Friday, February 15, 2013

The War Is Over ... And We Won

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Jeff Berwick, Contributor
Activist Post

The war I'm talking about is the war between individuals and the state. You see, governments have already lost. They just don't know it yet. There has been a war going on between collectivizing, coercive government and the allied forces of individualism, freedom and markets for quite some time. Exactly how long is hard to say because for most of history it seems that the governed more or less accepted that they need to be governed and accepted the brutality of politicians, whether those politicians were tribal chiefs, pharaohs, princes or presidents.

So there wasn't much of a fight going on between the forces of coercion (the state) and the forces of cooperation and peace (the market) for the first few thousand years of human civilization.

But something started to shift in the last few hundred years. Maybe it was by accident and maybe it's the result of countless fortunate accidents; scientific discoveries coupled with explorations in philosophy. But humanity managed to reach an Age of Enlightenment and an Industrial Age. Standards of living began to rise for the masses, and people started to realize that being free was much, much better than being property of the king. Later, at the end of the 20th Century, they would also realize that being free was also better than being property of the collective. Not only was it better for individual happiness when one was not owned, but it was also better for material progress when a bunch of free individuals were left alone to use their talent and resources to satisfy their desire to create and to make a profit.

So it's hard to pinpoint when the war started exactly, though it's almost certainly within the last few hundred years; and it really picked up steam with the colonization of North America. But I can suggest a definite period for the end of the war.

The End of the War: 1913-1994

The beginning of the end of the war between government and the individual was 1913. That was when what would become the biggest, most powerful, most murderous, most indebted government the world has ever seen (and likely will ever see, if we're lucky) sowed the seeds of its own guaranteed collapse. That was the year the latest incarnation of a US central bank was created to do what central banks do: provide the government with limitless purchasing power stolen from the productive individuals through currency supply inflation.

The end of the end, so to speak, was in 1994. That was the year the Internet gained widespread public knowledge and use. Governments have always thrived by controlling education of the young, controlling the currency and controlling information. In other words: indoctrination, inflation, misinformation, and propaganda. The governed vastly outnumber the governors, so force was never enough to keep control. Sure you could make an example out of a couple of the slaves by using violence on them. But to efficiently control a bunch of humans and use them as tax cows, you have to convince them that they are better off being tax cows. After the Internet, it became impossible for the governed not to find out the truth of their condition.

I understand if when I say that government has lost the war, you might think I'm crazy. After all, things look pretty bleak. Yes, the government is out of control in the US and in many other countries. But their actions are more like death throes. Like a big, mortally wounded beast, the state is lashing out with the strength and ferocity that comes from panic. It senses death approaching. And that may make it temporarily more dangerous.

But the end is in sight. All their actions are actually reactions to fact that they're losing. They are trying to close the doors, control the flow of information and restrict the flow of capital, but people are finding ways around everything (especially people like us and the people who read publications like this).

The blatantly obvious and rather pathetic attempts at information control keep coming. Like the latest in a long string of executive orders signed by President Obama just before the recent State of the Union address. The order will expand the power of the Department of Homeland Security to "share" information with private industry. In other words, it will be easier for the government to gather information about you from the electronic media you use. And of course, there is the much-talked about "Internet kill switch" that Obama and his fellow heads of state are dying to make a reality.

Even if the various states all over the world manage to find a way to shut off the Internet, they'll find out who really won if they do shut the Internet down. The entire world is online now. And they all love it. Imagine if we had no email, no Facebook, no Craigslist, and that our smartphones just became plain cell phones again ... I make no exaggeration when I say that there would be far more people revolting over the loss of these things than over the loss of their right to own firearms. Plus much of the world commerce is done through the Internet now. The economic loss at this point would be staggering. You wonder if governments are really and truly that willing to cripple the economies they parasitize in order to maintain their last bits of control.

So don't worry. We won. In fact, you can even break out the champagne! Your main concern is surviving the turbulent transitions ahead. The main issue is getting through the collapse of this statist monetary and financial system. That's where we can help. You can subscribe to our Weekly TDV Newsletter for more in-depth analysis and actionable financial advice. Or you can check out or passport and citizenship options to watch the chaos from as far away as possible.

A lot of people think we're negative here at TDV. Nothing could be further from the truth! We know liberty has already won and we're celebrating. We just have to get our readers through the transition. By the time all is said and done, the world will use mostly gold, silver and bitcoins for money, there will be no state-enabled central banks and there will be no massive intrusions by massive governments. If we're really fortunate, there will be no government intrusion at all ... because humanity will fully wake up and realize what governments really are: an unnecessary evil.

