visas and residency, and insulation to Western collapse.

Here is our updated list of the 5 best countries to move to before the West collapses:

Wiki image
The secret is out about the opportunities in Chile. Two of the most renowned "escape artists", the Sovereign Man Simon Black and the Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick, both agree that Chile is the best country to escape to. Each is developing vast expat communities in Chile (SovereignValley.com and GaltsGulchChile.com). Chile is a fully developed country with modern cities and a rich countryside with stunning views of the Andes mountains from almost any location. Wikipedia tells the whole story; "Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations, a recognized middle power and an emerging economy. It leads Latin American nations in human development, competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, state of peace, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption.  It also ranks high regionally in sustainability of the state."

Chile maintains a lower cost of living than North America especially for rent and fresh food. Americans can get a tourist visa (good for 90 days) on entry to Chile for a cost of $160.  Residency requirements in Chile are relatively flexible. Escapees can qualify for a Chilean Retirement and/or Income Visa by proving an income of between $500-$1000/month. Entrepreneurs can get residency by starting a business and foreigners can easily get a visa by working for a Chilean company.

Wiki image
Uruguay was number one on our list last time around and it's a close second this time. Uruguay, also in South America, is considered one of the freest, most libertarian countries in the world. This small peaceful country has the charm of Europe, modern infrastructure, a stable economy with agricultural self-sufficiency, world-class tourism activities, and a healthy banking system. Uruguay maintains the highest nominal GDP per capita in South America. The banking system in Uruguay still has some privacy protections (though less than in the recent past) and attracts many foreign investors including slews of Argentinians who are escaping their current inflation crises. While personal use of all drugs is already decriminalized in Uruguay, it is set to become the first nation to officially legalize cannabis. Finally, Uruguay is striving for energy independence through renewable sources by 2015 which adds to its overall stability.

Living costs are much lower than the United States, especially for rent, health care and food. Americans can buy real estate and own businesses, and they have a free automatic 90-day visa to explore Uruguay. For residency, expats only need to have a proof-of-income of $500/mth to qualify.

Thailand is a beautiful peaceful country with a rich Buddhist culture, an excellent climate, and has the lowest cost of living on this list. Thailand is technically a kingdom with harsh laws against speaking ill of the royal family, yet there's a significant amount of personal freedom on the ground due to the country's organized chaos. Food and trinket kiosks, taxis and most small businesses are regulated by the word-of-mouth free market as opposed to government restrictions. This newly industrialized country is welcoming to Western expats who can enjoy a high level of modern comfort for much cheaper than almost anywhere else in the world with great food and $10 massages. Thailand also has world-class health care for pennies on the dollar compared to America. The beach town of Phuket, the comfortable city of Chiang Mai and small towns like Pai have become very popular with expats. Thailand is a great central hub to explore the rest of Southeast Asia.

Foreigners cannot technically buy property in Thailand, but they can buy condos through contracts that act similar to 50-year renewable leases. Americans are given a 30-day tourist visa upon arrival and it's easy to get extended visas for a small fee. Retirees can get residency by proving around $2000/mth income only after they stay on extended visas for a couple of years.

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia is the most developed country in Southeast Asia besides the city-state of Singapore. Malaysia has a booming economy, a well-educated population, excellent infrastructure, fantastic public transportation, and nearly everyone speaks English. It's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is one of the most affordable and cleanest modern cities in the world. Wikipedia says Malaysia has "one of the best economic records in Asia" which is "relatively open state-oriented" but with the state having a "declining role in guiding economic activity".  Malaysia has had a self-sufficient economy well before their tourism explosion in recent years. Now it is one of the most optimistic countries to be in.  Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures and religions living in complete harmony with each other and offering diverse foods and festivals. Forbes named Malaysia the 3rd best country in the world to retire in 2013.

The cost of living is not quite as low as Thailand, but significantly cheaper that North America, Europe, or neighboring Singapore. Fully-furnished 3BR apartments in Penang (highly desirable area) are around $650/mth. Foreigners can open bank accounts easily with just a passport and proof of a local address, they can own property (a rarity in the region) and run a business.  Free 90-day visas are given on arrival and they aren't too strict about quick border runs to renew them. Residency can be gotten through starting a business, getting a job, or showing a bank deposit of $50,000 for retirees.

Wiki image
Yes, Mexico. Not Ecuador, Costa Rica, or Panama like everyone else would say (although those deserve honorable mention). Panama uses the US dollar, Costa Rica's bureaucracy can't get out of its own way the last few years, and Ecuador is politically unstable and cheap for a reason. Mexico has gotten a lot of horrible press because of violence from the war on drugs, but that typically occurs in isolated areas and will begin to simmer down from the growing liberation of marijuana north of the border. Mexico is a large country with many stable attractive places for expats to live peacefully and ride out any economic storm comfortably. Mexico is an economic powerhouse and, although they rely heavily on trade with North America, they maintain a high level of food and energy self-sufficiency and have a much freer economy than the US. Also, Mexico's national debt is about 43% of its GDP compared to America's 106% debt-to-GDP.  Healthcare is an entirely free-market system with both public and private options for a fraction of US prices but with similar high-quality care.

Mexico's cost of living is significantly lower than North America with average rents being around $500 for a 3BR house. Americans are given 180-day (6-month) visas on arrival and can easily get extended rentista visas with proof of monthly income of $1,000 for an individual and $500 for each dependent.

Tell us what countries you think are the best safe haven nations and why...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not running anywhere! America is still worth fighting for!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

One of my phantasies is to get nuked at ground zero, so I'm stayin' where I'm at.

Hide Behind said...

Do both protect loved ones and resist, non violently of course, and That means Mexico a good choice.
There are US enclaves throut Mexico; Well tell it like it is no lies, white/ euro; but they are not too remote thst one csnnot intermingle in major tourist centers.
Preplan -bank accounts are open to foreigners especially investment accounts in state or local enterprises and then you do not pay exchange rate fees and your "insurance account is in local currency when you arrive.
Take extended trip and have pre detrrmined destination for emergency.
Fact is one of best currencys today is Austraila and there is hardly any restrictivtions to your own little off shore savings.
Accounts in other stable nations bank as an emergency back up is good idea.
No nation wants you if poor and especially if you becpome poor while there.
Go, talk to americans who already know country.

Anonymous said...

"America is still worth fighting for!"

Not that I'm disagreeing with you, but the irony must be noted here...

I'm sure there are many Native's who feel the same way about the lands they guarded for centuries before "American History" came into existence.

