Controlling the Message in the Disinfo War

Activist Post

Propaganda and disinformation have always been important tools of State control. However, it has become increasingly difficult with the rise of technology to control the access points of information. The establishment knows this and has vigorously turned to disinfo to create a fog of war in the battle for perception, particularly in social media. Knowing this, it puts additional demands upon viewers and readers to corroborate everything they hear, from as many sources as possible, in order to formulate a sound opinion of events.

This video concisely urges people to ask the right questions when evaluating information. Now, more than ever before, an informed citizenry must actively participate in uncovering the truth for themselves and disseminating that truth. For the first time we have all of the tools that can lead us toward critical, independent thought. Perhaps this is the reason why establishment media and government is encouraging us to be lazier than ever and passively do as we are told, while simultaneously attempting to shut off our access to as many data points as possible.

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

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