Tuesday, February 5, 2013

School Suspensions Continue for Anything Remotely Gun Related

Activist Post

The hysteria surrounding the threat of gun violence continues at fever pitch. We have seen a string of school suspensions in recent years for ludicrous reasons such as:
And there are plenty more.

The latest comes from Arizona where a Florence student was suspended for having an AK-47 on top of a flag as his desktop background image. That's right: Daniel McClaine, Jr. was suspended for three days over a picture.
McClaine said the school initially suspended him for three days Friday.
Since the laptop belongs to the school, the district policy states students are prohibited from 'sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures,' and cannot access, send, create or forward pictures that are considered 'harassing, threatening, or illegal.'
McClaine said he read the guidelines but does not consider the picture threatening to anyone. (Source)

Ironically, Daniel is interested in joining the military, which is what prompted him to display the image in question.

The following video is jaw dropping for its sheer inanity. How can a serious intellectual debate survive amid such a climate of fear-mongering and absurdity? Your suggestions are welcome in the comment section.

DHS Tips for Surviving Mass Shootings: Run, Hide, or Arm Yourself with Scissors

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Anonymous said...

Please, please, please homeschool and escape the indoctrination centers.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about you. But, If I saw a picture of a gun, I'd find a pair of scissors, then run and hide.

Anonymous said...

The power to be always think long term instead of for tomorrow... they know that they cannot take guns away from the grown ups so that they are trainning the kids to give up their guns.

This is Ponce


Anonymous said...

All the gun hysteria has just put more guns into the hands of Americans, over 3.5 million guns were sold in December alone.

Gun manufactures are running full tilt with material shortages.

Everything King Obama touches turns to shit....Health care, credit card reform, and on and on.

Hide Behind said...

Ask yourself where did the gun grabbers get their ideas from?

Anonymous said...

But if all the children grow up to be gun fearing adults, who will fight the glorious wars in the future? How can you have a military empire without the cannon fodder?

Anonymous said...

For Christ's sake, what's wrong with the parents in these school districts? Why don't they get together and file lawsuits up the f-ing wazoo against these mindless poltroons?

Arun said...

Some of the suspension mentioned in the post are totally absurd.
Kids should study in a healthy environment
rather in a environment where every gesture they make are scrutinised.

Anonymous said...


Would it ever occur to you that people are being manipulated into buying more guns? Seriously, the vanity and arrogance of the gun nuts is there greatest weakness. Thinking you are smarter than the manipulators who have brought your once great nation to its knees, you are putty in their hands.

Create scarcity, use media to induce panic over a product soon to be unavailable. Like Walmart selling tickle-me-elmo dolls to idiots, this stuff is sooooo old. This is marketing 101 for dummies...........and still the gun nuts do not understand.
Shame on the smart people who use their superior intellect to manipulate the gun nuts with lies and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea:

Call it "civil disobedience", dissent, social engineering, etc. but parents or kids need to use their heads to defeat this beast. Just like the answer to "federal" gun restrictions is for state sheriff's, governors, etc. to be aggressive and enforce State's rights, nullification, etc. Kids and/or parents can unite in the same way as a "flash mob"... schedule specific times/dates for all of the kids to point their fingers at the teachers and scream "BANG! You are NOT dead" ;-)

Could be fun for everyone. Demonstrate absurdity by being absurd!!!

Anonymous said...

Quit calling these places schools. They are Pre-Prison Indoctrination Centers.

Anonymous said...

In the graphic comparing prison and school, the same could be said of most workplaces. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if the student said
they were illustrating the 2nd Amendment of the
U.S. as part of history.....or is the 2nd Amendment no longer allowed to be mentioned and as a result the 1st Amendment is suspended!

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent argument in favor of HOME SCHOOLING! Seriously! Get a group of neighborhood parents together, rotate schedules and allow for specialization. The kids won't be subjected to DOE hogwash or strip searches or molesting teachers.

wishbone said...

the zionist controlled U,S, goverment are a bunch of raving mad, war mongering, nazi's who will suject america to slavery or incarseration in FEMA camps for those who try to resist. america you have a problem, you have a domestic enemy in the whitehouse and your "nice" mr o'bam-bam, is a puppet at best, or a secret ZIONIST at worse.

Anonymous said...

more crimes and lives have been taken by pencils than ever by guns!! sooo lets get rid of those evil tools in our schools!

Anonymous said...

As a Vietnam veteran my advice to young McClaaine is don't join the military. You will regret it the rest of your live...which might not be all that long.

Anonymous said...


Excellent point. They are actually low-security prisons. In fact, even calling them "public" is a crock. If something is public, you not only have a right to use it, you have a CHOICE whether or not to use it.

hindi shayari said...

Nice One Post :)

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