The American society you feel is worth fighting for is a society many of them feel it would be/is worth fighting against.

What exactly makes your few hundred years of history more important than their thousands of years of history in these lands?

Maybe it is time for our European peoples to start backing down and allowing greater involvement of Native culture in "our" colonial nations?

I'm a supporter of racial and cultural pride(not supremacy) for every race and culture including the white European cultures, but our colonial culture's actively prevent the Native peoples from being capable of being proud of their culture and history.

They can be proud to be the victims of the "ultimate war crime" of "unprovoked aggression" and invasion and centuries long occupation?

They can be proud of being forced into Catholic or government run schools with high abuse and mortality(murder) rates that sought to completely exterminate their culture?

They can be proud of being stripped of the vast lands and "parcelized" into tiny pieces of land surrounded by an alien culture designed to destroy their culture while being "compensated" with fake money that due to purposeful cultural destruction induced depression and self-hatred gets spent mostly on drugs, alcohol, gambling and guns?

"Compensating" them with fake money and small pieces of land is the ultimate slap in the face to an invaded and conquered people who do not believe in ownership of lands.

And the biggest complaint I hear about Native's today is that they don't pay taxes, so they don't even deserve that bullshit financial "compensation" or lands they get.

But no, this is not racist or imperialist behavior at all. [/obvious sarcasm]

I have no problem and support racial pride for everyone (even Jews), but racial supremacy is wrong to me and nations like Canada, the U.S.A, Australia, Israel, etc. are living in supremacist systems we have been well indoctrinated to not even notice.

Our society's masters are very good at conditioning people to simply not notice certain things they prefer us not noticing.

That includes the very real ingrained racism built into our social systems.

At the same time under globalization it is true that "anti-racist" has become a cover for "anti-white", though some would argue there are legitimate reasons for that.

As Jewish author Theodore N. Kaufman expounds in "Germany Must Perish" from 1941 the white race, and especially the Nordic/Germanic race seems to have a very real genetic/biological predisposition for "aggressive behavior".

White people prefer to be dominating others rather than being dominated basically.

This makes us white folks a natural threat to the NWO globalized world seeking to establish a single "super-culture" of compliant collectivists.

The fiercely independent and therefore "aggressive" nature of the white races is both the greatest weakness and the greatest strength of the white races, as long as it is understood.

Understand your own culture and be proud of it, but don't subvert others' cultures in the process - that takes it from "pride" to "supremacy".

Native Peoples deserve to have their culture respected as well.

It is possible to be proud of your own culture while also being critical of it where it is deserved and while being respectful of other cultures in doing so.

Hmm, sorry... a quick post turned into a long rant there.


Hide Behind said...

Getting money out of US harder then you think, and be prepared for a very complete background check by foreign nation.
US can access your Ccounts any where's in World.
Most of nations do not allow employment of tourist visas, and allow investments and onterest only accounts to selected venues; Chile has what amounts to a Mutual Fund where you must keep long term or pay penalty,etc.but you can draw out your dividends into local banks.
Cannot blame those nations for tight controls on foreign accounts, too damn many times in past some rich yankees robbed em blind or worse to increase their own wealth at domestic ecpense.
TRY subscribing to a free sovereign-investment.com newsletter.
Not recommending other than as source of info, not an endorcement.

Anonymous said...

A few errors regarding Thailand: $5.00 massages in Chiangmai (150 Baht), not $10. Fresh, healthy veggies and meat, no antibiotics, cooked at farmer's markets and street vendors, 3 meals a day, $10. Or less.

Sick or ill? Go to local hospital, they will issue you a card, get treated and medicine for less than $8.00/visit. That's it. You're ill or sick: they are health care professionals...what's the question? Try that in USA....

You can own condos, not "50 year leases", that is false. I know, I have owned three so far, fixed up and sold two of them.

You can lease land, and build home on it, and actually remove home after lease is up, if you so chose.

It is far from "easy" to pay "a small fee" and extend your 30 day tourist visa. That is false.

You can deposit @$25,000 into Thai bank from outside the country, and obtain a Retirement Visa, renewable every year for a small ($150) fee, if you are over 50.

True, it is a democratically-elected, constitutional kingdom, and criticizing your host, the king, is a very bad idea...and bad manners, why would you do so? It is not your country, if you don't like the way it is run, leave. Thais adore their king, I think the feeling is mutual. Simply put, he is like a god to them, literally and figuratively...he is Rama.

And if you choose, you can get visa to stay as a volunteer English instructor, teaching fun, intelligent, happy children, enthusiastic to learn.

farang (it is what I am called....)

Anonymous said...

If anything happens it will be world wide where everyone will have just about nothing...to me that the best place to be at would be a place that have been living under those conditions for over fifty years.........Cuba.

A place where the ladies make perfume and make up from flowers and everyone is able to make something out of nothing and nothing is wasted.

To me that they are living like in the Edo era of Japan.

This is Ponce


Anonymous said...

Mexico is part of North America.

Anonymous said...

The criminal bankster NWO is losing fast, their propaganda plan
isnt workin, people are wakin up too fast to their scam. Not only
will the world not accept the nwo but their power over countries
w their central banks will be eliminated. They're losing their
power n control across the board.

Their only option to maintain power now is violence. They need
their competition dead. Imo, they're gonna nuke the whole northern
hemisphere in ww3. Their Agenda 21 plan was to reduce the
population by 90% anyway, so 2birds w one catastrophe. Nothing
more than doin what they gotta do to stay on top.

I think anything above the equator will be reduced to ashes.
The radiation wont pass over the equator, its a trade winds thing.
I think South America is the safe place theyr protecting.

Dont listen to what they say, watch what they do, the truth
is in their actions. The Bush family bought 200,000 acres sitting
on top of one of the world's largest fresh water aquifers in
Paraguay South America. Profitizing off the lack of radiated free
fresh water in the northern hem? Remember these mafia
families work 20-30 yrs ahead of schedule. Would the Bushs
radiate their own investments? NOT. And Soros is currently
selling his gold to buy farmland in Argentina, look it up. Watch
what they do. And did u ever wonder why the Rothschilds have
a private island off the tip of South America on Antarctica named
Rothschild Island? Bet the air will stay pretty fresh down there.
Google map it.

This is a war against just a couple mafia banker families that
are losing power. They're gonna do anything they can to stay
in power. They have deadly toys n are gonna use em.
Prepare n good luck. Long live liberty.

BloodStock said...

If America falls, so will the rest. Dig in and fight! It's up to us to stand up and remain that shining beacon for the world.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article. I have doubts about Chile. It seems too aligned with the fascists and the central bankers.

