Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pathetic Media Outraged Over Obama Golf Secrecy, But Not Drone Assassinations

Youtube - TYT

The White House Press Corps is finally standing up to the president on his transparency...over a golf game with Tiger Woods. What about real news?

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing about this is, I keep hearing from people how cool it is for drones to be used.

Usually I try bringing up the fact that drones are going to be used here, in the USA. People just turn and say, I'm American they won't attack me!

Yeah that is what 20 million people said about Stalin too. They are dead.

Sad state of affairs the Untied States is in, both domestically and foreign.

The world is not survive much longer at this pace.

Hide Behind said...

They get up in the morning, then wake the kids for school and each member of the family dresses for whatever position the hold within society and then they all leave the overnight motel they call home.
Hours later they all return to eat, sleep only to wake agsin and repeat yesterdays rituals.
That they are monitored does not intrude upon their daily routine or even cross their minds.
They do not question why.

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