Friday, February 15, 2013

Refusing Smart Meters to Protect Your Health and Privacy

Anna Hunt, Contributor
Activist Post

Smart meters are being deployed by electric companies worldwide, replacing old, yet functioning analog meters, because it gives them a way to interact with the homes of their customers, monitor electricity consumption, and offer “smart home” control and functionality. Oh, and let’s not forget that they also save money. At least this the big sales pitch they are giving us.

By providing detailed information about the energy usage in your home, smart meters can alert you if your new smart refrigerator suddenly becomes an electricity hog and needs to be serviced, if your kids had a party when you were off on a business trip, or if you forgot to turn off your smart stove before you left for work.

Goodbye Privacy – Hello Big Brother

Depending on the functionality of the meter, the smart meter may be able to track how much electricity is used within each room of the home, as well as how much is used by the various new smart appliances in your house. Just as the smart meters can communicate wirelessly with devices such as TV sets or tablets to show you your electrical consumption, they also communicate this information with the power company, which keeps records about the volumes and patterns associated with your daily life.

Below is a video that explores the privacy implications of this data exchange.

With this information, whoever has access to the data can get a pretty clear picture of your life: how much time you spend out of the house and at what time of the day; when you watch TV the most; when you are on vacation; if it looks like you’re running a business out of your home; and so forth. The implications for personal surveillance are staggering.

Governments, law enforcement agencies, and even companies will be able to access the data housed by the electric company (which the government is already doing to enforce business licenses). The implications are even more serious considering that such intimate personal data about your daily life can be easily intercepted by hackers as it is broadcast over the radio waves.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Your Health

This short video that shows a resident measuring the radio signals sent from the smart meter using microwave radiation. This man decided to make this video because within 3-months of the installation of a new smart meter, the shrubbery around the smart meter mysteriously died, although it thrived around the old electrical meter without any problems and continues to thrive a certain distance beyond the meter.

Advocates of smart meters will tell you that the wireless radiation emitted by these devices is within “safe levels,” often referencing ‘decades of research,’ much of which has been funded by the companies that make the smart meters. Unfortunately, many are beginning to suffer with insomnia, headaches and other illnesses after the installation of a smart meter.

In May of 2011, the World Health Organization official recognized that wireless radiation such as emitted by “smart meters” is a possible carcinogen. – source

Read more: Smart Meter and Electromagnetic Radiation: Another Health Crisis Of Our Time

What Can You Do?

Are you going to allow the power company to install a radiation-emitting surveillance device on your home?

Here’s an interview with a woman from Illinois that refused to have one installed on her house, informed the electric company of her decision by writing, yet was eventually arrested when the police and electric company crew came once again to install the meter on her house.

Power companies will typically install these devices on your home based on “implied consent” unless you make it clear that you do not grant permission for them to switch out your old meter or add any new device to your home. Some utilities companies, for example PG&E in California, are charging “opt-out” fees of customers refusing the smart meters, in an attempt to dissuade people from opting out as well as to cover “the cost of paying workers to read the analog meters each month.” (source)

The opposition to smart meters is growing everyday as more people learn about the sinister implications of these devices.

In Texas, Republican Senator Dennis Bonnen has threatened to draft legislation that would allow all residents to opt-out from the Public Utility Commission’s smart meter’s initiative.

The first step to refusing a smart meter is informing your utilities company by certified letter that you do not grant permission for them to install a smart meter on your home due to concerns about health and privacy.

Sure, the concept of having more control over your home appliances may sound cool to some, but. Yet are you willing to throw away your privacy and jeopardize your health for just some cool smart home features that you’ve been able to live without until now?


Anna Hunt is a staff writer for and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research and editorial writing. She and her husband run a preparedness e-store outlet at, offering GMO-free storable food and emergency kits. Anna is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Read more of her excellent articles here.


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Anonymous said...

NO one seems to know what to do if they have already installed them. SC was one of the first states to get them. Promoted as the best thing since sliced bread & told we would give MORE privacy as the meter guy wouldn't come on our property and lower prices too. HA!

Anonymous said...

clad them in lead sheeting

Anonymous said...

Fortunately in Maine the Public Utility Commission made the utility offer customers an opt-out. Unfortunately we had to pay an initial fee of $40 and then an additional $12 per month every month to keep the old style analog meter.

Having to pay to NOT have something is BS!

ShootyMcBang said...

Cover the glass globe portion of it with heavy duty aluminum foil and let the utility figure out the rest. Keep replacing the foil as need. (each time they come out to figure it out)They are as deadly as they are invasive!

Anonymous said...

The producer of the first video, has documents available that address both the "First step" plus one for use in notifying your local law enforcement. If the latter document had been used in Naperville, IL, perhaps the arrests wouldn't have ever been considered.
Another form from is a Notice that can be posted on gates, at the meter and front door. It specifies the monetary damages that the monopoly utility will owe if it, or its contractees, install one of these toxic, surveillance meters: "This is posted as notice, offer of contract and reservation of all legal and natural rights with full remedies owed for and upon any breach or violation. This notice supersedes and replaces all conflicting contracts, current and prior. Commission of any act described herein is acceptance of contract...." Check it out and Take Back Your Power.

Anonymous said...

The "S.M.A.R.T." as used in describing surveillance meters stands for:

S for Surveillance
M for Monitoring
A for and
R for Radiation
T for Transmitting

The monopolies are using this acronym to tell us exactly what they are doing.
Opting out is coping out. This is a scam as the federal Energy Act of 2005 specifically stated that the utility must offer the meters but that taking this (mark of the beast) meter is up to the customer to request it. They are not mandatory and to have a monopoly utility to try to extract a fee for protection of your health and privacy is a form of extortion. Jerry Day, the maker of the first video has a viable alternative.
Stand up and say NO!, Refuse the Surveillance & Radiation Meter!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can refuse the meters. But then, be prepared to be raped with the fees that they will charge you for keeping your old meter. I'm up to $100 for doing so. When my usual bill is under $50. Having been unemployed for 2 years, I can't see what the solution is. Either I stick it out and not pay the usury fees till they disconnect my electricity or I cave in and have them install the meter. There is no other solution as I see it. Having been unemployed for 2 years, wasting money on principles is not a luxury I can afford. Those that urge you to fight the smart meters never tell you how to get around paying the penalties much less help you with that burden.

Anonymous said...

Just signed up to have it removed and replaced with an analog meter... 10 bucks to remove and 5 bucks a month extra on my bill. ... Well worth it!

Anonymous said...

Off in 10 days... Not bad

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wish posters would include their location when writing... would help those of us trying to fight installation.

Here in Cincinnati, Ohio, I'm one of a very few residents who has managed to fend off installation of a Smart Meter without having my power disconnected, as has happened to some others.

However, they are coming for me, as evidenced by the latest postcard I've received from the power company (Duke).

I will send my certified letter in the next few days, although it's doubtful that it will do me much good. Ohio's public utilities commission approved installation several years ago under cover of public ignorance, installation 'is mandatory,' and the public has neither an opt-out provision nor any other recourse.

The only real solution, as I see it, is for state legislatures to put a stop to this by enacting laws against the smart meters.

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