Mexico is a wonderful country, but how autonomous is it of the United States in terms of policies -- and whats up with the US and Sinaloa drug gang? While talk of a North American union have faded a lot and morphed a bit, It seems to be too in the shadow of the US.

I don't really get the slight regarding Ecuador. Yes it's still a developing country, but it hasn't been taken over by a lot of transnational corporations, either.

Finally, what about Iceland?!

Gordon Barlow said...

Oh well, we all have our personal preferences! My wife and I live in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean (we have taxes, but no Income Tax), and feel reasonably safe and comfortable here. However, one never knows. Cayman is pretty expensive, and we always have our eyes open for alternatives.

Last September I posted two items on my blog titled "Looking for bolt-holes". Of The Activist's list, only Mexico is among our choices. My brother was in Malaysia until recently, and a friend has bought a place in Uruguay. BUT BUT BUT - our only child and his children live in Norway, of all places. What to do?

Hide Behind said...

What power are the super wealthy losing?
What power are sovereign nations losing?
Last time I looked at maps and traced where eurocentric players have invaded it seems to me thst the norther hemisperes borders will all of been extended from present ones to way far south of them.
The African nations that border the Mediteranean Sea are fast becoming European states and at the least completely under euros economic and political elites control.
Iraq and Kurdistan have hundreds of billions of foreign investors taking over their economy and the they are primarily euro, Japanese and US Brit and Israeli.
Interestingly many euros are trying to invest in Afghanistans mineral resources, With Greek and Italian agricultual interest also beginning to show interest, as at one time that nstion had a very large food export economy.
Most of the so called caves US military bragged about were actually part of bin Ladins constructio built to bring waters of high country to those farmlands.
US financial in partnership with Euros are derp into every coadtal and now invading to the heart of that continent using US Brit. And now NATO military to subdue any dissent.
Those who control sovereign nations and the people of proven loyalty to them will always be in control no matter how much their "subjects" standard of living declines. The US. Military is back in Phillipines Vietnam,Cambodia, Laos and added Myanmar(Burma) to their list.
They have been a major part of THAILANDS economics because of our and their almost indetinguishable military forces since 1950's.
We are killing Indonesians. In Indonesia and removing native populaces from Mexico to damn near Brazil and even there our financials partner killing off Amazonian cultural groups.
No the people will not be free but left to be athe mercy of the very same internatiinal powers as we now have.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you think you're going to be safe in those foreign countries, eh?

And don't forget to take a machete and a whetting stone, for when your ammo runs out....and to clear the jungle.

South America? The Feds there, don't even respect the rights of their own citizens, neither Whites not Indians.

Not only will you be isolated, but you'll stand out, to be the first to be brought down.

You also forget, that when the U.S. goes, so will every other country in the world, the only country that even has the idea of basic Human Rights.

There's NOTHING in those poor little countries; you'll have to start from scratch. Anyway, learn how to make your own medicine, et al.

Chris said...

What about Canada? Not that we don't have most of the same issues as the US but we have an insanely massive landmass and 35 million people. If you are good at living off the land, they would never find you...

Shadowfax said...

Canada is great except being northern the weather sucks,Interior is too cold and out on the coast you never see the sun.
I live on a sailboat and am seriously thinking of doing the south/winter north for summer thing.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it just be your luck if, for example, you move to Mexico and an asteroid just happens to land there, or an earthquake devastates Mexico, or a disease wipes out the population or a volcano erupts, or Mexico goes to war?
Guess that could happen here.

Rabbitnexus said...

Johnny that was an awesome summation of race and national pride and I endorse every word you wrote and congratulate you on the pristine clarity of your thoughts.

I reccomend all men and women of conscience read what he has written and take it to heart. That way my friends, lies a better world.

For myself, an Aussie who has ditched Western culture (what a load of BS) and converted to Islam, there is an increasing feeling that I also need to move elsewhere. I have no ridiculous national pride, I long since made personal piece and alliance with the natives of this land and whilst I love this land deeply and have much good to say about our society, I am more concerned with the security of the future for my wife and children. Malaysia is high on my list too. My one time top choice, Libya has been turned into a hell hole by NATO and the usual suspects. That's what we have to watch for. The scumbags ruining the last few refuges as well.

Rabbitnexus said...

Oh and by the way, there are some real comedians on this page. The anonymous poster at March 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM is so full of it, as to assault the olfactory senses half way around the world.

When the USA goes down, others will suffer for sure, however mainly because they will be in a position such that it falls on them. Fact is a large part of the planet is suffering and their homelands being turned to hell, p0recisely because the USA exists, in its present state. Once the USA goes down, a good portion of the planet will quickly become vastly more desirable place to live. The USA not only does not have the best idea of human rights, the simple unadorned truth is that the USA is now officially the country which spits in the eye of even ancient human rights. You truly are a deluded fellow to come out with what you do. OI travel safely and securely in South ast Asia, the Middle East and South Asia. In Pakistan the only danger to me really is US sponsored terrorism and that is similar in most places there is any risk. Even Malaysia actually. On the other hand, I would not go anywhere near the USA. It has a very poor record on human rights and treatment of travellers and as a vocal critic of the USA, Israel and their monstrous foreign policies and a Muslim, I am triply wary of approaching the world's worst serial abuser. By the way, your police make even our ignorant thugs seem like gentlemen ande scholars.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of ignorance on this topic, pretty surprising to say the least. If you're enlightened enough to even visit this site and expose yourself to non-mainstream news, then open your mind to the fact that perhaps America isn't the greatest place on earth.

Why precisely is this piece of dirt worth fighting for? Is it yours? Were you born with some sort of allegiance to the arbitrary border of earth beneath yout feet? What perverted sense of patrioitism makes you think that these man-made borders are worth fighting for? If you aren't pleased with how the country treats you, pack it up and move to one more welcoming, it's really that simple.

There are more excuses here to NOT move than I can possible believe. Really it's not that hard. I did it 7 years ago, it took about 2 weeks to sell all my junk and hop on a plane. And to the idiot at 12:00 who thinks that if the US goes so will the rest of the world. Please for your own sake, stay put. The US needs retards like you there. You're the perfect motivation for anyone with half a brain to pack it up and move on.

The US doesnt control the fate of the world, in fact every other country on earth would be a lot more free without being subject to that bully of an empire.

Anonymous said...