So keep your head down and stay sharp for now. But rejoice. Before you know it, it will be safe to celebrate out in the open.


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Anonymous said...

Jeff, I think you need to do some more research if you think that markets (capitalism) are a system of cooperation. The nature of money is to inspire competition through scarcity, not cooperation.

Also, the monetary system is not going to survive much longer because of the rapid gains in efficiency due to the exponential advancements in technology we are now experiencing.

We not only have to go beyond central banking, we have to go beyond ALL forms of currency. Decentralizing is a good start though.

Good article otherwise.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

….25 years ago….I started working for the US Department of Defense, and found myself in my first year of employment being designated as a “Federally Protected Whistle-Blower”…I made the mistake of being honest with security officials regarding the illegal conduct of my chain-of-command…and was threatened with a career of harassment and abuse…except I tape recorded my boss telling me how the federal government worked, how they would come after me, harass me, makes things up about me…..which they did for over twenty-three years….since that moment in time I have tried to educate everyone I know about how systemically corrupt your government is…..we have been called tin-foil-hat folks and what-not …but the decay and corruption is eating America… so that they get away without having to pay for the baby-booming pensions they owe…they are corrupt to the core….and things ahead are not going to be good ….please get prepared in the manner that suits your family the best…but this essay is essentially correct....we need to assert our natural, god-given rights as defined in the Bill of Rights...and when the time is right we need to begin treason trials and hangings after conviction...


RJ O’Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Carroll said...

I disagree with the author's assessment, because it has been proven over and over again that when given the choice between living a life of freedom and self sufficiency, most people will choose a life of servitude and dependency every time. The following quote expresses this truth much better than I ever could. “Americans love their captivity. There's no responsibility. When you're a captive, you don't have to make a decision about anything, though you have no Liberty. People don't want Liberty. Liberty is nothing but uncertainty. It's much easier to have someone tell you where you'll be, what you'll do and who you'll pay tomorrow than to worry about it yourself. The same goes for what you think. “ [May 8, 2004] A Recent Visit with Eustace Mullins---James Dyer –

Anonymous said...

The war between good and evil will never end.

Tell the 47 million Americans on food stamps that they won. Tell the millions of unemployed that had their homes foreclosed on while banksters got $29 trillion in bailouts and paid record bonuses that they won. Tell half the world that lives on $2 dollars or less per day that they won. Tell the 1 million slaughtered Iraqis and their families that they won. Tell the kids dumbed down and taught conformity in public schools that they won. Tell those with cancer that they won. Tell the millions in prison for non-violent crime that they won. Look at the chemtrails above your head and say "we won." Eat the cancerous GMO food, high-fructose corns syrup and BPA and say "we won." Tell the 9/11 victims families that they won as the true culprits continue to profit from their evil deeds. Tell troops that commit suicide in record numbers that they won. Tell Bradley Manning that he won. Tell the 100,000 Americans each year that die from prescribed pharmaceuticals that they won.

Take real action with the United Front Against Austerity:

Anonymous said...

Your not looking ahead. all the junk food and 'energy drinks' are slow poison. the new form of control will be leasing you the body parts you ruined.the endless treadmill of serfdom is coming. watch 'Repo Men'.

Andrew said...

Good article; correct in its broad sweep, but agree with some comments that, absent some kind of unforseen intervention, those in power still have the technology to do massive damage.
Also, the point raised about the dependency/responsibility equation, don't forget, very much is true of those who join the military and so if the rank & file squaddies are to be with the people, they will need some very firm people-oriented leadership if the SHTF.
The chemical/chemtrail/slow-poison assault, as mentioned, cannot be underestimated.
Please spread info on and get off-grid ASAP.
Free energy is not something people will very easily give up once they have it, this is why they have suppressed it so heavily - and there is NO argument NOT to have free energy - it's not just a financial but a very potent psychological/waking-up game-changer.
So not yet time to crack open the bubbly, in my view - let's not forget these people are psycho snakes, not 'proper' humans like me and mine.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are speaking metaphorically when you say the war is over. Wars only end, and have only ended during the eons man has been on earth, when a sufficient quantity of lives have been sacrificed in the endless battle between ego and spirituality.
This war is not over yet, not until we see the light go out from the eyes of the dragon you have suggested that we have killed.
Lives, Mister; It is lives sacrificed that will save the day, not any statement about how you think we have already won to bolster the sad sack mentality of the American citizen.
When the government realizes that a certain point of attained mass is reached, only then will it back off. And what does that mass represent? Lives, Lives, and more lives. When a large enough quantity of concerned citizens let their government know that they are willing to sacrifice their lives, to protect their freedoms, only then will governments back off or be torn asunder.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with you. The war you speak of has only just begun. As long as there is someone in that whitehouse that has his own agenda and can bully his agenda into laws with executive orders and false promises to the people, the war is on. The country is now split 50/50, between sheeple and people. Now they(the administration) are pushing to bring in more uneducated people to buy into their lies and false promises.

