Monday, February 25, 2013

Does Iran Already Have Free Energy That Could Render the Military Industrial Complex Obsolete?

Patrick Henningsen
Activist Post

21st Century Wire reporter Patrick Henningsen investigates the groundbreaking free energy science and advanced spaceship technology brought into the public domain by Iranian nuclear physicist, Dr M.T. Keshe, head of the Keshe Foundation in Belgium. Keshe’s recent lecture on Jan. 30, 2013 at Imperial College in London, revealed some incredible information about Iran’s spaceship program, and also about a Peace Treaty which is currently in the hands of the world’s super powers, as we wait to see how the the world’s ‘super-powers’ will react to these new advanced breakthroughs which Keshe himself has stated publicly have already enabled Iran to apprehend not one, but two US drones. Other applications include faster than light travel, nuclear gravity-magnetic field plasma free energy reactors and advanced medical treatment for the terminally ill.

The implications of what Keshe has reveal are potentially world changing…

Learn more about Keshe at 21st Century Wire, and here at 21st Century Wire TV.

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TechZ said...

Keshe is a hard man to figure out. He doesn't come right out and say exactly how things work. Just vague talk of magnetism etc.. I have a hard time handling that.

Eric Dollard has been publishing papers for years and even making videos showing exactly how Tesla's experiments work. That I like.

Iran seems to be working with Hydrogen Boron Fusion as a way to generate cheap clean energy. I cannot say how "zero point" it is but one could theorize that this is what the powers that be are really concerned about, rather than this silly talk of a bomb. As a matter of geo political reality Iran;s growing influence in the middle east and Latin American worries them more than anything else.

What Keshe does a GREAT job of is calling out Physics and the big bang etc.. as a complete fraud. Hawking and the like are simply paid marionettes. Their job is to uphold the false faith of Scientism. We need more people to speak truth to power clearly like Keshe.

What the world is hungering for now is a simple way to produce clean energy. A DIY kit.. we all know it is possible and has been done.. Question is, who is going to put it together.

Anonymous said...

No---it would render it even more useful to the globalists. Independence of all kinds, by all people, is what they want to eliminate. No?

Anonymous said...

Keshe may or may not be a phoney. There are some definite red flag (too many to list here), and there are definitely some truths.

He is not the only one working on free energy. Free energy is one of the biggest threats to the elites. The elites will do anything in their power to suppress it. But it is only a matter of time until they can't stop it.

I highly suggest that you check out the PESWIKI website for the most current information. They do a great job of keeping current and do their best to be as open and honest as possible. Are they perfect? No, but they openly admit that. Still, it's the best place at the moment to get the most honest information.

Oh, and Keshe is reported on there liberally along with the most hopeful technologies.

Average Joe American said...

TechZ: You're obviously light years ahead of most of the general TV public (who believe "clean-coal" and BP ads, and that nuclear waste can be safely stored in a secret dimension called "Away"), in your knowing we've had clean, safe energy tech for years. It's not that difficult to buy out, marginalize or eliminate individuals or small groups who develop breakthrough batteries, alternative power sources, even stuff you can put together in your backyard or in your garage.

Not sure what Anonymous 7:54 is replying to. The globalists certainly will attempt to dominate and monopolize any form of energy they can, but they certainly won't allow it to be put it on the shelves at ACE Hardware and Home Depot when there are international wars to profit from (payable in cash, civilian control, or population reduction).

The globalists don't necessarily desire to halt technology, it may come in handy to them. They just want to ensure you don't have it, while they use the hoi polloi as cannon fodder till such time as we can be reduced to the status of a non-threat.

The destruction of education (including both knowledge and reason), the militarization of our children into establishment-owned uniformed soldiers and cops, the wrecking of sovereign monetary systems and the natural indigenous food supplies, clean water, air, soil, medical health, tectonic balances, natural weather patterns, and the normal planetary electromagnetic spectrum, the planet's ocean and forest life (birds and bees), even the oceans and forests themselves...well, this pretty much covers it.

It is arguably possible to survive it all, but it will be extremely difficult for the average person unless you're either extremely lucky, or win the the lottery and suddenly get very savvy as to where to relocate and what to spend your money on while it still has value.

They don't object to technology per se, they object to YOU having it.

NOTE TO ALL YOU "ANONYMOUSES" OUT THERE: You can type any name you like into the "Comment as" section (Name/URL), no URL is actually required. You can even use your own real name and avoid the hassle of responding to Anonymous 3:42 and hoping people follow the thread, or of scrolling around looking for obscure responses to your own posts.

FunCoTech said...

I also find Keshe irritatingly vague - on the other hand the technology called LENR being developed by Rossi with his eCat is clearly real and progressing fast. It amazes me it is being permitted. Just yesterday I read an article from NASA about their research with EXACTLY what Rossi is doing (nickel and hydrogen >> copper + heat) where they said they had not yet generated an excess of energy but expected to "one day". This is rediculous. The main problem Rossi seems to have is the reaction running away and melting the nickel fuel...

Anonymous said...

Let's not overlook the fact that Keshe freely gave the patents for his tech to ALL nations, offered it freely to Japan immediately after Fukushima to reduce their radiation levels and that after first having refused the tech, Japan has now OFFICIALLY accepted it along with others including Italy. Buy a generator today and verify for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Been following Keshe's work for some years - about time there was some more serious kind of flagging of this technology. This can change the world - which is why the powers-that-be are deperately trying to think of ways to stop the cat going too far out of the bag - we need to buy the generators (they are not expensive) and start using them and not wait for someone to tell us "it's alright".

Anonymous said...

Keshe ... all talk .... zero proof. I'm inclined to dismiss him as just another book-selling scammer.

Anonymous said...

Good comment 5:52.

I understand politics pretty well and comment often. On science, leading edge stuff like this, I don't have the skill set to tell shite from shinola so I won't try.
But I'm pretty sure if this guy really was walking around with world changing energy secrets on his laptop and making presentations about it..........that he would end up dead before we heard of him.

Mo Saeid said...

Iranian gov is most terrorist known country since 1979....

Anonymous said...

The facts about Keshe:

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