All these excuses not to leave.... it's really all just fear. Many of you are too terrified to step out of your comfort zone, and would rather remain put and suffer the abuse than take personal responsibility for your future. Wake up and stop letting fear and paranoia rule your lives. Failure to take action is exactly what has caused this mess in the first place. Instead of remaining delusional and thinking you can fix it, or fight your way back to freedom, realize the system is broken beyond repair and move your family somewhere that still works. The list above is great. Yeah, each place has it's issues, but so does the USA, to a much larger extent in fact. Just stop letting your fear of the unknown get in your way of making a seriously positive change for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I hear people saying America is worth fighting for.

I love you guys.

I don't like saying this at all, but my dear countrymen, this is not true.

I want to believe this too. I am not a young person.

Who knows who these people are who are taking us down. Does it matter who the "they" are?

We have to face some facts.

I don't need to tell you.

I hate to tell you that America is over.

We have to understand.

Do you have a passport? The elites do.

Un-imaginable, I know.

But consider.

It's not going to get better. You know this.

Plan for this. Bush has. He has bought land in Peru,I think it is. Land on top of a huge aquafur, and he is going to charge for water.

The rats are jumping ship. Think for yourself. consider all this.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Mexico is the place. I'm already there and living on my boat. Great food, great prices, nice people. I'm sold!

jfdyates said...


Anonymous said...

once SHTF they will close the borders and heavily restrict travel. not saying it will be impossible, but you won't be able to take out any of your assets out (physical assets since paper assets will be totally worthless). Do you really think that retiring abroad having an US Dollar based retirement will give you anything? The Dollar will be less worth then the paper it is printed on. Your only option is to move out and integrate yourself in the foreign society/economy. And that is really only possible if you speak the language very well. I think the best option for americans is still NZ/AUstralia, maybe Ireland

Gary orGibby said...

I moved to Belize.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Russia in 1999 and have not been back to the states for any reason. And don't plan to visit there in future.

Anonymous said...

Hum. I'll just bet getting jobs in those countries is a bit of a trick. So you either need to be rich, or stupid.

Bugging out to third world countries, countries with leaders far easier to over throw than any in America.

Not me! I will stay and fight! But, I seriously doubt that's where all this is headed.

Do you really think there are enough like minded Americans for the country to bust out into a civil war? Are there really enough government agents willing to go against the people? Is it at all likely there are UN troops hiding all around waiting to pounce?

I think not! If war ever does break out, it will be because fools took the bait.

Anonymous said...

The USA is not the center of the world as many deluded Americans without passports ignorantly think. There's a whole world out there that can survive just fine if the USA implodes, hell they might very well prosper if only the USA would mind it's own damn house and stop intervening in the affairs of others. My choices for expat locations are Ecuador and Thailand. Equador has a great climate and Thailand is exotic and lot's of personal freedom which the highly controlled and regulated USA should try to copy.

Anonymous said...

Its just a matter of time. The sinking hole is getting bigger here in the US and there is no turning back!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Penang (Malaysia), and I have to say, rental of homes is Penang is fine but purchase of home will be best in the Klang Valley (including Kuala Lumpur) area.
Penang is an island with lacking of space that even expatriates living there opposed further developments that can destroy the beauty and charm of the Pearl of the Orient. Most new developments are upon permission and focuses mainly upon flats, apartments and condos.
Kuala Lumpur, on the other hand is a thriving Metropolitan (Capital City) with lots of opportunities to buy properties.As new townships booming within the Klang Valley nearby the City area, the Klang Valley has been the top choice for expatriates and MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) participants.
Whilst it's still quite autonomous of Penangites to actually open a piece of land for foreigners to grab. The Klang Valley has abundant opportunities. With proper Visa, buying properties, opening business and even access to facilities are always available!
One of the best township, now becoming of the most premium place in the Klang Valley is Cyberjaya, where the Multimedia Super Corridor (best for business & technological networks) meets a lush amount of greens, away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital City.
As a whole, Welcome to Malaysia!!!

Anonymous said...

Mexico will be a death trap for Americans. They will eat you alive there. The Ford foundation has been funding Anti America programs to the youth for years. Most of the Mexican youth want to take back America. Americans will be easy prey in Mexico. Good luck with that one.

Germany said...

I moved to Germany in 2011 and while some say that is a terrible decision, I have found myself growing ever so fond of this country.

As soon as I got my residency cleared, I took a mandatory German course, which the state payed for. I learned the language to a certain level and then within 2 or 3 months of this training course I had a job working with Germans within the German system.

My wife, who is a Psychologist, do very well here. We were hurting bad in the USA, almost to the point to where we were going to have to move into the ghetto. We both have Master Degrees in our respective fields but these are not respected in Fascist America.

I gained a new respect for the European social system because we are being rewarded in a 360 degree sphere as individuals. Because of that I have no problem paying higher taxes and all because when people live in a small country such as this, we have to take care of one another as if we are family.

Food and all is moderately cheap. A person can survive on 45 Euro/week. Gas is too expensive so I just hop on my bike and ride the wonderful German bike trails to my destination.

I wouldn't, however recommend Germany to any folks of color. Your chances here, particularly as immigrants, are almost non-existent.

Anonymous said...

i live and teach english abroad in thailand. it's awesome. my quality of life is so much better than similar aged young adults slaving away at dead end corporate jobs. moreover, there is a palpable sense of freedom here that is entirely lacking in the US.

you can't do anything in the US without a permit or threat of harassment. here people sell food without a food handlers card, or the need of some government agency authorizing them to do it. they just go to the sidewalk and sell their goods. you can't do that in the US, yet we're supposedly the beacon of freedom... yea, right. you can't even sell lemonade without a police officer harassing you these days.

the buddhist values of thai people and the fact that the country was never colonized also has a big impact on the quality of life here. prepare to have lower standards for cleanliness and infrastructure but a more relaxed, carefree, and happy life. easy trade off in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American in Turkey...I really dread ever having to go back to the US. This is mainly due to cruelty (torture I experienced personally), reverse racism, expensive everything...on and on and on. Here, I feel protected, respected having restored most of the dignity lost in my own country. If you are young, get out and see the world. It seems difficult at first, but if you REALLY want to go, you should...

Anonymous said...

To get your money out of the US and maintain privacy buy gold coins. You only need 60 or so one ounce coins per $100,000. Easy to hide, transport or ship and easy to liquidate. Silver is good for lesser amounts but you need a LOT more of it, It's much easier to transport 60 gold coins instead of 3000 silver coins. - per spot prices -March 2013.

Anonymous said...

I left the west 14 years ago and have been in Malaysia the past 11 years. It was the best thing I ever did. You'd have to drag me back to the west kicking and screaming. Would never go back!

