Friday, February 8, 2013

Chris Hedges: NDAA Lawsuit Update

We Are Change

Sierra Adamson interviews Chris Hedges at the hearing for the second court of appeals in the Hedges v Obama NDAA lawsuit. Hedges explains what has happened in the lawsuit to date, the next steps and what he sees in America's upcoming future.

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Anonymous said...

Let's recap shall we... The POTUS wants to kill Americans with drones and the DOJ says it's ok...POTUS wants to lock up Americans without due process of law...POTUS wants fair trials for Islamic detainees in Guantanamo. Anyone thing that maybe...just maybe the POTUS might favor one people over the other?....can you guess which one...?

Mahlon said...

I think London and the Mormon church need the US as a military dictatorship to complete their city state project.

This can end, but people aren't willing to see reality at this time. They have taken the lie bait, and they are hooked. They're being slowly reeled in but not in high frequency enough to care.

New York capitulated with protesting. California is going down next. People just aren't paying attention. Militia meetings are lap dance parties. This is a fiasco.

If nothing else, a revolution of some type will at least get rid of the dead beats. I'm not saying people who need help. I'm saying people who are consciously allowing this to happen will be among the first to be targeted, because they are trend setters.

Once used to motivate capitulation they will be a threat to statist leadership. Americans are STUPID. They are soooo f*****g unbelievably stupid!

Hide Behind said...

I do not go as far as some who believe americans are?)++-&%/%$ stupid, although in the past and even with todays messed up economy you can be or pretend to be as dumb as a rock and survive in relative comfort.
There are. far many more who are deliberately ignorant so that they can complain when SHTF fan that it was not their fault they were just too busy getting by in a dog eat dog world to of paid any attention to things outside of their immediate vicinity.
Over all we who have grown in age have grown during the most comfortable times and amidst a land that had amassed the greatest wealth and power of any peoples or nations in history.
A lifetime that began when those born during the WwII years first began living off of parents and then their own easy and comfortable means of finding wealth and then their children found even easier ways to get what they called fair share of the american dream.
Those in government were our providers and although we liked to think that we were self made men and women in actuality we were its spoiled children.
Government became our family and like wastefull brats when we got into difficulty of economy they our parents found ways to increase our allowances.
Then a gradual change began by those in government,who had to begor borrow and sell of national assets just to refinace the nation in order to pay for childrens allowances that it was time to begin the tough love policy.
They loved thebeing tough part so much they threw away the love part and realized children were not assets but deficits.
Oh thete are enough people who are assets to keep government afloat but the makprity of populace were a drain on its economy so they began looking elsewhere and selling off their bankrupt or lesd profitable enterprises. And began looking for investment properties where they did not have to worry about putting out allowances.

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