Monday, February 18, 2013

Canada Warns: Gun Registration Means Confiscation

Sun News

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Anonymous said...

1. Canada does NOT warn that. SunMedia makes the warning. Sun Media is tiny, very very small, and they are a cross between the National Enquirer and FoxNews. No credibility, but a nice chick with big boobs in every edition, the sunshine girl. They also feature lots of ads for sex, call girls etc. A truly greasy media outfit.....just sayin.

2. The vile despicable CIA has infiltrated much of Canada. All three political parties, the RCMP and the media from top to bottom, all serve the USA. Flooding Canada with cocaine and hand guns, YOUR CIA has done that to us!!!

3. The gun debate in Canada is manufactured and driven by the meddling Americans. You interventionist swine slither into every country on the globe and your filthy spies do the dirty work to advance the cause of fascism.

No wonder Americans are so hated round the world. It would be nice if you kept your greasy spies at home and stopped the yellow journalism which distorts the truth about what you are doing in other Canada.

Anonymous said...

Let's do as Socrates did and meditate on the meaning of words so we don't misuse them and cause confusion.

Canada doesn't serve "the USA," assuming you mean the average people of the USA. The CIA doesn't serve the average citizen's interests, either.

Big Finance Capital lodged a Trojan Horse in all Western countries, with the biggest being the Federal Reserves System in America. Yes, it might roll up under the BIS on some level, but that's mostly for accounting, not actually doing - the Fed does the dirty work.

The Trojan Horse is debt based money or Debt Money Tyranny. The best explanation is visual... so here you go...

Visual Debt Money Tyranny

This is key, because this is the mechanism that systematically conveys assets from society to the "establishment powers" - it ensures they are the highest bidder in all bidding wars.

The most money in a "free market" overlay on top of Debt Money Tyranny means the Debt Money Tyrants can outbid anyone when "competing" for something they deem important.

No group can give more campaign contributions that the people who rent society its money supply - the Debt Money Tyrants. No group can outbid the Debt Money Tyrants for ownership and control of the major media outlets. No other group can finance and promote a political operative for the nominating process like the Debt Money Tyrants can.

I completely understand your venom towards these criminals who have *hijacked* America. At the top levels, the CIA is helping to orchestrate the destruction of America - so don't think the common American sucker is going to get anything during this looting phase.

The Bigs are waging Sun Tzu Art of War was on everyone else. That includes the common person around the globe - including Canada and America and every other nation.

It isn't Canada vs the USA, it is the common people vs the Debt Money Tyrants and the sell outs who serve them.

The average "consumer" around the world simply doesn't know how to think rationally. The biggest delusion going is that people think they can know something without doing the research. This enables the nation state hijackers to hoax knowledge through their various logical fallacies (appeal to authority is a big one) in order to manipulate society.

I'm American and I hate what the CIA does to America, so don't think I like it when they work to destroy Canada's freedoms or anyone else's freedoms.

Do take note - The Queen of England is almost assuredly in the Big Finance Capital, Debt Money Tyrant club that ultimately runs the CIA.

I'm sure she gets off when victims blame other victims instead of the true power structure.

Anonymous said...

I don't know or care what Canada does or says but England and Australia (along with the history of Cuba and Germany) are trying desperately to warn Americans that registration always means confiscation. Once you lose your rights they're gone forever.

Anonymous said...

So much wrong 3:15, with your deflection attempt.

The USA fell to the international banking cartels either when Lincoln was shot, or in 1913 when the Fed really got control.
You are correct about the USA being a vassal state since then.

But NOT Canada chump. Canada was free until the 1960's when the Bank of Canada took control.
That is our 'Fed'.
US meddling in Canada has been a huge problem, especially with guns and cocaine. Your CIA is all over the world, not so with Canadian spooks. The USA is the export kings of fascism misery and war, and you seem to be trying very hard to deny what your nation has done in Canada. Denial does not change the facts.

Anonymous said...

What happened to my contribution? I guess you didn't like what I said about our gun registry taken away from us by Harper that loyal friend of the USA! The citizens liked it, our police liked it but the gun owners who swallowed U.S. propaganda didn't like it!

Anonymous said...

what a hoot----stupidity must be a global thing---"YOUR CIA" hahah
what a hoot central intelligebce does not come from the USA--it comes from Rome---the usa --canada and other coutries are just playing fields---canada has never been free--it has always been deluded with an anti american element to keep it isolated and easier to manage which has been done with using ridiculus things Like "your cia" what a hoot wake up --canada was underminded long before the 60's---it is in the 60's when canadians started to become aware of it---and it has devolved to where it is today---broke--mismanaged and raped --the next level of sabotage will be coming in from asia---and it has already started---"Your CIA"" what a hoot

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