Anonymous said...

Home is where the heart is, and the family.
But if home is a shit hole run by fascists, one is left with a difficult choice. Most Europeans and Aussies and Canadians have passports and have visited dozens of countries by the time they are in their thirties. They have perspective and experience with which to make such decisions.

Sadly, Americans are the worst travelers on the planet (amongst 1st world nations).
Belligerent or fearful, but rarely anything in between (too much TV propaganda) Americans have lost the art of getting along with strangers as equals, sharing, conversing and learning.
As a result, less Americans travel and ignorance takes root. This topic is well beyond the scope of 90% of the American population. Apologies to the 10%, but hey, you guys know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

This is a load of crap especially the ultra corrupt Mexico. You think any of these countries are immune to intervention and takeover by outside forces or immune to internal corruption? They are all socialist leaning. Do any of these countries have a Bill of Rights that deem certain freedoms unalienable and give the people the right to overthrow. Get a grip! All these countries see liberty as a privilege granted by the state. Can't believe you would put this swill on your blog. Now go ahead and censor this post you fraud.

Ken Bruun-Olsen (Expat) said...

Norway Here. I am an American Expat who left the US back in 1987. Norway IS a Socialist country and I think the problem with too many US Citizens is they somehow compare Socialism with Maxist Socialism (USSR Style). I have a Bill of Rights here and It Is Well Respected, how is Yours doing these days? The Police don't even carry sidearms, they had the choice but voted against it. If the cops ever came crashing in my house FOR ANY REASON the entire country would want to know Why. I have Actual Freedom while you have a Hand Full of Broken Promisses and a Very Dire Future ahead. I have a 1st World Life while the US is Far Down the list unless you are a part of the 1%. We don't Tolerate the kind of treatment that You are forced to by the Gov. I went back to the states just to see how things were from 2004-2008. I couldn't get out of that Shit Hole fast enough, in fact I was Arrested Numerous times for simply walking down a public street during midday on my way to a grocery store to buy a sandwich for lunch. The cops had Quotas that needed to be filled and THAT was why I lost 36 hours of my life and in the long run my Job. It appears that my boss needed someone who wasn't going to just disappear in the middle of the day for 36 hours. Now I live in Norway, Pay 35% Tax and have a FULL RIDE of Healthcare and Total Protection until the day I Die. I Am SAFE Here, and VERY FEW Americans can HONESTLY Say that They Feel That Way. If you have the chance Get The Hell Out of that place and at least SEE the world. The US is THE LEAST FREE PLACE that I have EVER BEEN and I have been to Greece and Turkey and RUSSIA.

Anonymous said...

if mexico is that good, why so many mexicans run north?

Afshin Nejat said...

Interesting thoughts. As an American who loves real American values, an having served in the Army, been to three different Asian countries living in each for one year or more, and having gotten and educmacation at the U, and being "old enough to know better" about a lot of things, I find a lot of the comments on here actually worth reading. That tells me something about the subject. It attracts people know what they are talking about, or who don't, and not many shades in between.

Far as I can tell, people who are "reading the signs" and who are willing to make "reasonable adaptations" will fare best, no matter where they end up. People who overreact emotionally and miscalculate easily are going to suffer, also no matter where they end up.

Providence is either Divine or Hellish, and it seeks out its own.

As for me, who Knows what I am going to do? That's for me to Know and for the world to find out when the time comes.

May the Righteous fear not and seek the Glory of Truth, which is that Right makes Might, and not the reverse.

As to locations, Uruguay, Taiwan, other Anglophone countries, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as Singapore, all look nice.

Anonymous said...

The US is still a great country that has a lot to offer. But we are domed at Washington. the people that run the "business" are too corrupt and disconnected from the population. We found the solution by moving 2 years ago to NH and joining the Free state project. Here we are changing the laws in NH, promoting freedom by reducing the local Gov. and taxes. Moving to overseas should be your last option if you have enough energy and funding. Good article. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The US military has its claws in Chile. There are many Texas guard personnel, (probably not just Texas but I don't know for a fact) that go to Chile to help set up and train the Chilean military. In my opinion, once you have the US military partnering with another country that country would not be a good place to go. The US wouldn't be down there if they didn't think that Chile was strategic an a supplier of resources. And we know what the US does to countries when they have a desired resource.

Anonymous said...


The ONLY country that will survive what is coming is beautiful COLOMBIA !

Some Facts:

- Colombia is now receiving MORE investment than any other nation in Latin America!

- Why? Because Colombia is the ONLY nation in the region that is a REAL DEMOCRACY; consequently, it’s banking system and business acumen has been the envy of the region, the only nation to have NEVER suffered from hyper-inflation and grave currency devaluations, something the other nations named cannot say!

- Colombia is in fact the oldest constitutional democracy in the world after the USA (since 1808), but since it has never given-in to the influence of corporate greed and lobbying power, it may very well be the oldest truly functioning UN-INTERUPTED modern democracy.

- Colombia is the ONLY totally self sufficient country on the planet; Colombia has the MOST fertile land on the planet; and better yet; it can grow crops YEAR-ROUND! as it is the most bio-diverse nation on Earth per square mile.

- WATER More fresh water resources per-capita than anywhere!

- Topography: You choose any temperature you want to live in!

- Unlike small countries such as Chile or Paraguay; you can Chose the Pacific coast or the Atlantic; you can chose the most verdant and beautiful parts on the entire Andean mountain range, etc.

- SURVIVAL: Colombia has the ONLY MAJOR CITY, in the world at a very high altitude, it is its glorious capital; BOGOTA situated nearly 2,000 ft. above sea-level, it is even higher than Aspen, CO, and Bogota will be the ONLY major, ULTRA-sophisticated megalopolis (with 12 million metro inhabitants) to survive the impact of global warming and mega-tidal-wave destruction. In fact most major cities in Colombia are not on the coastlines –and this is critically important.

- BOGOTA: the only major Western city left with real culture. See: www.bogotabrilliance.co , the ONLY ULTRA-sophisticated major city in the world, locked in eternal spring/autumn weather, where people are dressed elegantly year-round -and it is booming -With a quality of life that you might not believe; with more French patisseries than New York City, and the world’s biggest urban dedicated bike-path system.

- Colombia is also a major industrialized nation that has it all! Unlike Chile and Uruguay, Colombia is one of the top 10 oil, coal and gas exporters in the world, AND it produces just about everything; from heavy industry to agriculture, in a way, that no nation can match. Colombia IS TRULY self sufficient. After the 2008 financial crisis, it was discovered that Colombia survived BEST in the world, because its economy has never been so dependent on exports.

