Monday, February 18, 2013

Reinstate Military Draft Bill Introduced to Include All Women

Activist Post

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) wants all Americans to serve their government, including women. On Friday he introduced one bill that would reinstate the draft and another that would require all women to register for Selective Service as well.

Rangel introduced the The National Universal Service Act (H.R. 747) for the sixth time since first being proposed in 2003 during the Iraq war.  H.R 747 "would require 30 million people in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 to perform two years of national service in either the armed services or in civilian life."

Rangel also introduced the All American Selective Service Act (H.R. 748) which requires all women to enroll in the Selective Service System.  This would essentially double the number of registrants. The current law requires only men ages 18 to 25 to register, leaving approximately only 13.5 million in the registry.

"Now that women can serve in combat they should register for the Selective Service alongside their male counterparts," said Rangel in a statement. "Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm's way."

The last time Rangel introduced the "draft" bill was in 2011 on the very same day the Obama Administration launched a preemptive war in Libya on no-fly zone orders from the U.N., without Congressional approval, and despite never having been attacked or threatened by Libya.

He admitted at the time that the Iraq war was based on lies, "on false pretenses of weapons of mass destruction and involvement in the 9/11." Yet he still insisted more Americans should be "sharing in duty and service."

In one sense Rangel truly believes all Americans should serve their country in some capacity, especially because the military is stretched so thin where multiple tours of duty are resulting in increased PTSD and record suicide rates.

On the other hand, he also believes a draft would force more young Americans to question the necessity of current wars.

"I served in Korea, and understand that sometimes war is inevitable," Rangel continued. "However military engagement should be our last resort. If we must go to war, every American should be compelled to stop and think twice about whether it is worth sending our brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters to fight. Currently less than one percent of America's population is unfairly shouldering the burden of war."

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Strawman said...

"In one sense Rangel truly believes all Americans should serve their country in some capacity,... "

Maybe we should have some of our citizens picking cotton. Oh wait, we tried that.

Rangel is laying the groundwork for involuntary servitude for the 'good of the State'. AKA slavery. A better law would have been to require any legislator who votes for war must name a family member of theirs that will be serving on the front lines of said war.

Anonymous said...

This is Great!
This will wake the sheeple up when they face the possibility of having to place their own ass or their sons and daughters asses in harms way.
~Willie in Pennsylvania~

Anonymous said...

Yeah. We can think about whether we want to got to war......then congress can give the executive branch the power to ignore our opinion, not call a war a war, then keep doing what they have been doing. Now that I have a daughter this scares me. Thankfully, this will probably not pass. Again.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the Black man has now become part of the Elite. And that his service in Korea, was so long ago,t hat he forgot the horrors of it.

Not to mention that Korea was unnecessary.

And also, that if the U.S.-UK hadn't teamed up with Stalin in WWII, Communism wouldn't have flown.

As well, if the U.S. hadn't been giving Nat'l Sec. Secrets, weaponry, parts and Patents to Russia and Korea, there wouldn't have been any Korean War.

What the Draft was, was another danme for conscription, JUST like when the Rulers took the sons of the Commoners/peasants/serfs to serve in their armies, to fight and kill the peasants on the other side.

Except this time, the Feds/israelis, will take the women too. destroy them, destroy us, the Nurturers of THE People. The Elite hate us so virulently, that they intend to give us diseases, not only throuough vaccines, but DU poisoning, as well as mental disorders the soldiers have.

Rangel, you, like the rest of Congress, the Pentagon, and the WH, are the scum of the Earth.

Anonymous said...

Why should women not be enslaved by the military to fight in illegitimate, unconstitutional, undeclared wars of conquest?
Everybody should be a slave, eventually to be a participant in the Spartacus army.

Anonymous said...

Any legislator who votes for war should be required to resign their seat forthwith and join the war they are compelling the rest of us to fight. A special election should be held within 60 days to fill the seat vacated by the new infantryman.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to leave the country,my son is NOT serving in the military.PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Any American girl who signs up has a high chance of getting raped by soldiers in her unit, and almost no chance of protection from the military.

More than 1 in 5 (20%) of female soldiers will be raped during her service.
Of 3192 rapes that got to trial in 2010, only 191 resulted in convictions, and most did no time.

The US military is well known for raping women in countries it invades and occupies. It is less well known for destroying its own women.
It has been going on for decades.

Don't let your daughters sign up for any US military service, ever.

Anonymous said...

i thought that Rangel served the people, its the people serve the state....wake up!

Anonymous said...

Anyone attempting to enforce slavery to the federal government will find a war in their own backyard. I will never submit my children, myself or any other American to servitude to the federal government. I will fire upon anyone who would attempt to kid-nap anyone in my community for these purposes. I threw away the POS card they sent me when I was 18 and I will do the same now. Conscription is not necessary when a people defends their home. Our military DO NOT defend us in any way shape or form and have not for 200 years. They are nothing but hired murderers to increase corporate profit. When a people defend their home even small children will take up arms to defend their home. We may soon do so against the criminals who have illegitimately occupied our public houses.

