Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent


Diverse Health Services presents Dr. Tent's April 2012 two-hour lecture; The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic. Dr. Tent highlights the hypocrisy contained within the mainstream medical establishment, as well as the massive amount of corruption as health care and politics intermingles at an ever greater rate. He thoroughly covers the history of cancer, viruses, autoimmune diseases, vaccines, human experimentation, bioweapons and more.

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abinico said...

I worked for the medical industry, oncologists in particular. They know pretty much everything about cancer - from cause to cure, and prevention. They do not share this knowledge in order to protect the profits of expensive treatments that have nothing to do with the cause of cancer. If you want to avoid cancer, get plenty of anti-oxidants and full spectrum minerals in your diet, and plenty of whole body sun shine. And start getting educated - though difficult, an intelligent person will easily see what type of scam allopathic treatments are.

Anonymous said...

If you want a triggering event for cancers, go to the OHSU or other Dental clinics for 'poor' people, where you have to have 26 or more (if the technician makes mistakes) x-rays so the new dental students get enough 'practice'. If you don't succumb to these, you cannot have any dental treatment. They will never ask you if your immune system has been compromised, by the way, with cancer, etc.
What a charitable place, supported by tax dollars, with laws made that don't allow lawsuits of any size, for justice.

Anonymous said...

Surgeries all require anesthetics, which people never even question. The 'new' anesthetics all have steroids in them.

Anonymous said...

abinico....well said.

Anonymous said...

Like every illness cancer is also reversible. Get balanced food, healthy oils - not from supermarket - (flax seed oil), detoxify your body with Sunrider Calli and Fortune delight, and cancer will go, also Quinary to strengthen your immune system.

Anonymous said...

The new anesthetics [and 360+ other categories of pharmaceuticals] have fluorine in them. This is to make the drugs go in faster,longer,stronger,deeper, and cheaper [for big pharma not you]. Go to and click FTRC link for only list on the net.All have safer cheaper alternatives IF you need drugs at all.
Avoiding Drs & dentists and environmental toxins [like lead arsenate on golf courses & cotton fields] and being mindful of what you eat & how you exercise is more important.
Wish there was a link to the text of these videos or a way to purchase dvd as my broadband can't view long movies.
That said

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a text copy of this as he talks far too slowly?

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. I myself is a doctor. There are lots of wrong concepts in modern medicine. Some of the cure are deadly than the disease. The system has become Fatally Flawed and corrupted by greedy multinational corporate, food and drug industry. Dr sajeev bhaskar.

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