- SAFETY –Colombia is far safer than its neighbors are perceived to be. Colombia has suffered from a deliberate campaign of disinformation by its communist enemies and their allies such as Cuba and Venezuela, because Colombia IS the only real democracy in the region. Unlike, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil or Argentina, Colombia has NEVER had a history of bloody dictatorships. And because it is a real and open democracy, Colombia actually counts its crime rate better than the rest of the other nations. Bogota’s homicide rate is plummeting, and today, at 14 homicides per 100,000, Bogota is safer than most cities in the USA, and certainly safer than most cities its size around the world.

- Colombia is like Paradise on Earth: The shocking natural beauty, its bounty of food, its warm and highly educated people are far more welcoming than perhaps any other nation on Earth –no kidding. Yesterday alone, the Prime minister of New Zealand came to Colombia (not nearby Chile) looking for help with crops, as New Zealand does not have the VAST fertile agricultural soil that Colombia can offer.

- And for those who want to build a better tomorrow; it is from Colombia that will arise the new social model through which to improve the human condition. The Colombian spiritual ontology is genuinely and remarkably the most advanced energy-vortex on Earth! …just watch and witness.

Anonymous said...

The CIA runs Colombia. Everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

How come the Philippines is not on that list?

Anonymous said...

Poor, stupid Americans. You are sold the line that you live in the most free country on earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have been born into slavery to the banks and corporations and they will not stop until they have extracted the last penny. I used to be one of you, but no longer. I cannot in good conscience support a government that extorts from its citizens in order to drop bombs on children in the third world. If you wish to continue thinking that you live in the best country on earth, then I wish you good luck. You are going to need it.

Anonymous said...

So now I have been for the past year or so deciding if I really want to stay in this fast becoming police state hell hole and waiting for the collapse which will be the death knell for America. Civil breakdown, riots, starvation and martial law is what's in your wallet.

The entire system in America is now rigged and manipulated by and for the power elite to serve only them. The rest of us are nothing but pawns and useful only until we get sick or too old to work then we get treated with expensive and toxic treatments which only kill you faster.
The government is preparing for civil war: DHS-1.5 billion rounds of .40 caliber body shredding hollow point ammo with another order for 21+ million more in 9 mm. How about 2700 armored vehicles soon to be in their inventory. Every government agency from the Dept. of Social Security to NOAA is being armed. The police are militarized and the ranks are filled with low I.Q morons with delusions of power.
Make no mistake about it: America is headed for a meltdown and the ensuing civil war and martial law will turn this nation into a Soviet style or worse , hell hole. There will be no way to escape after this happens. It will be worse than East Germany was with its STASI.
Many Americans are now considered to be terrorist threats by the DHS. We are all being spied on and soon the skies above us will be filled with drones capable of watching your every movement. How many of them will be armed? How soon before the house next you goes up in a massive explosion because the president suspected someone living there was a threat? Or could possibly be a threat in the future?
There are more than 300 FEMA camps placed throughout the country. Guess which one YOU will be placed in. FEMA is now training its own youth corps. Obama wants a civilian army just as large, just as strong and just as well armed as the military.
For what purpose? To disarm the American people. To confiscate their last bit of food? To arrest anybody who dares criticize the administration?
We are headed into a very grim and dangerous period in American history and there will be some who will not make it, in fact, there will be quite a few who will not make it.As it is intended.
So will it be you and your family that is sent off to a FEMA camp to die of starvation and sickness? Will you sit there and watch as you neighbor is dragged out of his house and shot in full view of his neighbors? Will you wait until the supermarkets are empty and your children are starving before you decide to do anything?
If you choose to stay, then you better darned well be prepared for what's coming. If not, then you will be just another statistic and your family will suffer along with you.
At this point, there is no turning back for the government: it's full speed ahead for hard tyranny and it's coming straight at you.
You either make the choice to get out ASAP while you still can...and remember it has nothing to do with not being unpatriotic, just remember what your ancestors did when they moved here while America was still a land of freedom and opportunity: to escape slavery, religious and political persecution and to seek a better life for themselves and their future generations. That's just what you will be doing as well. The ship of state is sinking and I won't blame or denigrate anyone for getting the hell out while they still can.
Good luck to them and may the Gods help America.

Anonymous said...

I have been researching numerous countries over the past few years to move to. I was able to live in Thailand for a while on a 3 month visa which was easily renewable, however I was getting support from my family.

Here's my biggest problem. I have a cross-cultural studies degree and my husband has a business degree. I will live almost anywhere but here, and we are ready to leave. I have searched through laws of many countries and I am finding that I feel trapped being an American because no place will hire us based on our nationality. They only want those hired from their country unless you find a company willing to sponsor you.

So, does anyone have any help with countries that allow you to get a visa to work? I don't care how hard it is, just that it's not impossible.

Anonymous said...

(to the author @1O:26) I'm retired in Uruguay, so while not positive, to the best of my information, you can get work permits if you have residency. Contact a consulate: in L.A., Miami, Chicago, N.Y.C., and Washington D.C. Since it was one of my former occupations (in Mexico), I understand that Chile needs English [E.S.L.] teachers. Search: "Chile, English" Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

to March 7, 2013 @ 10.26
The author March 8,2013 @ 1.04 is correct.
I was an international English teacher for many years and settled in Russia. I came here in 1999 and retired here. Your degrees will allow you to work here - however - try not to go to Moscow or Petersburg as they are very expensive. I moved to the western side of the Ural Mountains and I will stay here! I have clean environs, chemically clean food, almost NO crime, and it is very inexpensive to live. If the two of you are teachers and you each earn about 20,000 rubles (40,000 together) you will live very very well - the school will give you and apartment.

John Cicciu said...

Life is where we collectively did not choose it to be currently. I am Italian decent, us born second generation. This excuse and reason (requse) of ignorance is no matter. The pride of tradition which has made me feel able to keep head high, and chest out, among personal journey of success has indeed gotten me into this circle of bullshit(BMW rat race) that I have been programed to believe is important/way of life. There is no difference between all of us if those who see choose to be here/wherever (residing), and what we are supposed to be while in these physical vehicles that transport our souls /spirits. Enough complaining, talk of problem..... it is michael Jackson time to make a change / time for solution, which is us and what we know to be correct, the way it (not should be), will be soon, and the way IT IS GOING TO BE....without a doubt from even one of us. I know this to be true. It is beautiful how we come together as though we have been with one another for many lifetimes and do so not to seperate or create difference. It will create fear from those who come to find they were the ones without heart for so many generations only to live in disbelief that they are burning forever because they believed what they were promised as we have allowed for so long.
This in my heart I believe. The heart of European to give up gun has given Greece peaceful citizens Molotov cocktail and rock. USA is shit and Americans were fooled like donkey very successfully and precisely for many years with all of resources available. It has created the difference separation that was needed. Do we see? Americans are not wild west. Innocent drone killings , illegal, and even legal war approved by lies we do not support. I know world needs and know when USA is Greece the chain reaction will occurs. Forget ethnic, nation, sex, worth,differenc, does not pertain.