Edward called Enoch by Christ said...

The fall of governments did not happen without divine help and assistance from Christ scriptures have prophesied the internal structure of mankind's in the Book of Daniel. We are in the "toes of the Idol" partly clay partly iron this is the rise of democracy and the rights of man reason why the idol will fall during most destructive of mankind's history 3 ½ billion dead governments attacking as a pack of rabid wild dogs. Christ will settle the false claims of all three religions of the God of Abraham and establish his government.

Curt said...

It's true that currency is dying, but information is becoming the new currency. In 5-10 years, when technology like the "Star Trek replicator" is commonplace the control of information will be the new well for the wealthy to draw from, while the masses are on the outside of the information wall unless they pay their 'rent'.

Anonymous said...

Same old cliches Same old markets are peaceful, government is evill
We will never make progress using worn out cliches.

We have a RIGHT to government, democratic and accountable.
Markets are an abstraction; existing capitalism uses fraud, war, and propaganda to concentrate wealth.

We need democratic government in both politics and the economy.

Repeating obsolete ideas is no use whatsoever.

We have not won; we have hardly begun to fight back.
Our fight is against the fascist merger of the corporate wealth and state power Coming down on one side or the other misses the essence of the dilemma: fascism marries corporations and the security state in a condition of permanent war at the expense of the public.

Between state power and corporate power lies the public, the general will which binds us together. The community, the commons, the commonwealth has been sacrificed at the alter of state/corporate power.

This article totally misses the point

Liz said...

Let freedom ring! Here is where you will actually find freedom from the 60 million UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES the THE QUEEN and her consorts, on our soil, have developed to use against us! This link will show us all the way home!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thank god for that. I'll make sure an alert all those millions of people in the Amerikan gulags that we won. I'll also ignore the drones hovering over us and the cameras watching our every step and the "TSA" agents groping us at the airport or Big Brother listening to our conversations on the buses. I'm so glad we won that one. Wheew!

Edward called Enoch by Christ said...

You really don't understand how close Mankind is to a brand new world. The demonic mind set is the creator of walls of ignorance. It took modern doctors nearly 5,000 years to wash hands between patients. Moses told them to do it 5,000 years ago.

This world will pass away and good riddance what is coming is what God always intended.

Historical evidence in the bible shows much more than any science fiction show established by witnesses who would rather die than change a single word of what was written.

Study this. Think about flying. “So he went with them. And when they came to the Jordan, they cut down wood. But as one was felling a beam, the axe-head fell into the water; and he cried, and said, Alas, my master! For it was borrowed. And the man of God said where fell it? And he showed him the place.

And he cut down a stick, and cast it in thither, and made the iron to swim. And he said, Take it up to thee. So he put out his hand, and took it.”

Anonymous said...

By Adam Evenson.

I like your historical narrative of the changes from serf to master by the masses, and that ancient forms of government paradigms are dying hard, thrashing around trying to stay the way they always have been. It is precisely true. Regarding what the future holds, however, is anybody's guess.

I only know that the fairly immediate future will be radically different from what anybody might imagine today and it will be driven by the same kind of historical imperatives that drove humanity out of the caves. What cave dweller could have imagined the Empire State Building and sprawling New York City?

Mentally, humankind is still living in caves with respect to scrying out a future driven, for the most part, by historical imperatives and little else.


we have won in principle and that is the way to win a war you must win it before the first shot.
Now the NWO is threatening a lock-down
here is the threat coming right back at them
but remember when you take everything from a person or a society..THEN THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE...
what will happen is you will make the population
of America into kamikaze pilots willing to fly into the teeth of their mechanism, guerrilla warfare an unstoppable war technique

Anonymous said...

One Peoples Public Trust. Look it up. We hav won. People just need to understand it now!

Michael Kinsey said...

I would love to agree with this line of thinking, but the reality of the nature of the demonic disallows such a rosey future. These pukes will all go down, taking everyone they can with them.Pukes with nukes is what we got still holding the football. And a reaping of the sowing of the murder of a billion? in abortion.We sowed murder and we will reap it.Were it not for the sake of the Elect, no life would be spared.I still prefer a Just God over pie in the sky, by and by

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