Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top Warrantless DHS Checkpoint Refusals


Checkpoints (some would say illegal checkpoints) have been popping up quite frequently in the USA. As you see in this video, you DO NOT have to comply with their question's or demands. Don't forget, you have rights.

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Hide Behind said...

And how many americans (sic) just compled and by their compliance they lent legitimacy to this unconstitutional policy.
Why are they who took an oath, yes Border patrol and DHS take an oarh., not to the Constitution but the laws of the land and swear allegince to folow the orders of their Commander in Chief?
What is left out of this flic is that in this area almost all the good white people were hollering for just such policys.
Power fits an old saying perfectly; "You give it an inch and it will take a mile."
I guess it is that everyone is afraid of being mugged by a Mexican who then will say; " Hand over your job."

Anonymous said...

I see a lot more videos here showing cops going wild on innocent people with verbal, physical or gun related abuse.
Sure a video like this one seen in the comfort of your own home makes one feel as if we have rights.

What we really have is UNCERTAINTY. The richer and whiter you are, the more certain you are of your rights. Hippies, blacks, latinos and poor people, they have good reason to be cautious and fearful of police.
Most fascist nations have different forms of justice for different categories of people, the USA is no different.

Hide Behind said...

@anonymous 7:36 pm
Of all the race divisions what color of skin can all other colors point to as the most destructive and predjudical towards them.
And what nation of predominately that color of skin has killed or enslaved and brutilized, and still continues to do so, them the most?
The " Slave Holders" in this nation are slmost all exclusively white, you have always been one of their wage slaves , domesticated houseboys and compliant house girls, and you do as they do and look down upon the field hands in foreign nations as no more than objects.
The US neos both spout that the US is the melting pot but in truth it more closely resembles a tossed salad completely drenched in a white dressing to hide the color and cultural difference.
The closesest it comes to being a melting pot is after it has been digested and comes out of opposite way it entered.
It is what nation was founded upon and its overall culture is built upon especially when the south and north both found out that owning slaves cost far more than holding slaves.
They pay you as little as they can and then charge you as much as they can of what you slaved to produce. A nd then they tax you to expand their profits and power while you pay for the health. Housing and own maintenance.
It is not just a red neck attitude that permits others civil rights abuses while talking of Constitutional Rights; For it is a characteristic of american culture that each grouping tries to gain more priveleges than the other through our political system.
It is exploitation of others and the competetive predatory financial culture we all grew up within.
This flic does not show an aberation of american justice and political system for it is but the natural progressiin of that system we call americanism.

Anonymous said...

Seems people commenting believe they are entitled to everything but freedom, as freedom requires personal responsibility and accountability and no entitlement beyond God given rights as a human, which means rewards for good decisions and consequences for bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

I am free. I am free to reject the silly Christian religion along with its wars its lies its child abuse and its arrogant self absorbed fools who always try to sell us their dumb religion.

Anonymous said...

The Ohio State police, Cincinnati police and the Hamilton County, Ohio sheriff's office operate a de-facto checkpoint at the Ohio/Indiana border on Interstate 74 in the east-bound lane just before the Harrison ,Ohio exit. The only people we have seen stopped and searched are Black men driving expensive cars and young women driving convertibles.Please warn anyone going through the Cincinnati area.

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