Mark said...

I came to Cambodia... This absolutely has to be the number one place in this world for people wanting to escape the draconian, Orwellian, police state on steroids, nanny-state, can't fart without a permit - we call the West.
Since I came here I have had zero hassle, no junk mail, fresh food with no GMO or hormones.
Don't believe the completely untrue bad press Cambodia receives - it's all lies by the corporate ass-lick puppet whores.
In Truth it's a fabulous country with a small government, low or zero tax, self-sufficient food supply, safe and everyone who visits it agrees they just love it and the people.
I escaped the crap, came here, took a TESOL and am still here lapping it up.
If you check my website - you will see - you too can do the same. I promise you on my life I am a patriot in every sense of the word, but I just won't have some third-grade government telling me how to wipe my own ass, and fining me if I wipe it from left to right and not right to left.
Check it out.
Mark - ATICambodia - www.aticambodia.com

Anonymous said...

Great debate here in the comment section. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

@Germany Said 1:46 posted:

"I wouldn't, however recommend Germany to any folks of color. Your chances here, particularly as immigrants, are almost non-existent. "

Oh really, Germany? Are you a "person of color"? I know a few Black and African American people who've been living in Germany a lot longer than you have, and they said that you couldn't pay them to move back to America.

Do you live in the sticks or something?

Anonymous said...

According to Adrian Salbuchi on the Jim Fetzer radio.Ted Turner and Soros have both bought vast tracts of land in Patagonia. This is where they intend to move the residents of Israel.
Many millionaires also have homes in Russia so these two countries should be safe from all the many ways they have in mind for the depopulation of the planet.

Anonymous said...

I would say Colombia and Peru should be in the top 5 or at least the top 10. Uruguay would not appeal to social conservatives, btw. Peru has a similar "organized chaos" free market to Thailand but with a more free-market government; a low cost of living, free 90-day visa and relatively cheap renewals (need to border-hop every 6 months) though residency and permission to work can be hard to get unless you marry a Peruvian; public and private health care which is quite affordable (though the quality is probably better in Colombia and Chile), and a strong economy which could weather a collapse of the U.S. because it has many trading partners; Colombia is similar but a bit more bureaucratic. The cities are cleaner and better-organized than Lima, though.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I am a American man who has 2 college degrees. yet for some reason I am employed at a auto glass dealership. the jobs are not here. I fear for my descendants.

Unknown said...

You can bet that people's attitudes towards foreigners in these countries will take a turn for the worse if their culture is not considered worthy of assimilation, or they start to suffer in other ways.

Nothing more odious than an arrogant ass transplant.

Anonymous said...

"Tell us what countries you think are the best safe haven nations and why..."

You didn't allow me. Thanks. It was pretty intellectual too.

Anonymous said...

All those countries are U.S.A. economy dependant. It´s all a lie...

Anonymous said...

Thank u for a thoughtful and thought provoking effort...saunie

Anonymous said...

Soon. It won't be. Watch.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot of knowledge about Chile and Uruguay. They are both places I want travel to. But I do know a little something about weed and Mexico. Quote:
"Mexico has gotten a lot of horrible press because of violence from the war on drugs, but that typically occurs in isolated areas and will begin to simmer down from the growing liberation of marijuana north of the border."
Mexico's terror has nothing to do with weed north of the boarder. Most weed in America is grown in America. Mexico's cartels are into cocaine trafficking from South America and that's a big reason why it's a economic powerhouse. The money coming from the cartels are a large part of Mexico's economy. And without Americas demand for cocaine, there would be a lot less to go around.

cait said...

Don't agree about Uruguay, I'm living in Uruguay, the Government here It's like an octopus to tax, there are many state monopolies (ANTEL, OSE, UTE...) full of bureaucracy. A most high percentage of the population works for the state that has become an end in itself.

Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

I moved to Russia in 2006 and have not been back to the states and don't plan to visit there in future. Not worth it when I have much more freedom in Russia...

Anonymous said...

1. Running away isn't activism.

2. Paranoia doesn't fly for intellect anymore.

3. I have read every comment here.

Anonymous said...

There's all these horror stories about the way the U.S. is going, but nothing is more alarming to me is the militarization of the police and America becoming a police state. These swat raids on private homes have gone through the roof and the law enforcement officers are becoming more and more belligerent. Who wants to live in a country like that?

A commenter here states it's worth staying and fighting for this last beacon of freedom? Really? Our freedom is history. Bush and Obama made sure of that. Even a former president now says America is no longer a functioning democracy even. If our leaders were doing something to solve the problems one could have hope, but they keep right on spending us into a black hole, GUARANTEEING economic collapse. Get out while you still can.

Нэлсон О. Апонтэ Бэсэрра said...

I wonder what the author thinks about this article:
Both Chile and Mexico were mentioned in the list... but in the worst places to be!

Marine said...

Why in the world would an educated man think that having two degrees means that one should have a good job. This country is overrun with masses of useless liberal arts degrees coupled with outlandish student loans. It seems to suggest that free market laws of supply and demand work well. Failure to choose proper field was Personal mistake not failure of ones country.

Anonymous said...

I AM READY TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY!! By 2015 I'm taking my family and we are leaving. From what i gather from the article and most of these comments is that the place to go is South America. So South America here we come...2015.

Anonymous said...

^ good call lol

Anonymous said...

Obama hope a dope and change a lange not working out so good here. People (fools) elected a dicktator. This country is way lost and I fear for my family. I will be looking to go some where, chances are chile, germany, or philippines.

Anonymous said...

Very true. I want out.

Anonymous said...

Mass exodus, violent revolt, conform or just stfu. Those are your options. I work on capitol hill. Your vote doesn't mean shit!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog and the comments were very though provoking. As for moving out of the country what should someone do if they don't really have a way out? I mean I'd love to move to a country in Asia but without the resources to do so I'm pretty much stuck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great article. It was very interesting that you can move to another country much easier than I had thought. Almost every form of power is corrupt beyond reasonable repair. Nobody knows how to be responsible with funds. They're trying to destroy basic concepts this country was founded on. And judging by popular votes, the majority of voters like it that way. I guess they would rather see America-land of the free, home of the brave- turn into an Obamanation.