Hide Behind said...

Each generation finds ways to laud their own members as somehow being wiser than past generations; that is only natural; but today unlike generations of the past who built upon the wisdom of their ancestors, we today have come to the concludion that they were idiots and what they said and acted like has no bearing upon what we are today.
I do not have the ability to put in place words as to why any form of conscription is wrong; Wrong in that it should not now nor ever been allowed in a land of freemen.
So instead of some lines of mispelled and improperly phrased and wrongly punctuated print, I surrender to the words of Daniel Webster upon. what he termed the evils of Conscription.
Just google his name and conscription on one line hit go and read and stufy his speech line by line.
I humbly submit this suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I can't see Chelsea Clinton or the Bush girls serving as conscripts. As for any woman draftee (or any woman in a conflict zone) who survives to bear children, having been around depleted uranium munitions, they will give birth to some monstrously deformed infants.

Hide Behind said...

No matter what Rangel and any of those two faced politicos the draft is not to protect the freedoms of the people.
What gains have the vast majority of our people seen from those in office now or in the last 25 years; the nation suffers while Rangel and the top20-30% of the people become wealthy and comfortable through a corrupt system.
They want the power of the Draft,"conscription ", of our youngest and best to protect their corruption and power, and what is worse; Use them to increase their wealth and power over peoples in other lands.
Congress does not represent the peoples best interest; just that of "Special Interest" that gain them prestige and wealth; No matter if it is a humanitys matter they each individusly gain more than mankind as a whole.
Congress succumbed to greed when they were too busy feathering their own beds and did not worry as they gave away the power to declare war to the executive Branch.
Now they find their only purpose or reason for existence as the peoples house they try and play poularity games to force their loss of power back into the game.
Rangle cares not whose son daughter dies as by their deaths he hopes that maybe we the parents of the dead may increase his entrance into even aa more powerfull position in the corrupted political system.
Progresives say women deserve the right to kill and be paid the same as men while doing so. then the lay claim to not aiding the republicas need for more warriors in this so called war on. terrorism.
It is not the constant war they protest but the inequality of pay. And access to the killing machinery.
What better way in the near future to send a couple of in and under qulified employables into military to lower the ranks of unemployed because of no other jobs available.
Then to tell the younger ones yet that they must join in Mandatory Volunteerism Brigades so they too share the load of supporting the nation.
Does it not seem odd that we now employ more mercenary forces than our standing military's?
We pay poor nations militarys to invade their neighboring nations and have military induction centers in over 30 countrys?
There is a damnedly cold draft in the houses of liberty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's a real good use for our young men and women, send them off to fight a another useless war! That'll teach 'em to be... well, men and women! Why not involve them in their own communities. We have graffiti to clean, roads to pave, litter to pick up, etc., etc., etc. Maybe if they were more involved with the communities, we wouldn't have to FORCE them to sign up for military service, they would do so willingly knowing that the need exists. We have no leadership in this country.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Charlie wants?

Anonymous said...

This jerk Rangel keeps bringing up something the public doesn't want but that's the trend in Brainwahsington.

Ian said...

Currently less than one percent of America's population is unfairly shouldering the burden of war!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would Rangel or anyone else think forcing women into war will change anything?

All politicians are owned by every corporation (Halibuton/Xe/Whatever), special interest (Monsanto), foreign govt (Israel) and crazy billionaire (Soros/Murdoch) that has their price and the only reason we go to war is because their political donors pay politicians to do it.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, as the shredding of our US Constitution continues from with-in, Big Government and the COG with-in the DHS desires more protection and less potential domestic enemies as, that what a Universal Draft and Government Servitude would allow them.

abinico said...

American women are as stupid as American men; they are both bullet magnets.

Anonymous said...

Repeal The 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act, reclaim your body, become executor of yourself. Take back your identity that was stolen from you upon your mother giving birth to you and turning your body over to the state. Stop being a dead fiction. Wake up and be alive to who you are, not a debt slave.... but the life force that you are. Today you are a ward of the State... you are presumed to be a citizen of a corporate entity wherein you haven't had unalienable rights ever. What happened to the rest of the organic law? Remember the declaration of independence set us free from the Brits... but under the Vatican and the City of London and the fiat Virginia company, most all Americans are not but chattel property, the debt slaves who think you live in a free country. Go off grid. Become a inhabitant under article 4 of the articles of confederation. Cancel your presumed citizenship hexadecimal its a sham/scam/flimflam... George Washington defrauded Americans and 43the Pres since have used his template. The trust owns you. In court as defendant you are the beneficiary to the trust. The clerk is the trustee, thein Judge is the administrator and the plaintiff is the executor. Its not about name as much a it's about role. Don't be tricked into being Pro Se, don't be tricked into being represented and don't be tricked into having the roles reversed to magically become the trustee, the judge will trick you into granting consent, you'll in effect sign your own penance and be locked up... they are after the value of your bond held in trust... its all uniform commercial code now in the country... the America we've been taught since our youth is sadly a party over the lies that have stolen the people's wealth. Wake the people up. Move with love for self and family and friends. Pray for your foes... they are mostly following procedures without knowledge of the trust underlying everything in bankrupt countries that are lorded over by the high contracting powers. Read Judge Dale and others. Learn the truth. Seek the truth. Stop having a big "wants" list and get practical about taking care of those around you. The noose is tightening. The media isn't telling any of the real story.

