Monday, February 11, 2013

Is Christopher Dorner LA’s New Bin Laden?

Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

The Los Angeles Police Department is now using the controlled mainstream media to sensationalize the search for former cop and accused killer Christopher Dorner. As I see the story further and further sensationalized by the corporate media 4th branch of government; the known government mouthpiece and public relations department, I’m wondering “what now?”

Anyone paying attention to the world and the media already knows, or is slowly finding out, that nothing put out by the media is trusted news. Time after time we are seeing one story after another where the media (at every level) turn a blind eye to asking the most important questions. We saw this so vividly with the Sandy Hook shooting. We heard and saw lunatic psycho cop and globalist puppet Lieutenant J Paul Vance in all his arrogance declare that only his police department was to be relied upon for truth regarding the shooting incident yet the holes in the Sandy Hook story over a month later, are now gaping.

So as we see this Los Angeles police drama unfold, it is well within reason to wonder: Is Christopher Dorner LA’s new Bin Laden? Will Dorner be used as an excuse to continue “searching” wherever LAPD wants to search and shoot whoever LAPD wants to shoot, all in the name of ‘searching for Dorner’? Will LAPD introduce new regulations giving them even more power and search rights in the name of Dorner?

With details of Dorner’s online manifesto revealed exposing the LAPD as corrupt and Dorner victimized for exposing the corruption; and as the controlled media admits this story is further re-exposing the corruption that LAPD has demonstrated historically; and with the mass media photographers more than happy to bring the public the associated press ‘Rambo search-style’ images to keep the public engaged in this Hollywood-style ‘manhunt’, this story gets stranger and should place critical thinkers on high alert.

Addiction to the Police Soap Opera

An underlying factor all of these stories the mass media mouthpieces are feeding the TV watching zombies is the subliminal addiction that TV watchers need to empathize with the police. This emphasis on 24/7 police ‘point of view’ is at the core of the brain washing and mass mind manipulation.

Note to TV Watching Zombies

If those glued to the TV watching one ‘Breaking News’ after another would simply ask themselves a few simple questions:

‘Why do I need to empathize with the police?’

‘Why should I care what problems the police are facing right now?’

‘How is watching news story after news story about police challenges and problems going to improve my day or my personal life?’

‘Why is it so important that I know what the police are doing?’

‘Aren’t the police human beings like me; if so, why are their problems more important than mine?’

‘Why does the program director of this particular news station want and need me to know this story about police problems that does not involve me?’

‘Why is a problem in my own life,my problem, but a problem within the police department is called ‘breaking news’?

‘Has anyone ever furnished proof or reasonable evidence that shows that knowing, empathizing and being consumed with ‘police problems’ are necessarily good for humanity?’

‘What about all the shows on TV we grew up watching; why do the majority of shows involve police in some manner?’

‘Why is the concept of ‘police’ being rammed forcefully into our consciousness?’

These simple questions are child-like and elementary. Anyone can review these questions and ponder on what might be a reasonable answer. The truth is we don’t need to know at all what police are doing. No local police department shares its secrets with the general public and police operate more effectively when the public has no idea about the details of the cases they are investigating so why are their cases now being rammed down our throats to be made part of our lives and consciousness?

Say NO to the ‘Police Consciousness’

It’s time to say NO to this so called mainstream media imposed ‘Police Consciousness’ that they are forcefully implementing on so many Americans. It’s time to ignore, laugh away and reject this phony police consciousness that is designed to flush away your mental peace, tranquility and connection to yourself, your god and nature. The last thing the government and its mouthpieces want is for people to focus on themselves and discover how great they are; so by forcefully feeding the masses their engineered police consciousness they can continue building their police state of slavery and fear.

So as the media in Los Angeles in conjunction with LAPD continue to fan this conflict between the department and its former officer which is surely laced with truth and lies, let’s keep in mind that this story can just as easily be about creating another Bin-Laden-like monster on the loose.

We all know what happens when there is a monster on the loose; the police will give themselves a lot more liberty to trample your freedom as the family of several people unjustly slain found out this past week. With this story growing and as it’s being narrated to us by the controlled media, we have no reason whatsoever to suspect that this comes with no agenda.

Let’s all thus be mindful of the Government-Media false-flag frenzy we are in the middle of and reject every story put out by the Government-Media-Complex (GMO) until absolutely and eventually proven otherwise by truth-seeking alternative, sincere, dedicated, professional, unbiased and collective media reporting. This must be the new standard of journalism for us to move forward as a whole.

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

Our Presidents declared war on Iraq and innocent people were killed they call that casualty's of war not murder, Dorner declared war on the LAPD, those killed by Dorner aren't they casualty's of war. It's OK for Bush and Obama but not Dorner.

Anonymous said...

Definitely overkill. Definitely a false flag. Definitely an agenda.

Anonymous said...

There is another story between the lines, and that is a warning to all cops in America that you too can be hunted.

Kevin Wright said...

After reading the entire “manifesto”, it’s easy to see this whole thing is a walking contradiction in logical thinking… PROPAGANDA. Although “Dorner” makes some good points and reveals some of the corruption in law enforcement, he goes off on random tangents and starts spewing extreme liberal rhetoric about gun laws, gay marriage, Jews, praise for Obama and Clinton, etc. Either this was heavily edited by the CIA/Mossad (“sugar-coated”) to serve an agenda, this guy is a fruitcake, or he has already been killed and they are using him to damage his “good name” for daring to fight against police corruption. Osama Bin Laden was already dead, but he served an agenda for many more years. Adam Lanza was also likely dead (the day before Sandy Hook) and look at what he managed to accomplish… allegedly.

Look, a shiny object ———–>>

Diversion is key. MSM is always willing to assist. What ever happened to "rogue" FBI Special Agent Stephen Ivens, or the military pilot who allegedly stole a fighter jet and "disappeared" into the mountains?? Headline grabbers that serve a dual purpose are golden for TV news ratings and government agendas. Photoshop, digital face mapping, voice prints, DNA, cloning, nanotechnology, instant "expert witnesses" and "crisis" actors, etc. = FAKE... whatever scenario you wish for!

What to believe anymore???
Trust your instincts, always question "authority", and stop paying for your own demise.

Anonymous said...

LOVE = Light is Our Victory, Emmanuel
GOD = Guide Our Destiny

wishbone said...

he probably is the new "bin liner", which begs the question, did he actually commit the crime he is accused of,? after all, 9/11 was NOT carried out by "bin liner" as we are begining to find out, it was done by "mossad" and some U,S, dark government agency, (probably the CIA). no, this is another scam, a false flag event to brew up more fear and an excuse to use drones in the U,S,

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