Anonymous said...

The 911 and war on terror fraud took a big bite out of your bill of rights . 3 fukushima melt downs will provide the northern hemisphere with a never ending rain of compounding deadly radiation. The Israel lobby runs DC and has made the US and Israel , with their military industrial complex , the most hated nations on the planet.
The land of the free is not.

dan said...

Does anyone who's actually moved at a younger age have some helpful information form me about just leaving? I'm in the military and my enlistment will be up soon, I just want to leave. There's gotta be something better out there. I don't care if i'm working as a bartender, dishwasher, or information systems manager as long as i'm happy and this country is definitely not helping.

Anonymous said...

With blogs like this around I don't even need website anymore.

I can just visit here and see all the latest happenings in the world.

Anonymous said...

Costa Rica is the new top expat country!

Many expat communities to join. Accepts the US Dollar. Friendly people, who think you are special/wealthy. Low cost of living (around $1k will cover you on the low end). Can live on the Caribbean or Pacific. Excellent climate options. Dollar is worth a lot. Government is anti-invasive. No army/wars. Great ecology and natural beauty. Steering wheel is still on left side. Not too far from The States, about 2 hours from Miami. Some excellent real estate options. Plenty of culture and things to do. Good public transportation. Plenty of US restaurants available. Killer beaches and views. The list goes on and on.....

Anonymous said...

It's called the New World Order. The bible predicts this NWO taking over and encompassing the entire world. The collapse of the US will affect every country since it is world bankers and world power brokers orchestrating the US demise. Take down the US and then collapse the rest. No place will be safe is the real truth.

Anonymous said...

We really love our Veterans-OVER Celebrities--- Wonderful Country--- shame--

Anonymous said...

What about South Korea? Btw @Nov. 29 10:35...my daughter visited there and said I would LOVE to live there. I am so ready to go, but am afraid I won't be able to find a job, well, pretty much in any country. I have two more years until daughter is 18, then I have no reason to stay in a place that taxes my garage sale earnings. Pfft.

Anonymous said...

US Americans, just stay in US, don't spread your mental illnesses to other countries too. Let the rest of the world live in peace. Please...

Anonymous said...


It is extremely racist here, the people here are ignorant and illogical, everything they do here is bad. There products are all extremely overpriced except for the ones that are made here because of their outrageously high import taxes (which also means no good products come here). It is also extremely BORING because their really is nothing to do. Mujica is bringing this country down further than it needs to, inflation is rising FAST, and all they have is MEAT MEAT MEAT. This country does not deserve to be on this list. Even native Uruguayans i know personally don't like the country.

MaxMercZ said...

I'm I'm sorry to say the USA Economy is going to collapse the dollar is going to. U can't stop it that's a fact but u can fight for the nation I personally never likes America's currupt idea on herbs. I'm not gonna live in a place I can't be a Christian and use gods sacred herb unless I have cancer or to move across the country. No I wanna live a free gun less life which I can't do I'm America when the dollar collapses cuz I will be shot or robbed because I'm a true god fearing man and do not wish to do the unforgivable sin and live by the sword to live. I'm not gonna burn in hell because our satanic government destroyed our nation I'm not sorry. I will not kill a man to survive in America and that's what u will need to be able to do if u stay.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see others speaking about the bullshit, immoral country that was once the beautiful America. See ya, bye!

Anonymous said...

I tell you what. You move first and let us know how it works out for you.

Anonymous said...

I am SO GLAD that none of you chose Canada! It takes guts to live here and survive here....rainy, cold, snow, heat, fog.....who friggin' cares.....bring it on skinny guy! Were Canadians and that's what we do and famous for it too.

Unfortunately unlike you all US citizens you're Feds, Banks, satanic cults, Masonic idiots, secret societies, Illuminati's, greedy arrogant banking pigs, Federal Reserve mafia, all of whom are totally disliked by everyone in this world and who have all failed you and have taken you down. Look what they have done in your own back yard, shit all over you in the good ole USA....wow... it's a historic shame, all because of the TRUE American dream called..........greed! Wow.

All you US citizens must also understand that you can't run and hide because under your corrupted governments you are tracked and taxed as "citizens". We Canadians can go anywhere in this world, setup shop, sell goods & services and pay taxes ONLY to that country's taxation system on income....zero is gathered to the Canadian Government if we are abroad making money elsewhere.....that's OUR Law! We're not "prisoners" to Canada because like Canada, we invite the whole world with no prejudice and expect the same abroad which is fulfilled, thank-you Oh Canada, I Love You.....True North, Land of the REAL Free.

Unfortunately unlike us, all you USA'ers cannot run, hide whatever you decide to do, unless you chose to live like a caveman and deal with sticks to hunt with for food, you'll never ever be able to make money anywhere because your government, Feds and Bank mafia will track you, trick you by implanting you with a nano-chip simply by taking asperine...then monitor your every single action, spy on you.....WOW....sounds almost like 666....that will all result in a roboton american society FORCING you to pay your IRS antichrist! Have you ever stopped and wondered why your Big Brother has turned into a mafia bully? He will EAT you alive!

Soon when the SHTF and Canada will definitely suffer also but at least I can live off the land....yes my Canadian land! Fish for saltwater salmon, fish for freshwater trout, hunt in the wild, forage the Great White North....so what else is new....that's what we do, eh?

The Yukon is no man's land, so is BC, so is Labrador, so is North West Territories, so is, etc...etc...our back yard is full of history and very easy to live off of, BUT only if you are a thick skinned, tough, beer drinkin', Alder smoked salmon chewin' true Canuck....oh and your guns is a paranoid crutch, not a tool....my real guns are just that, tools! My brains and abilities are my site-scope, my wits and fists are endless bullets and my tee-shirt sleeves are my holsters....good luck to y'all if you run to a 3rd world country! You may be treated like an animal...can YOU survive? Beware, remember that you are a US citizen with a historic reputation!

Oh...and if you decide to sew one of those cheap dollar store Canadian Flags on your backpack like all the co-eds tryin' to "fit in" to be liked by the rest of the world you might as well cut your tongue out of your mouth to never speak again....you will instantly give yourselves away through your inherited self-centered American arrogance. Shame on you to use MY Flag as a prostitute to get your way around the world trying to "buy" people to like you.....INSULTING.....not a nice thing to do at all.

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