Anonymous said...

Rangel is laying the groundwork for involuntary servitude for the 'good of the State'. AKA slavery.

Note:"involuntary servitude" was the politically correct description for the White Slavery in US/Britain in XVII & XVIII century!

Anonymous said...

YES! All Americans should serve in combat duty. Starting with the wives and children of ALL CONGRESS CRITTERS!

Anonymous said...

Drafting women into the military for combat as had been done to men in the past is totally INSANE. It was bad enough that young men were drafted (a form of involuntary servitude) to fight in wars; but to do the same to young women violates the laws of NATURE and CIVILIZATION.

Women were (and are) created by GOD to bear and raise CHILDREN; thus, to continue the future of humanity, not to do what men do in times of danger; i.e., go to war to defend the home.

Only women can be mothers; and, in partnership with their spouses, raise their children to grow into productive adults and propagate the human species. What Rangel proposes is totally anathema to God's plan.

Anonymous said...

I believe 1930's Germany also 'required' military service of all, non-mentally challenged young adults.

HereAmI said...

When the orthodox jew has destroyed your men, women, and children, through war, fiat currency and debt, vaccines, GMO, chemtrails, pesticides/herbicides, fluoride, Morgellon's, fracking, pornography, communism/socialism, female "liberation", "gay" perversion, "education", and revolution;
then the Millennium will begin.
The Rule of the Rabbi as revealed in the Talmud has the answer for dealing with insects, animals at best, sub-humans.
Read Menachem Begin's Road Map for the Gentiles, which begins, "We are the master race..."

Margaret Bartley said...

Right now, we have a volunteer Army, and they have more volunteers than they need.

There are two things conscription will do:
1) Act as a club to beat objectors down. If you object, you or your children will be punished with dangerous and/or unpleasant duties.
2) Do away with the benefits enlistees get now. Right now, lots of people join the Army for their enlistment or re-up bonuses. With conscription, they don't have to pay squat. It will be the same 1%, unless they are planning a huge increase in war-mongering, but that 1% will not be the pro-military families that it is now, it will be made up of political enemies and be much cheaper (more disposable)

Unknown said...

It's time for the Americans to taste war in the first person. The illegal wars have cost the lives of millions already. A draft is the best way to wake the sheeple up to the tyranny they live under. Perhaps then, free fall, melted metal, elevated levels of tritium, and advanced military grade thermate might mean something to them and the real terrorist traitors will be brought to justice. May the heaven's fall.

Unknown said...

One of the factors to the fall of Rome was the transition from a civilian Army to a black water mercenary military. I fear this bill is too little and too late for the million plus and still counting dead.

Anonymous said...

"Rangel, you, like the rest of Congress, the Pentagon, and the WH, are the scum of the Earth. "

Roger that.

When these groups collapse the economy, maybe, just maybe the common man (& woman) will wake up to the horror that has control of this country.

Anonymous said...

The truth is out now about these for profit ONLY wars!
The public will NEVER SUPPORT IT!
But it will help to WAKE people up in a HURRY!
The genie is out of the bottle -- and can never go BACK IN!

Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea to try to reinstate the draft, since it will be like poking a hibernating bear with a sharp stick.

The military has basically achieved its wet dream of keeping these invasions and occupations completely out of the news, a lesson they learned from the Vietnam era. If you're going to draft people, and then show them on the nightly news what's going to happen to them, you're likely asking for big trouble.

Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with the other commenters who said that any of these scum who vote for these "wars" should be required to put their family members in harm's way, or put themselves in harm's way. Then we'll see how fast they reinstate the draft. Wars are always started by old men, for young men to fight. LOL

Anonymous said...

Get this straight. Rangel is one of the most corrupt politicians in the U.S., and is a RACIST, ANTI-WHITE P.O.S. I challenge anyone to debate me on this, because Rangels past statements and actions will be my proof.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that can't stomach the truth about Rangel, deserves everything this crook dishes out. He's nothing but another corrupt individual who represents no one, certainly no American citizen.




Anonymous said...

Long believed that BEFORE going into military action of any kind should require Congress to do two things: 1) reinstate the draft for combat and non-combat options and 2) raise taxes to pay for the conflict.

Anonymous said...

You know how you get the Liberals to leave the country you reinstate the draft and they'll all flee to Canada or Mexico or some socialist country of their choice. Since less than one percent actually serve this country in the majority of them are Republicans that serve our military over the years to defend our country and the other 99% look for others to carry the weight. Make it fair bring back the draft. Why should soldiers have to be redeployed 5 to 6 times and all the other sit on their butts.

Anonymous said...

While I agree this idea is terrible, your argument on government matters lost all respectability and relevance once you mentioned your god.believe what you want but keep it out of government affairs.

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